Cheyenne Cemetery “A”

ABBOTT, Addie Amelis King 24FEB1884 – 14JUN1980 Wife of Harry R.

ABBOTT, Harry R. 01JUL1879 – 21MAR1963

ALBRIGHT, Cleo Bowman 15JAN1918 – 17FEB1940

ALLEN, Dale E. 22SEP1934 – 1934

ALLEN, Lucy May 1888 – 1901

AMES, Ray 18MAR1901 – 23JUN1982 Son of Robert and Zona Bell

ANDERSON, Albert John 15FEB1836 – 03DEC1906 Vet of Civil War

ANDERSON, Archie Albert “Arch” Born 10JUL1870, Died 22SEP1903 h/o Julia Eva Graves, b/o Lafayette Collier Anderson, s/o John H & Martha Anderson

ANDERSON, Blanche Steere 02SEP1910 – 22JUL1944 Wife of Jess

ANDERSON, Bufford W. Born 3DEC1907 Died Sep1937 son of Lafayette Collier and Nellie Graves Anderson

ANDERSON, Claude L. 16APR1903 – 05JAN1972 Son of Lafayette, Pvt. WW II

ANDERSON, Gensie 09MAY1805 – 12MAY1902

ANDERSON, Gilbert 11DEC1900 – 25APR1996 Hus of Maebelle Swartwood

ANDERSON, James R. 04FEB1882 – 1945 Vet WW I

ANDERSON, Jess Sr. 17SEP1911 – 11FEB1991 Vet WW II

ANDERSON, John Henry Born 15FEB1839 Died 18OCT1924 husband of Martha Emma Wilson

ANDERSON, John W. 10JUN1889 – 1937 Vet WW I

ANDERSON, Lafayette Collier 03PAR1873-14FEB1848, h/o Nellie Graves, s/o John H & Martha

ANDERSON, Marie 19AUG1919 – 21AUG1994 Mother of Bill Anderson

ANDERSON, Martha E. 1852 – 1934

ANDERSON, Minnie  w/o Roscoe Anderson 1MAR1888 – 18APR1916.  School Teacher

ANDERSON, Minnie Carrol 27FEB1935 – 04AUG1952 Dau of Elizabeth Gattes

ANDERSON, Minnie Lee Anderson 14OCT1881 – 12DEC1971 Wife of W.N.

ANDERSON, Nellie M. Graves 1878-1937, w/o Lafayette C., d/o Geo. & Betsy Graves

ANDERSON, Robert Lee 29APR1950 – 01MAY1950 Son of Jess and Ruby

ANDERSON, Roscoe 04FEB1882 – 28JUL1964

ANDERSON, Ruby Mae Word 08MAY1926 – 23AUG2002

ANDERSON, William Lee (Bill) 14AUG1958 – 02JAN2005 Son of Phenia Marie Anderson and Orville Shaller

ANDERSON, W.N. “Bill” 11DEC1879 – 16OCT1964

ANDERSON, Winnford No date – 11MAY1919

ANDES, Harold 17JUL1913 – 05AUG1938

ANDREWS, Edith 13JUN1906 – 25JUL1980 Wife of Merle F.

ANDREWS, Henry, Born 30SEP1929 Died 05FEB2014 hus of Della Mae Whitson, Vet US Marine Corps

ANDREWS, J. E. 15OCT1936 – 15JAN1967 Hus of Corena

ANDREWS, Merle R. 08FEB1906 – 06OCT1982

ARCHER, Barbara Elaine 09MAY1952 – 10MAY1952 Dau of Blain and Evelyn

ARCHER, Bert W. 1887 – 1952

ARCHER, Blane 21APR1919 – 06OCT2003 Hus of Evelyn Alverta Ward

ARCHER, Calvin Clayton 31JUL1879 – 07MAY1964 Hus of Olive

ARCHER, Calvin L. 28AUG1905 – 20APR1975 Hus of Effie Caudle

ARCHER, Doris Cantrell 29OCT1923 – 18DEC2004

ARCHER, Inza Pearl Evans Woods 26AUG1918 – 30JAN1998

ARCHER, J. C. 08OCT1918 – 26OCT1971 Hus of Nina Bell Barnard, Vet WW II

ARCHER, Jake Lee. 20JUL1909 – 03MAR1987 Hus of Willie Cantrell and Inza Evans Woods

ARCHER, Kizzie Musick 16OCT1880 – 26NOV1974

ARCHER, Leonard C. “Len” 02MAY1887 – 18DEC1962

ARCHER, Martha Marie 17OCT1921 – 29APR1994 Dau of Olive and Calvin

ARCHER, Minnie O. 1892 – No date Wife of Bert W.

ARCHER, Olive Pike 1884 – 1984 Wife of Calvin G.

ARCHER, Ross Dean 1938 – 1939 Son of T.J. & Letha

ARCHER, Willie 31OCT1914 – 06DEC1991 Vet WW II

ARCHER, Willie Cantrell 08JAN1911 – 22FEB1980 Wife of Jake Lee

ARCHER, Willy Levi 27DEC1997 – 02JUN1999

ARMSTRONG, Guy Howard 24OCT1909 – 01SEP1964 Hus of Iva Combs, Vet WW II

ARMSTRONG, Iva Combs 31JAN1909 – 15OCT1979 Wife of Guy H.

ATZET, Mary Gimenez, born 25SEP1914, died 31JUL2009, wife of Raymond Joseph Atzet

ATZET, Ray Sr. 10APR1914 – 05DEC1997 Hus of Mary

AUSTIN, J. Rayfield 26DEC1909 – 02FEB1913