Please check the list and you will be able to find ordering information for the books that are available.
If out of print, please contact Judy.

  • Durham Roots

by Karen Harman, Alphabetical families, Route 1, Durham, OK 73642

  • Durham Roots II

by Karen HARMAN, Alphabetical families, Route 1, Durham, OK 73642

By Leila FORD EVETT, This book is online. Please just follow the link,

  • Once Every Five Years

by Klina CASADY, (1976) (Re-print 2007) A re-print of the original book by Klina Casady. An index has been added to the book. $18 plus shipping. Contact Judy or send check to: RMC Genealogy Society, PO Box 205, Cheyenne, Ok 73628.

  • Sequel to Once Every Five Years, The Next Thirty Years

by Roger Mills County Genealogy Society, (2007) Indexed, This book contains much history not included in the first book; chronology of events from 1972-2002. $20 plus shipping, contact Judy.

  • Roger Mills County Cemeteries and More

by Glen CRANE, (1995), Cemeteries of the county and all the gravestones listed, biographies of many. Send $40 plus $8 shipping. Contact Historic RMP Board, Box 34, Cheyenne OK 73628.

  • Pictorial History of Roger Mills County, 1892 – 1952″

Indexed, 315 pages, softbound,

$30 plus $6.00 shipping.
Email or send request to
Judy Tracy
P.O. Box 34
Cheyenne, OK 73628


Out of Print books are indexed and we can do a free lookup in the book and make copies
of your family information and send to you, if you will contact
  • Centennial of Cheyenne

(1992) (not indexed), Out of Print

  • One Hundred One Schools Remembered

by Glen CRANE, Information on each of the 101 one room schools in Roger Mills County. Out of print.

  • Nat Taylor’s Brief History of Roger Mills County

By Nat TAYLOR, (1976). First published in 1946 and was the first history book of our county. Re-printed by the County Genealogy Society in 1976 with an index.
Out of Print