Roger Mills County was part of the original Cheyenne-Arapaho Reservation and opened for white settlement by a Land Run on April 19, 1892. Part of present-day Roger Mills County was known as F County, and part was originally in E County (which became old Day County) The people chose the name Roger Mills in a November 1893 election, honoring Roger Q. Mills, a popular Texas statesman. Cheyenne, the county seat, was named for the Cheyenne Indians and had a population of 50 by nightfall on April 19, 1892.

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Roger Mills County Genealogy Links

Cemeteries  List of all cemeteries in Roger Mills County together with names of those buried.
Marriage Index
  From 1893 to 2009 (2010-2014 coming soon) listed alphabetically Grooms & Brides, including Day County
Early Schools
  Listing of all schools in our county including a brief history and pictures where available.
Newspaper Summaries
  Brief news compiled from the “Local and Personal Columns”
Obituaries (County Board after 7Sep2015)   Memorial items of deceased people who had a Roger Mills connection
Obituaries (Ancestry Board link through 7Sep2015) Search obituaries of people with a Roger Mills County connection dating back to 1894.
Queries Board
 – A message board for posting or searching queries pertinent to Roger Mills County.
  Present and past towns and communities in the county with a history of each.
  List of books about Roger Mills County.  Some books are for sale.
Family Research
  List of Family Names which have a county connection with an EMAIL address or WEBLINK for further research.
Land Runners
  Participants from the Texas line in the Cheyenne & Arapaho Land Run on April 19, 1892.
  Contact information for organizations in Roger Mills County that aid in genealogy research.
Cheyenne Businesses
 List of businesses in and around Cheyenne, OK
Cheyenne School
 Articles about the Cheyenne School
 Rivers, creeks and streams of Roger Mills County
Biographical Sketches
 Sketches of people in Roger Mills County
Final Proofs List of people who made Final Proofs in RMC between 1895-1900
Historical Buildings Roger Mills County historical buildings

NEW Maps of Roger Mills & Day Counties (1903-1920s)

Oklahoma Genealogy Links

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Oklahoma Resources
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 County and Township Maps for the entire state of Oklahoma, from territorial days to the present.
Oklahoma Cemeteries
 List of cemeteries in Oklahoma including what information is available
Oklahoma Birth and Death Certificates Link to the State office where you may obtain a Birth or Death Certificate.
Oklahoma Funeral Homes
 List of present and past Funeral Homes in Oklahoma with contact information.
OkGenWeb Archives
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Oklahoma Land Openings
 Information about the land runs in Oklahoma in the late 1800s.
Oklahoma Lawmen & Outlaws
 Names and brief histories of lawmen and outlaws significant in Oklahoma history.
Oklahoma Marriages
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Southwestern Oklahoma Genealogical Society
 A site where you may place a query and/or read other queries.
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USGenWeb Archives Local and state records
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Other Western Oklahoma Links

Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce Current businesses, attractions, recreation, demographics, etc. in Cheyenne and the county (Curently Down)
Washita Battlefield National Historic Site
Information about the battle site and Cultural Heritage Center.
A Roger Mills County Website Information and pictures of Roger Mills County today, including recreation, museums, & major events.

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Washita Washita County Genealogy

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