This cemetery is located in the Carpenter community about midway between Elk City and Hammon, Oklahoma. At its beginning it was located on the homestead of Hugh FRAZIER and Laura Elizabeth Sullivan WYNN who homesteaded in early 1892. Hugh FRAZIER and Laura WYNN donated 2 l/2 acres of their land at the death of Laura’s father, Harvey SULLIVAN, who died on April 14, 1900.

The first record we have of this gift of land is a warrenty deed dated 11 February 1911, witnessed and acknowledged by G.H. HOWARD, Notary Public, Roger Mills County Oklahoma. The deed was officially recorded on 30 November 1914 with P.F. RAGAINS, Floyd CULBERTSON and J.W. DARDEN appointed as trustees. We believe these dates probably coincide with the re-location of the townsite of Carpenter from the original townsite and with the establishment of the Carpenter Consolidated School District #1 (1912-1956).

This was the beginning of a very thriving little farming town that bonded the community together with lifelong friendships and love.

The cemetery is still maintained by descendants of the WYNN and SULLIVAN families. Presently, Dolores WYNN (widow of Wayne P. WYNN, a grandson) continues to live on and operate the original WYNN homestead. Obtaining the information about our pioneer ancestors and the other families buried here so long ago has been a timely process. One bit of information leads to another and one gets deeply engrossed. We ask ourselves why we didn’t ask more questions of the generations we knew. Why didn’t we write it down?

Acknowledgment and our sincere thanks go to those who have provided us with information on families buried here. Information available to us for the presentation of this story of the Carpenter Cemetery is from old family records, abstracts and deed, friends and from our own memories of the generations that we knew. We hope they are accurate.

Carpenter Cemetery Trust trustees are all deceased

Hugh Frazier Wynn – Grandson of Hugh F. Wynn who deeded the cemetery property to the community.

Children of Clell and Ella Eva Clifft WYNN:



Doris Fern DUKE

Margaret Lee NELSON

Wynnona Jean PAZ

Hugh Frazier WYNN

Dolores Roberts WYNN



Laura Jo ROSS dec’d Dec 1956

Wayne Preston WYNN dec’d Nov 1990.


This information was taken from the book “Cemeteries and More” written by Glenna Belle CRANE.


ARMSTRONG, Abbie May “Sullivan” 04JAN1886 – 30OCT1921  Wife of James M.

ARMSTRONG, Francis Lincoln 12FEB1909 – 06JAN1988

ARMSTRONG, Francis Lincoln 31JAN1851 – 19JUL1912

ARMSTRONG, J. Delmas 15JUL1907 – 21NOV1971  Son of James & Abbie

BOWERS, Ethelyn 04JUL1910 – 26MAY1911

BURNETT, Alice G. 1858 – 1927  Wife of Jasper P.

COMPTON, Onnie L. “Sullivan” 29SEP1894 – 26AUG1978

CORBIN, Rufus E. 1887 – 1966

CORBIN, Sammie A. 1894 – 1938

DARDEN, Anthony Ada 10JUL1910 – 17JUL1912

DARDEN, Wrintha Inez 13NOV1922 – 04JAN1923

HAMNER, Ralph 1900 – 1939  Carpenter Postmaster

HAVENSTRITE, Max Eugene b: 10JUN1931 d: 16APR2008

HAVENSTRITE, Velma Evelyn b: 17DEC1900 d: 25AUG1986  (Note: Max’s mother was cremated and later buried along with him in the Cemetery).

HILL, Mary (Darden) 1908 – 1927  Wife of Herbert, Died at childbirth

LAWS, Linda Jo (Ross) b: 17FEB1947

LAWSON, Theodore 1930 – 1930  Son of M/M F.N.

MORGAN, “Infants”  No dates – No date

MORGAN, Alvin 1914 – 1917

MORGAN, Gladys 1916 – 1917

MORGAN, Hazel H. “Thomas” 1894 – 14MAY1944 Wife of William

MORGAN, Joseph Henry 26JUN1854 – 13JUN1913

MORGAN, Julia Ann “Cravens” 03SEP1858 – 30MAY1955

MORGAN, William Lewis 1891 – 14JUL1935 Husband of Hazel

PAZ, Hector Ruben b: 1JUL1935

PAZ, Wynona  Jean Wynn 07JUN1938 – 23JUL2005 Wife of Ruben Paz

ROSS, Floris Ann No date – No date

ROSS, Marion 1940 – No date

SULLIVAN, Harvey 11NOV1852 – 14APR1900

SULLIVAN, Mahala “Beard” 11NOV1852 – 07- -1946  Wife of Harvey

SULLIVAN, Thomas 11MAR1823 – 17NOV1900  Born in England  Father of Harvey

WILSON, Charley 1869 – 1918  Son of Sara Lovica WILSON

WILSON, Sara Lovica 1840 – 1917  Mother of Charley

WYNN, Hugh Frazier 21FEB1872 – 1933

WYNN, Laura E.”Sullivan” 11DEC1872 – 08APR1912