Durham – Fairview

Sometime near the turn of the century David Taylor THOMAS donated the first land for the cemetery. The cemetery is well kept.

This information came from the book “Cemeteries and More” by Glena Belle CRANE.

Updates and corrections have been provided by Wanda PURCELL.


First born—W.W. ASHER—-1825

First buried-George W. LEE–1903


ADERHOLD, Ella Sides Collins 09OCT1905 – 07JUL1981 Wife of Walter

ALBRIGHT, Kolettaa Vondell Hensley 02JAN1935 – 03DEC2001

AMES, Melissa 1846 – 1930

AMES, Thomas W. 10FEB1832 – 10NOV1917 Hus of Melissa

AMRINE, Alice 01FEB1877 – 18JAN1963 Wife of Jacob A.

AMRINE, Jacob A. 20FEB1879 – 21AUG1948

ANDERSON, Ester May 10DEC1899 – 21JUL1967

ANDERSON, Flavius J. 24JUL1896 – 10NOV1978 Hus of Ester May

ANDERSON, Glenn Warren 17MAY1911 – 09JUL1983 Hus of Rula Roabaugh

ANDERSON, Rula Roabaugh 29FEB1916 – 13JUN1987

ASHER, Murtie May 17JUL1891 – 17JUL1891 Granddaughter of William W.

ASHER, William Walter 13OCT1825 – 04APR1908

AUBREY, C. B. 1881 – 1953

AUBREY, Homer T. 26MAY1887 – 11JAN1962

AUBREY, Lillie Mae 04NOV1886 – 13OCT1968 Wife of C.B.

AUSTIN, Frank 1837 – 1928

AUSTIN, Laura I. 1837 – 1922

BACHMAN, Jacob 23MAR1869 – 27SEP1944

BACHMAN, Robert SW. 16APR1914 – 09OCT1999 Hus of Ima Gantz

BACHMANN, Daniel E. 13MAR1901 – 17APR1956

BACHMANN, Francis Branscon 07FEB1875 – 26FEB1947 Wife of Jacob

BACHMANN, Ima Ona Gantz 22FEB1917 – 04JUL1989 Wife of Robert

BAKER, Edward James (Eddie) 12DEC1919 – 06APR1995 Hus of Jean Keller U.S. Army WW II

BALSON, Ada May No date – 11APR1935

BARKLEY, Madge V. 01NOV1930 – 30APR1939

BARNARD, Leve Norman 1898 – 1907

BAXTER, Raymond E. 1907 – 1920

BECKEL, Lawrence Fredrick “Oley” 22APR1916 – 2005

BELL, Albert Ezekiel 02JUL1911 – 05JUL1989 Hus of Lena May Fletcher

BELL, John William 04SEP1877 – 17APR1928 Hus of Lula Davis

BELL, Leona Mae Flesher 11MAR1913 – 29JUN2005

BELL, Lula J. Davis 1886 – 1951

BENNETT, Archie 18APR1876 – 03APR1906

BENNETT, Charlie A. 07APR1864 – 1948 Hus of Jennie

BENNETT, Jennie 05MAR1873 – 28SEP1954

BENNETT, Lemuel No date – No date

BINGHAM, Jack 13DEC1913 – 04JAN1993 Hus of Ester Lilly Bachmann

BINGHAM, Leah Allen 12JAN1899 – 10AUG1983

BINGHAM, Ruber H. 26SEP1892 – 03OCT1950 Hus of Leah Allen

BIRD, Wanda E. Hawkins 25MAY1921 – 04NOV2005 Wife of Carl W.

BLEDSOE, E. S. 24JAN1928 – 31JAN1928

BOSLER, Mary S. 31AUG1833 – 25FEB1912

BRANSCOM, Edward 09FEB1850 – 06FEB1924 Hus of Malinda

BRANSCOM, Malinda 29JUN1856 – 29JAN1928

BREWER, John H. 1875 – 1939 Hus of Rachel

BREWER, Rachel P. 1876 – 1933

BRIGHAM, Jessie M. 1878 – 1951

BRIGHAM, Lou S. 1858 – 1930 Hus of Jessie M. Bullard

BULLARD, Baby No date – No date

BULLARD, Myrtle No date – 1911

BULLIS, Tommy Lee 26FEB1905 – 25JAN1906

BURTON, Hazel Irene Calder 30JUL1909 – 05SEP1973

BURTON, Paul M. 01MAY1902 – 05SEP1986

CADWELL, Minnie Lee 01MAY1914 – 02SEP1934

CARVER, Eva Day 07APR1905 – 28FEB1906

CATES, Nellie A. 22SEP1868 – 06JAN1909

CECIL, Baby No date – No date

CECIL, D. Emmit 19MAY1894 – 1980

CECIL, Glen Wiley 10-5-1907 – 19SEP1986 Hus of Lucille Ellis

CECIL, Lucille Allie Ellis 12FEB1914 – 05MAY2004

CECIL, Luella Wylie 01JUN1875 – 03NOV1919

CECIL, William B. 24AUG1871 – 06JAN1946 Hus of Luella

CESCRETTI, Cisto 29SEP1880 – 14OCT1905

CHAPPELL, Alonzo Blakeley 1869 – 03-1931

CHAPPELL, Norma Jo 08AUG1958 – 08AUG1958

CHAPPELL, William Arthur 18OCT1897 – 22APR1952

CHASE, Wilbur 1901 – 1906 Son of William Wesley

CHASE, William Wesley 1867 – 28DEC1912

CHOATE, Alcie Laretta 22MAY1871 – 11APR1945

CHOWNING, Alma Esther 1879 – 1932

CHOWNING, Ernest 01MAR1922 – 27JAN1988

CHOWNING, Zacharian “Bob” 26FEB1881 – 28OCT1958 Hus of Alma Esther

CHRISTIAN, Lena 20JAN1978 – 10NOV1961

CHRISTIAN, Marion Clifford 31DEC1904 – 18SEP1926

CHRISTIAN, Robert W. 13NOV1872 – 12AUG1962 Hus of Lena Satterfield

CHURCHHILL, Bernie Faye Bonser 19JAN1929 – 24APR1999 Wife of Sy

CHURCHILL, Fred R. 15APR1875 – 29FEB1956 Hus of May Lee McCurdy

CHURCHILL, James A. 11AUG1864 – 06OCT1906

CHURCHILL, Lucy B. Haggart 03MAY1886 – 04NOV1917

CHURCHILL, Ray 10MAR1880 – 08JAN1954 Hus of Lucy B.

CHURCHILL, Vernon 09NOV1868 – 13JUN1958

CLAY, Baby 1934 – 1934 Son of Ray & Annie

CLAY, Charles M. 07-1892 – 02-1957 Son of John & Cora

CLAY, Cora L. 1874 – 1922

CLAY, John 1868 – 1954 Hus of Cora

CLINTON, Dan No date – No date

CLINTON, Minnie 1889 – 1962 Wife of Dan

COCHRAN, Alexander F. 18SEP1911 – 03SEP2002

COCHRAN, Hilton Greene “Bo” 16AUG1955 – 02MAY2000 Hus of Caprice Lynn

COCKRELL, Dennis “D” 19FEB1897 – 25MAY1956

COCKRELL, Gary Don 08FEB1955 – 30JUL1970

COCKRELL, Georgia Lewis 25APR1898 – 30OCT1981 Wife of Dennis D.

COCKRELL, Kristin Don 30MAY2003 – 30MAY2003

COCKRELL, Sallie Gorton 1918 – 1944

COCKRELL, William M. 20FEB1857 – 10AUG1931 Hus of Sallie Gorton

COLE, Frank T. 26OCT1894 – 20JUN1967 Son of James F.

COLE, Genia L. 1874 – 1965

COLE, James F. 1857 – 1939 Hus of Genia

COLE, John No date – 03JUL1947

COLE, Joseph Wesley 02APR1896 – 12FEB1916

COLE, Mary Luella 05FEB1875 – 15OCT1946

COLE, Virginia Garrett 19DEC1894 – 25NOV1987 Wife of Frank T.

COLLINS, Frank H. 14JAN1938 – 20OCT2004

COON, Ira 13MAR1886 – 07OCT1907

CORDELL, Ed L. 01NOV1907 – 22APR1977 Son of Jesse & Lou

CORDELL, Fred Lee 31MAR1910 – 26JUN2000 Hus of Pauline Thomas

CORDELL, Jesse C. 1861 – 1937

CORDELL, Lou 28SEP1871 – 09MAR1950 Wife of Jesse

CORDELL, Lyda 19FEB1906 – 21FEB1907 Dau of Jesse & Lou

CORDELL, Pauline E. Thomas 26OCT1907 – 16APR1996 Wife of Fred L.

CROSBY, Julia 02FEB1842 – 08AUG1918

CROSBY, Vern 19AUG1872 – 23DEC1958 Son of Julia

CRUMP, Emory No date – No date

CRUMP, Jessie McClure 1896 – 12AUG1979 Wife of Ermore

DANIEL, Baby No date – No date

DARRAH, Blanch Leitner 21APR1918 – 24DEC1993

DAVIS, Baby 1926 – 1926

DAVIS, Baby No date – No date

DAVIS, Fanny 14SEP1914 – 26MAY1983

DAVIS, John D. 02AUG1880 – 05DEC1935 Hus of Myra

DAVIS, Myra C. 01DEC1889 – 16AUG1956

DAVIS, Myrtle Rowley Morsette 1880 – 1964

DAVIS, Ollie 1920 – 1928

DAVIS, Wayne Dayton No date – 1990

DEBORD, Gertrude 04OCT1881 – 26FEB1959

DEBORD, William 1882 – 1941 Hus of Gertrude

DOBBS, Charles Lee Kell 24JAN1934 – 17FEB1934

DOVEL, Jettie Northup 29NOV1912 – 24AUG1956

DUKE, Alice Beldsoe No date – No date

DUKE, E. R. 25JAN1910 – 12FEB1910

DUKE, James Allen 16JUN1874 – 20JUN1946 Hus of Martha J. Arthur

DUKE, John T. 01JUL1842 – 16JUN1909

DUKE, L. C. No date – No date

DUKE, Martha J. 03JUL1879 – 30JAN1939

DUKE, Rhoda F. 14APR1903 – 21DEC1918 Dau of James & Martha

EARL, Terry Leon 27JUL1967 – 28JUL1967

EDGINGTON, Almyra Roabaugh 31MAR1905 – 21JAN1966 Wife of Ray

EDGINGTON, Ray William 03AUG1905 – 21JAN1966

EEDS, Arbie “Pete” 09NOV1904 – 29NOV1967

EEDS, Violet Lillian 13JUL1906 – 14JAN1966 Wife of Arbie

ELLIOTT, Paul H. No date – No date

ESTES, Baby No date – No date

ESTES, George Harold 10DEC1917 – 19NOV1987 Vet WW II

ESTES, Johnnie M. Mangold Thomas 00JUL1916 – 19SEP2006

ESTES, Reginal E. 13APR1908 – 23APR1985 Hus of Winnie Keller

ESTES, Will J. 17AUG1887 – 21AUG1947 Father of Jake

ESTES, Winnie Irene Keller 10AUG1903 – 02AUG2000 Wife of Reginal Estes

FENO, Nellie Kinzer 03DEC1891 – 13MAR1923

FLESHER, Ellen Clay 05APR1894 – 05JUL1981

FLESHER, Ennis Alvin 08MAR1870 – 25MAY1958 Hus of Ellen Gray

FLOWERS, George 1881 – No date Hus of Stella Blacksmith

FLOWERS, Stella 1885 – No date

FLUE, George A. 27MAR1871 – 10SEP1940 Hus of Laura Oma

FLUE, Joseph 22APR1847 – 18MAR1937 Father of George

FLUE, Laura Oma 23DEC1877 – 06JUN1971 Wife of George

FLUE, Margaret 08SEP1850 – 02APR1927 Wife of Joseph

FORGEY, P. C. 26JUL1855 – 04SEP1907

FOSTER, Billie Ray 01DEC1924 – 23MAR1926

FOSTER, Ella S. 1849 – 1931

FOSTER, John B. 13JUL1838 – 05SEP1912 Hus of Ella S.

FOX, Blanche May Wallace 26NOV1893 – 16FEB1981 Wife of E.E.

FOX, E. E. “Doc” 30MAY1890 – 17AUG1959

GALLAWAY, Fannie R. 1867 – 1950

GALLAWAY, George T. 1848 – 1909

GANTZ, Dora Ann Lutz 20SEP1879 – 01JUN1958 Wife of George

GANTZ, Dora Ellen 26DEC1942 – 26DEC1942

GANTZ, Ethel O. Higgins 17JAN1887 – 26OCT1922 Wife of Will

GANTZ, George 06AUG1879 – 14FEB1971

GANTZ, Harry William 10JUN1905 – 13JAN1941 Hus of Willie

GANTZ, Marguerite 13MAY1849 – 22JUN1930

GAULT, Allan A. 22JAN1916 – 04JAN1978

GEISLER, Ina Hale 28OCT1889 – 01JAN1964

GEISLER, Joe 1887 – 1964 Hus of Ina Hale

GLOVER, Floyd 1906 – 17JUN1923

GODDEN, Charles B. 22OCT1865 – 09DEC1942 Hus of Cordelia

GODDEN, Cora A. Rowley 23MAY1904 – 15SEP1996 Wife of Grant

GODDEN, Cordelia Howe 1872 – 1935

GODDEN, Evelyn LaVerne 04JUN1927 – 01DEC1933 Dau of Grant & Cora

GODFREY, Katy Alma 1889 – 1936 Wife of Charlie

GOODWIN, Gene Cummings 1926 – 1946 Son of Laura

GOODWIN, J. A. 1853 – 1929 Hus of Laura A.

GOODWIN, John A. 22OCT1909 – 22OCT1999 Hus of Laura Hollingsworth Cummings

GOODWIN, Laura A. 02JUL1874 – 30JAN1955 Wife of J.A. Goodwin

GOODWIN, Laura ES. 14SEP1906 – 21APR1986

GOODWIN, M. Dale No date – 26MAY1962

GOODWIN, Obera Hatley 02JAN1904 – 12DEC1995 Wife of Robert L.

GOODWIN, Robert L. 08MAR1900 – 15OCT1983

GOODWIN, Robert L. Jr. 27APR1926 – 08-1936

GOODWIN, Thomas Jesse “T.J.” Born 14MAR1929, Died18JUL2016, h/o Frankie Hawkins, Veteran, Rancher

GRANT, Flora Myrtle 01SEP1895 – 04DEC1976

GRANT, Harland G. 16OCT1910 – 12FEB1911

GRANT, Loyd Allen 07JAN1892 – 16DEC1925 Hus of Flora Myrtle

GRANT, Rela 14MAY1915 – 11FEB1927

GRIFFEY, Carl 13JAN1920 – 31DEC1989 Hus of Della Mae Bonner

GUIER, Cecil Richard 14MAY1906 – 02MAR1907

GUIER, Nina B. 1891 – 1917

HALE, Edward Tyler 06JUN1885 – 29OCT1942 Son of Elizabeth & Nathan

HALE, Elizabeth 1851 – 1932

HALE, Jasper Penn No date – No date Son of Elizabeth & Nathan

HALE, Nathan No date – No date

HALLMARK, Oddis A. 06OCT1909 – 06MAR1986 Hus of Ruth

HALLMARK, Ruth Mae Hindman 05DEC1911 – 11OCT1986

HARPER, Dan L. 14MAR1936 – 23JUL1992 Hus of Anna L.

HARPER, James S. 1853 – 1934

HARPER, Nora L. 07MAY1871 – 12DEC1913

HARTLEY, Nellie Opal Wood 11MAR1922 – 19JAN1994 Wife of Ernest

HARTLEY, Reason Earnest 30SEP1900 – 05APR1988

HARTNETT, Jessie   Born 5MAY1912, Died 7MAY1912, Buried 8MAY1912

HATLEY, Jessie McReynolds 19JUN1882 – 03APR1972

HATLEY, William Thomas 1881 – 03JAN1944 Hus of Jessie

HAWK, Oscar No date – No date

HAWKINS, Alice E. 06SEP1895 – 17DEC1979

HAWKINS, Bonnie June Reynolds, 1JUN1929 – 4DEC2009 Wife of Mike Hawkins

HAWKINS, Claude C. 03DEC1895 – 04MAR1984 Hus of Alice E.

HAWKINS, Claud Dewitt, Born 2SEP1925 Died 21MAY2013 hus of Marjorie Whitaker Hawkins

HAWKINS, Daniel Hugh 11MAY1922 – 17SEP1943 Son of Frank & Lena Vet WW II

HAWKINS, Dee Etta 07JUN1949 – 18NOV1957 Dau of Dewitt & Margie

HAWKINS, Frank J. 01JAN1898 – 14DEC1963 Hus of Lena

HAWKINS, Lena 1898 – 1987

HAWKINS, Luna 12JAN1873 – 071919 Mother of Frank J.

HAWKINS, Marjorie Whitaker 09MAY1928 – 04AUG2002

HAWKINS, Merton Wayne “Mike” 23MAR1925 – 05APR2000 Hus Bonnie Reynolds

HAWKINS, Mickey 13AUG1952 – No date

HAWKINS, Robert H. 26FEB1866 – 10DEC1932 Hus of Luna

HAWTHORNE, John 1865 – 1943 Hus of Orpha

HAWTHORNE, Orpha 1866 – 1957

HELMES, Henry 06APR1890 – 02MAR1958

HELMS, John Henry, Jr. 1919 – 09JUL1989

HENSLEY, Baby 15MAR1906 – 19MAR1906 Inf of Thomas J. & Sarah

HENSLEY,  Erma May Gantz, Born 13OCT1914 Died 12JUN2012 wife of Guy Hensley

HENSLEY, Guy Clifford 12JUL1901 – 16MAY1984 Hus of Erma

HENSLEY, Karen Sue 14AUG1956 – 05AUG1957 Dau of Guy & Erma

HENSLEY, Kate Jones 27OCT1908 – 17SEP1946 Wife of Landon

HENSLEY, LaNella 28NOV1940 – 12DEC2005 Dau of Kate & Landon

HENSLEY, Leslie Landon 06NOV1909 – 24NOV1990

HENSLEY, Ronald Steven 23JUN1961 – 03NOV2000 Son of Ronald & Darlene

HENSLEY, Sarah Lane Walker 02JAN1868 – 12JAN1948 Wife of Thomas J.

HENSLEY, Thomas Jefferson 21MAR1866 – 04MAR1949 Hus of Sarah Lane

HENSLEY, Voyle 15OCT1907 – 29NOV1923 Son of T.J. & Sarah Lane

HIGGINS, R. B. 03SEP1832 – 15SEP1913

HILL, David 1923 – 1930

HILL, Loyd T. 15JAN1934 – 26JAN1934

HINDMAN, Bobby Jack 01NOV1936 – 17MAR2005 Hus of Jane Cochran

HINDMAN, Jane Cochran, Born 14MAY1943 Died 27JUN2011, wife of Bobby Jack Hindman

HOLLAND, James T. 1844 – 10AUG1914

HOLLAND, J.T. “Daddy”, Died 11AUG1914

HOLLAND, Susan 1838 – 01APR1923

HOUGH, Opal Oney 01JUL1922 – 29FEB1932

HUGHES, Afton Winfield 16JUN1907 – 07JUN1998

HUGHES, George M. 1856 – 1933 Hus of Mary Ann

HUGHES, James Thomas 27DEC1884 – 30MAR1966 Son of George & Ann

HUGHES, Leslie A. 16DEC1890 – 11NOV1948

HUGHES, Mary Ann 1858 – 1935

HUGHES, Pauline Lewis 04JUN1910 – 02MAY1998 Wife of Alfton

HUGHES, W. E. “Buck” 07APR1881 – 12NOV1858 Hus of Annie Long

IVY, Georgia Belva Cole 28MAR1905 – 31OCT1972

IVY, Homer N. “Dick” 17JUL1901 – 17DEC1971 Hus of Georgia Cole

KEAHEY, Joseph M. 1884 – 1926

KELLER, Albert F. “Bud” 17MAR1878 – 27MAR1959 Hus of Nannie Wylie

KELLER, George M. 07DEC1897 – 07MAR1918

KELLER, Mary E. 1870 – 1944

KELLER, May A. 24MAY1907 – 28MAR1965

KELLER, Nannie Wylie 15DEC1882 – 02JAN1971

KELLER, Perry 24APR1907 – 01JUN1986 Hus of May A.

KELLER, Troy No date – 1978 Son of Perry

KIMBALL, Daisy Estes 25NOV1895 – 01MAR1974

KIMBALL, Ernest N. 29SEP1902 – 26FEB1919

KING, Jack 10FEB1921 – 17NOV1953

KINZER, Nell 03DEC1892 – No date Dau of Richard & Alice

KINZER, R. H. 14JUN1853 – 12MAR1923

KIRK, Elsie Ada Jones 15APR1898 – 23AUG1946 Wife of John Kirk

KIRK, James F. 06JUL1850 – 25JUL1918

KIRK, John No date – No date

KIRK, Sarah A. 23AUG1846 – 04MAR1919 Wife of James F.

L.B.A., No date – No date Location: F-24

LANE, Linda Vaughn 10JUN1953 – 23APR1982 Wife of George

LAURA, E. 14SEP1906 – 21APR1986

LEE, George H. No date – No date

LEITNER, Flora N. 17SEP1896 – 12APR1966

LEITNER, J. Wesley 06FEB1880 – 14DEC1967 Hus of Flora

LEITNER, Lennie Jane 06DEC1919 – 25JAN1920 Dau of Wesley & Flora

LEWIS, Baby No date – No date

LEWIS, Delbert O. 06JUL1903 – 07APR1906

LEWIS, Dicie Alice 31OCT1883 – 31OCT1967

LEWIS, Estella K. 14SEP1878 – 08SEP1949

LEWIS, George 1872 – 16JUN1956 Hus of Dicie

LEWIS, John Elza 05FEB1876 – 17AUG1956 Hus of Estella K.

LEWIS, Joseph 03MAY1847 – 02MAR1915

LEWIS, Nancy E. 14NOV1852 – 13MAY1923

LOCKARD, Emma Northrup 1885 – 1929

LOCKARD, Susan C. 1856 – 1928

LONG, Beverly J. Vaughan, Born 11APR1942,  Died 14MAY2010

LYTLE, Bartley 18OCT1875 – 15SEP1910

MANGOLD, C. Otto 16JUN1917 – 12JAN1996 Hus of Willie Mae Wilson

MANGOLD, C.O. “Ott” 21JUL1884 – 13APR1961

MANGOLD, Flossie 01APR1893 – 03AUG1961

MANGOLD, George Wilson 31JAN1923 – 16FEB1923 Son of Otto & Flossie

MANGOLD, Jacob Edward 1881 – 1922 Hus of Peark Kimbell

MANGOLD, John H. 1873 – 1940

MANGOLD, Madora J. 05JUL1854 – 27DEC1945

MANGOLD, Peark Kimbell 22DEC1881 – 11NOV1951

MANGOLD, Temple E. 1908 – 1934 Son of Ed & Pearl

MANHART, Essie E. 16AUG1887 – 11APR1969

MANHART, Robert A. 04JAN1872 – 08OCT1965

MANHART, Roberts No date – 09FEB1935

MARSHALL, Mary Jo Mangold No date – 1996

MASON, Bonnie Rorabough No date – 15DEC2003 86 years of age

MASON, Fred D. Jr. 14MAR1907 – 28MAY1987

MCCLOUD, O. D. No date – No date

MCCLURE, Blanche S. 1930 – 1930

MCCLURE, Curt 12FEB1880 – 25AUG1947 Hus of Jessie Godden

MCCLURE, John T. 10APR1834 – 17JUN1913

MCCOFFIN, Bill No date – No date

MCCOMEY, Eddie Ray 24JUL1911 – 08SEP1915

MCCOMEY, H.R. “Baby Girl” 10OCT1918 – 10OCT1918

MCCORD, Archie Born 1895 – 12OCT1914

MCDANIEL, Ida W. 05SEP1902 – 15FEB1987

MCDANIEL, J. Lee 14NOV1896 – 14FEB1954 Hus of Ida Stevenson

MCFARLAND, Helen 10MAY1913 – 03JAN1982

MCKEAN, Bonnie Laura Mangold 10DEC1912 – 03NOV1992 Wife of Ralph

MCKEAN, Pearl Irene 1906 – 1918 Dau of Wilke & Rosa

MCKEAN, Ralph Eugene 02AUG1908 – 25JUL1974 Hus of Bonnie Mangold

MCKEAN, Rosa V. 15MAR1888 – 15AUG1972

MCKEAN, Wilkie C. 10OCT1879 – 15NOV1965 Hus of Rosa V.

MEEK, Clara W. 19NOV1890 – 22MAR1976

MEEK, E. Alden 25MAR1884 – 12APR1962 Hus of Clara W.

MEEK, Edward 05JUN1912 – 31JAN1987 Hus of Margaret Ann Shindell

MEEK, Margaret Ann Shindell 12DEC1914 – 11OCT1995

MOFFAT, Moffat, Etta Saloma Sides 07AUG1907 – 28MAR1998 Wife of Ray

MOFFAT, Ray Scott 08DEC1903 – 30MAR1991 Hus of Etta Saloma Sides

MONTGOMERY, Ernest 09JAN1910 – 02AUG1996 U.S. Army Medical Corp WWII

MONTGOMERY, Virginia Lois Keller 29MAY1909 – 22JAN1992 Wife of Ernest

MOON, Bertha Mae Wood 21APR1893 – 26JUN1963

MOON, Dorothy No date – No date

MOON, Johnnie O. 1880 – 1933 Hus of Bertha Mae

MOORE, Deborah Sue, Born 6APR1949 Died 20AUG2013 dau of Novella Park Moore & William Benjamin Moore

MOORE, Dennis Craig 07JUL1947 – 07JUL1947 Inf of Ben & Novella

MUSTION, Ethel M. 12MAR1880 – 28FEB1945

MUSTION, Harvey T. 06JAN1882 – 05JUL1977 Hus of Ethel M.

NAIL, Ellen 20OCT1840 – 1915

NICHOLS, Allen R. 11OCT1838 – 04JAN1908 Hus of Edith M.

NICHOLS, Edith M. 05MAY1842 – 07AUG1907

NICHOLS, Martin D. 05MAR1882 – 03MAY1922 Hus of Matilda A.

NICHOLS, Matilda A. 1885 – 1925

NOBLITT, Gad Oliver 25OCT1878 – 03NOV1913

NOBLITT, Glozena 09APR1898 – 17APR1918

NOBLITT, Ivy 08JUL1801 – 16FEB1920

NOBLITT, LA. 28AUG1907 – 20JUN1909

NOBLITT, Matilda 04SEP1958 – 10JAN1941 Wife of M.J.

NOBLITT, R. A. 28AUG1883 – 04MAY1913

NOBLITT, Riley Earl 22NOV1890 – 22JUN1961 Son of W.J. & Matilda

NOBLITT, W. J. 09MAR1851 – 08MAR1927 Hus of Matilda

NORTHUP, Ada Mae No date – No date

NORTHUP, Johnnis No date – No date

NORTHUP, Mary 1881 – 1957

NORTHUP, Tom 1869 – 1943 Hus of Mary

NORTHUP, Tommie No date – No date

OGLE, Agnes B. Ball 1862 – 1937

OGLE, Fred H. 28FEB1858 – 1943 Hus of Agnes B.

OWEN, Mae Dell No date – No date

PARK, Floyd Carey 01JAN1906 – 16FEB1965 Hus of Laura Powell

PARK, Laura Powell 19MAY1906 – 27MAY1999 Wife of Floyd

PETERSON, Edward 1912 – 1987 Hus of Hazel Cole

PORTER, Betty Hatley 21JAN1896 – 23SEP1993 Wife of Henry

PORTER, Henry 30AUG1883 – 15JAN1968

PORTER, James M. 30AUG1850 – 24MAR1932 Father of Henry

POST, Joel Myers   Born 11JAN1832  Died 20SEP1910 , hus of Martha I. Reed

POST, Joel No date – No date

POTTER, Claude Ivan 1901 – 1952

POTTER, Freddelia H. 1869 – 05JAN1948

POTTER, Malinda Wheeler 1893 – 1904

POTTER, William R. 1863 – 12APR1936 Hus of Freddelia H.

POTTER, Winifred Chatty 1902 – 1919

POWELL, Anna M. 02FEB1880 – 26JUN1959

POWELL, Clarence R. 28FEB1919 – 05APR1919 Son of William & Anna

POWELL, James Robert “J.R.” 24FEB1914 – 24APR1991 Vet WW II

POWELL, Paul W. 05SEP1908 – 06SEP1908 Son of William & Anna

POWELL, William Boone 05SEP1875 – 04JUN1954 Hus of Anna M.

PRICE, Alice Asher No date – No date

PRICE, James 1866 – 1937 Hus of Alice

PYLE, B. F. 01OCT1871 – 21MAY1948

PYLE, L. L. 1880 – 1954

QUINN, Lillie Manhart, Born 30DEC1924 Died 22OCT2010

RAFF, Arthur Harry 06MAR1889 – 25AUG1912

RAFF, Dennis Elbert 14APR1968 – 15JUN2002

RAFF, Nell Mitchell 16JUL1927 – 02OCT2006 Wife of William “Bill” Raff

RAFF, William Willard “Bill” 05JAN1916 – 03APR2005

RICHARDSON, Lizzie 15MAY1861 – 30DEC1929

RICHARDSON, Robert 19SEP1880 – 14NOV1914

RICHARDSON, W. C. 11AUG1858 – 12DEC1922

RILEY, Alston J. 22NOV1909 – 20JUL1976 Hus of Pearl Bachmann

RILEY, Mrs. Joe (Lizzie L.) No date – 22DEC1927 Mother of Alston

RILEY, Pearl Bachman 31AUG1910 – 07JUL2005 Wife of Alston

ROBERTS, Samuel C. 11JAN1846 – 01NOV1906 Father of Samuel K.

ROBERTS, Samuel K. 05SEP1875 – 31AUG1938

ROBERTS, Sarah M. 16MAR1843 – 15MAY1906 Wife of Samuel C.

Rock with “H”, No date – No date

RORABAUGH, George S. 25MAY1908 – 18AUG1926

RORABAUGH, James D. 31OCT1971 – 05JAN1956 Hus of Martha A.

RORABAUGH, John E. 30JAN1886 – 06JUN1906

RORABAUGH, Martha A. 15JUL1873 – 17MAY1945

RORABAUGH, Maude 12MAR1885 – 22DEC1957

RORABAUGH, Mrs. Bill No date – No date

RORABAUGH, Nathan H. 10OCT1849 – 06JUL1920

RORABAUGH, Sam Elbert 22AUG1879 – 23JUL1911

RORABAUGH, Susan J. 13OCT1850 – 25JUN1933

ROSENBAUM, Claud A. 07SEP1883 – 23SEP1951

ROSENBAUM, Rosella 01AUG1850 – 07OCT1921

ROSS, Belle 1905 – 1910

ROSS, Glen 15AUG1911 – 07AUG1911

ROSS, James 10APR1915 – 03MAR1917

ROSS, Lucy 1913 – 1913

ROSS, Lydia 1911 – 1911

ROWLEY, Landon Leon 23MAY1918 – 26MAR1919

SADLER, Clara W. 06MAR1842 – 14MAY1911

SADLER, James Asa 18NOV1846 – 24DEC1918 Hus of Clara W.

SAFFER, George W. 1862 – 1933 Hus of Sarah Lizzie

SAFFER, Sarah Lizzie 24DEC1868 – 22JUL1960

SCHWARTZ, Thomas Riley, 06-22-1975 01FEB2004 – No date

SCOTT, Felix Marceles 04MAR1877 – 11FEB1963 Hus of Mary Emma

SCOTT, Mary Emma 13MAR1873 – 17JUN1957

SCOTT, Robert 11MAR1902 – 11FEB1963 Son of Felix & Emma

SHAW, Carl J. 02JAN1906 – 26JUL1972 Hus of Vivian

SHAW, Infant 1934 – 1934 Son of Carl & Vivian

SHAW, Infant 1936 – 1936 Son of Carl & Vivian

SHAW, M. H. 29JAN1935 – 22NOV2000

SHAW, Vivian Kinzer 31MAR1897 – 30JUL1976

SHINDELL, Nona Ann Armstrong 25JUN1879 – 12JUN1921

SHINDELL, Winston W. 26OCT1910 – 1995 Hus of Evelyn Bingham

SHOBE, Robert B. 1853 – 1927 Hus of Mary R.

SHORT, Mary Ann Mangold 23MAY1872 – 11JAN1962

SIDES, Bula May  Born 4MAY1923 , Died 1MAR2016  w/o Samuel Sides

SIDES, Henry Harden 08MAY1880 – 25OCT1956 Hus of Lucy E.

SIDES, Irene Evans 15APR1915 – 04MAR1965 Wife of Levi

SIDES, Jamie Lee 1988 – 1988 Son of James

SIDES, Levi 08NOV1917 – 23DEC1993

SIDES, Lucy E. 19JUN1883 – 30APR1960

SIDES, Samuel Morgan 14FEB1923 – 31AUG1980 Hus of Beulah Mae Clay

SMITH, Frank McKinley 24JAN1897 – 06JUL1979

SMITH, Laurabelle Thurman 16DEC1931 – 12-02-198 Wife of Albert Smith

SMITH, Winnie Dell Hogue 30MAR1900 – 15DEC1989 Wife of Frank

SOCTT, Mary Emma 13MAR1873 – 17JUN1957

SPENCE, George M. 1871 – 1917 Hus of Lydia

SPENCE, Lela Emma 08MAR1909 – 31JAN1933

SPENCE, Lydia Eggleston 1878 – 26JUN1966

STONE, Mary E. 31JAN1884 – 25SEP1936

STONE, William F. 04JUL1882 – 21NOV1965 Hus of Mary E.

STRAUGHAN, Harold 1910 – 1923

STRAUGHAN, Lee 1900 – 1918

STRICKLAND, Carl Dean 30AUG1944 – 30SEP1948

STRICKLAND, Lois Pearl Aubrey 10NOV1917 – 04DEC1973 Wife of Kenneth

SUITER, Diana 09DEC1851 – 02DEC1906

TAYLOR, Grandmother No date – No date

THOMAS, Bruce 31JAN1916 – 24SEP1993 Hus of Winona Wilson

THOMAS, Bufford E. 12NOV1909 – 25MAY1968 Hus of Dorothy Cole

THOMAS, Dorothy Sylvia Cole 11SEP1910 – 28MAY1987

THOMAS, Fannie Mae 12NOV1876 – 02APR1968

THOMAS, James W. Jr. 03AUG1911 – 12APR1912 Son off J. William & Fannie

THOMAS, James William 04DEC1872 – 10DEC1952 Hus of Fannie Mae

THOMAS, V. H. 09FEB1841 – 26MAY1918 Father of J. William

THOMPSON, A. W. 1876 – 1937

UNKNOWN, Baby No date – No date

VAUGHAN, James Lee 1938 – 1961

VAUGHAN, Jr.,  “Junior” Herbert,  Born 19APR1945, Died 15AUG2015

VAUGHAN, Linda Lucille 10JUN1953 – 23APR1982

VAUGHAN, Mary Cathern Amrine 18JUN1918 – 20APR2001

VERDENBURCH, A. Mark 11FEB1876 – 23AUG1907

VERDENBURCH, Carroll No date – No date

VOOHREES, Claude 08OCT1908 – 16DEC1980 Hus of Ophelia Grissom

VOOHREES, James Calvin 17SEP1869 – 06APR1943

VOOHREES, Robert 26FEB1906 – 29JUN1907 Son of Claude & Ophella

VRENBURG, Roberta S. 14FEB1906 – 26JUN1906

VRENDENBURG, Maxey No date – 07-1906

WALL, Nina (Guier)  Born 18SEP1891  Died 18FEB1917  w/o George Wall

WALLACE, George Henry MD 1879 – 14AUG1931

WALLACE, Lydia Z. Asher 28MAR1859 – 03JAN1928

WALLACE, Robert Henry 04MAR1853 – 22AUG1938 Hus of Lydia Z.

WARLICK, Clara B. 14NOV1891 – 24JUN1961

WATSON, Edna M. 17AUG1877 – 03JUL1956

WATSON, Ernest 01JUN1911 – 15MAY1973 Hus of Helen Widener

WATSON, George A. 18MAR1873 – 14APR1933

WATSON, Helen R. Widener 11JAN1908 – 17AUG1998 Wife of Ernest

WAY, M. Bernice Chappell 24SEP1908 – 12JAN1972 Wife of Arthur

WEBB, James H. 18MAR1844 – 30SEP1909

WHITAKER, Katie L. 25MAR1904 – 13JUN1977

WHITAKER, Robert Kelly 09FEB1904 – 04DEC1991

WHITE, C. G. 1870 – 1934

WHITE, Curt R. 1876 – 1936

WHITE, Fred C. 22JAN1875 – 01JUL1905

WHITE, G.N. Dr. 14OCT1850 – 26JAN1922

WHITE, Gregory Kim 15JUN1957 – 21JAN1966

WHITE, Misty Lynn 15MAR1968 – 04JUL1969

WHITE, Nora E. 1884 – 1975

WHITE, W. P. 17MAY1911 – 11FEB1968 Hus of Viola Leitner

WHITSON, Frances E. Calder 12APR1905 – 11MAY1981

WHITSON, I. N. 09JAN1881 – 16OCT1922

WHITSON, Roy W. 24JAN1892 – 26JAN1952 Hus of Frances E.

WHITSON, S. J. 04JUN1854 – 08JAN1926

WIDENER, Freda E. Lewis 23MAR1919 – 06APR1950 Wife of Norman

WIDENER, Minnie A. 23SEP1884 – 25FEB1947

WIDENER, Toney F. 1878 – 1935 Hus of Minnie A.

WILLIAMS, Floy Virginia 02JUL1910 – 27JAN1998

WILSON, Alton J. 09JUN1890 – 24AUG1967 Hus of Carrie

WILSON, Carrie M. 01MAY1896 – 08OCT1976

WILSON, Murtie May Asher 17JUL1891 – 31MAR1919

WOEGER, Leonard L. 17NOV1862 – 05JAN1960

WOOD, Buster 05APR1924 – 11JAN1986 Son of Ace

WOOD, James Leroy No date – 01AUG1932

WOOD, John “Ace” 09JAN1896 – 08DEC1949 Hus of Ollie Mae

WOOD, Joseph Leon 13MAR1939 – 09JUN1986

WOOD, Lenzie Marie 21JAN1926 – 13DEC1984

WOOD, Luella May 07APR1920 – 09JAN1942

WOOD, Marie 21JAN1926 – 13DEC1984

WOOD, Ollie May 29JUN1900 – 13JUN1977

WOODWARD, William 12NOV1860 – 24FEB1940

WYLIE, Baby No date – No date Inf of Dan & Ina

WYLIE, Dan 21OCT1892 – 28SEP1961 Hus of Ina L.

WYLIE, Ernest J. 15SEP1894 – 12FEB1962

WYLIE, Ina L. 1893 – 1952

WYLIE, Leah Allen 12FEB1899 – 10AUG1983

YORK, Jessie Elmira 02MAY1897 – 27OCT1963 Wife of Willie Hobart

YORK, Willie Hobart 22SEP1896 – 27OCT1963