Nichols, Braydon

NICHOLS, Braydon
A said accidnet happened near the residence of Mr. Nichols in Custer Bend last Friday, July 20, 1900. Mr. Nichols’son, Braydon, a mute, accompanied by Joe Perry, went out after a load of wood, taking a shotgun along. Braydon had shot at a hawk, handing the gun to Perry. After flying a short distance the bird alighted on a tree and both boys started to follow, Brydon being in the lead. They were making theire way through somed bushes when the gun went off, the full charge entering Nichols’ back and inflicting a terrible wound. The affair seems to have been purely accidental. Prompt assistance was rendered, but the poor boy is in a very precarious position, the lower portion of the body being paralyzed by his wound, which is located on lower portion the backbone.
As we go to press it is said that the injured lad is rapidly sinking.
Cheyenne Sunbeam, Cheyenne, O.T. 27JUL1900
Died Wednesday, October 17, 1900, Braydon Nichols, aged 17. For the past three months the deceased had lingered on the verge of death from the effect of a gunshot wound accidentally inflicted by a companion. It would be impossible to conceive a more deplorable and cruel result from the practice of boys handling firearms and we hope the lesson will result in restricting the carrying of all firearms. There is no excuse for the practice; it develpes the savsage tendency of our natures and is continually leading to serious accidents, without a single compensating benefit.
Cheyenne Sunbeam, Cheyenne, O.T. 19OCT1900