J.M. Alexander, a farmer who was about 65 years of age, committed suicide by taking carbolic acid,
at his home near Sweetwater last Tuesday, June 12, 1917,
after returning from Erick, Oklahoma where he had been on business.
Mr. Alexander bought the Geo. Feiland farm last winter and planted a crop this spring. Everything
seemed to go dead wrong for him—his crop was short and his financial affairs got into a tangle and
he grew despondent after brooding over business matters and at last he decided to end his troubles.
On his way home from town he remarked that he only intended to use about six feet of that sand,
but nothing was thought about the remark until he had taken the poison. He lived about three hours
after taking the poison.
Mr. Alexander was well liked by his neighbors and no other cause can be attributed for his taking of his
own life. He leaves a large family to mourn his death.
Cheyenne Star, June 14, 1917