Our heart was made sad last Sunday evening, June 18, 1916 by the announcement of the death of an infant of a poor family who were traveling across our county to Texhoma, Oklahoma, where she has a married daughter by the name of Hudgens.
The lady’s name was Shannon and had traveled from New Mexico with a burro out fit with her family, consisting of three girls and the infant son that died on the road between Sayre and Cheyenne.
Mrs. Shannon’s husband was drowned at Temple, Texas, seven months ago, leaving her with practically nothing to support her family.
She left New Mexico and came to Texola thinking that was the place where her daughter lived, but learned that she confused the names of the two towns, thus going to Texola when she should have gone to Texhoma, which is located in the northwestern part of the state in Texas county.
It was indeed a pitiful sight: a stranger in a strange land with a dead baby and in poverty. The citizens of our town came to her relief, giving the baby a beautiful burial and provided funds and groceries. She went away praising those who assisted her for the kindness and generosity shown her in bereavement.
Cheyenne Star June 22, 1916