Newspaper Summaries for 1959

News about County Residents (Grouped by Year) Taken from the “Local and Personal Columns” in Early Newspapers.
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The Cheyenne Star, January 15, 1959

The Vincent and Son John Deere Agency in Cheyenne has recently been sold to Wendell Campbell of Berlin. The sale was made necessary due to the poor health of Mr. C.E. Vincent who has managed the business since 1945. Mr. Campbell is well known over this territory, having worked for Vincent & Son. He has also operated a fleet of combines in this area for the past twelve years.


This spring will find two new exhibitors in the Dairy calf division of our local livestock show. Linda Shotwell, Cheyenne 4-H member has purchased a Holstein Dairy calf as well as her older brother, Joe Dan, who is a member of the Cheyenne FFA. Dairy is apt to be our largest group of stock this March.


Roger Mills County Farmers Union met for its annual meeting. Officers elected include: President, Albert Bell, Durham; Vice President, Billie Brown, Strong City; Secretary & Treasurer, Obera Goodwin, Durham.


Derward Calvert, Cheyenne, was critically injured last Friday in an accident. Mr. Calvert was uprooting trees on the farm operated by Melvin Sasser, northeast of Cheyenne, using a large caterpillar when he was hit by a falling tree. He is in the Cheyenne hospital where his condition is reported as improved. He suffered shock, concussion and some cuts and scratches. Mr. Calvert, his wife and two children reside in Cheyenne. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Calvert reside southeast of Cheyenne in the Square Top community.


Ninety members of the Durham Alumni Association and their guests met in the Community Gym on December 26 for an evening of fun, feasting and visiting. The meeting was one of the best ever held by this association, and also one of the best attended The program, prepared by the president, Winston Gene Shindell, Class of 57, John Goodwin, Class of 53, both students at Oklahoma State and Darol Bell, Class of 57, ACC, Abilene, TX, was an outstanding success and enjoyed by all. The food, prepared and served by Evelyn Shindell, Class of 33, Obera Goodwin, Class of 20 and Laura Park, Class of 21, was delicious and plentiful, so that second helpings were available. The largest family group present was made up of a group of nephews. The women were known in the 20’s as the “Hawkins Girls”.


The Cheyenne Star, January 22, 1959

The Junior High Boys Basketball Team of Cheyenne won first place in the Invitational Tournament held at Vici. The girls team won second place. Members of the Junior High boys team are: Jim Dearing, Danny Smith, T.J. Musick, Gary Scott, Ronald Trusler, Mickey Burns, J.W. Little, Ronnie Payne, Chester Tracy, David Haight, Jim Barton, Wayne Campbell, John Rook, Mickey Kendall, Tom Purcell, Larry Briggs, Gus Harrington. High Point Man for Cheyenne in the final game was Danny Smith with 10 points.


Members of the Junior High Girls Team are: June Stamper, Faye Tate, Ann Chalfant, Darleen Beaty, Sue Robinson, Vera Crandall, Jeanette Wesner, Shirley Orgain, Linda Casady, Sharon McDaniel, Coleen Hensley, Pat Bradshaw, Phyllis Farrell, and Ruby McCaskell. High Point Girl for Cheyenne in the final game was June Stamper with 10 points.


A crowd estimated at more than 500 people saw the basketball games between Cheyenne and Reydon here last Friday night. In the first game the Cheyenne high school girls won by one point in a game that was hard-fought all the way through. The score was 31-30.

The Cheyenne boys lost to Reydon in a game that required two overtime plays. The final score was 53 for Reydon and 51 for Cheyenne.


The Herring 4-H Club met January 14, 1959 at 9:00 o’clock. The president, Joe Webb, called the house to order. Ted Dykes led the ritual. There was a girls team demonstration on “How to Prepare Deviled Eggs” by Linda Dodson and Mary Hoffman. The boys demonstration was given by Gary Bogges and Larry Damron on “How to Paint Pictures on Glass with Enamel”. A girls timely topic on “Proper Fitting Shoes” by Sandra Hacker and a boys timely topic on “Symptoms of Milk Fever” by John Smith, were given. The song leader, Joan Chapman led Vive L’amour and this Ole Man. The game leader, Margaret Smith led Wink-em Blinkem. The president adjourned the meeting. Mrs. Medders and Mrs. Burns talked to the boys and girls. Mrs. Chapman and her sister, Mrs. Webb were visitors. By reporter Beverly Damron.


Hospital News: A son, born to Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Bentley, Cheyenne, January 17th; a daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lucas, Jr., Cheyenne, January 19th.


The Cheyenne Star, January 29, 1959

Gene Grubitz, a young business man of Elk City has been named a member of the Oklahoma Highway Commission by Governor Edmondson. Grubitz replaces Louis Tittle of Mangum who resigned as seventh district commissioner. Grubitz was one of the supporters of Edmondson in his original campaign for governor. His appointment will be pleasing to the people of the Seventh District.

From Charlie’s Blarney… When Theo (Doc) Hall and Bob Sutton of the Fish and Wildlife Service visited our office last week, we inquired of Doc Hall how many coyotes he had trapped in the past few months. He did not have his tally sheet with him but estimated 150 to 160 coyotes trapped in Roger Mills County since July 1st. He also estimated 100 coyotes trapped in Beckham, Custer and Washita counties.


R.L. Trammell, Cheyenne has assumed the wholesale management in Roger Mills County for Magnolia Petroleum Company, according to announcement made by Magnolia this week. The announcement states that the wholesale bulk station at Reydon will be consolidated with that of Cheyenne and will be managed by Mr. Trammell.


Officers for the ensuing year were elected at the annual business meeting of the Platonic Club held in the home of Mrs. B.L. Eakins on January 9. Elected were Mrs. Lavon Pankey, president; Mrs. John Gowdy, vice president; Mrs. Robert Sprowls, secretary-treasurer; Mrs. Durward Calvert, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Ervie Payne, historian; Mrs. John Casady, parliamentarian; Mrs. Tom Garrett, reporter and Mrs. Guy Davis, critic.


The Sorosis Club of Cheyenne held their annual business meeting Monday evening January 19th in the home of Mrs. J.M. Lester. Mrs. James Mogg was elected president for the new year. Other officers elected were Mrs. Elzie Campbell, vice president; Mrs. Billy Strickland, secretary and treasurer; Mrs. Joe F. Moad, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Jimmy Bradshaw, historian; Mrs. Billy Chalfant, parliamentarian; and Mrs. Dean Krober, reporter.


A fire in Cheyenne early Monday morning caused a loss estimated at $40,000. Destroyed by the fire were the Garrett Drug, the Lisle Boggs Insurance Agency, the Odd Fellows Hall and an empty café building. The two-story building, which housed the Garrett Drug and the Boggs Insurance was owned by Lisle Boggs. The café building was owned by Tom Garrett who also owned the Garrett Drug. The Cheyenne Odd Fellows Lodge owned the hall.


The fire was discovered by W.H. Pankey who resides across the street east and north of the Garrett Drug. According to Mr. Pankey he heard an explosion and arose and looked out to see flames in the back end of the Garrett Drug store a few minutes before 3 o’clock in the morning. Mr. Pankey immediately turned in a fire alarm and the local fire department was summoned. A few minutes later the Sayre and Elk City fire departments were called and they rushed their trucks and men to the assistance of Cheyenne. It was not until about 5:30 that the blaze was brought under control. The fire soon spread to the roof of the two-story buildings the crumbling and falling of debris made it extremely difficult to fight the fire on the ground floor.


This is the second time fire has destroyed this corner of Broadway and Fourth Streets in Cheyenne. In 1918 it was destroyed by a fire which was started on the roof of the building by men making roof repairs. In this 1918 fire the Odd Fellows lost their hall, and a bank and hardware store were lost.


Lisle Boggs, with the assistance of firemen and the use of a gas mask was able to save his ledger and records from the flames. He states that he will continue to conduct the Lisle Boggs Insurance Agency from his residence at the present time. He also states that he plans to rebuild the corner building.


The Cheyenne Star, February 5, 1959

Alvin Flesher, Reydon has been named the wholesale jobber for the Continental Oil Company in the western half of Roger Mills county. The bulk station will be located in Reydon. Mr. Flesher has been engaged in the wholesale and retail oil business for a number of years and is well-known to the people of this county.


Farmers of Roger Mills County are rejoicing over the moisture derived from a seven-inch snow which fell last Saturday and Sunday. Travel was made hazardous because of the snow, yet the snow will prove beneficial to the what and will put the soil in better condition for spring farming. A warm sun Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday was melting the snow, moisture from which was going into the soil.

John Burch became a member of the Kiwanis Club Tuesday to bring their membership roll to an all-time high. Gay Chalfant and Gus Harrington from the local grade school entertained the Kiwanians with readings.


Cheyenne will be observing National Boy Scout Week. The scouting in Cheyenne is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. Den mothers for the Cub Scouts are Mrs. David Casady, Mrs. Dale Wesner and Mrs. Eugene Savage. Cub Master is James Mogg. Cub Scouts enrolled are Jimmy Burns, Charles Casady, Jimmy McDaniel, Johnny Skipworth, Steve Daugherty, John Rogers, Brian Wesner, Monte Ray Bowers, Gene Savage, Jimmy Don Mogg, Bobby Conway.

Members of the Boy Scout Troop 108 and officers are: T.H. Steere, Jr. Scoutmaster; Marshall Jackson, Asst. Scoutmaster; Tom Beaty, Asst. Patrol Leader; Billy Burns, Patrol Leader; Bill Casady, Troop Musician; Gus Harrington, Jay Pat Jarvis, Mickey Kendall, Johnny McDaniel, Bill Males, Asst Patrol Leader; Lloyd Ormand, Troop Quartermaster; Tom Purcell, Senior Patrol Leader; Johnny Rook, Senior Patrol Leader; Colvin Sooter, Patrol Leader; Kenneth Tracy, Troop Librarian; Johnny Wesner, Troop Scribe; Allen Conway, Asst. Patrol Leader; Doran Burns, Troop Buglar; Stanley Daugherty, Larry Briggs, Asst, Patrol Leader; Hugh Harris, Ronald Trustler, Patrol Leader; Marvin McCollom, Ike Moore, Charles O’Neill, Floyd McDaniel, Milton Kelly, Lloyd McDanile, Bruce Eakins, Ronald Stickland, Gale Barker, Jimmy Tate, and Hubert Krober.


Early Saturday afternoon a nostalgic gentleman, Santa Fe Railroad’s H.B. “Herb” Hackney, engineered his final run. The run marked the end of a career that spanned nearly 60 years of railroading. The “last run” which Hackney said ‘Comes sooner or later for all of us,” was from his hometown, Clinton, Oklahoma to the Santa Fe station in Pampa, Texas. His run was made with two old traveling companions, Conductor Nilt Nottingham and Santa Fe Traveling Engineer Warren Ludden.


When Jim Males, freshman at SWOSU, steps in front of the footlights to perform in the annual freshman follies, he will be the third generation of his family who has trod the entertainment boards at Southwestern. In fact, his grandmother, Mrs. E.B. Savage of Hammon was the first co-ed ever to enroll here. Back in 1903, she came from Roger Mills County to Weatherford in an open horse-drawn wagon to register. Other relatives attending school on this campus include, Harry C. Mabra, now a prominent Los Angeles attorney, who was an outstanding debater here. Another great-uncle, Tom Mabry, is an ex-governor of New Mexico, and great uncle John a successful Trinidad, Colorado attorney. Males is a pre-med students and will keep to the family tradition by appearing in the Frosh Follies. It is expected that his mother, Mrs. L.L. Males will be in the audience to watch her son and also to reminisce about her years at Southwestern as an entertainer, an avocation which she still pursues at various club meetings throughout the state.


The Cheyenne Star, February 12, 1959

Stickland’s Variety Store will open in Cheyenne next Saturday, February 14. The Strickland’s Variety Store is located in the building formerly occupied by Armstrong’s. A man’s wrist watch, a woman’s wrist watch and 100 philodendron plants will be given away on opening day. Strickland’s Variety Store is stocked with an entirely new stock. The building has been completely redecorated and new fixtures have been added. Strickland’s Variety is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Bill Strickland, known to the public as Pat and Bill. They are young people who were both born and reared in Roger Mills County.


A group from the Crawford School entertained members of the Kiwanis Club of Cheyenne at their luncheon meeting on Tuesday of this week with a musical program. In the entertaining group were Sue Martin, Sandra Keahey, Loyd Hammond, Sharon Miller, Phil Ridgeway, Loydelle Martin and Eugene Ridgeway. Their numbers consisted of vocal selections with stringed instrument accompaniment.


Orville Tate, senior in the local school, received the coveted title of basketball king for the school year 1958-59. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Orville Tate, Sr. Orville was crowned king in a colorful ceremony Tuesday night. The ceremony was by the Bearettes, high school girls pep organization, led by Mona Gaynor and directed by Mrs. C.W. Ewing. Orville is a forward on the Cheyenne basketball team.


Three contracts for construction of structures on Dead Indian, Wildhorse and Broken Leg Creeks have been awarded recently by the Soil Conservation Service. Work on these projects will begin in the near future.


Construction of four floodwater retarding structures on Nine Mile Creek was completed last week, according to John Burch, engineer for the Soil Conservation Service. Nine Mile Creek drains a 54,315 acre area in the northeastern part of Roger Mills County. This creek empties into the Washita River four miles west of Hammon. The lakesites on Nine Mile Creek formed by these detention dams are located on the following land: Roy Wickham, Govie Miller, Lee Gates, Clyde Bottom, Jim Fletcher, O.M. Answorth, George Eakins, Eugene Savage, Arch Lamb, Willie Jantzen, Newt Turner.


Three Cheyenne girls have been named to the SW District Honor Band. They are: Scottye Lou Vincent, B flat clarinet; Mona Gaynor, baritone; and Judy Drake, trumpet; Lawrence A. Wise is the director.


P.O. Boxes for rent. 90 cents to $1.10 for 3 months, contact Cheyenne Post Office.

Haircut 75 cents; Shave 75 cents; flattop on Saturdays $1.00 at Beavins Barber Shop in Cheyenne.


The Cheyenne Star, February 19, 1959

Army Pvt. Chester E. Cline, has completed the eight-week general supply course at Ford Ord, California. The 23-years old soldier entered the Army last September and received basic combat training at Fort Carson, Colorado. He is a 1953 graduate of Reydon High School and a 1958 graduate of Southwestern State College, Weatherford. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Evert Cline of Reydon. He wife, Thelma resides in Pecos, Texas.


J.C. Rogers, vocational agriculture teacher at Cheyenne, reports that Mr. C.M. “Hap” Ewing gave the FFA boys some lumber to build panels for the Stock Show. They have built twenty 6-foot panels, twelve 4-foot panels and one five-foot panel from the lumber Mr. Ewing donated. We can expect a much better livestock show with these additional panels.


Charlie Baker of Grimes had completed his new dairy barn. Mr. Baker has an added feature, which we found quite interesting. When Mr. Baker completes his milking he turns the washing chores over to an electric brain. All Charlie has to do is push a button and leave. The brain washes with detergent, rinses and sterilizes his equipment and finally turns off all electrical appliances in the barn. Another improvement that catches the yes is the concrete lots for the cows. No wading mud for the Baker cows.


Work is in progress on the construction of a new house in Cheyenne in the southeastern part of town. This new house will be the home of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Savage. The house, which will be one of the finest homes in this city when completed, is being constructed by Post Construction Company of Sayre. The Savage house is one of several houses to be constructed in Cheyenne within the near future. Others who are planning to build homes include Dr. G.A. Reimer, Dr. F.K. Buster and Billy Joe Davis.


Sunny Point Community placed first in the Northwest District of Oklahoma in the annual Neighborhood Contest sponsored by the Oklahoma Farmer Stockman. Sunny Point will now be judged along with winners of other districts in the state contest. W.D. Bryan is president of the Sunny Point community club which had as its major project the securing of telephone service for the community.

The Durham Community Club placed third in the Northwest District in the Neighborhood Contest. W.W. Shindell is president of the Durham Club, which has as its major project the equipping of a community building. The Sunny Point Club will receive $100 as first place award and the Durham Club will received $50 as third place winners.


At last all 34 families of the Grimes and Sunny Point communities are talking and listening since Saturday when the last phones were connected. If nothing else has been accomplished this project alone has made neighborhood activities worthwhile. Probably this project will bring phone service nearer for our neighbors in Sweetwater, Meridian and Dempsey.


Gulf Oil Corp. will deepen an old dry hole 13 miles due east of Cheyenne townsite in Roger Mills County with the NO. 1 Savage. It was slated to go to 17,000 feet or the Springer but was abandoned in February 1957 by Parker Petroleum after going to 12,337 feet in the Deese sand.


Mrs. Eddie Bessire of Reydon received $220, the first Cash prize offered by business firms of Cheyenne last Saturday.

Emory L. Archer, Jr., Sayre, district manager for Modern Woodmen, has received notice that he qualified for membership in the organization’s Century Club for 1958. He was one of 32 agents in the United States who made the production club.


Mrs. Dean Krober, Cheyenne, has received notice from the Oklahoma Tax Commission that she has been named Tag Agent for Roger Mills County. Mrs. Krober succeeds Guy Armstrong who resigned recently. Mrs. Krober will assume her duties as tag agent in the near future at which time she will maintain an office in the Chalfant Building, immediately east of Dick Blann’s station.


There was a lot of excitement Saturday night when the house on the Stamper Ranch caught fire. Mr. and Mrs. Bud Kern and children, who had recently moved into the house, were awakened by the roaring flames and were lucky to escape with their lives. Clyde Stamper and Shorty Hubbard took up donations for them. They have found a house in Cheyenne.


Scottye Vincent, Ann Chalfant, Darlene Beaty, Donna Mac Wesner, Chiquita Beaty and Doris Calvert attended a clarinet clinic at Weatherford, where some 20 schools and over 200 students explored the possibility of a Clarinet Choir.


What was estimated as the largest crowd that has been in Cheyenne since the holiday season was that of last Saturday. All available parking space was used. The fact that the weather was good coupled with that of the many special bargains offered by Cheyenne business firms, and the Cash Prizes offered, accounted for the unusually large crowd.


The Cheyenne Star, February 26, 1959

Black Kettle Museum in Cheyenne will open on Monday, March 16, according to information received today from Representative Jodie Moad of Cheyenne. It was also announced that Mrs. Eli Shotwell, Cheyenne, had been named curator of the museum, by the state of Oklahoma. Mrs. Shotwell will devote her entire time to the museum which will be open at all times except Sunday mornings and Monday.


The Cheyenne High School Boys Basketball Team emerged from the District Tournament as winners. In the semi-finals Cheyenne won from Reydon’s salty team in a near-miracle performance. At the end of the third quarter, Reydon had a lead of 16 points when the score stood at 53-37. When the final whistle blew it was 60-59 for Cheyenne.


In the finals it was nip and tuck all the way with Berlin’s strong team. At the half it was 18-20 and Cheyenne won 48-47. The Cheyenne team will play the winner of the Rocky – Broxton game in Regionals at Mangum. The Cheyenne girls lost to Merritt.


Members of the boys team are Dale Tracy, Jerry Campbell, Orville Tate, Billie Hunt, Bobby Williams, Luther Barclay, Jerry Calvert, Bobby Calvert, Jerry Redden, Oran Redden, Joe Dan Shotwell, Donald Simpson and Jack Barton.


The Cheyenne Junior High Boys Basketball Team won the Tri-County Conference by defeated Custer City 42-32. Members of the Junior High team are: Chester Tracy, Danny Smith, David Haight, Gary Scott, J.W. Little, Jim Dearing, Mickey Burns, Mickey Kendall, Ronnie Payne, Ronald Trusler, T.J. Musick and Wayne Campbell. They are coached by Dale Cockrell.


The Cheyenne Junior High Won the Tri-County Speech Contest; Leedey High School won their division and Hammon in grade school.

Gay Chalfant scored 8 points for the Cheyenne Junior High to take the high point girls place. Pat Bradshaw was second with 7 points. The ratings for Cheyenne are:



1st Grade: Danny Swartwood, Superior; Zoanna Moore, Superior

2nd Grade: Bill Beaty, Superior; Nelda Cambell, Superior

3rd Grade: John Skipword, Superior; Jan Riggs, Excellent

4th Grade: Roger Musick, Superior; Deanna Green, Excellent;

5th Grade: Cathy Purcell, Superior; Jawan Moore, Superior

6th Grade: Johnny McDaniel, Superior; Janie Sorrells, Superior.


Standard Oratory: Gay Chalfant, Superior; Darlene Beaty, Superior

Original Oratory: Billy Bogges, Superior; David Tidwell, Excellent

Humorous: Gus Harrington, Superior; Pat Bradshaw, Excellent

Dramatic: Kay Thompson, Superior; Pat Bradshaw, Superior

Oral Interpretation of Poetry: Gay Chalfant, Superior; Jean Allen, Superior



Dramatic: June Stamper, Good

Humorous: Faye Tate, Superior

Oral Interpretation of Poetry: Ann Chalfant, Superior; Doris Calvert, Excellent


The first organization to exhibit the new 49-Star United States Flag in Cheyenne was the Boy Scouts. The flag was on display at the Rook Theatre and at the Methodist Church when Colvin Sooter led a discussion on the new state, Alaska.


The Cheyenne FFA members were busy with special activities for National FFA Week. The Cheyenne FFA Chapter has 40 members. Officers are: Jerry Campbell, president; Chalmer Brown, vice-president; Dale Tracy, secretary; Donald Conway, treasurer; David Rackley, reporter; Donald Simpson, sentinel; Marian Bogges, chapter sweetheart and J.C. Rogers, vocational agriculture instructor.


The Cheyenne Star, March 5, 1959

The 40th Anniversary of the founding of the American Legion will be observed by Campbell-Cross post of the Legion and Auxiliary on Monday, March 9th. The local Legion post was organized October 25, 1919, at a meeting held in the Cheyenne Star building, which was then in the southeast corner of the same block in which the Chevrolet Motor Company is now located. Charter members are: Alfred G. Cross, Edward B. Tracy, Chas. P. Trammell, Aaron D. Prestridge, George W. Burns, Oran R. Prestridge, Dean V. Cross, George W. Pennington, Robert N. Higgins, George H. Wallace, Guy Davis, R.O. Hiatt, John T. Burns. Charles Burns is the current commander of the local post and Pete Sorrells is the adjutant. Mrs. Vern Holt, Crawford, is president of the Auxiliary.


L.L. Males, Cheyenne banker, has been named as the representative of the National Association of Soil Conservation Districts, as its representative on the Steering Committee of the National Watershed Congress. Males was named because of his years of work on the watershed program of Sandstone Creek in Roger Mills County and of the entire Washita River basin.


The 1959 Fat Stock Show held in Cheyenne last Friday and Saturday was the best in exhibits, the best in quality, and the best in attendance of any Fat Stock Show of previous years. FFA members from Cheyenne and Sweetwater and 4-H members from all parts of the county had exhibits in the show and many of them took home several dollars in prize money.


Exhibiting Champion animals were:

Richard McEntire, and Warren Jett, Sweetwater, Gilts;

Gerry Maddox and Johnny Welch, Sweetwater, Gilts;

Gary Scott, Cheyenne, dairy calf;

Lloyd Ormand, Cheyenne, yearling calf;

Gale Goodwin, Berlin, champion cow;

Gary Scott, Cheyenne, grand champion, all breeds;

Lloyd Ormand, Cheyenne, reserve champion, all breeds;

Kenneth King, Reyson, Grand champion steer;

Nelda Joy Campbell, Cheyenne, Reserve champion steer;

Jack Myers, Sweetwater, grand champion female;

Roger Klopfenstein, Berlin, reserve champion female.


Any coach whose basketball team lands in the regional playoff for three successive years has a right to feel proud. Such has been the attainment of the boys basketball teams of Cheyenne high school for the past three years, coached by Jack “Pinky” Jones.


The Cheyenne FFA Chapter has the largest Freshman class since the department was re-opened in 1953. Many of these boys are freshman boys and already have farming programs in check. Members of the freshman class are: Jim Barton, Billy Bogges, Mickey Burns, Wayne Campbell, Jim Dearing, David Joe Haight, Randall Jackson, J.W. Little, T.J. Musick, Bobby Cogburn, Ronnie Payne, Gary Scott, Danny Smith, Chester Tracy, Ronald Trusler, and E.L. Andrews.


The Cheyenne Star, March 12, 1959

Ernest Montgomery and Landon Hensley of Durham visited the County Agent’s office with a young tree about 8 feet tall that was almost 100% stripped of its bark. These men report that rats had eaten the bark from the tree and that the rats were also eating the wheat and grass. We suggest that poison grain might be used successfully to control these rodents.


Danny and Leonard Burns of Reydon boast a new registered Duroc boar which they purchased last fall as a pig. This boar is a good meat type duroc which could probably improve our present durocs considerably.


Roger Mills County swine producers who are interested in good Poland China hogs would to well to visit Gary and Delmar Robinsons’ near Strong City to see the good stock they are producing.


Mrs. Effie Gordin, was the first prize winner last Saturday for the $65 Cash Prize.


Lisle Boggs Insurance is now located in the Burns Building, first door west of the Savage Oil Company. The Lisle Boggs Insurance was located in the Boggs Building, which was recently destroyed by fire.


Interesting was an incident related by Baxter Purcell Monday morning. He said that Sunday he knew that March 8th was a day of significance to him but that he did not recall for what. After going home from Sunday School he said he picked up a little testament that his children had used and left on a table in the living room. He opened it and saw the inscription “from Howard B. Dooley, March 8, 1944”. Then he recalled the full significance of March 8th to him. It was on that date back in 1944 that he was stationed on the Marshall Islands and that about 4 o’clock in the morning the Japs flew over and shelled the islands for a full tow hours. It was after the shelling had subsided that the chaplain, Howard B. Doolin, presented each of the survivors of the outfit with a New Testament. So Baxter Purcell, now Major Purcell, on March 8, 1959 relived that March 8, 1944 as he viewed that little New Testament that he had cherished through the years.


The Cheyenne Board of Education Preliminary Estimate of Needs showed an estimated needs from the General Fund of $106,750.00.

Southwestern State College students will soon begin their teaching assignments. Future teachers from Roger Mills County who will receive a practical look at their future profession are: Barbara Hildebrand, Berlin, in the Weatherford Schools and Glen Cockrell, Durham and Thomas Hyman, Strong City, at Thomas.


The Cheyenne Star, March 19, 1959

Cheyenne has exceeded its quota for the 1959 Red Cross fund campaign. A total of $377.55 has been collected, which exceeds the quota of $350.00.


At 6:00 a.m. Sunday, March 15, a group of Cheyenne Boy Scouts loaded into cards, their goal, to take a trip to Oklahoma City to pass their First Class Swimming. A total of 25 boys attended and had fun at the YMCA Pool. Scouts attending were John Rook, Tom Purcell, Colvin Sooter, Bill Males, John McDaniel, Lloyd Ormand, Stan Daugherty, John Wesner, Dale Roark, Marvin McCollom, Jodie Lackey, Ronald Strickland, Bill Burns, Doran Burns, Hugh Harris, Ronald Trussler, Kenneth Tracy, Milton Kelly, Hubert Krober, Jackie Holly, Allen Conway, Gus Harrington, Tom Beaty, Bruce Eakins and Bill Casady. The drivers of cars were Allie Conway, J.B. Eakins, Donovan Wesner, Marshall Jackson and Tommy Steere.


Augusta Metcalfe, nationally famous artist, a resident of Durham in Roger Mills County has presented her painting of the site of the Black Kettle Museum in Cheyenne. In accepting this painting, members of the Oklahoma Historical stated that its historical significance as well as its being the production of a great artist marked the appropriateness of this masterpiece as part of the Black Kettle Museum, a memorial to the Battle of the Washita. Mrs. Metcalfe and her son, Howard and wife were among those present Sunday afternoon for the opening of the Museum.


The Sunny Point Community placed third in rural neighborhood progress in a state-wide contest held during the year 1958. This is a remarkable accomplishment and bespeaks the progressiveness of the residents of that community.


Mrs. Louise Hall and Mrs. Carl Parman of the Reydon H.D. Club and Mrs. Aubrey Parman from the Dempsey Club held a sewing school for 4-H girls, in four different sessions. Beginners were Joyce Beckel, Sadi Snell, Elaine Berry and Carolyn Bridgewater. All four girls took excellent attention, took careful pains to do as they were instructed, and were issued certificates. Mrs. Louise Hall taught this group and stated that she was very proud of them. Barbara Parman, a third year girl, quickly and easily learned from her instructor, Mrs. Aubrey Parman. Barbara, who received a certificate also assisted the beginners. Mrs. Carl Parman taught the second year girls. She was proud of the way they responded and were so enthusiastic about their work. Second year girls included Judy Estes, Barbara Sue Carey, Alexia Inman and Virginia Flesher. They also received certificates.


The new price of hair sets at Alma’s in Cheyenne is $1.00.


The Cheyenne Star, March 26, 1959

The site of Old Grand, county seat of Day County, one of the counties of Oklahoma Territory, will be marked by the Oklahoma Historical Society, according to announcement made this week. The marker will be a concrete slab with a bronze plaque on top, with a brief account of the historical significance of the site. Grand was a flourishing county seat town from soon after the opening of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Country to white settlement in 1892, until 1907, when Oklahoma Territory became a state. In the reorganization of the state, Day County of which Grand was the county seat, was left off the map. The southern part of Day County, that portion south of the South Canadian River was added to Roger Mills County. The north part became part of the newly created county of Ellis with Arnett as its county seat. The once flourishing town of Grand passed out of existence. Now all that is left is the vault, once a part of the court house. Once every year residents of old Day County gather at the site of old Grant for a picnic in an effort to preserve the early day history.


Cheyenne local patrons by their votes cast in the annual school meeting Tuesday were unanimous in favor of the emergency levy. They were also unanimous in their votes to retain E.W. Calvert as a member of the Board of Education.


The Roger Mills County Spelling Bee was held in the courtroom on Tuesday. Elsie D. Chapman is county director of the Spelling Bee, sponsored by the Amarillo Globe News. Mary Ellis, as chairman of the Spelling Bee Committee, was in charge of the arrangements. Carolyn Snoddy of Merritt and Lucille Nelson of Sayre served as adjudicators. The winners in the Senior Bee were: First, Nina Hixon, Cheyenne; Second, Linda Casady, Cheyenne. The winners of the Junior Bee were: First Carolyn Rhoades, Berlin and second Vickey Campbell, Berlin and third Eugene Pierce, Reydon.


An 8 or 10 unit Trailer Court is to be built soon in Cheyenne according to a news release today. This trailer court is located at the intersection of Bell Avenue and Third Street. The trailer court is owned by Fred. L. Cordell, Cheyenne business man who recently purchased this property from Perry Bradshaw.


70 people visited the Black Kettle Museum in Cheyenne last Sunday, March 22, according to Mrs. Eli Shotwell, curator. Those people who signed the visitors’ register were from different Oklahoma cities and from several states.


A change has been made in he officers of the Security State Bank of Cheyenne, according to the published financial report of March 12. The present officers of the bank are: L.L. Males, president; J.D. Wesner, vice president; J.P. Thurmond, vice president; M.W. Hoover, vice president; and J.L Bradshaw, cashier.


The skull of Chief Black Kettle, Cheyenne Indian Chief who lost his life in the Battle of the Washita in 1868 in now on display in the museum in Cheyenne, which bears his name. These bones, which were found by workmen building a road in 1932 have been kept and on display in the Cheyenne Star window since their discovery. The skull, beads and other ornaments were given to Black Kettle Museum this week where they will be preserved for future generations to view.


B.L. Eakins was displaying a bobcat Saturday, which he had captured in the Bellview Community. The bobcat was of the Canadian lynx kind, which has a longer tail and more pointed ears than the American bobcat. This is one of several bobcats that has been captured in the country surrounding the Antelope Hills. The wildcat is a ferocious wild animal which sometimes kills domestic livestock.


Hair Cuts – Your Choice of Styles – 75c at Ervie Porter’s Barber Shop


The Cheyenne Star, April 2, 1959

Dave and Leon Cooprider of the Grimes area have purchased a new Duroc boar. The new Cooprider boar was purchased from Martin Katler and Son of Wapokneta, Ohio. The new boar is a full brother to the $5,000 Ohio Reserve Grand Champion and was sired by the second premier sire of the nation. The Cooprider’s Duroc herd now consists of 8 registered Duroc sows and three gilts.


Oklahoma’s special election to decide whether or not the prohibition clause of the constitution be repealed and the sale of liquor made legal in Oklahoma, will be next Tuesday, April 7th. The other question for the people to decide by vote is whether of not liquor shall be sold within the county. These two questions are commonly referred to as the “repeal” and the “local option” questions.


W.R. Krows, Cheyenne merchant has been appointed on a National Committee of the American Legion. Krows, who served with the Navy during World War II is a past Post Commander of Campbell-Cross post of the American Legion of Cheyenne.


The Sweetwater FFA Chapter honored their parents and others at a banquet last Friday night. The retiring officers who presided over the ceremonies were: President, Alton Ewer; vice president, Richard McEntire; secretary, Terry Chappell; treasurer, Jack Myers; sentinel, Darrel Hix; and reporters, Mike Kahoa and Stanly Weston. The newly installed officers are: president, Jack Myers; vice president, Mike Kahoa; secretary, Terry Campbell; treasurer, Ronnie York; sentinel, Marion Fuchs and reporters Joe Flowers and Errol Myers.


The No. 1 Young wildcat oil test was spudded on Tuesday. This location is C SE NW of 2-15-25, 15 miles northwest of Cheyenne. This 15,000 test or to the Springer formation is being made by Magnolia Petroleum Company and Associates. A large crowd of interested local onlookers were present to witness the spudding in of this test.


The 2959 4-H and FFA Land and Range Judging School and Contest of Roger Mills County was held Thursday, with 63 members competing from 4 schools. Winners were: 1st Cheyenne FFA team, J.W. Little, Gary Scott, Mickey Burns and Bobby Cogburn; 2nd Hammon FFA team, Daniel Carpenter, E.J. Goff, Jimmy Noblett, Larry Mooney; 1st Berlin 4-H, Gale Goodwin, Preston Flyn, Earl Bales, G.W. Rhoades; 2nd Reydon 4-H, Kenneth King, Sterling McColgin, Jimmy Millar, Leon Parks; FFA High Individuals: Daniel Carpenter, Hammon 288; Gary Scott, Cheyenne, 275; John Smith, Hammon, 273; 4-H High Individual: Gale Goodwin, Berlin, 228; Preston Flynn, Berlin, 218; Kenneth King, Reydon, 215; Kenneth Tracy, Cheyenne, 215; S.W. McColgin, Reydon, 197; Carolyn Rhoades, Berlin, 178; Earl Bales, Berlin, 173; Billy Burns, Cheyenne, 159; Bill Males, Cheyenne, 154; Jimmy Millar, Reydon, 153.


Hair Cuts: Your Choice of Styles…75c – Ervie Porter’s Barber Shop

Haircut 75c, Shave 75c, flattop on Saturdays $1.00. Beavins Barber Shop, Cheyenne


The Cheyenne Star, April 16, 1959

The Cheyenne Land and Range Judging team participated in the district contest at Hobart and placed 3rd out off 22 teams. Composing the team are Gary Scott, Bobby Cogburn, Mickey Burns and J.W. Little.


The Oklahoma Historical Society has granted permission to the DWW Club of Durham to hang an oil portrait of Augusta I.C. Metcalfe in the new Black Kettle Museum located at Cheyenne. This portrait of western Oklahoma’s beloved artist was done by John Shelby Metcalf of Oklahoma City and will be presented in an appropriate ceremony on April 19th.


A water fountain has been installed at the Cheyenne Municipal Hospital. This fountain was installed by the Sorosis Club of Cheyenne and the Jr. Sororale Club of Crawford as a joint project. The water fountain was accepted as a joint project as it was considered a need and one from the which the many people who visit the Cheyenne Municipal Hospital would benefit. The members of these two clubs, no doubt, will receive the plaudits of many people for this thoughtful service provided by them.


Miss Lana Beth O’Neill, 16-year old Cheyenne High School junior, has been chosen one of three Roger Mills County girls to attend Girls’ State on the Oklahoma College for Women Campus in Chickasha. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed O’Neill, Cheyenne, Route 2, and has been assigned the all expense paid trip by the Cheyenne Auxiliary unit of the Campbell-Cross American Legion post. Lana Beth is interested in all school sports, plays guard on the Cheyenne high school girls basketball team, is accomplished in water skiing and is reigning basketball queen of the Cheyenne Bears.


The two other Roger Mills County girls who will attend Girls’ State are Mary Nell Robinson, Crawford and Betty Luttrell, Berlin.

Dr. Bill Lockridge, Elk City Veterinarian announces the association in practice of Dr. Virgil Patrick, Stockman’s Veterinary Hospital, Elk City, Oklahoma, Phone 200.


Those from Reydon attending the District Home Demonstration meeting in Woodward were the president, Mrs. Kenneth King, vice president Mrs. Louise Hall, secretary Mrs. J.M. Chandler, and members Mrs. P.H. Parks, Mrs. Roberta Guenzel, Mrs. Leonard Burns and Mrs. Elea Clay.


The Orville A. Tate family has been nominated as 1959 Methodist Family of the Year of the Oklahoma Methodist Conference by the Official Board of the Cheyenne Methodist Church.


Mrs. D.L. Calvert, president of the Soil Conservation Auxiliary would like to announce the winners of the poster contest just completed in the schools of Roger Mills County. The Green Ribbon winners will go on to the District Contest.


Cheyenne: 1st grade Russell Calvert; 2nd grade Bill Beaty; 3rd grade Joanie Sorrells; 4th grade Sue bill; 5th grade Doran Burns; 6th grade Billie Burns; 7th grade Don Sasser.

Reydon: 2nd grade Buddy Parman; 3rd grade Donna Gaye Smith; 5th grade Alexia Inman; 6th grade Dana Kay Thomas.

Berlin: 3rd grade Linda Campbell; 4th grade Doyle Bales; 5th grade Jerry Neal; 6th grade Larry Bales; 7th & 8th grades Jeanie Mitchum.

Crawford: 3rd grade Shirley Bright; 4th grade John Powers; 5th grade Lynnie Merrick; 6th grade Bruce Eakins; 7th grade Gary Dean Leddy; 8th grade Peggy Reed.


The Cheyenne Star, April 30, 1959

A 4-H Awards program was held in Cheyenne Tuesday afternoon when awards for the year’s work were made. Phyllis Pierce, Sue Martin, Lloydell Martin and Mary Nell Robinson received certification for recognition they received as a Meat Judging Team in the state contest. These awards were presented by Agnes Medders. G.W. Rhoades and Gale Goodwin were presented pen and pencil sets as awards as state winners in Soil and Water Conservation. Charlie Burns made these presentations. The Farm Bureau trophies to clubs in the model meeting contest were presented by J.C. Rogers. Receiving these trophies were the Berlin and Cheyenne Junior Clubs.


The Sorosis Club met on Monday evening with Mrs. Frank Batchelor acting as hostess. Mrs. Batchelor entertained her club in the home of Mrs. Ray H. Kendall. This was the last club meeting of the year and as program chairman, Mrs. Jimmie Bradshaw arranged a program of installation. The officers for the coming year are as follows: President, Mrs. James Mogg; Vic-president, Mrs. Elzie Cambpell; Secretary, Mrs. Billie Strickland; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Joe F. Moad; Historian, Mrs. Jimmie Bradshaw; Parliamentarian, Mrs. Billie Chalfant.


Bowman Snack Bar and Ice Cream Store will open in Cheyenne next Saturday, May 2. This new business is located in the Calvert Building, first door west of the post office on Broadway. Mrs. Ebe Bowman, Lola, is manager of the Bowman Snack Bar and Ice Cream Store. Mrs. Bowman is well known to the people of this area. She and her husband have been engaged in the café business in Cheyenne in former years. Free coffee and donuts will be served at the opening Saturday. There will be free Eskimo pies for children.


W.T. Beals, who resides in the Strong City vicinity got the big Cash prize of $300 given by Cheyenne business firms last Saturday afternoon.


“The gains that a town or community makes come as a result of the efforts of the town or community itself, not from the outside,” was the comment of one business man of Cheyenne.


The Civic Oration Contest was held in the auditorium of Crawford School, April 24. The contest is sponsored by the Modern Woodmen of America. This year’s theme was “Industries Which Shaped our Nation”. The contest was directed by Mrs. Helen Scroggins. The judges were Mrs. Joe Wilson, Mrs. Jack McDaniel and Mrs. Marion Kennedy. Mr. E.L. Archer, local Modern Woodmen representative presented the awards to the winners. The permanent school trophy which covers a five-year period will be engraved with the winners name and current year. Jeannie Nabors won the first place trophy. Peggy Reed, the runner-up, also received a trophy. Other entrants who received achievement pins were Sue Wright, Alice Howell and Wanda Flue. Other students competing in the final contest were George Carpenter, Gary Leddy and Douglas Schmidt. Approximately eighty people heard the final speeches which ended several weeks’ work by all students in the Crawford seventh and eighth grades.


Three boys of the Sweetwater FFA Chapter received the degree of Junior Master Farmer. They are Alton Ewer, Richard McEntire and Stanley Weston.


The Cheyenne Star, May 7, 1959

At a meeting of the Board of Education of the Cheyenne Schools Monday night, Elbert L. Patton was employed as vocational agriculture instructor. J.C. Rogers resigned this place several weeks ago to accept a similar position in the Erick schools. Mr. Patton has been employed as vocational agriculture instructor in the Cyril Schools for the past 3 ½ years. He will begin his services in the Cheyenne school July 1, 1959.


Roger Mills County had some heavy rainfall and some damaging hail this week. The rain which reports indicated was general over the county came Monday afternoon and night. In Cheyenne the total amount was 2 ½ inches, according to Eugene Savage, weather statistician. The rain fell in torrents at about 4 p.m. and again about 11 p.m. each downpour lasting only a few minutes. On Sunday evening about seven o’clock hail, accompanied by cyclonic wind struck the western part of Roger Mills County. Heaviest hail was south of Reydon to Sweetwater. Hailstones as large as golf balls fell, damaging gardens, wheat, and shattering glass of cars and other motor vehicles not housed. Wheat damage has been estimated at 15 percent. Around Reydon the damage was possibly 10 percent. Weather conditions were such both Sunday and Monday evening to cause many people to scamper to the safety of storm cellars.


Colvin Sooter, seventh grade student at Cheyenne, speaking on the subject, Industries Which Shaped our Nation”, was judged winner of the Civic Oration Contest finalist, May 1, at Cheyenne. Second place winner was Bill Males, seventh grade.


Using Walt Whitman’s “I Hear America Singing” as the theme, Mrs. Giles Peterson installed the officers of the Platonic Club at the last meeting of the year last Friday afternoon. To conclude the installation Mrs. Peterson repeated from Robert Louis Stevenson “We thank thee for the place in which we dwell; for the love that unites us; for the peace accorded us this day; for the hope with which we expect the morrow.” Officers installed were Mrs. W.L. Chalfant, president; Mrs. Lavon Pankey, vice president; Mrs. Bobby Sprowls, secretary-treasurer; Mrs. D.L. Calvert, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Ervie Payne, historian; Mrs. John Casady, parliamentarian; Mrs. R.H. Kendall, reporter and Mrs. Guy Davis, critic.


Work is in progress on 5 big detention dams in Roger Mills County to continue flood prevention on the Washita. Flood prevention ties right in with soil conservation, experts say. One of the large dams is that of Detention Site No. 4 on Dead Indian Creek. The Forest Service is making plans to construct a recreational area below the dam, stock the lake with fish, and it will be open to the public. Other sites include:

DIW 1: Roy Wickham

DIW 2: Carrel Wickham

DIW 3: Hoover Ranch

DIW 4: U.S. Government

DIW 5: Hoover Ranch

DIW 6: Eula Cross

DIW 7: Paul Beavin

DIW 8: Perry Bradshaw

Broken Leg 1: Dean Cross and Sterling McColgin

Broken Leg 2: C.W. Lester

Total contract price for these ten structures is $527,787.06.


Those receiving the valedictory and salutatory honors at Crawford High School are Dolores Wright, valedictorian and Earl Robinson, salutatorian. The eighth grade students receiving these honors are Sue Wright, valedictorian and Wanda Flue, salutatorian.

The Hammon FFA pasture and range judging team, John Carpenter, Daniel Carpenter and John Smith, placed fifth in the National Contest in Oklahoma City. They were accompanied by their sponsor, Mr. Lloyd Murdock, and received the award of $20. Daniel Carpenter received the sixth place individual award of $5.


Clifford C. Carpenter, Airman Electrician Third Class, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edmund C. Carpenter of Hammon, Oklahoma, is enroute to Hong Kong aboard the Aircraft Carrier “Ranger”.


The Cheyenne Star, May 14, 1959

Mrs. Lee Irwin of Hammon has one of the prettiest strawberry beds I have seen in western Oklahoma.


Reydon Schools names valedictorian and salutatorian. Phyllis Pierce, daughter of Mr. L.A. Pierce of Reydon and the late Mrs. Pierce has been named valedictorian. Edna Mae Estes Allen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Estes of Reydon has been named salutatorian.


Plans for an estimated $79,500 paving project near Hammon were revealed in county commissioner plans approved by the state highway commission this week. It provides for 9.3 miles of base work and surfacing from State Highway 33, eight and a half miles west of Hammon, continuing north in District 2, where Melvin Dean is commissioner.


Jerry Ray Campbell has been named the valedictorian of Cheyenne School. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Elzie Campbell. Dale Tracy has been named salutatorian of the senior class of Cheyenne. He resides on a farm with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Collier Tracy. The 1959 graduating class includes David Rackley, Mona Gaynor, Dwain Hensley, Orville Tate, Jr., Jerry Calvert, Donald Conway, Robert Mayfield, Scottye Lou Vincent, Ronnie Jencks, Dixie Musick, Jessie Crandall, Chalmer Brown, Joe Peterson, Jerry Ray Campbell and Dale Tracy.


Dolores Wright has been named valedictorian of the graduating class of Crawford High School. Earl Robinson has been named salutatorian of the graduating class of the Crawford High School.


The Berlin 8th Grade graduating exercise will be held Monday, May 18th in the high school auditorium. Valedictorian is Jimmy Weaver. Co-Salutatorians are Joann Andris and Pat Mitcham. Speaker for the exercise will be Kermit Gurley, grade school principal at Sayre. Eighth grade graduates are Joann Andris, Joyce Baker, Jerry Lee Black, Jerry Damron, Sandra Graham, Darrell Harrington, Linda Klopfenstein, Lyn Long, Pat Mitcham, Kenneth Olson, Wayne Reid, Jimmy Weaver and Deanna Winburn.


The 1959 Graduating Seniors of Reydon High School: Gary Lynn Estes, James Roy Robertson, Leslie Park, Cleta McEntire, Linda Davis, Gary Mattlage, Leon Earle, J.A. “Jay” Wood, Jessie Lee Hartley, Bill McColgin, Virgil Eugene Medley, Doyle Yell, A. Harve Hartley, Betty Fern Scrivner, Glenn R. Taylor, Lanella Hensley, Clifford Widener, Thomas Glenn Polk, Willard Burns, Donald Ray McNeil.


Two Roger Mills County youths placed in the annual state track meet this past weekend. They were Donald Simpson, Cheyenne and Gary Mattlage, Reydon. Mattlage was third in shot put with a 48-4½ foot record. Simpson placed third in the 880 race. Time for the first place winner in this event was 2.03.3.


FOR SALE: 2 Hereford Horned Bulls, Weigh about 600. Price $200. C.C. Hawkins. Phone 11F551

FOR SALE: Wedding sets $27.50 to $99.50. Cheyenne Drug


The Cheyenne Star, May 21, 1959

O. C. Thornton, a former business man of Elk City has purchased the Fred Baxter Ford Motor Company in Cheyenne. Verland E. Brester will be the manager of the O.C. Thornton Ford Company. In the shop department, Marshall Jackson and Raymond Hyman will be employed.


Clifford Widener, son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Widener, and Roy Lee Harris, son of Mrs. Francis Harris of Reydon spent last week at the Oklahoma State Capitol as pages to Senator S.S. McColgin.


The Dairy Industry is larger than the entire steel industry. Investments in dairying is seven times larger than the United States Automobile Industry. Dairy farmers own 95% of that investment. The Dairy Industry is the largest user of electricity and the world’s largest user of motor trucks and conveyor equipment. It is also the world’s largest user of refrigeration equipment. Finally we find that dollar for dollar dairy products are the best buy in the housewife’s food basket.


The people of this county can take the hardest bumps then bounce back the quickest and the highest of any people to be found anywhere, was a remark made by one who has resided among them for a long time.


Edith Yowell, Reydon, will graduate magna cum laude from Southwestern State College with a degree in elementary education. Also graduating are Glen Leroy Cockrell, Durham, bachelor of science in business education and physical education; William Dean Yowell, Reydon, master of teaching in secondary education; and Donald Lee Dovell, Durham, bachelor or science in biology and history.


G.B. Purcell Chevrolet ad reads…Broke my arm and can’t write an ad. Come in, I can still talk. Phone 25.


The Cheyenne Star, May 28, 1959

Leon Lacey, 13-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Coy Lacey of the Durham community died Monday as the result of a tractor mishap. Sammy Malson, age 14, who was riding the tractor with young Lacey when the accident occurred, escaped with minor injuries. According to the best information available Leon Lacey and Sammy Malson were en route to Durham with the Lacey tractor to have it repaired. Leon was driving the tractor. On what is know as the Ator hill incline, two miles east of Durham on State Highway 33, the brake caught causing the tractor to overturn. Malson was thrown clear of the tractor, but Lacey was thrown against the pavement with his foot caught between the brake pedal and the clutch. Otto Ator who resides near the scene of the accident rushed to the assistance of the victims and they were brought to the Cheyenne hospital. Young Lacey was conscious only a few seconds following the accident which occurred at about 10 o’clock in the morning, Later Leon was taken to an Elk City hospital where he died between 3 and 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Young Malson has been released from the hospital.


Robert Dean of Hammon reports that his boy Max Lee bought 18 Hampshire ewes and a Suffolk buck for an FFA project.


A number of local Cub Scouts received advancement awards presented by James Mogg, Cubmaster. Monti Ray Bowers, Bobcat pin, Wolf Badge; Charles Casady, Bobcat pin, Wolf Badge, Gold Arrow point; Steve Daugherty, Bobcat pin, Wolf Badge, Gold Arrow point, Silver Arrow point; Jimmy McDaniel, Bobcat pin, Wolf Badge, Gold Arrow point; John Rogers, Bobcat pin, Wolf Badge; John Wayne Skipworth, Bobcat pin, Wolf Badge, Gold Arrow point; Brian Wesner, Bob cat pin, Wolf Badge, Gold Arrow point; Gene Savage, Wolf Badge, Gold Arrow point, Silver Arrow point, Bear Badge; Bobby Conway, Wolf Badge, Gold Arrow point, Silver Arrow point; Jimmy Mogg, Wolf Badge, Gold Arrow point, Silver Arrow point, Bear Badge.


L.L. Males, Cheyenne banker, was the star of the Sixth National Watershed Congress in session in Washington, D.C. this week. Males received a citation designating him “watershed man of the year”.


Heaviest rains since 1934 deluged Roger Mills County Monday night, causing damage from overflow of creeks in the southeastern part of the county. Greatest amount of rainfall reported was at the I.C. Thurmond Red Rock Ranch on Sandstone where the gauge showed 8 inches. Approximately the same amount fell on the Herring-Coates Ranch and the Morton Ranch. Emergency spillways were put to use at several of the detention dams. The amount of rain recorded in Cheyenne was 3.86 inches.


A small tornado struck the Dave Lay property southeast of Cheyenne Monday night. It is reported to have lifted the garage completely off its foundation, but leaving the car standing unharmed. It also moved the barn about a quarter mile from its location. The storm blew windows out of the house and did some other damage. This tornado is reported to have moved up Currant Creek, leaving uprooted trees in its wake. Summing things up the rain can be placed on the credit side of the ledger. H.C. Reed, a farmer of the Sandstone area says “Before the construction of the dams on Sandstone we would have been absolutely ruined by such a rain, now our damage is slight as compared with what is might have been.” John R. Peterson, farmer of the Reydon community says “We’re in fine shape for farming.”


The Cheyenne Star, June 11, 1959

Last week Charlie Burns visited two 4-H club beef projects. Joan Chapman has a Hereford heifer that is certainly doing good. She has the calf leading good, too. Lindsay Freeman has a red Angus steer calf that weights about 300 lbs. now. Lindsay plans to show the steer at the harvest festival this fall. Those of you who are near the John Chapmans or Johnny Freemans might enjoy a visit with the 4-H members who live there. They will be glad to show you their calves.


Twenty-two members of Troop 108, Cheyenne Boy Scouts of America completed a 50-mile hike last week and received the coveted 50-mile Hike Award Badge. The hike started at Higgins, Texas and the boys were given a heroes welcome by parents and friends when the arrived in Cheyenne. In the City Park a bounteous feast of fried chicken, homemade ice cream and other foods boys like was served by parents and friends. Boy Scouts completing the 50mile Hike were Tom Beaty, Billy Burns, Gus Harrington, Mickey Kendall, Johnny McDaniel, Bill Males, Lloyd Ormand, Johnny Rook, Allen Conway, Doran Burns, Stan Daugherty, Hugh Harris, Ronald Trusler, Charles O’Neill, Lloyd McDaniel, Ronald Strickland, Jimmy Tate, Hubert Krober, Dale Roark, Billy Sheldon, Don Walker and Jackie Holley. Leaders who made the hike were Tommy Steere, Scoutmaster, Billy Strickland and Rollin Reimer, assistant scoutmasters.


Cheyenne got its first load of wheat from the 1959 crop Monday, June 8th which is several days earlier than the fist load is generally received. Claude Smith who farms east of Cheyenne has the distinction of bringing the first load of this year’s crop to Cheyenne. Smith’s wheat tested 61, according to Elzie Campbell, owner of the Cheyenne Mill and Elevator. Mr. Smith’s wheat in this particular field is yielding an average of 35 to 40 bushel per acre. Harvest is expected to get into full swing is this conty next week if favorable weather conditions prevail. There are approximately 40,000 acres of wheat in Roger Mills County. Average yield is estimated at between 10 and 15 bushels per acre.


Boy Stater from Cheyenne was busy learning about city, county and state government this week at the 18th session of Oklahoma Boys State reached the home stretch. Attending from Cheyenne is Jerry Redden sponsored by the American Legion Post 81. Jerry is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Redden and is a senior in the local high school.


Miss Lana Beth O’Neill, 16-years old Cheyenne high school senior is one of three Roger Mills County girls attending Girls’ State on the Oklahoma College for Women campus in Chickasha. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed O’Neill. She has been assigned the all expense paid trip by the Cheyenne Auxiliary unit of the Campbell-Cross American Legion post. The two other girls who are attending are Mary Nell Robinson, Crawford and Betty Luttrell, Berlin.


The Cheyenne Star, June 18, 1959

Construction on a new building to house Cheyenne’s future modern dial telephone equipment is practically completed, according to J.V. Rinehart, District Manager for the General Telephone Company of the Southwest. Rinehart said that the new unattended dial equipment that will be housed in this new building will bring to Cheyenne the most modern telephone facility permitting the customer to dial directly to the desired number, without the services of an operator. This will permit a much more rapid completion of local calls. Before the cutover to dial operation, new telephone numbers will be assigned. This is known as the “2L-5N” numbering plan, where each telephone in Cheyenne will have the two letter prefiy Gypsy 7.


Eldon Krause is the new Farmers Home Administration supervisor for Roger Mills County. Mr. Krause and his family which consists of his wife and one small child moved to Cheyenne the latter part of the week. Mrs. Manford Bonds has been the office clerk in the office of the Roger Mills County Farmers Home Administration for some time and will continue in this capacity. Members of the County FHA committee are Claud Cribbs, Hammon; Harve Macklin, Berlin; and Lester McClellan, Strong City.


Kittyhawk Gay, a quarter horse owned by J. W. Chalfant of Cheyenne came in first during the third race at La Mesa Park race track in Raton, New Mexico on June 13th.


Among the new families who have recently moved to Cheyenne are those of Wendell Rice, Richard Quinn, Willie Earnhart, Paul Morgan, George Green, Jerry Skinner, Roy mcCaskill, Eldon Krause, Earnest Isch, Richard Campbell, Price Howell, Melvin Mesloh, Fred Allen, D.B. Terrell, Verland Brewster and A.D. Reeves.


The 1959 wheat crop is pouring into the Cheyenne Elevator keeping employees working at a round the clock pace in their effort to care for Oklahoma’s fastest harvest in history. More than 25 cars of what have been purchased by the Cheyenne Mill. Mr. Elzie Campbell states that he has plenty of cars and expects to continue with plenty of cars throughout the remainder of the harvest season. Wheat has been better in Roger Mills County than some had expected. Yields are ranging from 10 to 40 bushels per acre. Wheat price is $1.68.


“And to thing we came almost deciding not to come to town because it was so hot,” exclaimed Mrs. Claud Hawkins when her name was called as winner of the $400 cash prize in Cheyenne last Saturday.


The Cheyenne Star, June 25, 1959

There will be singing at the Three Corners Schoolhouse, nine miles east of Roll on Highway 47 next Sunday afternoon. Bring your song books and sing with us.


Wheat farmers of Roger Mills County hit the jackpot as the 1959 harvest far exceeded expectations both in yield per acre and in quality of wheat. More than 150,000 bushels of wheat have been handled by the Cheyenne Mill and Elevator.


A new residence is under construction in Cheyenne on Third Street two blocks sough of Broadway. This residence is being constructed by Paul Reed Contractors of Foss. Owner of this residence is Fred L. Cordell. This 2-bedroom home, modern in every detail, will be occupied by Verland Brewster, manager of the Thornton Ford Company in Cheyenne.


Work is progressing rapidly on a residence on South Fourth Street. This residence is being constructed by local labor and is being built by Dr. G.A. Reimer to be occupied by the Reimers as their home. This home when completed will be one of the better residences of Cheyenne.


Eldon Patton has moved his family to Cheyenne. Mr. Patton, who is vocational agriculture instructor in the Cheyenne Schools moved to this city from Cyril.


The Cheyenne Lille Leaguers met with success last Friday evening when they played the Sayre teams here. The Pee Wees won 14-13 in a tough hassle all the way through. The Midgets tied with Sayre 5-5. Local fans report that there was some real ball playing exhibited by the Little Leaguers of both Cheyenne and Sayre and that the games were intensely interesting. The improved playing is the result of more interest in the Little Leaguers by their parents, and more help from adults, according to Donovan Wesner, manager of the Cheyenne Little League.


A huge dairy equipment fair will be on display in Sayre next Tuesday as a part of Dairy Appreciation Week. The merchants are planning the week to recognize the tremendous contribution these dairymen make to the economy of this area. The dairymen in Beckham and Roger Mills County received nearly $250,000 monthly in payroll. Almost every dairyman is planning to enlarge his herd and many are planning to go into the Grade A dairy business. Some dairy cattle valued up to $1000.00 will be shown with the most popular breeds being represented.


The Cheyenne Star, July 2, 1959

Once again the good people of Roger Mills County have demonstrated their desire to cooperate with the upper Washita Soil Conservation District Supervisors in their flood prevention program, C.W. (Spec) Lester said today. All easements have been given for the 24 detention reservoir sites on Upper Washita River No. 1 Watershed in Oklahoma, and the watershed is ready for construction. The Upper Washita River No. 1 Watershed is all the land draining into the Washita River above Broken Leg and Dean Indian creeks. On this watershed there are 36 sites in Texas and 24 in Oklahoma. C.W. Lester, member of the Upper Washita District Board of Supervisors and Glen Tracy, associate supervisor, deserve the credit for doing the leg work that made this flood prevention project a realty.


Mrs. A.P. Minard of Reydon has purchased the Bowman Snack Bar in Cheyenne which she opened last Saturday. Mrs. Minard has changed the name to Pauline’s Snack Bar.


Leland Burns struck out 12 and allowed only 2 hits enroute to winning a 10 to 0 shutout over Miami, Texas last Friday night. Larry Bogges led the hitting attack with 3 hits in 4 trips to the plate.


There were 928 visitors who registered at Black Kettle Museum in Cheyenne during the month of June, according to the records of Sue Shotwell, curator.


The Reydon School has its complete faculty for the school year 1969-60, according to Ernest Lee Smith, superintendent. The list of teachers are: W.D. Yowell, principal; Willa Carter, English; Glen Cockrell, Commerce; Claud Hostetter, Science & Shop; Iris Pennington, 5th & 6th grades; Edna Owen, 4th grade; Edith Yowell, 3rd grade; Nellie Miller, 2nd grade and Margene Mattlage, 1st grade.


Cotton showers fell this week throughout Roger Mills Country, varying in amount up to 1 inch. These showers were not only beneficial to cotton but were a boost to grass and crops of all kinds.


The Cheyenne Star, July 9, 1959

The legalizing of the sale of liquor in Oklahoma on and after September 1, 1959 poses a new era in Oklahoma history which has been under prohibition since statehood became effective in 1907.


Mr. and Mrs. Glen Cecil of Durham invite their friends to open house and to celebrate their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary on Thursday, July 16.


Calvert Cleaners in Cheyenne will be open on Monday, July 13. The shop has been closed since Tuesday, July 7 while Mr. Calvert took a short vacation.


A baby whose weight at birth was 2 pounds and 13 ounces is thriving in an incubator at the Cheyenne Municipal Hospital where it was born July 2nd. The baby girl, Kathy Raye Shelton, has four brothers. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Ray Shelton who reside at the Schmidt Hotel in Cheyenne. Mr. Shelton is employed by the Allen Construction Company.


The Crawford School is scheduled to start Monday, August 17th, according to announcement made by John H. Smith, superintendent. Mr. Smith also stated that the faculty was complete. They include: Mrs. B.M. Hackelr, Purcell, mathematics and science; Harold Ray Davis, Snyder, industrial arts; Edith Blaylock, 3rd & 4th grades; Rosa Gilliland, Boise City, 1st & 2nd grades; Wilson Thomas, Lookeba, janitor.


A Boys Home is to be established at Crawford, Oklahoma, according to plans perfected by John H. Smith, founder, and the people of the Crawford Community. Plans are to provide a home for 16 boys, ages 11-14. The Boys Home will be housed in the elementary school building of the Crawford School System and they will attend Crawford Schools. $1575 of the necessary $2000 has been raised for the establishment of the Boys Home by the people of the Crawford community. Jack Allen is chairman of the committee to raise the balance of the amount. Willard Young is secretary-treasurer. Theo Lutz is chairman of the Board of Trustees. Other members are W.J. Bacon, Sarye; John H. Smith, Crawford; Dr. Edgar L. Petty, Oklahoma University; and W.R. Krows, Cheyenne.


There probably is not a resident of Roger Mills County who is not aware of what the discovery of oil, or the bringing in of an oil well within the county, would mean to the county. And, there is not a resident who is not hopeful that just that will happen in the not too-far distant future.


No swimming please in our pond south of Cheyenne. Eugene Savage.


For Sale: 2 Hereford Horned Bulls, weigh about 600, priced at $200. C.C. Hawkins. Phone 11F551.


The Cheyenne Star, July 16, 1959

Cotton producers should be checking the cotton fields regularly for insects. Already the boll worms are attacking the Hayden Brothers cotton patches north of Cheyenne. Earl Tucker of the Sunny Point area reports that the alfalfa aphads are nearly killing his young alfalfa field.


Magnolia Petroleum et al No. 1 Young in C SE NW of 2-15N-24W at 10 miles northwest of Cheyenne, fracture-treated perforations at 11,454-632 feet and was testing.


Green’s Produce in Cheyenne purchased the Superior Feeds from Davis Store in Cheyenne this week. This makes Green’s Produce the only Superior Feeds Store in Cheyenne. Green’s Produce is completing its 10th year under the present management, J.D. Green.


All cash prizes offered by Cheyenne business firms last Saturday were claimed. Mrs. Rodney Hill, Cheyenne claimed the first prize of $95. Effie Lee Gordon, Leedey, and E.V. Holt, Crawford, each received $10. The $5 prize was won by Mrs. Lawrence Amos of Cheyenne.


The Sorosis Club and the Platonic Club of Cheyenne are sponsoring the attendance of four girls from Cheyenne at Southwestern Music Camp being held in Weatherford. Girls sponsored by the Sorosis Club are Ann Chalfant and Darlene Beaty. Girls sponsored by the Platonic Club are Gay Chalfant and Martha Anderson. All four girls are members of the Cheyenne School Band.


Robert A. Welty of Strong City is the new Farmers Home Administration committeeman for Roger Mills County. Mr. Welty operates a livestock farm near Strong City. The other two committeemen with un-expiring terms are Harvey D. Mackin of Berlin and Lester C. McClellan of Strong City.


The statement of the condition of the Security State Bank reveals unusual prosperity of the people of Roger Mills County. The statement shows total assets of $3,133,695.96. The deposits shown as of June 30, 1959 were $2,851,363.58. This is the highest deposit ever shown in a bank statement in Roger Mills County.


Winston Gene Shindell of Durham, a sophomore in the college arts and sciences at Oklahoma State University, is among 1,793 who have been named to the Dean’s Honor Roll for the 1959 spring semester.


In giving the Cheyenne Star the names of teachers at Crawford for next year, there was an error on the part of the superintendent. The name of the only local resident teacher in the school was omitted. Mr. Eugene Ridgeway will be working for the school in his second year as teacher of commerce and athletic director.

Sincerely, John J. Smith, Supt. “The absent-minded professor”


The Cheyenne Star, July 23, 1959

The Berlin Public Schools will open Monday, August 3. Faculty for the year includes: Carl Hildebrand, superintendent, industrial arts & commerce; William Matthews, principal, math & science; Leroy Stone, social studies & coach; Ila Crowl, English & home economics; Marie Feland, 4th, 5th & 6th grades; Jane Schmidt, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd grades. School board members are Weldon Rhoades, Mark Hartman, Walter Kiener, A.J. Reeves and Dale Mackey.


Jimmie Bradshaw, cashier of the Security State Bank of Cheyenne is in Dallas, Texas where he is taking a two-week course in banking at Southern Methodist University.


Mrs. J.B. Eakins, Crawford, a member of the Jr. Sororale Club of Crawford and of the Sorosis Club of Cheyenne has been named Treasurer of the Fourth District of the Oklahoma State Federation of Women’s Clubs.


Auston B. Sumrall, dentist, formerly of Forest, Mississippi, will be engaged in the practice of dentistry in Sayre in the offices of Dr. Merle D. Hayes. Dr. Sumrall and wife have established a home in Sayre.


Clyde Robison of Reydon received the first prize of $50 at the Cash Day program at Cheyenne last Saturday.


25 blocks of streets and alleys in Cheyenne are assured to be hard-surfaced during the month of August, according to John Lian, overall supervisor of the city street and alley paving project. This is an excellent opportunity for property owners to secure hard-surfacing at a very low cost of 75 cents a front foot which includes all street intersections in the area. The street improvements project for Cheyenne is sponsored by the Business and Public Affairs Committee of the Kiwanis Club of which L.L. Males is chairman.


Advertisments: The Cordell Mercantile has received 25 cases of the Browning Lightweight 20 gauge Automatic-5 guns. This new gun has all the features of the Browning Lightweight 12 and Sweet 16 – yet in small size and 6 pound weight. 5 shot capacity with 3 shot adapter. Shoots all 2 ¾” shells including 2 ¾” magnums for $144.75. Wive’s why not lay one of these Guns back for your Husband. Due to the steel strike we may not have too many guns. First here first served. Shot gun shells, all sizes, buy them Now by the case and Save.


Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bowers, pioneer residents of the Cheyenne community were surprised on their fortieth wedding anniversary by their children with an ice cream and cake supper and the presentation of gifts. The celebration was held on June 28th which also commemorated the birthday of Paul Jencks.


The Cheyenne Star, August 13, 1959

Mr. and Mrs. Ervie Payne were hosts to members of the Platonic Club and their families at the annual family picnic. The Payne’s have a commodious ranch home located on Dead Indian Creek north of Cheyenne. Mike Kahoa of Sunny Point has entered three Milking Shorthorn heifers and a bull in the Sooner State Dairy Show.


A group of Home Demonstration Clubs of Roger Mills County are in Stillwater where they are attending the annual Farm and Home Week activities. In the group are: Mrs. Reed Goodwin and Mrs. George Hall from the Berlin Club; Mrs. Irene Bartz, Mrs. Dale Ratliff, Mrs. H.H. Cavener and Mrs. Bert Spencer, Sunny Point Club; Mrs. Orville Robinson, Dempsey Club; Mrs. Orville Conrad, Reydon Club; Mrs. Ernest Robinson and Mrs. K.R. Rutherford, Meridian Club.


Members of the Cheyenne Chapter of the Future Farmers of American participated in two state contests during the past week. On Friday they participated in the state swine judging contest at Stillwater. Those judging included Joe Don Shotwell, Gary Robinson, Randall Jackson, Ivan Minor, Bob Mayrhoffen and J.W. Little. Those participating in the judging at the Junior Hereford Field Day at the Jack Hall Ranch near OKC were Joe Dan Shotwell, Gary Robinson, Randall Jackson, Bob Mayrhoffen, Ivan Minor, Gary Scott, J.W. Little, Bobbie Cogburn and Chester Tracy. Accompanying the boys at these events was Elbert Patton, vocational agriculture instructor in the Cheyenne Schools.


The heavy downpour of rain that fell in western Oklahoma last Thursday night brought rain in amounts ranging from 1 inch to more than 4 inches in Roger Mills County. O.H. Ellis, Cheyenne, has been named Roger Mills County “Teacher of the Year”. All of the Cash Prizes offered by business firms of Cheyenne last Saturday were claimed. First prize went to Mrs. Roy Sprowls, Cheyenne. Mrs. Bessie Garrison, Crawford received the second prize. Third prize went to M.F. Caudle, Strong City. Georgia Bailey, Strong City received the fourth prize.


No one has come up with the answer to Bee Burns inquiry as to the cause for so many dead sparrows back of his place of business in Cheyenne Friday morning after the hard rain the previous night.


“There is something that if you knew you would tell others, I believe,” said a friend Sunday. Then she told me about some of the things she had observed concerning the local hospital. One, was the fact that Miss Minnie Slief took flowers to the hospital practically every Sunday and had done this for years. Then, my friend stated that as she stopped at the hospital en route to church she saw Mrs. Ervie Payne was dishing out delicious homemade pies that she had brought as she went to church. That’s the story Helen Trieves told me last Sunday morning.