Pie Flat

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The first people buried here were O.K. POINDEXTER and his mother Martha. In 1986 Bud LIPPENCOTT and his wife Pauline deeded the land to the Pie Flat Cemetery Association.

BARBER, Baby No dates Dau of Claude Barber

BARBER, Clara 1875 – 1968

BARBER, Claude 1900 – 1968

BARBER, Edythe May Rowe 16JUN1903 – 31AUG1993 Wife of Claude

BARBER, Frank William 21JUN1912 – 03DEC1993 Hus of June Hardin

BARBER, Opal Irene Snow 15JAN1921 – 02JAN1994 Wife of Woodrowe

BARBER, Thomas W. 1866 – 1938

BARBER, Wilburn 11FEB1915 – 07FEB1915 Son of Thomas and Clara

BLUNDELL, Blanche 1891 – 1963

BLUNDELL, Claude 1885 – 1954

BLUNDELL, Edgar Lee 02MAR1924 – 28JAN1958 HA2 USNR WW II Texas

BLUNDELL, Lloyd 22SEP1907 – 22MAY1983

BLUNDELL, Ruby P. 22JUL1914 – 07FEB1984

BLURTON, Lavona (baby) No date – 07OCT1923 Drowned in a flood NE of Crawford

BLURTON, Winona No dates

BOYD, Opal Faye Barber 16FEB1924 – 08AUG1975

BRINLEE, Ellen 28NOV1908 – 27MAR1910

BRINLEE, Francis L. 23NOV1905 – 27OCT1909

BROWN, Carl R. 1904 – 1970

BROWN, Carl R. Jr. 17APR1924 – 18APR1924

BROWN, Natalea F. 31MAY1925 – 06JUN1925

BROWN, Vauda Marie Barber 16MAY1909 – 02DEC2002

CALL, Two Small Boys No Date – 1915 Sons of J. W. Call

CONWAY, No information

DOGUE, Mary Ann 14NOV1842 – 17DEC1906

HARDIN, Roberta “Bert” Adams, Born 3MAY1945 Died 23FEB2012 wife of Charlie Travis Hardin

HARDIN, Travis 22MAY1921 – 24SEP2005 Hus of Wanda Mae Barber

HARRINGTON,  John C., Born 24AUG1940 Died 21OCT2011 hus of Carolyn Blundell

HARRIS, Eula Francis Sloan 12NOV1898 – 23MAR1968

HARRIS, Walter Earl 13JUL1897 – 07DEC1970

MITCHELL, Billy 1907 – 1909

MITCHELL, Kathryn 1805 – 1906

MORRISON, Lois 22MAY1910 – 07JUL1968

PARKER, Barbara, Born about 1943,  67 years old, Died 24SEP2010

PEOPLES, Baby . – No date

POINDEXTER, Allie 1854 – 1918

POINDEXTER, Colby 1844 – 1921

POINDEXTER, Martha 10SEP1862 – 08MAR1905

POINDEXTER, O.K. 04AUG1904 – 08FEB1905 S.T. Poindexter lost his son in Feburary and his wife died the next month. He buried them both here and built a fence around the plot and left the country. The fence is still standing.

POINDEXTER, W. T. 1848 – 1921

REDDEN, Anna B. Waggener 01JUN1854 – 11FEB1935

REDDEN, Clarence R. 27DEC1877 – 27MAR1932 5 Cav Missouri

REDDEN, William C. 30DEC1844 – 04DEC1916

RIDGEWAY, Henry M. 12JAN1867 – 05FEB1917

RILEY, Joe 1872 – 1958

RILEY, Lizzie 07JUL1876 – 09FEB1920

ROWE, Earnest C. 22NOV1895 – 13APR1919 Son of Effie Maine and James Rowe

SLOAN, Cordelia 1867 – 1955

SLOAN, Richard F. 1867 – 1950

SMITH, Baby No dates

TIGART, Baby No dates