Strong City

In 1914 a plot of land was set aside for the Strong City Cemetery. On October 9, 1923 a deed was given by F.E. and Mollie L. HERRING making this plot forever a cemetery. On April 23, 1941 Andy C. and Lula M. PRESTRIDGE sold, to the Cemetery Board, a tract of land directly east of the first part to be used as an addition. Some of the earlier board members were: W.M. CRABB, W..M. BROOKS, D.N. HUNT, Mrs. John CAFFEY, H.V. JOBE, J.A. RAGAN, William H. ANDERSON, Guy MCCLELLAN, Delphia BURNS, Paul HUNT and Teresa HENSLEY, The present board is Earl ARCHER, Nelda DAVIS and Alene ROBINSON.

The cemetery is located 1 mile south of Strong City in Section NW1/4 25-14-23.

This information came from the book “Cemeteries…And More” by Glena Belle CRANE.

Updates and corrections were provided by the efforts of Wanda PURCELL.

ADRAIN, Julia F. 1850 – 1937

ALLEN, Ferne Stewart 07APR1914 – 19DEC2005 Wife of Paul

ALLEN, James Mark “Jim” 11OCT1960 – 06NOV1980 Son of Raymond and Frances HENDERSHOT ALLEN

ALLEN, John W. 1862 – 1949

ALLEN, Mrs. J. W. (Fannie) 1860 – 1933

ALLEN, Paul L. 12JUN1912 – 04NOV1992 Hus of Ferne STEWARD

ALLEN, Paul Leon 12JUN1912 – 04NOV1992 Hus of Fern Steward

ANDERSON, Alida L. GUERNESY 15JAN1897 – 21MAY1950 Wife of Orran A.

ANDERSON, Orren A. 11FEB1898 – 18JUN1942 Son of W. H.

ANDERSON, Tommy 28OCT1871 – 09APR1950 Wife of W. H.

ANDERSON, Virgil A. 06AUG1899 – 29MAY1917

ANDERSON, William H. 28AUG1867 – 06JUN1955

ANDREWS, Earl Leon “Cub” 18MAR1948 – 09JAN2006

ANDREWS, Emery 20JUN1932 – 14NOV1932 Son of Murl and Edith

ANDREWS, Kegan Gene, Born 28SEP2010 Died 15OCT2010, son of Jessie Gail Andrews

ARCHER, Cordelia Caudle 21JUN1915 – 21APR2005 Wife of Earl Herbert Archer

ARCHER, Earl Herbert 14AUG1911 – 17JAN2006 Hus of Cordelia Caudle

ARCHER, John Luther 1901 – 1974  .

ARCHER, Laura HAPGOOD KIRKSEY 1891 – 1962 Wife of Walter Archer

ARCHER, Lavona Sue 19MAR1937 – 20MAY1937 Dau of Mr & Mrs Lawrence Archer

ARCHER, Martha Jane 05DEC1865 – 20MAR1942 Wife of T. J. Archer

ARCHER, Ruth 1928 – 1929 Dau of Walter and Laura

ARCHER, Thomas Jefferson 1858 – 1949

ARCHER, William Walter 1882 – 1965

ARGO, Jesse O. 29SEP1845 – 16MAR1926 Hus of Sara

ARGO, Sara V. 14JAN1855 – 16APR1926

ARTHUR, W. H. 25DEC1833 – 11AUG1936

BAILEY, Georgia J. 26OCT1886 – 29JUN1969 Wife of William C.

BAILEY, William C. “Bill” 09JAN1890 – 16JAN1975

BALDWIN, Weldon J. 07MAY1908 – 18AUG1920

BARKER, C. A. No date – No date

BARKER, C. Arthur 1898 – 1974 Hus of Gladys

BARKER, Gladys MCCLELLAN 1901 – 1970

BARKER, Melvina MUSICK No date – No date Dau of Tom and Elizabeth

BEALS, Emma 11MAR1870 – 14APR1921

BEALS, judy Diane Gates, Born 17SEP1954,  Died 2FEB2013 daug of Lee and Naomi (Russell) Gates

BEALS, William “Ray”, Born 19MAY1933, Died 24AUG2016, Dairyman, truck driver, oil field worker, h/o Wilma Mae (Denney) Beals

BILBY, Audrey Harris 04SEP1911 – 30MAY1931

BLACK, Arthur L. 11MAY1883 – 18MAR1963 Vet WW I

BLANN, Ira R. “Dick” 1895 – 1967 Vet WW I

BLANN, Lula May Cole Moore 17FEB1898 – 25FEB1989 Wife of Dick

BLEDSOE, Baby No dates Child of M.C. Bledsoe

BLEDSOE, Baby No dates Child of M.C. Bledsoe

BLEDSOE, M. No dates

BOSWELL, Rosetta HENSLEY 10MAR1904 – 09OCT1986 Wife of William Thomas

BOSWELL, William Thomas “Tom” 14NOV1893 – 23AUG1985 U.S. Army Med Corp WW I

BRAZELL, Lela Rippy 1887 – 1934

BRAZELL, Sara J. 1848 – 1936

BRIGGS, Darius E. 07JUN1910 – 04FEB1982 Hus of Helen

BRIGGS, Eva Lucille Sadler 1892 – 1984 Wife of Thurman Earl

BRIGGS, Helen Reuse 28OCT1911 – 17JUN1978 Wife of Darius E.

BRIGGS, Jessie E. 06MAY1935 – 22FEB1995 U.S. Marine

BRIGGS, Margie Wise 10OCT1927 – 08MAY1994 Wife of Jessie

BRIGGS, Noel E. 12NOV1911 – 02OCT1952 Hus of Lois

BRIGGS, Thomas E. 31JAN1934 – 07MAR1986 Son of Noel and Lois U.S. Army Korean War

BRIGGS, Thurman Earl 1888 – 1969

BRINKLEY, Maggie 08MAY1904 – 28FEB1929

BROWN, Billie Jr. 26SEP1910 – 07SEP1989 Hus of Ledda WEBER

BROWN, Fannie (Sing) Born 17MAR1879, Died 6OCT1947, w/o William Tyler Brown, Sr., mother

BROWN, Leeda (Weber)  Born 3JUN1910, Died 11MAY1994, w/o Billie Brown, Jr.

BROWN, Warren Othelo 29APR1922 – 09SEP1922 Son of Wm. T. and Fannie

BROWN, William Tyler Brown, Jr. “Billie”, Born 26SEP1910, Died 7SEP1989, h/o Leeda Weber, Farmer, Rancher

BRUNS, Darrell 08APR1940 – 16JUL1944 Son of Vernie MUSICK B.

BRUTON, Jimmy Dean 06JUN1959 – 14MAY1993 U.S. Navy

BURNS, Delphia Graham 1897 – 1975 Wife of John W.

BURNS, Hazel 1920 – 1939 Dau of Delphia and John W.

BURNS, John W. 1895 – 1965

BURNS, Leroy 27MAY1932 – 21JUN1932 Son of Vernie MUSICK B.

BURNS, Melvin E. 21JUL1916 – 1981? Disappeared and believed to have been killed 08-26-1981

CAFFEY, Andrew JACKSON “Jim” 03AUG1868 – 23APR1950

CAFFEY, Baby No date – No date Son of Jim and Myrtle

CAFFEY, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Born 1873 – Died 1949 w/o John Durham Caffey

CAFFEY, Jessie 1989 – 1900 Son of John and Elizabeth

CAFFEY, John D. 1858 – 1934

CAFFEY, Myrtle Mae Kepley 04DEC1882 – 17JAN1971 Wife of Jim

CAFFEY, Paulyne 1901 – 1918 Dau of John and Elizabeth

CAUDLE, James C. 1866 – 1960 Hus of Ollive

CAUDLE, Millard Franklin 27APR1913 – 23SEP1984 U.S. Army WW II

CAUDLE, Ollive V. McFarland 1875 – 1961 Wife of James C.

CHAMBER, Tom No date – No date

CHAMPLIN, George D. 11FEB1861 – 23JAN1956 Hus of Lillie

CHAMPLIN, Lillie L. 05DEC1875 – 25AUG1938

CHAMPLIN, Morine 23MAY1907 – 03APR1956

CHESNEY, M.A. No date – No date

CLARK, H. C. No date – No date Hus of Willie

CLARK, James Slayden 13MAY1902 – 16AUG1921 Son of H.C. and Willie

CLARK, Willie 31OCT1866 – 20SEP1915

COFER, Cordella M. 1857 – 1949

COFER, Glen A. 1918 – 1931 Son of Gus and Nellie COFER

COFER, James A. 1854 – 1934

COFER, Jim Joshua 01APR1890 – 09MAR1961 Pvt. 158 Inf. Co. K WW I

COFER, Nellie M. HILL 1898 – 1959 Wife of William A. “Gus”

COFER, William A. “Gus” 1892 – 1954

COGBURN, Charles Richard 05OCT1870 – 24JUL1943 Hus of Dovie

COGBURN, Dovie M. Hitt 1884 – 1953

COGBURN, Robert Sr. 11MAR1908 – 03AUG1988 Hus of Mae Jones

CONNER, Edna May Allen 1902 – 1982 Wife of R.M.

CONNER, Franklin Delano 26DEC1933 – 06AUG2004

CONNER, R. M. “Pete” 1899 – 1972

CONNER, Rober M. Jr. “Bob” 03NOV1926 – 08JUN1994

COOPER, Homer R. 1904 – 1972

COOPER, Russell Murray 18MAY1881 – 28JUL1927

CORDELL, Easter Little Inman 10MAR1873 – 09NOV1959

CORDELL, H. H. 1854 – 1930

CREED, Luther W. No date – 01OCT1918 Died in France WW I

CROSS, Charles 1924 – 1924

CROSSLEY, Laberta JACKSON 1937 – 1977 Dau of Everett and Edith JACKSON

DANIEL, Maggie D. Hudson 1870 – 1965 Wife of Wilson

DANIEL, Wilson H. “Willis” 1871 – 1943

DAVENPORT, Laura Ellen 1846 – 1929

DAVIS, Bernice J. Toal 1886 – 1976 Wife of F.M.

DAVIS, Billy Eldon 13JUN1950 – 13JUN1950 Son of Weldon and Nelda

DAVIS, Francis Marion 1876 – 1948

DAVIS, No name No date – No date

DAVIS, Reba Fae 02MAY1955 – 01APR1967 Dau of Weldon and Nelda

DODSON, Nina Pearl SCOTT 31AUG1886 – 01MAR1922

DONALDSON, Myrtle Maude Minor 17NOV1906 – 20JAN1995

DONALDSON, R. L. “Bob” 11JUL1896 – 26OCT1981 Hus of Myrtle Minor

DONALDSON, R. L. 19JUN1932 – 29FEB1936

DONALDSON, Robert E. L. 19JAN1921 – 08JAN1952 Son of Bob and Myrtle Lt. Air Force WW II

DONUS, No name No date – No date

DOWNEY, J. H. 07MAY1851 – 24JAN1923 Hus of Sara E.

DOWNEY, John C. 1888 – 1975

DUNN, Baby No date – No date Baby of Ted and KathrynDunn

DUNN, Ira Eugene 1940 – 1941

DUNN, Kathryn Jessie Hensley 1912 – 2003

DUNN, Lonnie 1933 – 1933 Son of Ted and Kathryn

DURHAM, Edna SCOTT Black 1897 – 1974

EDWARD, James Madison 09NOV1861 – 04JUL1931

EVANS, Lucille KENDALL 26APR1903 – 14NOV1950 Wife of Monk Evans

FARNI, Charles Keith 1950 – 03-1989 Son of Virginia and Charles B.

FARNI, Jacques Iaselle 1950 – 1982 Son of Virginia West

FARNI, Virginia Lee West 17AUG1925 – 26NOV1988 Dau of Willie and Lillie

FORD, Leonard C. “Len” 1873 – 1919

FRENCH, Robert No date – 23DEC1925 Pvt. 176 Inf. WW I

FULTZ, Charles W. 1873 – 1926

FULTS Loretta Bo Scott, Born 31JAN1935 Died 28MAR2012 wife of Connie Gene Fults

GATES, Dale William 18FEB1920 – 28FEB1967 Son of Karl and Lillian Twin to Don Coast Guard WW II

GATES, Don Wilson 18FEB1920 –  1979 Coast Guard WW II

GATES, Lee 71MAR1915 – 18JAN1970 Hus of Naomi

GATES, Mary Evelyn 15APR1945 – 06APR1995 Dau of Mary Naomi and Lee

GATES, Mary Naomi Russell 23AUG1918 – 25DEC1989 Wife of Lee

GATHERINGS, Beulah SIMS 1899 – 1923

GIRTMAN, Huge C. 1860 – 1941 Hus of Stella

GIRTMAN, Stella Crow  No dates – No date

GOODE, Jessie Luther 31OCT1884 – 03JAN1959 Hus of Myrtle

GOODE, Myrtle Laua HAYDEN 22NOV1894 – 27DEC1961

GOODE, Rexford F. 1918 – 1986 Son of Luther and Myrtle

GRAHAM, A. R. “Cuter” 05AUG1928 – 01DEC1931

GRAHAM, Maggie A. 06FEB1896 – 30AUG1926

GRAY, Norma Lee Nettles 1933 – 1988 Dau of Sam and Marie HAYDEN Nettles. Sam is entombed in the battleship Oklahoma in Pearl Harbor.

GRIFFEY, Calvin 05JAN1926 – 13MAY1927

GRIFFEY, Chester 15SEP1921 – 12JUN1997

GRIFFEY, Floy JACKSON 20DEC1940 – 05DEC1982 Dau of Everett Jacksons

GUERNSEY, Elmer J. 1863 – 1946 Hus of Lena

GUERNSEY, Lena H. 1865 – 1909

GUERNSEY, Lowell E. “Mike” 1904 – 1982 Engineer-Sea Bee WW II

GUERNSEY, Pauline 1901 – 1950 Dau of Ellmer and Lena

GWARTNEY, Darrel Lee 01FEB1964 – 26MAY1988 Hus of Sandol

HALL, Violet No date – 1930 Dau of John and Willie Sing Hall

HAPGOOD, Glen A. 05FEB1885 – 25AUG1957 Hus of Mable

HAPGOOD, Mable Cooper 1887 – 1969

HAWKINS, Bryon 1871 – 1924

HAWKINS, Jack Henry 25MAR1900 – 25JUL1950 Bosn. U.S. Navy WW I

HAWKINS, Neal 1881 – 1965

HAY, Barbara Lee GATES 26NOV1936 – 14SEP2002

HAY, Henry 03MAR1908 – 18JAN1990 Son of Martha Sing and Richard HAY

HAY, Kenneth Roy, Born 9SEP1936,  Died 26SEP2013,  hus of Barbara Lee Gates

HAY, Martha Sing 01APR1888 – 20FEB1980 Wife of Richard

HAY, Minnie HAYDEN 31JUL1914 – 02AUG1986 Wife of Roy

HAY, Richard “Rich” 29SEP1883 – 01JUN1974

HAY, Roy 10AUG1913 – 29AUG1974

HAYDEN, C. H. 24APR1901 – 02OCT1962 Son of John and Ester

HAYDEN, Delbert R. 17MAR1904 – 11MAY1967 Son of John and Ester Pvt. CPAAF WW II

HAYDEN, E. B. 18JAN1900 – 11DEC1962

HAYDEN, Ester Viola 1872 – 1937 Wife of John C. Mother of 15 children

HAYDEN, George David 18DEC1948 – 15MAR1996 Hus of Sharon

HAYDEN, John C. 1869 – 1941

HAYDEN, Lloyd 26MAY1905 – 08MAY1983 Son of John and Ester

HAYDEN, Lloyd George 14FEB1919 – 15AUG1974 Hus of Marie Walker

HAYDEN, Lowell R. 04APR1894 – 27JUN1944 Son of John and Ester

HAYDEN, Marvin M. 30JAN1912 – 25AUG1991 Son of John and Ester

HAYDEN, Mary A. 23JUN1900 – 10DEC1976 Wife of Lowell

HAYDEN, Richard C. 06APR1917 –  08-07-1971 Sgt Infantry WW II

HAYDEN, William A. 1896 –  1950 Son of John and Ester

HENDERSHOT, Ab. T. 17MAY1896 – 09SEP1961 Pvt. Air Service WW I

HENDERSHOT, Alva L. 10OCT1868 – 13DEC1944 Wife of Hiram H.

HENDERSHOT, Elsie Opal 16JAN1900 – 30SEP1990 Wife of Ab. T.

HENDERSHOT, Hiram H. 02SEP1867 – 29DEC1962

HENDERSHOT, James Albert “Jim” 01SEP1922 – 29APR1991 Hus of Dora U.S. Army WW II

HENSLEY, Baby No date – No date Baby of Ford and Lilly

HENSLEY, Charlie O. 1879 –  1954 Hus of Jessie

HENSLEY, Jessie V. Brazell 1884 – 1965 Wife of Charlie O.

HENSLEY, Teresa L. Young 10NOV1922 – 27AUG1983 Wife of Manuel

HERNDON, Claude Ray 04JUN1959 – 12MAY1976 Son of Windell and Delphenia

HIATT, Thomas W. 1859 – 1944 Father of Murtl Hiatt

HILL, Charles E. 27AUG1950 – 02JAN1927 Hus of Hermine

HILL, George W. 1861 – 1945 Hus of Minite

HILL, Hermine B. 19NOV1866 – 08AUG1952

HILL, James P. 1870 – 1948 Hus of Lena

HILL, Lena R. 1902 – 1985

HILL, Minitie A. 1881 – 1973 Wife of George W.

HILL, Wade T. 22OCT1904 – 31OCT1964 Pvt. Service Com WW II

HILL, William No date – 21OCT1918 Pvt 358 Inf 90 Div WW I

HITT, A. J. 28MAR1850 – 02JAN1915

HITT, Annie A. 24MAY1874 – 14DEC1917

HITT, John A. 17FEB1884 – 16OCT1914

HORSTKOETTER, Ethel A. CAFFEY 24OCT1909 – 29SEP1975 Wife of John

HORSTKOETTER, John 28DEC1902 – 11MAY1992

HUDSON, Mary E. 1830 – 1919

HUNT, Baby 1933 – 1933 Dau of Judson and Ethel

JACKSON, Edythe Leona Shotwell 10AUG1910 – 09FEB1993 Wife of Everett

JACKSON, Everett John 30AUG1908 – 15JUL1990 Vet WW II

JACKSON, Marshall L. 07JAN1930 – 31JAN1998 Hus of Dale Korean Vet.

JACKSON, Pascal J. 1885 – 1946

JARVIS, Ila Verve 22SEP1905 – 19JUN1920 Dau of Bob and Minnie

JARVIS, Minnie M. 07APR1876 – 20DEC1961 Wife of Bob

JARVIS, Robert T. “Bob” 09OCT1872 – 14FEB1933

JOBE, Cynthia J. 1858 – 1939 Wife of Hugh Volney

JOBE, Hugh 1899 – 1970 Son of Hugh and Cynthia

JOBE, Hugh Volney 1869 – .

JOBE, Lela KENDALL 08DEC1902 – 05FEB1994 Wife of Hugh D.

JOHNSON, Emma Brazell 1879 – 1946 Wife of J.P.

JOHNSON, Iria Marie 16DEC1917 – 16OCT1919 Dau of J.P. and Emma

JOHNSON, James P. 1858 – 1936

JOHNSON, Peter No date – 07NOV1936 Sgt. U.S. Inf. WW I N.Y.

JURGENS, W. B. “Bill” 1879 – 1954 Son of Mary E. Hudson

KENDALL, Agnes J. 1868 – 1957

KENDALL, Cletice I. PRESTRIDGE 1894 – 1935 Wife of Ernest

KENDALL, Ernest 1889 – 1979

KENDALL, Frank 03OCT1850 – 27JAN1921

KENDALL, John H. 1859 – 1924

KENDALL, Martha Ann 13NOV1859 – 14NOV1942 Wife of William D.

KENDALL, Nancy E. “Aunt Betty” 1873 – 1963 Wife of John H.

KENDALL, Nancy Merle Walker 03APR1908 – 25AUG2001 Wife of Paul

KENDALL, Noel Francis 1933 – 1935 Son of Paul and Merle

KENDALL, Paul Edward 27FEB1906 – 17JUN1986 Hus of Merle

KENDALL, Sam 1855 – 1938

KENDALL, Vivian 19OCT1898 – 29MAY1990 Dau of Sam and Agnes

KENDALL, William D. “Bill” 14MAR1853 – 23JUN1927

KENDALL, William Edward 1877 – 1963

KENDALL, Willie Francis 1880 – 1962 Wife of William Edward

KENDALL, Willie S. “Bill” 1887 – 1921 Son of Sam and Agnes

KENNEDY, Opal Rogers Walker, Born 23AUG1924 Died 18MAR2014 wife of Doyle Walker & Floyd Kennedy

KENNEY, W. H. 24JUN1877 – 21OCT1938

KEPLEY, Ora Elizabeth 13FEB1893 – 30MAR1975 Wife of Tone

KEPLEY, Silas Henry “Tone” 20MAR1889 – 25FEB1989 Hus of Ora

KILBY, Pauline L. 29APR1848 – 22DEC1928 Wife of William H.

KILBY, William H. 1850 – 1934

KIMZEY, Beth Ann 1953 – 1953 Dau of Steele and Odeen

KIMZEY, Hazel Allen 1905 – 1975 Wife of Porter

KIMZEY, James A. 1860 – 1943 Hus of Rosie

KIMZEY, Porter 1903 – 1958 Hus of Hazel Allen

KIMZEY, Rosie E. 1879 – 1939

KIMZEY, Steele J. 15MAR1925 – 26FEB2003

KIRKSEY, Luther No date – 1918 Father of Keene

KOCH, Corie Leigh, Born 16MAR1989,  Died 30OCT2012,  dau of Elnora Marie & Boyd Dewayne Koch

KOVAR, Eola Bessie JARVIS 29NOV1896 – 10FEB1920 Wife of Ciril

LAMB, Gary Don 25JUN1967 – 24FEB1975 Son of Stanley and Betty

LAMB, Glen SCOTT 24MAY1960 – 15OCT2002

LAMB, Loyd LaMar 02OCT1955 – 15JUN2006 Son of Betty & Stanley Lamb

LANE, Minnie Lee 07JUN1911 – 01NOV1931

LATHROP, Charles A. 1873 – 1961

LATHROP, Hazel Eula Dean 12MAR1912 – 16JAN2003

LATHROP, Lane K. 20SEP1907 – 25FEB1981 BM 2 U.S. Navy WW II

LATHROP, Narissa 1876 – 1925 Wife of Charles A.

LEACH, Fred Spencer 28JAN1940 – 18MAR2000 Son of John & Ora Bell

LEACH, John S. 09JUN1921 –  04-02-1984 Hus of Ora Belle Vet WW II

LEE, Cortez T. No dates

LESTER, Charles M. 1850 – 1921

LOGSDON, Addie Irene 24NOV1890 – 15MAR1918

MAXON, Carl 06NOV1970 – 06NOV1970 Son of Karen Allen

MCCLELLAN, Arthur P. 17SEP1878 – 24AUG1944 Hus of Clara

MCCLELLAN, Baby 1930 – 1930 Baby of Claud and Cleo

MCCLELLAN, Baby 1939 – 1939 Baby of Claud and Cleo

MCCLELLAN, Billy Lee 13APR1935 – 09-1995 Hus of Kathleen U.S. Navy Korea and Vietnam

McCLELLAN, Christopher, Born 2DEC1954, Died 21JUL1984, h/o Naomi Ruth Robinson, s/o Clyde & Rena McClellan

MCCLELLAN, Clara Iola Beals 12JAN1890 – 09MAY1942 Wife of A.P. McClellan

MCCLELLAN, Claud 1928 – 1928 Son of Claud and Cleo

MCCLELLAN, Clayton No date – No date

MCCLELLAN, Clyde 1904 – 1971 Hus of Rena HILL

MCCLELLAN, Dessie Griffey 22JAN1924 – 05JUL2005 Wife of Lafayette

MCCLELLAN, Guy C. 27FEB1893 – 28DEC1974 Hus of Lillie

McCLELLAN, HAROLD 28 DEC1959  – Died  7DEC2015  s/o Clyde and Rena buried next to parents

MCCLELLAN, James Elwin 05APR1945 – 05APR1945 Son of Clyde and Florence

MCCLELLAN, Jesse Neal 11FEB1946 – 20JUL1950 Son of Jess and Iona Roger

MCCLELLAN, Lafayette 28JAN1912 – 19NOV2005 Hus of Dessie Griffey

MCCLELLAN, Lavon C. 01JAN1918 – 24AUG1941 Son of Guy and Lillie

MCCLELLAN, Lillie Catherine Guest 07JUN1896 – 19APR1996 Wife of Guy

MCCLELLAN, Rena Hill, Born 7JUN1921, died 21AUG2009, wife of Clyde McClellan

MCCLENDON, Bob 18?? – 1947

MCCRACKIN, William C. No date – 1936

MCDANIELS, Cleo J. 28NOV1929 – 04MAR1986 Hus of Louise JACKSON

MCFARLAND, Amanda M. 1847 – 1936 Wife of John H.

MCFARLAND, John H. 1853 – 1931

MCPHERSON, No name No dates

MILLER, Josephine 1935 – 1935 Baby of Pearl Dunn and Joe Miller

MINATREE, No name No date – No date

MINOR, Lester W. 19FEB1912 – 05DEC1983 Hus of Iva Cooper

MINOR, Nancy A. 1877 – 1961

MOORE, Baby 1924 – 1924 Baby of Lula Blann

MOORE, Wilie Mae 1917 – 1918 Dau of Lula Blann

MORTON, Baby No date – No date Child of Red Morton

MURRY, Katie No date – 22DEC1929 Dau of J.P. and Maggie

MURRY, Lenora No date – 22DEC1929 Dau of J.P. and Maggie

MURRY, Maggie No date – 22DEC1929 Wife of J.P.

MUSIC, Agnes Cheek 04JAN1888 – 24MAY1970 Wife of J.C.

MUSICK, Elizabeth No date – No date Mother of J.C. and Lizzie

MUSICK, J.C. “Lum” 22SEP1876 – 08OCT1962 Son of Tom and Elizabeth

MUSICK, Thomas No date – No date Hus of Elizabeth

NICHOLS, Baby No date – No date Baby of Joe Nichols

PARISH, J. No date – No date

PORTER, E. A. 1896 – 1975 Hus of Naomi HILL

PORTER, Naomi R. HILL 1903 – 1983

PRESTRIDGE, Andy C. 1870 – 1953 Hus of Lula

PRESTRIDGE, Larkin A. “Pete” 1898 – 1942 Son of Andy and Lula

PRESTRIDGE, Lula M. COFER 1876 – 1953

RAGAN, Baby 07NOV1922 – 09NOV1922 Son of J. A. Ragan

RAGAN, William 1898 – 1914 Son of J.A.

RHOTEN, Conley J. 1892 – 1954

RHOTEN, Mary Jane HENSLEY 1904 – 1948 Wife of Conley J.

ROBINSON, Alene 16FEB1914 – 14JUL2003

ROBINSON, Delmar G. 21JAN1911 – 02MAY1985 Hus of Alene Glenn

ROBINSON, George E. 1878 – 1964 Hus of Nellie

ROBINSON, Nellie M. 1886 – 1943

ROBINSON, Rodney Farell, born 14JUN1939, died 17SEP2009, husband of Alyce Sandford-Vietnam War Vet

ROBINSON, Toy 28JAN1929 – No date

ROGERS, John W. 1873 – 1941

RUTLEDGE, C. Norval 1910 – 1937 Son of James and Marilda

RUTLEDGE, Frank 1906 – 1928 Son of James and Marilda

RUTLEDGE, James No date – 30AUG1939 Pvt. Texas-Indian War

RUTLEDGE, Marilda 1870 –  1924 Wife of James

SANFORD, Annie RUTLEDGE 1903 – 1924 Dau of James and Marilda

SCHMIDT, Julius 1865 – 1918 Hus of Mary Kovar

SCHMIDT, Mary Kovar 1888 – 1962 Wife of Julius

SCOTT, Agnes Little 1877 – 1939 Wife of George M. Jr.

SCOTT, Alice L. 14SEP1854 – 12MAR1934 Wife of George M. Sr.

SCOTT, Arthur Ferman 09JUL1907 – 25OCT1990 Hus of Francis DAVIS

SCOTT, Bertha Bowman 23JUN1904 – 14JUL1989 Wife of George Loyd

SCOTT, Bobby, born 16OCT1930, died 6APR2010, husband of Frankie Darlene Bonds

SCOTT, Claude 18MAR1903 – 08JUN1970 Hus of Carrie CHAMPLIN

SCOTT, Clyde 18MAR1903 – 26APR1921 Son of Geo M. and Agnes Twin of Claude

SCOTT, Frances Lorena DAVIS 05MAY1916 – 24NOV2002

SCOTT, George M. Jr. 1872 – 1956

SCOTT, G.M. Sr. “Grandpa” Civil War Veteran Died in Strong City in 1917, age 77 years

SCOTT, Herman Dee 1900 – 1961 Hus of Alta DAVIS

SCOTT, Randy Jay 02JAN1969 – 02FEB1969 Son of Gary and Janette

SCOTT, Vincent Harold, born 3JAN1938, died 29OCT2008, husband of Barbara Jean Bonds

SCROGGINS, Frances Marie Hendershot, Born 18JUL-1934,  Died 13AUG2013

SHELBORN, Betty Jo 08OCT1923 – 08OCT1923 Sau of S.C. and Jane

SHOEMAKER, No name No dates

SHORT, Bernice KENDALL 19SEP1909 – 30APR1995 Wife of Clell Short

SIMS, B. A. 04AUG1852 – 15SEP1928 Hus of Lou

SIMS, Ilia Ann Cole Lozer 1898 – 01JUL1898 Wife of Virgil

SIMS, John H. 02DEC1895 –  12-22-1982 Son of B.A. and Lou

SIMS, Lou 13MAR1858 – 22JAN1922

SIMS, Roy Alvin 24SEP1921 – 25OCT1993

SIMS, Virgil H. 23MAR1900 – 15FEB1984 Hus of Ilia Ann Cole

SIMS, Walter P. 13NOV1893 – 18NOV1982 Son of B. A. and Lou

SING, John H. 1857 – 1932 Hus of Mary

SING, Mary 1860 – 1917 Wife of John H.

SIPPLE, W. L. No dates

SMALL, Baby 1929 – 1929 Twin son of Worth and Bertha Small

SMALL, Baby 1929 – 1929 Twin son of Worth and Bertha Small

Soctt, George Loyd 1896 – 07SEP1967 Hus of Bertha

STEPHENS, Marie HAYDEN 1910 –  1979 Dau of John C. and Ester

STEPHENS, Roy Straton 05JUN1921 – 19MAY1922 Son of Bert F.

STROUD, J. R. No date – No date

STROUD, Luisia Wilson Woodruff 31MAR1857 – 13JUL1927

TATE, Rex Ladene 06JAN1926 – 02MAR1927 Son of Carl and Ella Tate

TAYLOR, George 18APR1870 – 24MAY1929 Hus of Sarah E.

TAYLOR, Sarah E. 18JUL1871 – 22JAN1930

THOMAS, Vint Henry 19MAR1913 – 10NOV1990 Hus of Lois Riley BRIGGS

UNDERWOOD, Ethel M. 1883 – 1970 Wife of George

UNDERWOOD, George W. 1876 – 1956

UNDERWOOD, Orval L. 1916 – 1934 Son of George and Ethel

VANKIRK, Edward F. 1861 –  1933 Father of Ethel ROBINSON

VINCENT, Wallace Gene 20MAR1929 – 28NOV1992 Hus of Billie Agnes SCOTT

WALKER, Doyle 12JUN1917 – 24DEC1981 Hus of Opal Rogers

WALKER, Katie E. 11JUN1885 – 16APR1925 Wife of Victor

WALKER, Victor C. 11JAN1880 – 30JAN1962

WARD, Hannah M. 27JUN1902 – 02OCT1920

WEBB, Dessie Mae, Born 18NOV1918 and passed 19JUN2015, w/o Haskell “Hack” Webb

WELTY, Daisy Francis 1868 – 1959 Wife of Robert Daniel

WELTY, Robert Aron 24AUG1908 – 04DEC1984 Hus of Alice MCCLELLAN

WELTY, Robert Daniel 1868 – 1948

WELTY, Verne 25DEC1892 – 10MAR1957 Son of R. D. and Daisy Ptv. Marine Corp. WW I

WEST, John H. 1866 – 1945 Hus of Sallie E.

WEST, Lillie KENDALL 1890 – 1945 Wife of William Lee West

WEST, Maggie 24OCT1879 – 10APR1924 Mother of Ernest

WEST, R. E. 07OCT1871 – 24JAN1949 Hus of Maggie

WEST, Sallie E. 1868 – 1960

WESTWest, William Lee (Willie), Born  Died   son of  West, William Lee (Willie) 27JUL1887 – 14FEB1982 Son of John Henry and Sally Elizabeth

WHITE, Herman 12JUN1929 – 07JUL1940 Son of Guy and Rachel

WILLIAMS, Baby No date – 03MAR1933 Dau of George and Edna Williams

WILLIAMS, Charles E. 1877 – 01OCT1938

WILSON, George R. 1851 – 1939 Hus of Rhoda Cook

WILSON, Rhoda E. Cook 1869 – 1931

WING, Bobby 29JUL1960 – 29JUL1960 Son of Clarence and Minnie

WING, Eddie 19SEP1958 – 21JAN1996

WING, George 1894 – 1960 Hus of Valena Crites

WING, Minnie Faye Cantrell 1938 – 1985 Wife of Clarence WING

WING, Zoanne 20AUG1955 – 20AUG1955 Dau of Clarence and Minnie