TALLEY, Martha Juanita Anthony 1916 – 1965

TAYLOR, Annetta Josephene 27JAN1848 – 01-25-190 Wife of J.P.

TAYLOR, Calvin Alexander 11-6-1888 – 08APR1939

TAYLOR, Doris 1914 – 1921 Dau of Stone and Maud

TAYLOR, Dorothy Mouser Drury Ewing 26APR1909 – 18JAN2000 Wife of C.M.Ewing

TAYLOR, Elsie Meeks 06NOV1902 – 24FEB1927 Wife of P.M.

TAYLOR, J.P. 27SEP1842 – 25MAR1909

TAYLOR, James Edgar 1873 – No date

TAYLOR, James E. 24SEP1919 – 22OCT1973

TAYLOR, Lola C. 28SEP1920 – 29SEP1974

TAYLOR, Maud 1878 – 1967

TAYLOR, Myrtle Jones 18JUN1901 – 26OCT1962

TAYLOR, Naoma 17FEB1835 – 24JAN1902 Wife of P.S.

TAYLOR, Perry B. 20SEP1896 – 20JUN1955

TAYLOR, Perry S. 07JUN1834 – 27NOV1925

TAYLOR, Robert 25JUN1871 – 21JAN1904

TAYLOR, Stella 1877 – 1940 Wife of J. Edgar

TAYLOR, Stone J. 1870 – 1946

THOMPSON, Mrs. J.M No date – 1914

THOMPSON, Ester Iva Womack 23DEC1913 – 25JUL1995 Wife of Orren

THOMPSON, Mrs. J.M.  Died 29SEP1914  w/o J.M. Thompson

THOMPSON, J.H. Born 1846, Died July 1916, father of G.W. Thompson, local blacksmith

THOMPSON, Joseph C. 14AUG1880 – 03FEB1960

THOMPSON, Logan G. 07OCT1846 – 04NOV1914

THOMPSON, Nancy A. 17AUG1856 – 17OCT1931 Wife of Logan G.

THOMPSON, Ottis Lee 04MAR1892 – 08NOV1966 Son of L.G. and Alice

THOMPSON, Truly May Brown 04MAR1894 – 31OCT1980 Wife of Joseph J.

THORNTON, Arthur L. 23AUG1900 – 06DEC1957

THORNTON, Myrtle Wildrip 10SEP1908 – 17JUL1981 Wife of Arthur

TIDWELL, Bernice Ballard 1901 – 1901

TIDWELL, Chesney M. 1906 – 1955 Hus of Bernice

TIDWELL, Francis M. 1877 – 1927

TIDWELL, Naomi Lavinia Chesney 18NOV1834 – 31JAN1941 Wife of Francis M.

TIPTON, Laura Jane 13DEC1914 – 16DEC1914, dau. of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tipton

TOWNSEND, Edna Mae Archer 13OCT1908 – 06JUN1959 Wife of Henry

TOWNSEND, Henry Charles 29JUL1889 – 16MAR1977

TRACY, Harold No date – 1916

TRACY, Alice Irene 1916 – 1923

TRACY, Alice Virginia Kiser 31MAR1915 – 30JUL1993 Wife of Collier

TRACY, Elbert  Collier 29AUG1908 – 12JUN2005

TRACY, Elbert Foster 09SEP1883 – 28DEC1963

TRACY, Eva Collier 07MAR1882 – 23SEP1971 Wife of Elbert F.

TRACY, Dr. Gilber W. 05AUG1912 – 13MAY1991 Hus of Mildred Peterson

TRACY, Glen Max 24APR1921 – 26SEP1992 Hus of Rebecca, Vet WW II

TRACY, John B. 1859 – 1940

TRACY, Mildred 16SEP1905 – 05FEB1993 Wife of Gilbert

TRACY, Nora 29OCT1864 – 24JAN1896 Wife of D.W.

TRACY, Virginia T. 1858 – 1931 Wife of John B.

TRAMMELL, Babies 1922 – 1922 Twin inf of Clarence and Dona

TRAMMELL, Clarence 1897 – 17FEB1923

TRAMMELL, Elizabeth (Betty) Rushin 03MAY1869 – 25APR1957 Wife of Phillip

TRAMMELL, Canada B. 1844 – 1908 Civil War Veteran

TRAMMELL, Charles Henry 06AUG1889 – 22JUN1964 Vet WW I

TRAMMELL, Clarence 1898 – 1923

TRAMMELL, Frank Dennis 28NOV1909 – 26SEP1967 Hus of Dora

TRAMMELL, James Arminis “Jim” 22JUL1871 – 13APR1959 Hus of Louise

TRAMMELL, Louise Jane Cooper 12MAY1871 – 25MAR1959 Wife of James A.

TRAMMELL, Mart 01OCT1888 – 17OCT1926 Son of Mr. and Mrs. P. “Teddy” Trammell

TRAMMELL, Myra Snow 06MAY1870 – 15MAR1962 Wife of Robert Lee

TRAMMELL, Phillip “Teddy” 17AUG1865 – 11DEC1955

TRAMMELL, R.L. 09DEC1916 – 12JUN1975 Hus of Wanda Boswell

TRAMMELL, Robert E. Lee “Bob” 12AUG1869 – 03OCT1920

TRAMMELL, Robert Lloyd “Bob” 20DEC1934 – 06MAR1992 Hus of Fern

TRAMMELL, Russell D. 22AUG1942 – 17JUL1963 Son of Frank and Dora

TRUSLER, Carla Rowena 26AUG1950 – 28SEP1950

TUCKER, Lamuel Tarlton 1824 – 1889 Hus of Mary Jane

TUCKER, Mary Jane 1831 – 1911

TUNNARD, Elizabeth 16OCT1856 – 06FEB1950 Wife of Frederick

TUNNARD, Frederick 1856 – 1939

TUNNELL, Dona Coon 11FEB1895 – 04DEC1972 Wife of Hugh

TUNNELL, Eva A. Douglas 18MAY1911 – 14DEC1996 Wife of Ira

TUNNELL, Hugh 04DEC1894 – 25DEC1979

TUNNELL, Ira 1917 – 1976

TUNNELL, Neal 17AUG1922 – 05APR1948

TURLEY, Mary Sue 1937 – 1937 Dau of Bott and Virginia

TURNER, Infant girl No date – 02DEC1904

TURNER, Lawana Ross Williams 11JAN1920 – 23SEP1984

TURNER, Lyle Mae 27DEC1932 – 1-18-1933

TURPIN, Bobby Lee, Jr. 04JUL1963 – 25NOV2001

TYSON, Frank 06AUG1923 – 05MAY1995 Vet WW II Air Force, Murdered

TYSON, Mercydee Dodson 07DEC1926 – 05MAY1995 Wife of Frank, Murdered

UELAND, Jeremiah Thomas 19MAR1990 – 20MAR1990 Twin of Tyrell

UELAND, Tyrell Jon 19MAR1990 – 03-20-199 Son of Dan and Mary

UNDERWOOD, Arthur N. 20DEC1876 – 07SEP1913

UNDERWOOD, Ida E. 28MAR1896 – 04APR1928 Wife of Arthur N.

UNDERWOOD, Roy H. 30JUN1924 – 04APR1928 Son of Ida E. and Arthur N.

VANDERPOOL, Charley C. 26MAY1891 – 1908

VANDINE, Francis Virginia 11FEB1919 – 05OCT1984 Wife of Wesley

VANDINE, Goldie Summers 19JUN1899 – 11DEC1977 Wife of W.E.

VANDINE, W.E.“Bill” 07JAN1889 – 10JUL1970

VANDINE, Wes 13AUG1919 – 03JAN2001

VAN HOFF, Brenda Elaine, Born 26MAY1954 Died 22NOV2013 wife of Michael Van Hofff

VARNELL, Baby Lee 25APR1940 – 03APR1941

VASSER, Caloin E. No date – 29MAR1921 Pvt Texas U.S. Army

VICK, Adron Leroy 01APR1910 – 21JAN2006 Hus of Laretha Isbell

VICK, Laretha Isbell 16JUL1919 – 02-1997 Wife of Leroy

VINCENT, Clarence Edwin 18SEP1904 – 06MAY1959

VINCENT, Eva Pauline Danner 22MAR1906 – 10MAR1961 Wife of  J. Scott

VINCENT, Ewilda 24FEB1874 – 17MAY1959 Wife of J. Edwin

VINCENT, Frank B. 24JUL1902 – 28JAN1978

VINCENT, George Marvin 11JUN1907 – 24NOV1979 Hus of Gertrude Neff

VINCENT, J. Edwin 1867 – 1951

VINCENT, J. Scott 14JUL1901 – 02FEB1970

VINCENT, Pauline G. Hale 22AUG1911 – 07AUG1985 Wife of Clarence E.

VINCENT, Tommy Faye Bowers 27FEB1913 – 04FEB1984 Wife of Frank