Final Proofs


    The following are lists of people by year, who made their final proof so that they could obtain their free 160 acres of land in Roger Mills County.  These were recorded in the Cheyenne Sunbeam and categorized by Jody Lackey when he indexed this newspaper. The Sunbeam is indexed and downloaded on the Roger Mills County Genealogy website at

Henry A. Smith, Andrew Clyde Young, Harry V. Bemus, James H. Benson, Thomas W. Asher, Frank Ragsdale, John Smith, Bird Henderson, Andrew J. Rayfield, John Oehmen, John L. Cullins, Luther B. Henderson.

Walter G. Batey, Stephen F. Lowdermilk, Alfred H. Smith, Lester C. Shufeldt

Ben Whiteley, David McLemore, George Coburn, Penn Nixon, Felix Green, Lizzie Jennings, James Moffitt, Alferd Moffitt, Joseph Miller, Arthur Hall, David Sheeler, Margaret England

Robert L. Hutton, John M. Hardin, James M. Johnson, Charles A. Hackett, Henry Jefferson, John S. Gober, George L. Senter, Margaret England, Thomas M. Cherry, Hiram Noble, Joseph W. Eveans, Robert W. Glover, Augustus Hunt, Albert W. Anderson

Mary E. Bright, Hugh M. Colburn, Mary J. Barker, James A. Kiser, Annie Carter, Charles Bliss, Nevior Tubbs, Henry Dykes, Albert Bowers, Cyrenius W. Cooper, Thomas F. Brazell, Alfred A. Hitchcock, Margret E. Dearing, Sam B. Waters, John McDaniel, Walter Stanton, Maggie T. Boyd, Marion E. Leeper, Charles H. Clark, Andrew J. Standford, Absalon Wafford, Henry Westbrook, John D. Dallas, Miranda Graves, A.W. Anderson, Robert Glover, Ott Casady, W.D. Bailey, Robert Higgins, Oscar Caudill, Margret Jackson, John Jackson, William McKay, George W. Graves, Elroy M. Dent, Samuel A. Parris, Dudley Collier, Thomas Jackson, Oscar Thurmond, Pole Woods, W.J. Colburn, John Smith, Della Cann, Susan A. Warren, James T. House, Edward A. Bright, Rufinia F. Van Vacter, Archie A. Anderson

William M. Creagor, Crawford W. McNair, Susannah B. Hines, William A. Goff, George F. Turner, George J. Coburn, Frank Young, William A. Johnson, K.W. Snider, James Austin, John Whinery, Joseph Casady, John W. Micon, Luther Rupard, John T. Whitten, H.E. Curby, William Lusk, Jonathan A. Butler, John D. White, Hugh S. Dunlap, George Hutton, Charles Hobson, David S. McKissick, Thomas B. Stewart, Lizzie King, Manuel P. Patterson, Charles B. Howerton, James F. Cunningham, James Cauble, George E. Shufeldt, E.E. Tracy, Frederick Tunnard, James P. Johnson, Burnett M. Taylor, John P. Turner, Frederic O. Leach, Col. S. Hurd, William T. Brown, Mary Frances Hutton, William H. Anderson, Benjamin F. Kendall, Samuel F. Maddux, Oliver Johnson, John A. Stillwell, Atlas Hall, Joseph Purdy, Mathew H. Denniston, Sarah B. Micon, Nathan J. Lacey, Jeremiah W. Saner, Holly Stewart, John Vanderpool, Mrs. Manlove Jester, Benjamin F. Dudney, James Baker, Jennie Low, Mary C. Derrick, Lafayette C. Anderson, James W. Young, Sr., Josiphr M. Alley, Frank Allee, William F. Snider, Carl R. Keen