Last Sat. , October 1, 1916, about 5 p.m. in
the town of Durham, R.T. Hughes shot and killed Bill Price, shooting him six
times with a 38 caliber revolver, every shot taking effect, five in the body
and one striking him in the face. The ball emerging from the back of the neck.
A short time previous to the killing, Price, as was his habit, bantered Hughes
for a wrestle, saying, “I’ll bet you $10, I can throw you.” Hughes called the
bet, the money was put up and Hughes promptly penned Price to the ground. Price
was a one-legged man and prided himself on his strength, and it chaffed him
considerably to be thrown so easily. Hughes pocketed the money and Price
demanded that he return it. Hughes refused and Price pulled his knife, saying
that he was going to have the money or kill him. Hughes retreated into a house
nearby and Price followed him up, asking that he come out. Hughes started out
and friends stopped him. Then for several days, Price made threats against Hughes’
life and on one occasion, tried to borrow a gun, with which to kill him. Then
last Sat. he saw Hughes in a car talking over business matters with another man
and walked up saying that he wanted to see him when he had time. Hughes replied
that he would see him and went on talking with the other party. Price roughly
asked him if he didn’t think he had time to go then. Hughes got out of the car
and followed him to the rear of a store building nearby, when Price asked him
if he was going to return the $10. Hughes said he was not, and Price grabbed
him around the neck with one arm and struck his neck with an open knife in his
hand. Hughes ducked barely in time to save his neck and the knife ripped open
his coat at the shoulder. Price charged him with the knife and Hughes shot him
six times as stated above. It is claimed by several that Price was a very
disagreeable man to get along with and for some time people humored him to keep
out of trouble with him. If facts are proven at the trial as are claimed by friends
of Hughes, he will doubtless be acquitted. Preliminary hearing was held in
Cheyenne Tuesday afternoon. The evidence will be taken before Judge Clay, who
is holding District Court at Arnett this week and bond will be fixed for his
appearance at the next term of court at Cheyenne.
Cheyenne Star, Oct 5, 1916