Snakey Bend

This cemetery is located in the NE 1/4 35-14-23. It is in a pasture where the cattle have knocked over every stone. There are 10 stones scattered about the graves and one stone is missing.  It is estimated that about thirty graves are here. Some red rocks show where the  graves are. It is in a horrible condition.

At one time E.E. TRACY owned the land and his 2 year old daughter, Julia M., is the first one buried here. Mr. TRACY was a teacher, County Superintendent and County Judge during his time in Roger Mills.

This information was taken from the book “Cemeteries and More” written by Glena  Belle CRANE.

Other information has been supplied by Wanda Purcell.

BRAZELL, Anice 17MAR1905 – 20JUN1906 Dau of T. F. & Delia

BRAZELL, Baby son 13MAR1901 – 26AUG1897 Son of T. F. & Delia

BRAZELL, Dora . – 13MAR1901 Age 9 mo. & 20 Days Dau of T.F. & Delia

BRAZELL, William R. 11JAN1874 – 14DEC1898

CAFFEY, “Baby Edith” 12JUL1900 – 28MAY1901 Dau of J.R. & Lorena

CAFFEY, “Baby Claude” 25JUL1902 – 16DEC1905 Son of J.R. & Lorena

CAFFEY, Baby Jessie . – 24JUN1900 – 19DEC1901 (Died at age 1 year, 5 mo. 25 da) Dau of John & Lizzie

CAFFEY, Shell 12AUG1860 – 181913 Operated a wagon yard County Assessor in 1912

JOHNSON, Forest 21MAY1896 – 19JUL1896 Son of Rebecca Alma and O. L. Johnson

PERRY, James Lyman 27DEC1849 – 09DEC1913

PERRY, Joseph T. 17JUN1881 – 01FEB1905

PERRY, Mary 1836 – 1914 from an obit in Cheyenne Star 12-14-1914

PITTS, Jesse James Jr. 25APR1892 – 19NOV1907

PITTS, Pascal J. 21AUG1889 – 22SEP1907

PLUNKETT, Johnny – Died 26JAN1904 – son of Mr. and Mrs. John Plunkett ofDead Indian vicinity. Died as a young boy

TRACY, Julia M. 22JUN1891 – 24DEC1893

VANDERPOOL, John No date – 21OCT1901 age 61 yrs. 8 mo, 6 days

WOOD, Geo. Fielden 28AUG1897 – 27SEP1900