Land Runners/Sooners


The Cheyenne-Arapaho Land Run began when the cavalry men fired their guns into the air at noon on April 19, 1892. People who were twenty-one years of age or older could place their stake in a 160 acre tract of land; live upon it for five years; make improvements and the deed was theirs. They rode in covered wagons, rode horseback and ran on foot to acquire this land in the third of five land runs into Oklahoma Territory.

Below is a list of “runners/sooners” that has been compiled of those who entered from the west side (Texas line) on that adventurous day. If you are interested in the name of a runner/sooner who is listed below, please contact Judy Tracy at and what info is available will be forwarded to you. There may be other names found so you may want to check this page at a later date.

Ackley, Bob, John, “T”, Ida Ackley Hammon

Allen, Granville W.


Anderson, Archie, Fayette, Henry M, J.A., John H & Martha Emma, W.W. & Susan

Annis, Charles, Daniel

Arnold, Jasper Newton

Armstrong, Dan, Franklin W., Isaac Reed, John, Julia, Marion, Thomas

Bachman, Amos

Baker, C.D.

Banks, G.D., William

Barr, J.B.

Beatty, Robert Simpson

Beeson, David McDuffle”Mack” & Rebecca

Bennett, Mrs. Lou

Black, O.A.

Boatwright, J.P.

Bonds, Richard

Bradburn, John W.

Bradford, D.P., Henry Banks

Bradley, J.F.

Bright, Addie

Brothers, John P.

Brown, William Tyler”Bill”

Burchett, William

Burger, Mr. and Mrs. H.M.

Burnett, W.F.

Burr, George M.

Burton, Hugh

Butler, Frank, John Matt

Caffey, Andrew Jackson, Jr., John Durham, Rochelle “Shell”

Callahan, J.Y.

Calvert, Memory James

Cann, Harry Amos “Dick”

Carr, H.M.

Carter, D.C.

Casady, J.R.

Cash, Elizabeth

Churchill, Fred

Cobb, Rufus R.

Cogburn, C.R.H.

Cole, J.Frank, Jeff

Combs, C.M.

Cook, Mr. and Mrs. J.C.

Cooper, George

Cox, Don, Philadelphia”Granny”, Hez D. “Daddy”

Cree, Thadium Thomas Boger

Cross, W.A.

Curtis, Phillip

Daisey, Nanita

Dallas, Charles B.

Davidson, Jimmy

DeShane, A.D.

Dietrix, George A.

Doane, F.L.

Douglas, Mr. and Mrs. John E. Lafayette

Driscoll, Dudley D.

Dudney, Lee

Duke, Billy

Espy, Dolly

Ewton, Hattie Freeman

Falconer, Cosmo “Scotty”

Ford, W.A.

Freeman, James B.”Jack” and Idress

Gellethe, F.J.

Gerlock, John

Gilliland, Barney

Gillette, Francis John

Gist, L.

Gober, John, Jim

Goettche, R.G.

Goodwin, Jessie, James A., Harriet Patience, W.N.

Graves, Betty, George Wayne

Gray, A.G.

Guernsey, Herman, Charles E.

Haggart, J.C.

Hammond, Susie Cash Powers

Hardmike, Eugene F.

Harrington, A.A.

Haury, John Jacob

Helton, W.L.

Hendrix, Alice and John

Henning, Albert L.

Herman, Will

Hitchcock, Mr. and Mrs. Al

Hockaday, Ed

Holcomb, Chestnut Wade, Nora

Holden, George W., Thomas Jefferson

Holmes, F.W.

Howenstine, Cy Sr.

Howerton, Mr. and Mrs.

Hunt, William

Johnson, J.P., O.L.

Keen, Ed

Kelly, J.O. “Pap”

King, William F.

Lauderdale, Tom & Sarepta

Leach, F.O.

Leary, John E.

Lester, Bill, Jim

Liles, Mary Ann Hester Parker

Long, Martin D.

Lonigan, Perry

Lovett, Ida

Lowe, Bob

Lucky, Charles

Lynes, Samuel Wilson

Maddux, John, Samuel

Mathis, Rev. Felix D.

McAbee, William J.

McClure, R.C. and Josephine

McGinnis, Flemming

McKinney, A.S.

McMurtry, J.W.

McQuigg, John and Vade

Miller, Allen O., Mrs. J.M., Zack T. and Josy

Moore, E.P.

Morgan, Joseph Henry

Morrison, Franklin

Nealy, Anna J.

Nelson, Jerry (couldn’t keep land)

Nichols, Mrs. Ed. O.

Ownby, John

Parcel, A.A.

Parker, John Woodward

Parks, D.R., Jim

Payne, Mrs. H.C. (Elsie), H.C., Joe

Pitcock, Stephen

Pollock, Mr. and Mrs. John

Polsley, George R.

Porter, James M.

Purdy, Joe

Puryear, George W.

Rader, George

Ragsdale, Frank

Ray, R.J.

Rayfield, Andrew J.

Reed, John

Renison, George

Rice, Boone, Lloyd

Richerson,  John Harvey, Schuyler R. & Margie, Robert E. Lee, Walter, James Rice

Robertson, John F.

Robinson, Sam

Rogers, Columbus

Rogers, Helen Jane, Mrs. Rogers(Helen’s mom)

Roof, John, G.W., L.L., M.V., Sherman, Thomas

Rosser, Calvin M.

Ruble, J.E.

Russell, Richard

Rynerson, W.C.

Sander, S.A.

Sanders, William

Seale, Thomas L.

Seiling, Louis and Henry

Shaw, Matt H.

Shelton, Reuben

Shufeldt, George

Sisson, George, Mrs. George

Smith, John H., Ida who married Lovett

Spencer, W.M., L. Calavan, Will

Steere, S.R.

Stephens, George

Stephens, George Wesley, Jim

Story, J.H.

Stratton, John Milton

Stuart, William Henry

Sullivan, Sgt. W.J.L.

Sutterland, John J.

Sutton, Lafayette, Fount

Tamm, August

Taylor, A.L., W.T., Henry

Thompson, A.J.. Charley

Thurmond, Erasmus Gogin “Jube”, Oscar Holmes, Erasmus Khleber,

Tomlinson, William E.

Tracy, E.E.

Tunnard, G.Fred Sr., Joe H.

Turner, Frank, Robert M., William E.”Bill”

Vincent, J.A.

Walck, H.I., Adam, Del, Ed, George

Walker, F.T., T.W., William Nelson

Wallace, Robert Henry

Walton, Mr.

Warfeli, Rudolph

Warren, John

Webb, Bailey

Weeks, Billy

Wensler, Joe

White, C.P.

Whiteman, Herbert

Williams, Josiah “Barefoot”

Williams, Jeff

Wilson, Ernie, J.J.

Winslett, Arthur G.

Womble, Jayrles, John Warren

Wood, C.A.

Young, Andrew Clyde, Lizzie, W.A.