Maisie Smith Flick loved her family and her children, whick she demostrated with rib-cracking hugs. She loved animals. She had a pet badger that waddled around behind her as fast as his stubby legs would move. And when she caught her second daughter napping in an upstairs bedroom on a brand-new bed with a young filly, she merely demanded that her child get the horse off of the ironed sheets and down the stairs. She loved the earth and all of its natural beauty, especially its brilliant colors. She planted fruit trees wherever she thought they’d grow, always shared her garden and had a way with flowers. And she loved her God. She was a member of Red Star Community Church.
Maisie was the second child born to Nettie Irene Newcomb Smith and Roy Carl Smith on April 14, 1932. She grew up on their home place west of Moorewood and completed grades 1-12 at Hammon School. In 1951, she marrieds Frank Graybill and joined him on his family farm east of Leedey. They had a daughter, Mary. In 1956, Maisie moved to Siloam Springs, Arkansas and a few years later, to Noel, Missouri. There she married Wallace Engleman and they had two daughters, Waleta and Dawn. Maisie moved back to Western Oklahoma in 1963 and in 1965, married Elmer Flick. Maisie and Elmer ran a dairy west of Hammon and had a son, Jay. Maisie worked for the Oklahoma Department of Transporation until she retired to tend her orchard and enjoy her grandson, Justin. A life-time of hard work finally took its toll on her body and Maisie moved to United Methodist Health Care Center in Clinton in 2007. There her singing, sense of humor and generous spirit brought joy to her neighbors and the staff until her death on July 14, 2010.
Maisie was preceded in death by her parents. She is survived by sister Rebecca Smith of Clinton; brothers Roy Smith of Enid and John Smith, Hammon; daughters Mary Graybill, Los Angeles, Waleta Newton, Elk City and Dawn Tisdale, Weslaco, Teas; son Jay Flick, Burns Flat; grandson Justin Herndon, Elk City and great grandchildren Matti and Deegon, also of Elk City.
Interment in Dewey Cemetery, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma.
Cheyenne Star, Cheyenne, Ok 7-22-2010