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Bellview is located in the extreme North of Roger Mills County in the first bend of the South Canadian River as it enters Oklahoma from Texas. This cemetery was first called the “Churchill” then was later named Bellview­­due to the proximity of the Bellview School which was on the land due south. The land was donated by the KENNEDY family and was marked off by guess. Hester “MCQUIGG” HUTCHINSON (mother of Bess BULLARD) was the first grave. This was in July 1903 and later that year the grave of a Mrs. CRAWFORD, who had passed away a year or so earlier, was moved to the new cemetery. She had been buried on what is now known as the Walter MERRICK Ranch. R.N. HIGGINS, a surveyor, attested that on July 19, 1909, at 3:00 P.M. a certified plat was entered on the Roger Mills County Records in Vol.1 page 4 in the Record of Deeds. The dimensions were 208′ 8″ by 208′ 8″‘ marked at each corner by an iron pipe.

The cemetery served the north end of the county­­not only for burials but also as a gathering place for all on Memorial Day. This was a great day for those still living on lands settled by ancestors and a reason for those who had moved away to get together to renew old friendships and eat a great picnic dinner. This was after much hard work was done to “clean up” the graves and place lovely garden of crepe­paper flowers on all graves.

Basically all funerals were grave­side with a local “speaker”, usually Guy GABBART, saying a few good words over the deceased. This was done with much dignity­­even to the group singing, usually led by Bess BULLARD, of “Shall we Gather at the River” and “In the Sweet By and By”. Sometime the dignity was forgotten when an angry bee or wasp joined the group.

As far as can be remembered just one funeral service was ever held in the Bellview School House and that was for Mrs. Ben “Rhoda” BULLARD (mother of Heck BULLARD). It was such a blustery wind­blown day that the decision was made to hold services in the school house.

Much history lies buried in this little hill top plat. Alex HUTCHINSON, was one of the original Texas Rangers, is one story. A lady known only as Tuck was buried after she was found dead in her “dug­out” on her claim. Tuck was the only woman around that wore overalls and she always wore them backward. No family, No history and always a mystery. Another settler was found dead and since foul­play was suspected the men of the community performed an autopsy­­ The long bladed pocket knife used to remove the liver was always an object of curiosity­­ the liver was sent to a doctor who declared the man was not poisoned. What stories to keep the young­uns entertained. The land is now surrounded by land owned by the EAKINS family.

In the 1970’s Bess BULLARD had permanent markers of granite made for each unmarked grave and also helped construct a brick monument bearing the name of the cemetery. This was a great improvement and made the beautiful spot a place to remember.

At this time, March of 1989, Bess BULLARD was the last one buried in Bellview some 85 years after the burial of her mother Hester “MCQUIGG” HUTCHINSON in 1903.

First born­­­­­­Rausamond A. BULL­1814

First Buried­­­­Hester HUTCHINSON 1903

No of graves­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­–100

This information came from the book “Cemeteries and More” by Glenna Belle CRANE.

Updates and corrections have been provided by Wanda PURCELL.

BARTON, Baby 08OCT1904 – No date Dau of R.E. & Ella

BARTON, Ella 23OCT1882 – 06JAN1960 Wife of Robert E.

BARTON, Lillie Eakins Hatley 23AUG1902 – 07OCT1980 Dau of Jess Eakins

BARTON, Melvine 11AUG1920 – 05AUG1937 Son of Robert & Ella, Killed in a car wreck

BARTON, Robert E. 06JAN1880 – 06APR1924 Throat cut by Great Kennedy

BLUNDELL, Elizabeth ARNOLD 26JUL1850 – 09NOV1918

BOWDEN, Amanda E. 1850 – 1907 Mother of Annie Creach

BRANHAM, Baby 22MAY1909 – 19JUN1909 Dau of S & S.E.

BRINDLEE, No name No date – No date

BRINDLES, No date – No date Relative of KEAHEYS

BROWN, Baby 18MAR1901 – 07JAN1905

BROWN, Baby No date – No date Dau of Mike  Audeen (EGGLESTON)

BULL, Elisha R. 07AUG1829 – 02JUL1904

BULL, Ella A. (BARTON) 18SEP1884 – 29APR1906 Married Luther BULL

BULL, Francis A. 11NOV1838 – 25MAR1906

BULL, Harley V. 19DEC1918 – 05JAN1926

BULL, John A. 24NOV1829 – 22MAR1906

BULL, Rausamond A. 05AUG1814 – 20FEB1905

BULLARD, Baby 17OCT1924 – No date Son of Roy & Olice

BULLARD, Baby 20NOV1920 – No date Son of Roy & Olive

BULLARD, Ben F. 1866 – 1927 Father of Heck

BULLARD, Bess (HUTCHINSON) 25AUG1902 – 22JUN1988 Married Hester, Mother of Alvis-Nina_Sylvia

BULLARD, Grandma Sallie 1826 – 1922 Mother of Ben F.

BULLARD, Hester “Heck” 18MAR1903 – 05APR1969 County Sheriff

BULLARD, Rhoda A. (ROBINSON) 1868 – 1940 Wife of Ben

BULLARD, Tannie 1856 – 1918 Sister of Ben

BULLARD, Twin Girls 15MAY1922 – No date Daus of Roy &Olive

BULLARD, Willie Dee 02DEC1900 – 07MAY1963 Son of Ben & Rhoda

BUTLER, Mrs. No date – No date Mother of Emma DAVIS

COCHRAN, No date – No date

CRAWFORD, Pamelia A. 03FEB1836 – 10MAR1916 Wife of W. H.

CRAWFORD, W. H. 17SEP1833 – 14JAN1904 Father of Alex

CREECH, Annie C. (BOWDEN) 1888 – 1957 Wife of J. W.

CREECH, Baby 01JUL1902 – 30SEP1903 Son of J.W. & Annie

CREECH, Harold H. 08FEB1920 – 01AUG1937 Son of J.W. & Annie, Killed in car wreck

CREECH, Jasper No date – 02MAR1910 Father of J. W.

CREECH, John William 1877 – 1935 Hus of Annie (BOWDEN)

CREECH, Lillie 19MAR1909 – 19MAR1909 Dau of J.W. & Annie

CREECH, Little Sister 08JAN1910 – 08JAN1910 Dau of J.W. & Annie

CREECH, Sarah Elizabeth (SEYMORE) 1853 – 08FEB1938 Wife ofJasper, Wife of James POWELL

DAVIS, Bessie No date – No date Dau of Hiram & Emma D.

DAVIS, Charlie No date – No date Son of Hiram * Edda D.

DAVIS, Emma D. (CRAWFORD) 31MAR1864 – 08DEC1924 Dau of W.H. & Pamelia CRAWFORD

DAVIS, Hiram B. 08JUN1853 – 30MAR1912 Married Emma D. CRAWFORD

DERRY, Peggy Lois 24JAN1924 – 07MAY1994

EAKINS, Bernard Lee 04MAY1904 – 05MAR1981 Son of Jess & Sarah Ann, Married Lonnie CREECH

EAKINS, J. B. 20OCT1922 – 21JUN1994

EAKINS, James Olicer “Sam” 24MAR1906 – 20APR1952 Son of Jess & Sarah Ann

EAKINS, Jess O. 1878 – 1944 Hus of Sarah Ann

EAKINS, Lonnie (CREECH) 16FEB1904 – 09AUG1998 Mother of J.B., Wife of B.L.

EAKINS, Reginald Eugene “Gene”, Born 26APR1943 Died 24OCT2010, hus of Jeani Allen

EAKINS, Sarah Ann (Lilley) 06JUN1882 – 25FEB1959

ELLIS, Anzley 12NOV1877 – 02JAN1967 Sheriff of Day County, Married Mary MCQUIGG

ELLIS, Baby Ruth 1942 – 1942 Dau of Rusty & Ellen (JONES)

ELLIS, John Ray 10MAR1912 – 24JUN1966 Son of Anzley & Mary, Married Anna Belle WORLEY

ELLIS, Mary (MCQUIGG) 17NOV1877 – 23JUL1973 Wife of Anzley

ELLIS, Russell Ran “Rusty” 13APR1916 – 25OCT2000 Hus of Ellon Marie Jones

ELLIS, Twin boys No date – No date Sons of John Ray & Anna Belle (WORLEY)

FOCHT, Glen R. 08MAR1894 – 13OCT1958 Pvt. Co. C 143 Inf WW I, Hus of Johnnie

FOCHT, Johnnie Jewel McQuigg 28FEB1902 – 13JUN1993 Wife of Glen R.

FOCHT, Louis Beecher 10JAN1890 – 31DEC1959 Pvt. WWI

FOCHT, Mary E. (REEVES) 14MAY1855 – 29JUL1924 Wife of William

FOCHT, Pete J. 1881 – 1947

FOCHT, William 14MAR1849 – 29JUN1918

FOREMEN, Baby 1909 – 1909 Dau of Delbert

GOINS, Frank 1839 – 1914

HALL, Irene Dorothy Haydu 13JAN1918 – 19FEB2002

HARRIS, Bertha (BULLARD) 19JUN1897 – 08NOV1872 Dau of Ben & Rhoda, Married Jack HARRIS

HARTLEY, James Stokes “Jim” 30MAR1833 – 15JUN1942 Hus Lillie EAKINS, Killed in a tractor accident

HARTLEY, Wanda Lee 25MAY1942 – 25MAY1942 Dau of Jim & Lillie (EAKINS)

HEYDU, J. T. 1866 – 1943

HINDMAN, ? No date – No date

HUNLEY, Baby No date – No date Inf of Charley

HUTCHINSON, Hester MCQUIGG 22SEP1889 – 13JUL1903 Mother of Bess BULLARD

HUTCHINSON, Robert A. 1854 – 1930 Texas Ranger, Uncle of Bess BULLARD

JONES, ? No date – No date

KEAHEY, Ethel D. 1910 – 1918 Dau of Joe & Gerogie J., Burned to death in house fire

KEAHEY, Georgia J. 1890 – 1915 Wife of Joe

KEAHEY, Lava 1908 – 1925 Dau of Henry

KEAHEY, Leone 1904 – 1905

KEAHEY, Myrtle 1915 – 1915 Dau of Joe & Georgia

KEAHEY, William 1900 – 1914

KEAHEY, William Henry 13OCT1877 – 15SEP1955 Married Mary BULL

KENNEDY, Laura Ann 17JAN1857 – 26JAN1945 Wife of Oscar C.

KENNEDY, Oscar C. 27AUG1857 – 14OCT1923

KENNEDY, Oscar Martin 28AUG1899 – 06APR1936 Grandson of Oscar C.

KENNEDY, W.F. “Bill” 14MAR1899 – 06APR1936 Grandson of J.B. & L.A.

LONG, Elizabeth 03NOV1838 – 20DEC1920 Nother of Mrs. L. A. LORING

LORING, Alice A. 05AUG1902 – 24NOV1922 Dau of J.B. & L.A.

LORING, Willie Ethel 12MAR1906 – 13OCT1915 Dau of J.B. & L.A.

MCQUIGG, John R. 1862 – 1934

MCQUIGG, Olive L. 1872 – 1917 Wife of John R.

MCQUIGG, Sarah L. 23SEP1842 – 17JAN1920 Wife of Henry K.

MOAD, Cynthia Ann 20SEP1952 – 20SEP1952 Dau of Joe Frank & Sylvia (BULLARD)

NEWELL, Alta (REYES) 03AUG1904 – 02MAY1968 Wife of Claude

NEWELL, Baby No date – No date Inf of Wayne & Carrie WALLACE

NEWELL, Claude Forest 19OCT1894 – 25SEP1966 Married Alta REYES

NEWELL, Claude Wallace 17OCT1917 – 02JUL1918 Son of Claude & Alta

NEWELL, Florence 22SEP1859 – 02JUN1923 Wife of Ben

NEWELL, Roy 31JAN1908 – 14JUN1921 Son of Ben & Florence

PINKSTON, Baby No date – No date Inf of Joe & Molly

POWELL, James 1873 – 1977 Married widow Sarah CREECH

POWELL, Sarah Creach 1853 – 1938

PRICE, Baby No date – No date Inf of John

RIDGEWAY, Thelma Faye BARTON) 19JUL1922 – 17DEC1959 Dau of Robert & Ella BARTON, Married Tom

SAMUEL, Mart 12DEC1918 – 12DEC1918 Son of Bertha BULLARD HARRIS

SAXTON, Pauline 06JAN1837 – 06APR1906 G Grandmother of Oscar KENNEDY

STANFILL, Connie (O’CONNER) 1837 – 1982 Friend of Lillie BARTON who wanted to be buried near Lillie, Wife of Melvin Gene STANFILL

WILCOX, Fannie TOBIAS 1880 – 29JAN1913 Wife of George S.

WILCOX, George S. 1874 – ??OCT1944

WILCOX, Walter Stephen No date – 1905

WILMATH, Baby No date – No date Inf of Dutch & Ona M. MCQUIGG

YOUNGBLOOD, Ella No date – No date Dau of Hiram & Ella (DAVIS)


DUTCHMAN: This man was found dead in a shack. His liver was cut out and sent off to see if he had been poisoned by some of the food that was on his table. Glen FOCHT used the knife that cut the man’s liver out, to stick turkeys at, “turkey­pickin’ time.”

ROSENDYE: A man who came here from Indiana or Ohio looking for his former sweetheart­­when she refused to marry him he rigged up a shot gun, by tying a piece of string from the trigger to his toe, and blew his head off.

TUCK, MISS: She owned 160 acres of land but died without any money. When everything was settled, the mortgage company got the farm and the neighbors paid for her burial.