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On the 16MAR1910 Litus SPARKS deeded three acres of the land to James R. COFFEE and the Trustees of the Chapel Hill Church.

On the 1JUN1911 J. C. LINDSAY deeded the same three acres to C. A. ROLLINS and the Trustees of the Church of God.

On the 22SEP1912 Ulissis and Nova MILLER deeded three acres of their land to the Trustees of the Church of God who  were W. N. COCHRAN, S. G. NEVILL and A. E. GRAHAM.

To subsidize his salary the Minister was allowed the privilege of farming 3 acres. The 3 acres the MILLERS gave is now the cemetery. The Church and farming land is north of the highway.

LOCATION: 1 mile east of Strong City on highway 33. The cemetery is on the south side of the road. The cemetery is well kept.

Thanks to Buster MILLER for supplying information and helping me with this cemetery.


First born—-Ozias MCKINSTER-1835

First buried—Ruth JOHNSON—-1906

Number of graves———————50


ANDREWS, Ray 04JAN1906 – 21MAY1907

ARMSTRONG, John C. 1883 – 1964

BURK, Lloyd Frank 24OCT1906 – 27JUL1907

COOPER, George W. 04MAR1878 – 01JAN1915

COOPER, Sarah Ann Weston 11APR1847 – 01JUL1928

DOOTY, John W. 21SEP1851 – 16MAY1930

DOOTY, Robert No date – 13JAN1937 48 yr. 6 mo. 5 days. Pvt 54 Sprue Co.

DUNN, Baby No date – No date Infant of Alma & Ezra Dunn

GUTHERY, Mary C. 06DEC1863 – 24DEC1918

HENERY, John 1884 – 1934

JOHNSON, Baby Ruth 15AUG1906 – 21OCT1906

JONES, Benjamin No date – No date Co. F. 104 Ohio Inf.

JONES, Margaret Jane 11JUL1876 – 10JUL1940

LEYERLY, James S. 1866 – 1933

LEYERLY, Myrtle 1874 – 1948

MCKINSTRY, Freeman S. 13JUN1873 – 12JUL1959

MCKINSTRY, Ozias 1835 – 1918

MCKINSTRY, Phoebe 1836 – 1907

MILLER, Baby No date – No date

MILLER, Bessie No date – No date

MILLER, Buster. Born 10MAY1924 Died 22JUN-2010, hus of Geneva Mae PETERSON

MILLER, Ellen Lee 1874 – 1946

MILLER, Geneva (Peterson) Born 13AUG1926, Died 7DEC2016 – wife of Buster Miller; loved gardening

MILLER, Govie 05APR1904 – 29DEC1985

MILLER, James H. 1862 – 1932

MILLER, Jessie No date – No date

MILLER, Johnnie Lee 13MAY1917 – 1997

MILLER, Margaret No date – No date

MILLER, Mary Barker 1906 – 1977

MILLER, Mary No date – No date

MILLER, Oliver No date – No date

MILLER, Pearl J. 1894 – 1963

MILLER, Sam 1892 – 1963

ROBERTS, Rose Ann No date – 1934

ROBERTS, Vernon Dale 1927 – 1927

RYAN, Verna Lois No date – 12JAN1933 15 Yr. 7 Mo 26 D.

SCHMIDT, Ronald Luther 7-25-1940 – 09APR1997 Hus Peggy

SEARS, Baby No date – No date

SHARUM, A.C. 18AUG1881 – 19MAR1925

SHOCKEY, Dough 24NOV1938 – 1-24-1989 Hus of Phyllis Miller

SPARKS, Gennettie 1889 – 1912

STAMPER Baby No date – No date

STAMPER, Alice 26JAN1881 – 29NOV1941

STAMPER, Clyde 22JUL1912 – 04NOV1985

STAMPER-SCHMIDT, Louise Bottom 14MAR1919 – 27AUG1994 Wife of Clyde STAMPER and Steve SCHMIDT.

Unknown 02NOV1912 – 08NOV1912

Unknown No date – No date

Unknown No date – No date

Unknown No date – No date Red Rock Marker

WHITE, Baby 1939 – 1939

WHITE, Baby No date – 12APR1937 Buried with mother Goldie

WHITE, Georgie Stamper 1920 – 1986

WHITE, Goldie Lovelace 13NOV1908 – 12APR1937

WINEBRIGHT, Albert No date – 1934