Category: Schools

  • Berlin

    BERLIN District #96 (SW1/4 3-11-23)  In 1916 there were 120 ‘scholars’ in attendance at Berlin. By 1927 District #96 Berlin and Edenview were abolished by election and incorporated to form Berlin and the number of students number 260.  In the summer of 1967 the district voted to close Berlin and split the attendance between Cheyenne…

  • Rome

    ROME District No. 25 Located NE1/4 of 18-15-22   On April 8, 1914, District No. 25 (Rhome) with District No. 13 (MKT) and District No. 14 (Quartermaster or Cyclone) combined to form a new school called Three Corner.

  • Crawford

    STREETER or LITTLE CRAWFORD District # 10  SW1/4NW1/4 of 20-16-24   On October 21, 1918, Streeter or Little Crawford united with three other schools (Twin Hills, Shugart and Fairmont or Vaughn) to form UG1 or Crawford.   TEACHERS ANDERSON, Rose 1916 HAIGHT, Tom S. 1917 School Board BRANAM, Sam 1916-17 BULL, P. J. 1916-17 KEAHEY,…