BAR-X or POW WOW District #1

(NE1/4 10-17-21)   About 1900 the Pow Wow School was built on a prong of the Pow Wow Creek. In 1907 (statehood) it was moved a mile south and later was consolidated with the Howard School which was located three miles west.  A two-room school was built which was called Canadian.  In 1908, after a hearing, the south half of  sections 13, 14, 15 and SE1/4 were detached from Bar X and added to School No. 17.  Pow Wow closed on December 14, 1922 and joined with Dewey or Howard to form Canadian.


FLOYD, Mrs. W. S. 1916 (4 mo.)
HARREL, Lily 1921-22
MCDANIELS, Bernice 1916 (3mo.)
MCMILLIN, Myrtle 1917
RUSSELL, Sweet 1918
WALTON, Roy 1920


School Board Members:

HARREL, Clara 1917
MCMILLIN, H. E. 1917
PETREE, N. A. 1916-17
WILLIAMS, Charles 1921-22
WILLIAMS, E. B. 1918-20
WILLIAMS, I. T. 1916-22