Cheyenne Cemetery “N-O”

NANCE, Ethel Betty Smith Parker 26OCT1914 –  01-20-1995 Died at Odessa, TX

NANCY, No name No date – No date

NEADEAU, Andrew Ryan 19OCT1996 – 24OCT1996 Son of Taryn Neadeau and Michael Bustamante

NEADEAU, Stephanie Rachelle 19OCT1996 – 19OCT1996 Twin to Andrew

NEELY, Grandma Born 1822, Died 5MAR1898

NEALY, Mrs. Anna J. 25DEC1825 – 05MAR1898

NEBHUT, Frank Noell 03JAN1882 – 26DEC1962 Son of J.C. and Lillie

NEBHUT, John C. 11APR1858 – 02OCT1918

NEBHUT, Lillie Frances 02JAN1860 – 29JUL1915 Wife of John C.

NEBHUT, Mable Willmoth 20JUN1894 – 23AUG1967 Wife of Frank

NEELY, Grandma Born 1822, Died 5MAR1898

NELSON, Captola I. Means 05DEC1898 – 15DEC1982 Wife of Claud Lee

NELSON, Charles Axle 1870 – 1945 Hus of Emily Boyd

NELSON, Charlotte 13FEB1916 – 10JUL1936

NELSON, Claude Lee 16NOV1895 – 07APR1958

NELSON, Emily Boyd 21FEB1886 – 02JAN1968

NELSON, James O. 20AUG1970 – 20AUG1970 Son of James and Elizabeth

NELSON, T. A. 1830 – 1898

NELSON, Warren Harding “Bud” 16SEP1920 – 30JUN1987 Son of Chas & Emily

NICHOLS, Basil Frank 30OCT1906 – 05APR1996 Hus of Elsie

NICHOLS, Charlie Owen 11OCT1881 – 29MAR1962

NICHOLS, Elsie E. Ivies Skinner Proctor 19JAN1904 – 11FEB1990 Dau of Sam & Ida Bell Ivie, mar Lonnie Proctor, mar Basil Nichols

NICHOLS, Gertrude “Gee” 1876 – 1962 Wife of Charlie O.

NICHOLS, James G. “Gib” 23MAR1889 – 27JAN1969

NICHOLS, Mary E. 1909 – 1912

NICHOLS, Maude Mae Keener 18AUG1889 – 29JUN1963 Wife of James G. Gib

NICHOLSON, Paul 1920 – 1928

NIGHBERT, Olive Boyd  02-28-1908 – ??JUN1999 Wife of Doc

NIGHBERT, Harold Larue “Doc” 08OCT1904 – 07DEC1961 Hus of Olive Boyd

NULL, George, Born about 1897, Died 20AUG1911 son of J.J. Null, fourteen years old

OGLE, Alonzo Alvin “Lon” 02MAR1888 – 05APR1902

OGLE, Eva A. Womble 07DEC1890 – 27JUL1962 Wife of Lon

OLIVER, Marie Sue 10SEP1983 – 10SEP1983 Dau of Thomas and Tina Cole

OLIVER, Pat 22JUL1867 – 31JAN1956 Old time cowboy

ORMAND, Charley Ray 1936 – 2006 Son of Mable and Arthur

ORMAND, Dorothy Mae 1941 – 1945 Dau of Mable and Arthur

ORMAND, Arthur Ray 27JUL1909 – 25MAR1992 Hus of Mable E. Byrd

ORMAND, Eugene 26JUL1934 – 21MAR1999 Hus of Betty Trammell

ORMAND, Mable E. Byrd 21JUN1913 – 12NOV1984 Wife of Arthur

OSBURN, Mrs. J. J. 07OCT1872 – 03JUN1911

OSTRANDER, Ruth Bowers 01DEC1918 – 28JAN1979 Wife of Wilbur

OWEN, Clyde Harold 08DEC1898 – 04FEB1900 Son of J.T. and Phoebe

OWEN, John Thomas 1869 – 1946

OWEN, Phoebe F. Cann 26SEP1874 – 17NOV1960 Wife of John Thomas

OWENS, Elmer A. No date – 04SEP1905 Son of J.B. and F.L.