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This book is posted here with the permission from Leila Ford Evett.
“Kiowa Cemetery”

By Leila Ford Evett
Published by Yates Publishing Company, Ozark, Mo. 65721

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Kiowa Cemetery

Complied by Leila F. Evett, 1312 N. Post Rd.
Oklahoma City, Ok 73130

Printing by Yates Publishing Company
Ozark, MO 65721

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Even though it has been several years since I have lived in Roger Mills County, my roots grow deep in the Kiowa Community and it will always be home. In numerous conversations with my aunt, May LACEY (the last of the original homesteaders) after she moved to Oklahoma County in 1972, she expressed the desire that the Kiowa Cemetery would always be cared for and retained as a free burial place for the Kiowa Community. She was hoping the descendants of these courageous pioneers who came to the area before civilization brought the modern convinces of today would never forget these hard-working, persevering homesteaders, their ancestors.

With this nudge from her, I began taking pictures of the stones and copying inscriptions—not for publication but for my own satisfaction. After I bought the homestead in 1977, I began feeling family responsibility to do something. However, it was not until 1981 when I was appointed trustee for the cemetery that I became aware of the need for more money in the trust fund than could be expected from donations. I made the commitment to index the cemetery with profits from sales going to the trust fund. This is my way to raise money for the cemetery and in a small way preserve important records that could be lost.

Many graves are marked only with a field stone. Some families who have family buried in the cemetery could not be contacted. In late 1982 I began researching the local newspapers on file in the Oklahoma Historical Archives. I was able to find many obituaries of persons interred here. Some of which have no stones. There are many however that I was unable to obtain information on.

Acknowledgement and thanks go to the many people who have taken the time and effort to provide me with their family information, advice, and encouragement. A special thanks of appreciation to Robert DAVIS (who has no relatives interred here) but braved the cold winds of March 1983 to read and verify my precious readings. Also I deeply appreciate the Martin Funeral Chapel and Savage Funeral Home of Elk City whose personnel assisted and gave so freely of their time.

Even though all precautions were exercised to give you a complete and accurate record of burials, error will be found for which I ask your forgiveness and further request you to please advise me of the error so the records can be put straight. Any and all additional information will be welcomed.

December 1983 Leila Ford EVETT

* Red Hill Cemetery located near the townsite of Hammon, Oklahoma.

** Kiowa Cemetery located on LACEY Homestead

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[The sign reads]




GORGE V. LACEY 1854 – 1899



JOSH 1876 – 1953 ED 1882 – 1948

SAM 1878 – 1923 GEORGE (PAT) 1886 – 1972

MARGARET (MAG) 1879 – 1966 MAY 1890 – 1979


The entrance to the Kiowa Cemetery faces the south. (See photo on cover.) The above dedication marker is erected just inside the entrance to the left on the side of the little hill.

Time was when all traffic was channeled through this gate. That was when friends gathered at the cemetery with their spades and shovels to render what they could to the deceased. Now the graves are dug by machinery and equipment requiring a wider entrance. Such a gate was provided by Audie LUTTRELL and installed just west of the little hill in 1977. The wider gate also serves as the exit to passenger cars.




Mexican War (1846 – 48): Alfred MOAD/p&gt

War Between the States (1861 –65)

Union: A. P. HUNGATE, Stephen KIMMEL

Confederate: J. C. STRINGFELLOW

World War I (1917 – 18): Lucius BAGGETT, Newman BAGGETT, Fred J. EAKINS, George H. LACEY, Jeff E. H. LACEY, Dolph LUTTRELL

World War II (1941 – 45): Voyne BAGGETT, Lawrence E. EVETT , Oscar D. FORD, Emmett D. JENKINS, [handwritten] Will R. BROTHERS

Another Kiowa son would be here if possible. Richard J. HARDY was serving his country in the Philippines in 1941 when World War II began. He was captured as were many of his comrades, made the Bataan Death March only to die. His body was never recovered but records found in Japanese camp reveal he died 2 July 1942 while a prisoner, from dysentery.

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LOCATION: The Kiowa Cemetery is located three miles south and three mile west of Hammon, Oklahoma on the southeast corner of Section 21, Township 13 North, Range 21 West of the Indian Meridian, Roger Mills County on the George and Nancy LACEY homestead.

NAME: The community as well as the cemetery was named for the Big and Little Kiowa creeks that flow on either side of the cemetery location. The cemetery has always been known as the Kiowa Cemetery, however, there was a brief period of time (1902 – 1906) when the community was known as Larned because of a post office by that name located just across the road from the cemetery in Section 28. A news item in the Hammon Advocate February 1915 reports that Frank LUTTRELL was in town Wednesday and said he was closing his store at Larned.

HISTORY: The idea of designating this corner of his homestead as a cemetery may have been in George LACEY’S mind for sometime before it became a reality. There was no cemetery in the community. Many of the homesteaders were accompanied by an aging parent and George, himself, was in very poor health suffering from cancer. However, it was on 17 March 1899 the day little Tommy HILL (son of Elbert R. “Froggie” and Emma HILL) died, that George told his son Ed to go to the HILL residence and tell them he was setting aside the southeast corner of his homestead for a community cemetery.

That same year, 1899, four people were interred in the cemetery—all being fairly young in years.

Tommy HILL, one month

George LACEY, 45 years

Cal ROWLAND, 38 years

Charley EAKINS, 25 years

The 1900 and 1910 federal censuses show residents of the Kiowa Community born in the following locale:

States of Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, North Carolina, New York, and Virginia Territories of Arizona and New Mexico

Foreign countries: Ireland and Bohemia

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The Kiowa school house always served as community building and as a meeting place for the various churches. In 1898 the Baptist Church was organized with charter members from the EAKINS, MCREYNOLDS, and LACEY families. The Methodist Church was organized soon thereafter. Over the years churches of all denominations were invited and welcomed to the community. The Kiowa Cemetery accommodated any and all denominations. It was given as a free (and still is) cemetery with each family choosing a location so long as they did not infringe upon previous burials.

There was one thing all homesteads had in common—they were pioneers of pioneer parentage. With many it was several generations of looking for their last stand. With many as attested here, it was their last stand. Today many of the pioneer families have descendants still living in the area. Other families having moved away desire to be returned here for burial.

Persons buried here who were born 1850 or earlier:

Name, Year born, State Born

Margaret MILLER, 1824, NC

Alfred MOAD, 1826, IL

John HICKS, 1828, KY

Nancy GAILEY, 1829, PA

E. W. BULLARD, 1832, IL

Adam STULTS, 1832, OH

Mariah CARDER, 1835, VA


Eliva BULLARD, 1837, IL

Stephen KIMMEL, 1842, IN

A. P. HUNGATE, 1842, IN

Nancy HUNGATE, 1845, IN

N. R. SPARKS, 1845, TN

Jim EAKINS, 1845, KY

Jones EAKINS, 1849, KY

Nancy LACEY, 1850, MO

Mary Jane LACEY, 1832, AL

Most of these people had lived in Texas prior to coming to Oklahoma Territory.

The cemetery is currently being maintained under a trust fund. Copies of which follow.

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Know all men by these presents:

That we the undersigned, all of whom are relatives of persons interred in a certain cemetery located in Roger Mills County, State of Oklahoma, have this day voluntarily associated ourselves together for the purpose of forming a trust under laws of the State of Oklahoma,

The name of this trust shall be, THE PERPETUAL CARE TRUST FOR KIOWA CEMETERY.

That the purpose for which this trust is formed and the nature of the operation or objects or purposes proposed to be carried out is to perpetually provide a fund for the maintaining and care of the Kiowa Cemetery located in the SE corner of Sec. 21, T 13N, R 21 WIM, Roger Mills County, State of Oklahoma.

That the trust shall have one trustee. The trustee of said trust shall be appointed by the District Court of Roger Mills County, State of Oklahoma. That in the event that the death of the trustee or the resignation of said trustee then and in that event, the District Court of Roger Mills County, State of Oklahoma shall appoint a successor trustee. No trustee shall receive any compensation for his service as said trustee for this trust but, may, out of the income received, pay all proper items of expense incurred in the performance of his duties including the cost of a bond if any.

The trustee shall accept gifts, donations, and bequests to be used to carry out the purpose of the trust and for no other purpose.

The care provided for under this trust shall be furnished only in so far as the net income derived from the investment of said funds received will permit. The funds received by the trust shall be invested in real estate loans secured by first mortgage on the real estate which have been approved by the District Court of Roger Mills County, State of Oklahoma, state bonds of the State of Oklahoma, and in Federal Bank and Savings and Loan Associations passbook savings accounts, Certificates of Deposits, Money Market Certificates up to the amount insured by the Federal Government.

The sums paid into or contributed to this trust are expressly authorized for charitable eleemosynary purpose. Such sums discharged a duty due from the persons contributing to the person or persons interred or to be interred in this cemetery and likewise are for the benefit and protection of the public in that the cemetery is preserved and beautified and prevented from becoming a place of reproach and desolation in the community.

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This trustee of this trust shall on or before the 10th day of January and on or before the 10th day of July of each following year his appointment and on the 10th day of January and on the 10th day of July of each succeeding year make a full report to the District Court of Roger Mills County, State of Oklahoma of his doings in the matter of his trustee-ship. In each of the reports he shall apportion the net proceeds received from the sum total of the permanent fund and make a proper credit to each of the separate funds assigned to him in trust. This report shall contain a true and correct statement of the funds received, together with the kind of investments made of such funds and the expenditures of the income to said investments of said funds for the period of his trusteeship.

Dated this 10th day of November 1981.

Dorothy F. Griffen Elisabeth Luttrell

Leila F. Evett Audie Luttrell

Steve Evett R. D. Burrows

Freddie H. Lacey Esther A. Burrows

Vonnel Lacey Dalton G. Burrows

LaVada (Lacey) Alongi Carolyn S. Burrows

May Zelle Brothers Larry D. Burrows

Timothy R. Brothers Mira L. Burrows

Will R. Brothers Maude Hibler

S. C. Spitzer Sarah A. Brothers

Bessie Spitzer Chester Mathews

Derrall Luttrell Lena Ford

Linda K. Page

Page 5

Nov 10, 1981


Court Clerk

Roger Mills County







This matter comes on for hearing upon the application of the lot owners of Kiowa Cemetery located in Roger Mills County, State of Oklahoma for the Court to appoint a trustee of the trust known as THE PERPETUAL CARE TRUST FOR KIOWA CEMETERY.

The Court after hearing the testimony of witnesses sworn in open court, argument of counsel and after examining the file, finds that the Court should appoint a trustee for said trust.

It is therefor ordered adjudged and decreed that LEILA F. EVETT be and is hereby appointed Trustee of the Perpetual Care Trust for Kiowa Cemetery. The said trustee shall receive donations, deposits, and bequests for said trust and shall administer the trust under the Statutes of the State of Oklahoma made and provided therefor.

It is further ordered that the Trustee shall report to the Court on or before the 10th day of January and the 10th day of July each year after his appointment. In said report, the Trustee shall account for all and show the investment of said funds.

It is further ordered that said Trustee shall provide a bond in the sum of NONE dollars for his faithful performance of his duties.

Dated this 10th day of November, 1981

S/ K. C. PERRYMAN, Judge

I Donald E. CAMPBELL, Court Clerk for Roger

Mills County, Oklahoma hereby certify that

The foregoing is a true, correct and complete

Copy of the instrument herewith set out as

Appears of record in the Court Clerk’s Office

Of Roger Mills County, Oklahoma this 10th

Day of November 1981.


Court Clerk


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Beginning on west side of cemetery:
Row 1 south to north
LACEY, Frank Crockett, 7 August 1898 – 17 June 1960

Father: Samuel Mack LACEY, Mother: Pearl CROCKETT, Spouse: Velma Mary HODGES

born: Bailey, IT (Grady Co. OK), died: Midwest City (Oklahoma) OK

LACEY, Velma Mary, 15 September 1910 – 18 November 1951

Father: Andrew Pierce HODGES, Mother: Lula LINVILLE, Spouse: Frank Crockett LACEY, “Dear wife and mother”

born: Hammon (Roger Mills) OK, died: Pueblo (Pueblo) CO

LACEY, Fred Clinton “Buck”, 29 November 1900 – 21 September 1954

Father: Samuel Mack LACEY, Mother: Pearl CROCKETT, Spouse: Emily Henrietta “Etta” WRIGHT

born: Eldorado (Greer) OT, died: Hammon (Roger Mills) OK

BROTHERS, Georgia Alice, 7 December 1900 – 21 December 1977

Father: William Alfred FORD, Mother: Adeline “Addie” RHODES, Spouse: Guy Ervin BROTHERS

born: Cloud Chief (Washita) OT, died: Wichita (Sedgwick) KS

BROTHERS, Guy Ervin, 20 March 1900 – 10 June 1975

Father: Joseph I. BROTHERS, Mother: Elizabeth “Betty” WEBB, Spouse: Georgia Alice BROTHERS

born: Coulter (Custer) OT, died: Dumas (Moore) TX

BENDER, Hannah Arty DYKES, 22 January 1897 – 29 May 1980

Father: Henry Clay DYKES, Mother: Eliza Jane HALL, Spouse: Unknown

born: Roger Mills OT, died: Wichita Falls (Wichita) TX

FORD, Lena Rivers, 19 March 1905 – 5 August 1982

Father: William Alfred FORD, Mother: Margaret Catherine LACEY, Unmarried

born: Larned (Roger Mills) OT, died: Oklahoma City (Oklahoma) OK

Page 7

BARTLETT, Margaret Laone Ford, 27 November 1908 – 2 May 1971

Father: William Alfred FORD, Mother: Margaret Catherine LACEY, Spouse: Merrill S. BARTLETT (Div)

born: Hammon (Roger Mills) OK, died: Oklahoma City (Oklahoma) OK

FORD, William Alfred, 20 July 1869 – 1 January 1950

Father: James Henry FORD, Mother: Margaret Ann MURLEY, Spouse: (1) Adeline RHODES (2) Margaret Catherine LACEY

born: Seny (Macon) MO, died: Elk City (Beckham) OK

FORD, Margaret Catherine, 28 December 1879 – 13 August 1966

Father: George Valentine LACEY, Mother: Nancy Catherine STEWART, Spouse: William Alfred FORD

born: Brownwood (Brown) TX, died: Oklahoma City (Oklahoma) OK

FORD, Oscar Darwin, 5 January 1911 – 19 January 1970

Father: William Alfred FORD, Mother: Margaret Catherine LACEY, Spouse: Dorothy Faye LACKEY, widow of Dillard MATHEWS

born: Hammon (Roger Mills) OK, Pvt Coast Artillery Corps WW II, died: Oklahoma City (Oklahoma) OK

EVETT, Lawrence Elwood, 9 November 1913 – 3 August 1979

Father: Lawrence Elwood EVETT Sr, Mother: Ethel Maude METCALF, Spouse: Leila Cordelia FORD

born: San Diego (San Diego) CA , Tec 3 US Army WW II, died: Oklahoma City (Oklahoma) OK

LACEY, Jeff Elbert Herbert, 1 April 1896 – 13 March 1959

Father: Jackson Boston LACEY, Mother: Edna A. PHILLIPS, Spouse: (1) Ruby KOONTZ (2) Unknown

born: Duke (Greer) OT (Now Jackson Co. OK.), Pvt Okla Co B 22nd Engrs WWI, died: Elk City (Beckham) OK

YOST, Alice Mary, 20 June 1863 – 29 October 1964

Father: Nathaniel Haggard LACEY, Mother: Mary Jane STEWART, Spouse: (1) Esau BLUE (2) John Wesley YOST (3) W. V. GARRETT

born: Bolivar (Polk) MO, died: Elk City (Beckham) OK

YOST, John Wesley, 1 April 1856 – 30 July 1937

Father: Unknown, Mother: Unknown, Spouse: Alice Mary LACEY

born: Rondo Polk) MO

Page 8

NISCHWITZ, Jesse Hayes, 20 May 1876 – 18 March 1940

Father: Jacob E. NISCHWITZ, Mother: Jessie E. LENNOX, Spouse: Loretta N. LACEY

born: Richmond (Wayne) Indiana, died: Elk City (Beckham) OK

NISCHWITZ, Loretta N., 3 July 1881 – 19 May 1971

Father: George Morrison LACEY, Mother: Florence LANE, Spouse: Jesse Hayes NISCHWITZ

born: Galena (Cherokee) KS, died: Elk City (Beckham) OK

SHELTON, Menard M., 5 November 1974 – 14 May 1949

Father: A. M. SHELTON, Mother: Sarah BLANTON, Spouse: Pearl BLUE

born: Hughes Springs (Cass) TX, died: Elk City (Beckham) OK

SHELTON, Pearl Blue, 5 November 1881 – still living Sep 1983

Father: Esau BLUE, Mother: Alice Mary LACEY, Spouse: Menard Maderson SHELTON

born: Brownwood (Brown) TX,

Row 2 south to north
CARTER, Reverend R. L., 27 Dec 1873 – 22 May 1954

Father: James Thomas CARTER, Mother: Harriett MCDANIELS, Spouse: Mary Cordelia MAPLES

born: Delta Co. TX, died: Elk City (Beckham) Ok

CARTER, Mary Cordelia, 26 December 1877 – 2 February 1972

Father: Williams T. MAPLES, Mother: Margaret FRANKS, Spouse: Robert Leonard CARTER

born: Drummonds (Tipton) TN, died: Cheyenne (Roger Mills) OK

BROTHERS, Margaret Alice, 15 February 1929 – 15 March 1929

Father: Guy Ervin BROTHERS, Mother: Georgia Alice FORD

born: Hammon (Roger Mills) OK, died: Cheyenne (Roger Mills) OK

DYKES, Theodore Ted, 28 January 1912 – 2 July 1974

Father: Henry Clay DYKES, Mother: Eliza Jane HALL

born: Roger Mills Co. OK

Page 9

DYKES, Henry Clay, 15 March 1871 – 27 August 1933

Father: Unknown, Mother: Unknown, Spouse: Eliza Jane HALL

born: State of Kentucky (Wolfe Co.), died: Oklahoma

DYKES, Eliza Jane, 18 March 1873 – 12 April 1951

Father: Riley HALL, Mother: Hannah JUSTIN, Spouse: Henry Clay DYKES

born: Carter Co. Kentucky, died: Clinton (Custer) OK

DYKES, Nathan H., 15 March 1894 – 2 Jan 1910

Father: Henry Clay DYKES, Mother: Eliza Jane HALL, “Our darling one has gone before,To greet us on the other shore.”

LACEY, May Nan, 29 March 1890 – 8 April 1979

Father: George Valentine LACEY, Mother: Nancy Catherine STEWART, Unmarried

born: Brownwood (Brown) TX, died: Jones (Oklahoma) OK

LACEY, George Houston, 20 October 1886 – 18 November 1972

Father: George Valentine LACEY, Mother: Nancy Catherine STEWART, Unmarried

born: Brownwood (Brown) TX, Pvt US Army WW I, died: Elk City (Beckham) OK

LACEY, George Valentine, 31 October 1854 – 12 May 1899

Father: Nathaniel Haggard LACEY, Mother: Margaret Ann CARR, Spouse: Nancy Catherine STEWART

born: State of Missouri, died: Roger Mills Co. OT

LACEY, Nancy Catherine, 7 October 1850 – 20 January 1944

Father: Columbus Joshua STEWART, Mother: Mary “Polly” STUTZMAN, Spouse: George Valentine LACEY

born: Bolivar (Polk) MO, died: Hammon (Roger Mills) OK

FORD, Nancy Lula, 31 October 1906 – 10 January 1908

Father: William Alfred FORD, Mother: Margaret Catherine LACEY

born: Roger Mills Co. OT, “Our darling one has gone before, To meet us one the other shore.”, died: Roger Mills Co. OK

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LACEY, Hattie Marie, died: 27 July 1919, age 1 yr, 5 weeks

Father: Nathan Joshua LACEY, Mother: Mildred D. EAKINS, “Resting”

LACEY, Nellie B., died: 20 July 1918, age 9 mos

Father: Nathan Joshua LACEY, Mother: Mildred D. EAKINS

PERKINS, Olla Otera, 13 June 1905 – 25 Dec 1907

Father: James P. PERKINS, Mother: Levenus STEWART (dau of Belle LACEY)

“She was the sunshine of our home”

LACEY, Jackson Boston, 25 January 1871 – 15 May 1953

Father: Nathaniel Haggard LACEY, Mother: Mary Jane STEWART, Spouse: Edna A PHILLIPS

born: Bolivar (Polk) MO, “Together Forever”, died: Oklahoma

LACEY, Edna A., 16 February 1873 – 20 February 1959

Father: Richard PHILLIPS, Mother: Unknown, Spouse: Jackson Boston LACEY

born: Alabama, died: Elk City (Beckham) OK

LACEY, J. B., 3 September 1910 – 7 January 1911

Father: Jackson Boston LACEY, Mother: Edna A. PHILLIPS

born: &amp died: Roger Mills Co. Ok, “Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven”

LACEY, Finis B., 17 October 1900 – 11 March 1902

Father: Jackson Boston LACEY, Mother: Edna A. PHILLIPS

born: &amp died: Roger Mills Co. OK “Gone to bloom in the garden of Heaven, To dwell with the happy and best.”

WILLIAMS, George S(ilas), 1851 – 1936

Father: Thomas WILLIAMS, Mother: Mary Jane STEWART, Spouse: “Hoddy KELLY/ Ida Paola KELLY

born: Bolivar (Polk) MO, died: Roger Mills Co. OK

LACEY, M(ary) J(ane), 8 April 1832 – 12 May 1904

Father: Evan STEWART, Mother: Nancy B. JENKINS, Spouse: (1) Thomas WILLIAMS (2) Nathaniel Haggard LACEY

“A loved one from us has gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be filled.”

born: Dorans Cove (Jackson) Alabama, died: Roger Mills Co. Oklahoma