Located NE 1/4 of 27-15-22

Mr. Wagoner filed on this land and in 1901 his daughter Justin, who was about 14 years old, died. They buried her there on the prairie, near Nine Mile Creek.

ARCHER, Baby 13AUG1913 – 13AUG1913  Son of Len Archer

ARCHER, Baby No dates Son of Bert Archer

BARKER, Elmer C. 23AUG1908 – 02OCT1908 Son of John C. and D.C.

BURKHALTER, Karl 24AUG1904 – 15OCT1904

CASWELL, Clarence H. 07JUN1890 – 02-16-1900, Son of Henry and Ella

CASWELL, Henry 14JUN1875 – 03NOV1912

CASWELL, William L. 1854 – 1929

CLARK, Clifford 1883 – 1912

GARDNER, Bluford J. 01APR1836 – 09MAY1903

GARDNER, Ida 13NOV1870 – 04-06-1908, Wife of J.W.

GARDNER, Ina 21DEC1907 – 06-20-1908, Dau of J.W. and Ida

GARDNER, no name No dates

HUNT, Mr and Mrs. No date – 1919  Died in 1919 with the flue. Buried in the same grave. No marker or dates

INGRAM, Lena 30OCT1866 – 18MAR1906

INGRAM, William M. 1854 – 1935

LUPER, Willie E. 21MAR1908 – 20SEP1910

MULLENNIX, Edgar 21JUL1891 – 06-11-1907, Son of J.W. and M.C.

MULLENNIX, Mable 06NOV1904 – 12-20-1904, Dau of W.F. and A.F.

PORTER, Mrs. Seaborn, No dates

SPECK, James Wilson 04DEC1835 – 12-17-1931,  CAK 31st Miss. Infantry. CSA

SPECK, Martha Emiline 21JUL1939 – 02-21-1911, Wife of James W.

STEFFEN, Baby No dates

STEFFEN, Deamie Archer  1890 – 1924 Sister of Bert Archer

WAGONER, Juston 26APR1887 – 03NOV1901

WHATLEY, Richard I. 10OCT1842 – 18SEP1904