White Rose-Reydon

Location NW 1/4 12-13-26

On the 12th day of December 1905 Samuel D. BROWN deeded the land to the Board of Trustees of the Rankin Cemetery and their successors. Ira WALTERS and T.W. FINCH were two of the board members at that time. It was known as the Rankin Cemetery.  A short time later Mrs. Kittie BAKER PURCELL submitted the name of “White Rose Cemetery” and the board accepted the change. On the monument, at the entrance, is a white rose made from tin by Melvin BUTLER. On June 25, 1969 the board bought 2 acres from B. E. and Lottie CLIFT.

The information for this cemetery came from the book “Cemeteries…And More” by Glena Belle CRANE.

Updates and corrections have been provided by the efforts of  Wanda PURCELL.

ABBOTT, Harry King 25MAY1908 – 11AUG1988 Hus of Alta Bea Dodd

ABBOTT, Hary King 25MAY1908 – 14NOV1988 Hus of Alta Bea

ABLA, Allie JONES MYERS 1910 – 1979 Wife of Alan ABLA

AIRIINGTON, Lizzie B. 1893 – 1937

AIRINGTON, A. V. 1890 – 1955

AIRINGTON, Estelle E. 1916 – 1932

ALENANDER, Kim Andrew 28MAY1953 – 17DEC1989

AMEND, Nance E. LAWSON 10DEC1904 – 01NOV1970

AMEND, Seremus L. 02-7-1848 – 15MAY1929

AMEND, Willia Andrew 16MAY1893 – 12JUL1990 Hus of Nancy Eveline

AMENT, 07FEB1848 – 17MAY1929

ASH, James No date – 27FEB1913

ATKINS, G. B. 23APR1853 – 10MAY1923

BAIRD, Lt. David H. 18JUN1942 – 07MAY1969 Pilot U.S. Navy

BAKER, Dora Amanda Wright 29AUG1908 – 08MAY2003

BAKER, Emma ??AUG1835 – ??AUG1916

BAKER, George 1837 – 1916

BAKER, James M. 16NOV1851 – 03JAN1928

BAKER, Maggie Hagel DICKEY 26JUN1896 – 03JUL1970

BAKER, Nancy Ann 1839 – 1936

BAKER, Robert Truman 01MAY1924 – 10FEB2003

BAKER, Ruby 15DEC1865 – 28APR1946

BALLARD, Mamie E. 01MAR1888 – 01JUL1921

BALLINGER, Clifford A. 25JUL1888 – 18DEC1911

BARBEE, Baby 1912 – 1912

BARBEE, Henry E. 14SEP1877 – 02JAN1948

BARBEE, Jennie Catherine RODGERS 29SEP1882 – 19APR1972

BARBEE, Vera Mae 1923 – 16JUL1924 Dau of Henry and Jennie

BARBEE, Windell Rogers 08MAR1921 – 05APR1965

BARKER, Alvin Wade 23SEP1949 – 23SEP1949 Son of Raymond and Mildred

BARKER, Arthur T. “Chick” 04JUL1911 – 14APR2005 Hus of Margarette Lois Atha & Florene Lackey

BARKER, Bessie THOMASON 29NOV1904 – 13JUL1957

BARKER, Carl Marion 16SEP1923 – 23MAR1924

BARKER, Earl J. 26AUG1899 – 04JAN1977 Hus of Dora Wright

BARKER, Elowin 1953 – 1953 Son of Roy E. and Barbara

BARKER, Emma L. 1886 – 1939 Wife of James

BARKER, Ethel 28SEP1920 – 09MAR1922

BARKER, Florence C. 23DEC1918 – 21MAR1919

BARKER, James R. 1884 – 1952 Hus of Emma

BARKER, James Taylor 1846 – 1929 Co. G 7th Calvary

BARKER, Jesse T. 25FEB1918 – 08JUL1996 Hus of Mozelle Sweetman

BARKER, Linda Jane 07OCT1948 – 23NOV1948

BARKER, M. Lois Atha 01JUN1914 – 25APR1984 Wife of Arthur

BARKER, Mary Ann 10MAR1880 – 29JAN1968

BARKER, Merril L. 1918 – 1981 Son of James and Emma

BARKER, Mozelle SWEETMAN 09MAY1923 – 06AUG1997 Wife of Jesse

BARKER, Orville F. 1901 – 1983

BARKER, Richard S. 11AUG1870 – 07JUN1930 Hus of Mary Ann

BARKER, Ruby M. 1918 – 1927

BARKER, Simpson R. 12OCT1873 – 08FEB1936

BARKER, Troy Dean 29NOV1935 – 14OCT1973 CWO U.S. Navy Vietnam

BARKER, Vanlue 20JUN1838 – 19MAR1922

BARKER, Vivian D. 1905 – 1985 Wife of Orville

BARKER, William Francis 20APR1873 – 22SEP1934

BARNARD, Bertha M. MORRISON 18AUG1891 – 14FEB1977

BARNARD, Lonnie Lyle 1914 – 1987 Pfc U.S. Army WW II

BARNARD, Lucas Taylor 08APR1925 – 26JUN1990

BARNARD, Sam T. 07FEB1882 – 21SEP1967 Hus of Bertha

BARNARD, Samuel T. Jr. 07JUN1921 – 21AUG1997

BARRAGER, Dorothy M. 02JUN1922 – 17JUL1923

BARRETT, Alfred 25APR1905 – 13DEC1973

BARRETT, Charles A. 1930 – 1930 Son of Alfred and Mable

BARRETT, Herman Alfred 24APR1905 – 13NOV1973 Hus of Mable Barker

BARRETT, Mable 11JAN1910 – No date

BARTON, David L. Born 4MAR1958, died 26AUG2011, husband of Verla Handke

BARTZ, Mamie Jewel MCDERMAN 19SEP1909 – 02JUL1980

BARTZ, Oneta HAMON 1895 – 1960

BARTZ, Rodney Dee 19JAN1968 – 20DEC1995 Hus of Sandra Schopper

BARTZ, Vern E. 06JUN1908 – 20DEC1973 Hus of Mamie

BATCHELOR, Mary Ann, Born 25MAY1954 Died 7OCT2010 dau Doris Jean & Charles Batchelor

BATCHELOT, Charlie “Bib” 06FEB1927 – 24MAY2004

BEALS, Gary Lee 02MAY1949 – 16JUL1998 Hus of Pam Ewer

BEATTY, Ethel 1890 – 1910 Dau of John and Sarah

BEATTY, John R. 1862 – 1939 Hus of Sarah

BEATTY, Robert Clinton 15NOV1903 – 08DEC1925

BEATTY, Sarah E. 1865 – 1958

BEATY, Bessie 1903 – 1918

BEATY, Bob 1903 – 1925

BEATY, Floyd 1901 – 14OCT1921

BEIERSCHMITT, Alberta J. REYNOLDS 1905 – 1968

BEIERSCHMITT, William H. 1905 – 1985 Hus of Alberta

BERRY, James Clifford 23FEB1913 – 27APR1948 Son of Eugenia

BERRY, L. A. 03APR1901 – 14MAR1977 Hus of Thelma Millard

BERRY, Mary Eugenia 1878 – 1979 Wife of Henry

Bertha 1910 – 1935

BESSIRE, No dates

BESSIRE, No dates

BESSIRE, No dates

BESSIRE, No dates

BESSIRE, Carl William 22APR1890 – 23MAY1942

BESSIRE, Eddie 27OCT1897 – 07FEB1978

BESSIRE, Effie C. 01NOV1906 – 03AUG2001

BESSIRE, Elsa 09SEP1863 –    11-12-1944

BESSIRE, Julius 186 – 1943

BESSIRE, Leo Frederick 10OCT1902 – 07APR1983 Hus of Lula

BESSIRE, Lula Pyrle JACKSON 1900 – 17AUG1979

BESSIRE, Pearl M. WRIGHT 1903 – 1939

BINNETT, Frank . – No date

BIRD, Anna 22AUG1882 – 06MAR1969

BIRD, Aubrey Lorell 09JUL1917 – 05OCT1937 Son of Daniel and Anna

BIRD, Daniel W. 22DEC1878 – 30OCT1956

BOATRIGHT, Beverly Nadine 25JAN1940 – 27JAN1940 Dau of M/M Otto Boatwright

BOATRIGHT, Otto E. 27SEP1909 – 12JUN1991 Hus of Ester Simpson Davis

BOIGEGRAIN, Lola Mable 26MAY1906 – 27JUL1926

BOONE, Charles Loyd 01JUL1926 – 01JUL1926

BOWEN, Beavlee Lane 28DEC1920 – 22AUG1984

BROWN, John H., Born 11JUN1943, Died 10FEB2010 Vietnam Veteran

BRTNETT, D.C. No date – 30JAN1906 About 38 years of age, hus of Agnes Burtnet

BRYANT, Eunice WILSON 16JUL1903 – 03SEP1997 Wife of Sim

BRYANT, Walter 30OCT1893 – 06JAN1931

BURCH, Laura Dare King 24OCT1888 – 19DEC1979 Wife of Abner King & Oliver Burch

BURKS, Dessie Lucille DAVIS 13MAR1918 – 05JUL2002

BURKS, Earnie C. 19276 – 1932 Son of Mollie M.

BURKS, Jerry Don 6APR1959 – 21DEC2015 h/o Peggy Baker Burks, heavy equipment operator

BURKS, Mollie M. 27MAR1888 – 01OCT1964

BURKS, Paul Wheeler 04APR1916 – 16FEB1987 Hus of Dessie L.

BURKS, Willis E. “Pete” 20AUG1923 – 24JAN1977 Hus of Patsy Sgt. U.S. Army WWII

BURNETT, Ruby V. 1908 – 1938

BURNHAM, W. H. 04AUG1901 – 20DEC1967

BURNS, Beeler Charles 16JAN1897 – 04MAR1969 Hus of Nellie F.

BURNS, Bobby L. 1925 – 1951

BURNS, Callie Evelyn GEORGE 30MAY1874 – 17DEC1957

BURNS, Charlie H. 1867 – 1937

BURNS, Gerald D. 05MAY1939 – 09MAY1939 Son of Doc Burns

BURNS, James Wesley 29OCT1870 – 19MAY1952 Hus of Callie E.

BURNS, John L. 07SEP1911 – 26MAR1981 Son of Doc Burns

BURNS, Leonard W. 16SEP1900 – 26APR2003

BURNS, M. F. “DOC” 29MAR1852 – 17JAN1944

BURNS, Mary Elizabeth McColgin 08MAR1912 – 22AUG2001 Wife of Leonard

BURNS, Nellie F. DICKEY 1901 – 1985

BURNS, Violet Meyers 13JUN1916 – 25DEC2002

BURTON, Karen Kay 22SEP1958 – 08MAR1983

BURROWS, Robert Daniel 21MAR1967   –  18APR2015

BUTLER, Alva Sanders 07OCT1902 – 03FEB2000 Hus of Mildred Barker

BUTLER, Ellen 08MAY1864 – 16MAR1914

BUTLER, John Matt 07SEP1857 – 14JUN1925

BUTLER, Lillie May GOODWIN 1895 – 13JUN1996 Wife of Walter

BUTLER, Mildred Lavada BARKER 13SEP1905 – 01-1954 Wife of Alva

BUTLER, Walter E. 16AUG1887 – 16JUN1953 Hus of Lillie May

CANTRELL, Della N. 1925 – 1970

CANTRELL, Francis A. No date – No date

CANTRELL, Joyce L. 06MAY1936 – 09FEB1981

CANTRELL, Lizzie A. 1894 – 1944

CANTRELL, Ora Bell 19DEC1902 – 22MAR1922

CANTRELL, Ruth Iona WILSON 26JUL1911 – 08MAR1995 Wife of William A.

CANTRELL, Truman 1891 – 1950

CANTRELL, William Aaron “Buster” 25APR1914 – 03MAY1996 U.S. Army WW II

CARAWAY, John 28NOV1869 – 06JAN1918

CARPENTER, Virgil 1922 – 1982 Pfc U.S. Army WW II

CARY, Dr. W. S. 1881 – 1955 Hus of Ruth

CARY, Ruth Trammell 25DEC1896 – 15FEB1983

CARY, Teddy S. 23JUL1918 – 24JAN1971 Son of W.S. and Ruth

CARY, William Shelton 03AUG1949 – 13AUG1968 Pvt. U. S. Army

CHANDLER, Baby 1917 – 1917 Son of John and Lucy

CHANDLER, Baby 1930 – 1930 Son of Amos

CHANDLER, Cecil C. 18DEC1891 – 02SEP1969

CHANDLER, Frances L. TRAMMELL 07JUL1917 – 20SEP2004

CHANDLER, Gladys Mae 08AUG1895 – 25JUN1970

CHANDLER, John M. 1881 – 1963 Hus of Lucy

CHANDLER, Leland A. 16DEC1913 – 30DEC1994 Hus of Frances Trammell

CHANDLER, Lucy J. BEATTY 1888 – 1978 Wife of John M.

CHANDLER, Mary M. 1857 – 1906 Wife of W.M.

CHATFIELD, William Crandal 22AUG1860 – 22AUG1950

CHATFILED, Anna 03AUG1880 – 01JAN1960

CHELLTEHE, Bertha 1873 – 1918

CHISUM, Tony Joe Jr. 1972 – 1972 Son of Tony and Virginia

CHISUM, Virginia Ann SUMPTER 25FEB1952 – 12JUN1972

CLAY, Agnes 11MAR1904 – 07AUG1988 Wife of Eleazer Jr.

CLAY, Cleo Gertrude PROVINES 14SEP1899 – 20AUG1970

CLAY, Eleazar Sr. 1847 – 1921

CLAY, Eleazer Jr. 1895 – 1973

CLAY, Elva 1857 – 1937 Wife of Eleazar Sr.

CLAY, Ethel M. 1897 – 1907 Dau of Eleazar Sr. and Elva

CLAY, Jessie L. 06DEC1889 – 16FEB1962 Pfc Co. M. 375 Inf WW I

CLAY, Marcia Ann 1920 – 1920 Dau of Jess and Margie

CLAY, Margaret Ethlyn MILLER 21FEB1897 – 02JUN1997 Wife of Jess

CLAY, Marlene 1921 – 1921 Dau of Jess and Margie

CLAY, Matt Wayne 06NOV1958 – 15JAN1989

CLAY, Matt Wayne 06NOV1959 – 15JAN1989 Son of Ray and Jewel

CLIFT, Annie G. MABRA 20JAN1912 – 06JAN1987

CLIFT, Burnice Earl 16APR1900 – 09MAY1998 Hus of Lottie Hus of Macyln

CLIFT, Homer E. 10MAY1910 – 19OCT1981 Hus of Annie G.

CLIFT, Lottie E. KELLEY 21MAY1902 – 13SEP1977 Wife of Bernice Earl

CLIFT, Miona Vemeda CROCKETT 01JUN1920 – 10FEB1998 Wife of Elston

CLIFT, Noel Lee 25DEC1928 – 11JUN1985

CLINE, Emma N. 15OCT1880 – 04SEP1957

CLINE, Everett C. 20JUN1902 – 26AUG1964 Hus of Jessie M.

CLINE, Henry N. 1881 – 1942 Hus of Emma N.

CLINE, J. C. 19JUL1913 – 13MAR1990 Hus of Maxie

CLINE, Jessie M. GRAY 28FEB1906 – 21AUG1965

CLINE, Willie 06AUG1906 – 11APR1926 Son of H.N. and Emma

CLINE, Willie Kirk “Maxie” 12JAN1911 – 27AUG1995 Wife of James Edward

CODY, Clifford C. 1917 – 1977

COE, Elsie M. 13DEC1881 – 28MAR1903

COLE, Christeen L. Recks 18SEP1809 – 05DEC1998 Wife Jesse T.

COLE, Jessie Theodore 12SEP1905 – 24SEP1982 Hus of Christeen

COLIBERT, Dorothy Marguerite CHANDLER 16DEC1922 – 17DEC1994 Wife of Clarence E.

COMPTON, Thompson Born 29DEC1849 Died 6MAY1912

CONNER, Clarence P. 24JUN1852 – 02JUN1925

CONNER, Laura 21DEC1858 – 23MAY1915

CONRAD, Blanche Marqurite Flack 17DEC1896 – 17MAY1916

CONRAD, Edith REYNOLDS 11JAN1901 – 08APR1981

CONRAD, Hope MCCOLGIN 04JUL1896 – 09DEC1993 Wife of Orville G.

CONRAD, Ida I. 1860 – 1930

CONRAD, John W. 1858 – 1913 Hus of Ida I.

CONRAD, Orville Grover 20MAR1886 – 07APR1966 Hus of Hope

CONRAD, Virgil Dewey 28FEB1899 – 01FEB1968 Hus of Edith

COOK, Laura WILLIAMSON 31OCT1909 – 05AUG1989

COOMBS, Maxine Mae Pierce 13MAY1906 – 29JUN2001

COOMBS, Willie Clyde 30JUL1897 – 03JUL1985 Pvt U.S. Army WW I

COOPER, George C. 1843 – 1906

COPELAND, Samuel George 19JUN1945 – 14JUL1946 Age 13 mo

COUCH, Buck 29MAR1910 – 01AUG1988 Hus of Jewell

COUCH, Jackie Lynn 26JAN1946 – 24MAY2015   h/o Marcella Lee Couch

COUCH, Jewel Kelly 01OCT1916 – 06FEB1985

COUCH, Sue Paite, Born 10APR1935 Died20SEP2013 wife of Hugh Couch

COX, Rebecca Silas 11-3-1877 – 08AUG1970 Wife of Rufus N.

COX, Rufus N. 29AUG1876 – 29SEP1952

CRANE, Elias Winfield 30FEB1861 – 22OCT1940 Hus of Elizabeth

CRANE, Elizabeth MCELROY HERBER 23NOV1872 – 16JUN1960

CRAVE, ? No dates

CRAWFORD, John W. 1840 – 1922 Hus of Sarah F.

CRAWFORD, Sarah F. 1844 – 1921

CRAYCRAFT, Mable WRIGHT 1910 – 1973

CRAYCRAFT, Rober L. 1904 – 1957 Hus of Mable

CREE, Ellen F. 1880 – 1959

CREE, Malissa 1858 – 16APR1916 Wife of T.B.

CREE, T. B. Jr. 1875 – 1963 Hus of Ellen F.

CREE, Thomas B. 10MAY1847 – 23JUL1927

CROSS, Eula G. Wilson 17DEC1904 – 16JUN2003

CROSS, Lance E. 30JAN1902 – 18DEC1981 Hus of Eula Wilson

CROUSE, Patsy J. Cross No date – 20JUN1999

CROW, Nellie A. 16JAN1869 – 15JAN1952

CULVER, Archie 12DEC1894 – 19JUN1965

CULVER, Archie D. 16JAN1869 – 15JAN1952 Hus of Minnie Roberts

CULVER, Minnie ROBERTS 28OCT1905 – 20NOV1992 Wife of Archer David

CUMMINS, Rober H. 1850 – 1925

CUTRIGHT, Forrest D. 29SEP1884 – 15APR1951 Hus of Sarah E.

CUTRIGHT, Sarah No date – 28SEP1972

DANIEL, Fredda Mae Churchill Hughes 30APR1923 – 19JUN2006

DANIEL, James Arthur 26APR1957 – 01APR2003

DANIEL, W. Aubrey 21FEB1928 – 05FEB1965 Cpl. U.S. Army WW II

DANIEL, Wade Hampton 10SEP1909 – 08JUN1991 Hus of Fredda Mae

Danks, Douglas Clayburn 24AUG1970 –  08-08-2003

DAVIE, Jack D. 19AUG1934 – 18MAY2000 Hus of Pat Brown

DENTON, Charles E. 1875 – 1955 Hus of Mary Alice

DENTON, Mary Alice FUNSTON 1885 – 1960

DENTON, Matthew L. 1850 – 1936

DICKEY, Richard A. 11JAN1862 – 13JUN1937 Hus of Sharlotte

DICKEY, Richard Alvin 1891 – 1976 Pvt U.S. Army WW I

DICKEY, Sharlottie Lonecar 24JUN1867 – 25APR1953

DOTSON, Albert C. 1887 – 1958

DOTSON, Mary E. EASTERLING 16JAN1888 – 26APR1982

DOTY, Charles Alfred 07AUG1895 – 29DEC1975 Pvt U.S. Army WW I

DOTY, Gladys REYNOLDS 1896 – 1960

DOUGLAS, Ada Belle 24OCT1901 – 27OCT1926

DOUGLAS, Bonnie Rose KING 17NOV1908 – 21MAR1982

DOUGLAS, Cynthia Ann No date – No date Inf of Mr and Mrs Gene Douglas

DOUGLAS, Ira Burl 1921 – 1981 Son of Ira Wesley

DOUGLAS, Ira Wesley 31DEC1894 – 11NOV1971 Hus of Florence

DOUGLAS, John Wesley 30AUG1865 – 24DEC1952

DOUGLAS, L. C. 07JUL1871 – 07MAR1930

DOUGLAS, Leonard M. 08APR1910 – 16JAN1971 Hus of Bonnie

DOUGLAS, Louis Wesley 17JUN1956 – 07-1961

DUKE, Billy W. “Ike” 18MAR1929 – 17JUN1998 Hus of Doris, Vet Korean Conflict

DUKE, Doris “Tooter” Wynn, Born 12FEB1931, Died 14APR2011, wife of B.W. “Ike”

DUKE, James Walker 26MAY1907 – 05JUN1984

DUKE, Opal 26MAY1907 – 05JUN1984

DUKE, Opal F. FORGEY 02OCT1910 – 01AUG1960

EASTERLING, Acie W. 01JUN1916 – 27MAY1962 U.S. Army WW II and Korea

EASTERLING, Frankie PEOPLES 20SEP1894 – 08MAR1980

EASTERLING, George W. 1890 – 1978 Hus of Frankie

EASTERLING, Lucinda A. 1866 – 1954

EASTERLING, Margaret Marie PETERSON 20JUL1918 – 19OCT2001

EASTERLING, William M. 1863 – 1941 Hus of Lucinda

EDDINGS, Aaron C. 04JUL1904 – 30AUG1973

EDDINGS, Leon C. 26JAN1930 – 14DEC1996 Hus of May White

EDDINGS, Viola HOLBROCH 15AUG1908 – 07DEC1969

EGGEN, Lois Ocata CAGLE 23SEP1904 – 03AUG1992 Wife of Roy

EGGEN, Roy William 1895 – 1947

ESTES, Berta Monroe Purcell 28APR1914 – 01NOV2004

ESTES, Carrie B. BATES 05NOV1877 – 26AUG1924

ESTES, Charles Earl 24JUL1873 – 21MAY1958

ESTES, Claborne W. 19JUL1903 – 12JUN1904

ESTES, Eugene Paul 08JUN1910 – 04JUN1997 Hus of Berta PURCELL WW II

ESTES, F. M. “Frosty” 17MAY1901 – 20NOV1976 Hus of Mae

ESTES, Gayle A. 05MAY1908 – 24FEB1987 U. S. Army

ESTES, J. E. 30DEC1915 – 25OCT1985 Hus of Ruby Lee

ESTES, Mae Cox 03OCT1906 – 02OCT1990 Wife of F.M.

ESTES, Orville E. 14OCT1894 – 14SEP1918 WW I

ESTES, R. E. “Buzz” 15AUG1933 – 07AUG1955 Son of F.M. and Mae

ESTES, Ruby Lee CLINE 21MAR1919 – 01MAY1983 Wife of J.E.

ESTES, Sylvan L. 30OCT1910 – 31JUL1911

EVANS, Marion Louise 13JAN1924 – 13FEB1931

FELDER, Dovie Anglee MCDANIEL 07DEC1923 – 01FEB1987

FELDER, James F. “Tuffy” 12JUN1919 – 15JUL1998

FELDER, Lois Frances PARKER MILLER 25MAR1919 – 10AUG1990 Wife of Vernal MILLER, Wife of James Forrest FLEDER

FELDER, Robert Lee 05JUL1880 – 01MAY1967

FELDER, Stella PIPPIN 23OCT1888 – 27FEB1976

FITZGERALD, Della Mae LANEY 14AUG1912 – 29AUG1968

FITZGERALD, Jamew W. 10DEC1930 – 17JUL1971 Son of Della and William Cpl UlS. Army Korea

FLACK, Blanche M. CONRAD 1896 – 1916

FLESHER, Alvin J. 12AUG1917 – 18MAR2001

FRIZIER, Rev. Sanford G. 14JUN1884 – 14MAR1932

FUNSTON, James D. ??DEC1951 – ??OCT1931 Hus of Martha B.

FUNSTON, Martha B. 1856 – 1943

GADDIS, Seth Adam 06NOV1983 – 06FEB1984 Son of Loyd A and Karen B.

GARVER, Andrew J. 02JAN1847 – 21DEC1920 Hus of Elmira

GARVER, Andrew Jacob 10DEC1916 – 22OCT1990 Hus of Lillie Montgomery

GARVER, Baby 09OCT1909 – 15OCT1909 Son of Harry and Mettie E.

GARVER, Baby 1914 – 1914 Son of Anderson and Ethel

GARVER, Elmira 26MAY1847 – 27NOV1928

GARVER, Mary Belle CULVER 16DEC1928 – 02APR1997 Wife of Troy

GARVER, Mattie E. 1881 – 1945

GARVER, Thomas Harry 1883 – 1974 Hus of Mattie E.

GETTLE, Kenny 08MAR1958 – 21FEB1958 Hus of Peggy Clift

GIDDEN, Artie 19OCT1897 – 17FEB1898

GIDDENS, Bernice Purcell 25DEC1894 – 12APR1961

GIDDENS, Mike Norvall 07JAN1894 – 03DEC1955 Hus of Bernice

GIDDENS, Tempie 1890 – 1910

GILES, Hazel BRYANT 02SEP1892 – 13JUN1932

GILL, Frank Aubrey 12SEP1875 – 06DEC1964

GRAVES, George Addson 04SEP1946 – ??OCT1993

GRAY, Arthur Lonzo 1880 – 1943 Hus of Martha Alice

GRAY, Frances Lucille 26JUL1941 – 08SEP1941 Dau of Darrell and Beatrice

GRAY, James Eslie 04FEB1896 – 07FEB1968 Hus of Molly May Swopes

GRAY, Martha Alice 1882 – 1946

GRAY, Molly May 07MAY1902 – 29MAY1971

GREGORY, Arthur Paul, Born 29JAN1931,   Died  27OCT2011, hus of Charlotte Rhodes, Vet Korean War

GUENZEL, Bertha Angelia ULBRICH 17FEB1893 – 21NOV1968

GUENZEL, Jennie Ellis LaFever 16JUL1920 – 13APR2006

GUENZEL, Roberta Lea  Born 5JUN1928,  Died 14,JUN2016  Elementary Teacher

GUENZEL, Ryan Carl 28JAN1878 – 04-6-1970 Hus of Bertha Angelia

HAASE, Donna 15OCT1970 – 15OCT1970 Dau of Don and Frankie Gamble Haase

HABECK, Lillie Luereta DOUGLAS 06APR1892 – 10OCT1990 Wife of Paul

HABECK, Paul – Born 1867 – 24DEC1935

HABECK, Paul Born 1867 – Died 23DEC1935

HALL, child No date – 18AUG1906

HALL, Thelma No date – 1903

HAMMOND, Loyd Born 1APR1940 and died 6SEP2016, Teacher, Carpenter, Caterer, Fisherman

HAMON, Burnett T. 25MAR1871 – 11JUN1940

HAMON, E. H. 12MAR1870 – 29APR1957 Hus of Barnett

HAMON, Earl A. 11NOV1903 – 24NOV1982 Son of E.H. and Burnett

HAMON, Erma Harrison 21FEB1929 – 10JUN2004

HAMON, Oscar Calvin, born 11AUG1925, died 17AUG2009, husband of Erma Leola Harrison

HARDEMAN, B. L. 01OCT1892 – 03AUG1913

HARMAN, F. Brown 08MAR1911 – 14SEP1979 Hus of Roberta Richardson

HARMAN, Jesse Brown 04OCT1935 – 19OCT1984 Son of F. Brown

HARMON, Roberta RICHARDSON 25MAY1918 – 11OCT1988

HARRIS, Mabel Marie WRIGHT 21APR1910 – 17JAN1973 Wife of M. J.

HARRIS, Nola Francis KING 06JUL1913 – 07NOV1990 Wife of Tom

HARRISON, Annie Luella Campbell 25JUN1919 – 25JAN2000 Wife of Walter

HARRISON, Bruce E. 11AUG1913 – 26JUL1995 Hus of Pearl Sanford

HARRISON, Elmer Quinton 24NOV1925 – 01APR1984 Son of Jerry and Maudie

HARRISON, Jerry Skagga 1894 – 1960

HARRISON, Leldon V. 20OCT1934 – 06NOV1991 Hus of Patricia

HARRISON, Maudie Jane MYERS 19MAR1894 – 04JAN1985 Wife of Jerry

HARRISON, Quinton 29MAR1950 – 14SEP2006 Hus of Jacky Pyatt

HARRISON, Walter Leon 1939 – 1941 Son of Walter and Anna

HARRISON, Walter No date – No date

HARTLEY, Albert 06APR1911 – 09DEC1980 Hus of Georgia

HARTLEY, Albert Harve 19APR1940 – 22MAY2004

HARTLEY, Georgia Ima Gillespie 02FEB1917 – 18JAN2001 Wife of Albert

HARTLEY, Jesse 16MAY1903 – 06OCT1981 Hus of Mary E. Garner

HARTLEY, Patsy Marie 05DEC1950 – 20OCT1969 Dau of Jess and Mary

HARTLEY, Shelby Lavern 22MAY1980 – 24MAY1980 Dau of Harvey and Susan K.

HARTLEY, Teddy Don 02AUG1948 – 28NOV1990 Son of Jesse and Mary

HATFIELD, Ira Bell 1840 – 1920

HAVEN, Irma Jessie Batchelor 14JAN1916 – 04MAY2005

HAVEN, John H. 31AUG1869 – 28JUL1962

HAVEN, Lonnie Joe 20MAR1935 – 08OCT1987 Hus of Wilma Jean Silby

HAVEN, Mellissa A. 1846 – 1931

HAVEN, R. L. “Mann” Sr. 23JUN1906 – 12JUN1989 Hus of Irma

HAVEN, Randy 12JUN1956 – 07APR1964

HAVEN, Ransom Joseph 07FEB1965 – 12JUL1969 Son of Ransom and Gertrude

HAVEN, Rocky Joe 21NOV1957 – 11JAN1977 Son of Lonnie Joe and Jean

HEMINGER, Edna Myrle MCCOY 11FEB1927 – 26DEC1984

HEMINGER, Wallace W. 27JUN1920 – 23SEP1984 Hus of Edna Myrle

HENNING, Harry L. Sr. 27AUG1903 – 29NOV1974 Hus of Lola M.

HENNING, James A. 01DEC1876 – 31MAR1945

HENNING, Lola Marjorie HARNISH 04DEC1913 – 14JUL1996 Wife of Harry

HENRY, Rilda No date – No date

HENSON, Harry Dale 29OCT1936 – 10JUN2002

HERBERT, Albert A. 18MAR1874 – 15JUL1943

HERBERT, Corp. LaFayette 05AUG1839 – 25SEP1919 COH B Tex. Cav. CSA

HERBERT, Laura 23SEP1845 – 04FEB1920 Wife of Lafayette

HERONEMA, Ken Born 8MAY1950 – Died 10OCT2014

HERZBERG, Carl 21JAN1867 – 01JAN1927

HERZBERG, Chip Lee 18MAY1965 – 30JUL1988 Son of Leonard and Mary

HICKEY, C. L. “Bud” 13JAN1917 – 28SEP1990 Hus of Hester Garver

HICKEY, J. Parvin 05SEP1896 – 20MAR1969 Hus of Lucy J.

HICKEY, Lucy J. MONTGOMERY 07MAY1897 – 16APR1982

HILL, Clarence 22JUL1902 – 15JUN1907 Son of John and Mary

HILL, Thelma No date – No date

HINES, E. C. 05OCT1908 – 05OCT1908 Son of Lee and Daisy

HINES, Fred Henry 12JUL1875 – 17FEB1967 Hus of Cordelia

HINES, S. Cordelia STEELE 18AUG1875 – 14DEC1971

HINSON, Kenneth Ray 17SEP1910 – 12JUN1911

HOLLAND, Baby No date – No date Inf of Minnie Holland

HOLLAND, Minnie HABECK No date – No date

HOLLEY, Brandie Renea No date – 07MAR1972 Inf of Kay Wright and E Holley

HOLLEY, William Cody “Bo” 25SEP1975 – 31DEC1980 Inf of Kay and E. Holley

HOOPER, Bessie Lee 25JUN1912 – 15OCT2002

HOOPER, Edith Ada 06DEC1920 – 06JAN1989 Wife of Elbert Payne Hooper

HOOPER, Edith Ada SCRIVENER 06DEC1920 – 06JAN1989 Wife of Payne Hooper

HOOPER, Elbert Payne 24OCT1916 – 29JAN1994 Hus of Edith Ada

HOOPER, Elna Atrell 24APR1910 – 25MAY2005 Wife of Roscoe Hooper

HOOPER, Luther A. 1901 – 1973

HOOPER, Roscoe T. “Ross” 08DEC1908 – 24DEC1981

HOOPES, Paul 1915 – 1933

HOOVER, W. B. 1880 – 1946

HOWARD, James Thomas, IV 04MAY1998 – 21APR2003

HUGHES, W.W. “Relieum” 24OCT1918 – 17JUN1999 Hus of Ruby Bake”

HURTIE, Audie 19AUG1914 – 25MAR1990 Hus of Lillian Mitchell

HURTIE, Lillie “Bea” MITCHELL 15JUL1920 – 01JUL1987

INGERSON, Buford Charles “Rat” 20DEC1910 – 09AUG1973

INGERSON, Goldie Belle WRIGHT 04MAY1912 – 26JUL1996 Wife of Buford C.

INMAN, Alex 15JAN1908 – 05JUL1985 Hus of Jewel

INMAN, Jewel Pricilla EASTERLING 12JUL1909 – 06MAY1997 Wife of Alex

INMAN, Julia WHEELOCK 04OCT1881 – 27AUG1971

INMAN, Tom B. 03OCT1874 – 22JUN1966 Hus of Julia

JACKSON, Betty Jean CLINE 27NOV1931 – 11DEC1981 Dau of Jimmie and Maxie

JACKSON, Thomas Leon Born 26AUG1930, Died 25OCT2016 Veteran

JACKSON, Victoria Olet Pena Sumpter 18JAN1963 – 19NOV1995

JENNINGS, Fred J. 1913 – 1931

JOHNSTON, Joseph E. 19SEP1886 – 09APR1948

KEARNS, James H. 1845 – 1905

KEARNS, Mary L. 1844 – 1913

KEITH, Anita Estelle Gray 06MAR1931 – 18JUN2001

KEITH, Aubrey 12MAR1926 – 22JUN1998 Hus of Anita

KEITH, Stanley Dale 1958 – 1983

KELLY, Gene 31OCT1914 – 15OCT1979 Hus of Oleta

KIMBALL, Charles A. 1862 – 1945

KIMBALL, Jessie Mae 1888 – 1907

KIMBALL, Wilminia 1865 – 1911

KING, Abner Alfred 27DEC1881 – 18DEC1957 Hus of Laura Dare

KING, Baby No date – No date

KING, Charles Roy 24AUG1941 – 22OCT1966 A.B U.S. Air Force

KING, Donald J. 06SEP1926 – 31DEC2003

KING, Edith Elizabeth (Babe) 16APR1921 – 23DEC2004

KING, Evelyn R. 1868 – 1950

KING, Flora Amanda 03SEP1908 – 23MAY1989 Wife of Kenneth Francis

KING, Flora WRIGHT 03AUG1909 – 231989 Wife of Kenneth

KING, Frank W. 1862 – 1947 Hus of Evelyn R.

KING, Infant No date – No date

KING, Janice L. Karpenko 10JUL1934 – 26SEP2004

KING, Jennie BATCHELOR 22OCT1898 – 13JUL1973

KING, Joseph B. 18MAR1894 – 11FEB1969 Hus of Jennie B.

KING, Kenneth “Doc” 11JAN1904 – 03FEB1990 Hus of Flora Wright

KING, Kenneth Lee 28DEC1941 – 30AUG1999 Hus of Peggy Thomas

KING, Laura Dare 24OCT1888 – 19DEC1979

KING, Ross 16OCT1898 – 18MAR1986 Son of Frank and Evelyn

KING, William Ed 14JAN1924 – 26SEP1924 Son of Mr. & Mrs. W.L. King

KING, William Ed 14JAN1924 – 27SEP1924

KING, William Wallace 17OCT1910 – 05JUN1986

KIRBY, Jos. No date – No date Civil War

KUBILIS, Rev. Roger Edmund 18MAR1944 – 08OCT1996 Hus of Marcy Lamb

KYLE, Verla Mae MILLER 17DEC1927 – 23SEP1953

LANCASTER, Thelma HABECK 28FEB1925 – 30JUN1992 Wife of Rolls Repass

LANDTROOP, Baby No date – 1930 Son of J.E. and Thelma

LANDTROOP, Baby No date – 1934 Son of J.E. and Thelma

LANE, Calvin Eugene 30JUL1952 – 05JAN1953

LANE, Frank Monroe 14APR1890 – 29OCT1968 Hus of Lizzie

LANE, George M. 18MAR1925 – 25SEP1993

LANE, George W. 01JUL1895 – 13JAN1964 Hus of Gracie

LANE, Gracie WATKINS 1898 – No date

LANE, Gwendolyn A. 1927 – 1973

LANE, Jackie Lynn 27JUL1950 – 10AUG1986 Son of Joe and Willie

LANE, Lizzie S. SHOCKLEE 24FEB1889 – 25JAN1982

LANE, Maggie E. 40NOV1912 – 03FEB1970 Dau of Frank and Lizzie

LANE, Willie Gray, Born 19MAY1926 Died 12JUN-2013 wife of Joe Lane

LANEY, D. E. 1882 – 1967

LANEY, David H. 22APR1856 – 06MAY1926

LANEY, Eddie Ray 25APR1948 – 05AUG1952

LANEY, Emma J. 30JUN1861 – 12APR1928

LANEY, Grace Alena BURTON 16JUL1899 – 08AUG1934

LANEY, Iva 1904 – 1922

LATHAM, Jim M. 13MAY1914 – 17MAY1931

LAW, John William 14SEP1856 – 22DEC1913

LAW, Ruth B. 04MAY1866 – 12AUG1945

LAWSON, Elizabeth 1867 – 1940

LAWSON, Elzick 1867 – 1924

LEEPER, Joseph Holman 3rd 28OCT1951 – 06AUG1984

LEONARD, Christopher, Michael 25JUN1977 – 25JUN1977 Son of George and Judy

LEONARD, Foster “Jr.”  B 29SEP1927  D 25JAN2020 Farmer, Road Grader

LONG, Flora E. Libby 17JUL1888 – 20OCT1965

LONG, Fred H. 1884 – 1928 Hus of Flora E.

MABRA, Bessie Lela 1887 – 1973

MABRA, Billie Dove Myers 28NOV1931 – 09FEB2001

MABRA, Johnny Born 2APR1949 Died 11SEP2014

MABRA, Opal WRIGHT 29JUL1911 – 19JUN1995

MABRA, Robert L. 12SEP1920 – 14APR1990 Hus of Billie D.

MAILES, Archibald B. 24OCT1849 – 01JAN1928 Arch and family changed the spelling Males to Mailes because his wife was embarrassed by the spelling and demanded that it be changed.

MALES, Baby 1929 – 1929 Inf of Fred and Lucille

MALES, Bertie F. 1878 – 1933

MALES, George W. 1874 – 1954

MALES, Lydia A. KEATON 25MAR1837 – 15APR1914

MALLETT, Baby No date – No date Dau of William and Mary

MALLETT, Mary 12MAY1866 – 08NOV1906

MARGILU,  . – No date Pfc. U. S. Army WWII

MARSHALL, Annabell KING 04AUG1908 – 08JUN1992 Wife of James

MARSHALL, H. C. 02JUN1915 – 08FEB1917

MARSHALL, Iona 1874 – 1935

MARSHALL, James Tilden. 01APR1902 – 22JUL1979 Hus of Annabell King

MARSHALL, Leavie L. PAYNE 29NOV1914 – 07MAR1995 Wife of Lindsey

MARSHALL, Lindsey Louis 01JAN1909 – 09AUG1971

MARSHALL, W. A. 1871 – 1953 Hus of Iona

MARTINEZ, Zacfhary Layne 01OCT1999 – 13OCT1999 Son of Mark & Stephanie

MATTLAGE, Margene Debord 1909 – 1960

MATTLAGE, Raymond 1912 – 1986 Hus of Margene

MCCOLGIN, Bessie Simison 07JAN1875 – 09APR1972

MCCOLGIN, Dorothy 31MAY1928 – 31MAY1928 Dau of Wayne and Dorothy

MCCOLGIN, Grant 02FEB1870 – 20OCT1959 Hus of Bessie

MCCOLGIN, Lee EASTERLING 02FEB1901 – 11NOV1989 Wife of Sterling S.

MCCOLGIN, Quinton Phillip 17DEC1909 – 21OCT1980 Son of Grant and Bessie MM1 U.S. Navy WW II

MCCOLGIN, Sterling Simison 1901 – 1963 Hus of Lee Oma Easterling

MCCOLGIN, Wayne 01MAY1928 – 01MAY1928 Son of Wayne and Dorothy

MCCOLGIN, Wayne R. 15OCT1904 – 19APR1982 Hus of Dorothy

MCCOY, C.E.Jr. 15OCT1930 – 31JAN2004

MCCOY, Jimmy Dean 1-03-1935 – 30OCT2001

MCENTIRE, Elzie S. 11AUG1916 – 13DEC1985 Hus of Hazel L. Atha

MCENTIRE, Hazel L. Atha 28JUN1917 – 04MAY1987

MCKINNEY, Gracie CULVER 29AUG1925 – 10MAY1989 Wife of James Edward

MCKINNEY, James E. 31JUL1926 – 22JUL1986 Hus of Gracie Culver

MCNEIL, Marie A. 1894 – 1938

MCNEIL, Mike No date – ??OCT1997 Son of Pauline and Raymond

MCNEIL, Raymond J. 09NOV1917 – 25OCT1993 Hus of Pauline U.S. Army WW II

MCNEILAN, Irene 1877 – 1945

MCNEILAN, Samuel 1863 – 1936 Hus of Irene

MCSPERITT, Thurman J. 12JUL1930 – 22SEP1994 Hus of Wanda Kuykendall

MEDLEY, Carmon Ella 18APR1915 – 08JUL1993 Wife of Virgil

MEDLEY, Virgil Lee 21SEP1913 – 23JAN1999

MILLAR, Cornelia H. 1872 – 1945

MILLAR, Edwin Ruthvin 25SEP1865 – 06SEP1948 Hus of Cornelia

MILLAR, Frank Aaron 31OCT1903 – 13FEB1978 Hus of Nellie

MILLAR, Nellie MATTLAGE 16JAN1905 – 09MAR1978

MILLER, Emery Valorous 8/8/1867 – 7/14/1953 Hus of Susan K.

MILLER, Glen Lester 19DEC1933 – 07JUL2002

MILLER, Guy 1902 – 1943 Son of Emery and Susan

MILLER, Jennie 1890 – 1919

MILLER, Lester V. 13APR1894 – 04JUN1955 Hus of Myrtle L.

MILLER, Lloyd Eugene 21FEB1942 – 21SEP1944 Son of Lester and Myrtle

MILLER, Myrtle L. SANDFORD 24AUG1902 – 20JAN1979

MILLER, Susan K. 1872 – 1948

MILLER, Vernal LeRoy 08JUL1912 – 23OCT1976 Son of Emery and Susan

MILLS, Charlene Marjorie 20FEB1932 – 03NOV1939

MILLS, Cora Ella MILLER 14APR1914 – 13MAR1998 Wife of Myron Alford Mills

MILLS, Myron A. 09FEB1909 – 30OCT1981 Hus of Cora E.

MINARD, A. P. 1908 – 1987

MINARD, Glen Aubrey 19NOV1935 – 05MAR1979 Cpl U.S. Marine Corps Son of Percy and Pauline

MINARD, Pauline L. 19NOV1914 – 27FEB1998 Wife of Percy

MINARD, Roger Wayne 1947 – 1949 Son of Percy and Pauline

MITCHELL, Dorothy Marie 1923 – 1925

MITCHELL, Ivan Herbert 20NOV1896 – 11OCT1974

MITCHELL, Ivan Lloyd 17FEB1927 – 04SEP1973 Hus of Jewel Cpl. U.S. Army Korea

MITCHELL, Vada Douglas 06DEC1898 – 02APR1995 Wife of Hubert

MOELLER, Carl No date – 17NOV1942

MOELLER, Cassie WOODRUFF No date – 18NOV1942

MOELLER, Charles W. 10FEB1890 – 17NOV1942

MOELLER, Elizabeth H. 1859 – 1917

MOELLER, Ethel G. 26NOV1874 – 12NOV1942

MOELLER, John 26NOV1852 – 27APR1941

MONTGOMERY, Annie Kenny 16OCT1886 – 01OCT1981

MONTGOMERY, R.L. “Pat” 13JUN1924 – 22NOV2000 Hus of Kathryn Tice

MONTGOMERY, Raymond Leon II 03MAY1960 – 29NOV2003

MOORE, James H. 06MAR1921 – 22OCT1962 Cpt 5 TAC SPAC WW II

MOORE, Virginia MCCOLGIN No date – ??DEC1994 71 years old Wife of James

MULLIN, Jannie M. 21SEP1862 – 09MAY1929

MULLIN, Lila J No date – 30OCT1930

MULLIN, Marvin J. 03FEB1896 – 13DEC1938

MULLIN, Naoma C. 10AUG1840 – 10DEC1912

MUNGER, Effie June RICE 09JUL1920 – 10DEC1983

MUNGER, James Roy 30SEP1905 – 19AUG1976 Hus of Effie June

MYERS, Jane E. 1872 – 1962

MYERS, John A. 1854 – 1920

MYERS, Leonard Doyle 1938 – 1946 Son of Allie

NIX, David 02JUL1963 – 15JUN1980

OWEN, Alfred Ames 08MAY1900 – 25AUG1982 Hus of Enda

OWEN, Edna Seier 17DEC1902 – 25JUN1988

OWEN, John Thomas 1930 – 1932 Son of Alfred and Edna

OWEN, Oneta Marie DUKE 10MAY1933 – 08MAR1998 Wife of M.J.

OWEN, Sue 13MAY1955 – 25JAN2017 Wife of Randy

PACHECO, Baby 1954 – 1954 Son of Gilbert Pacheco

PANKEY, Hettie Lou CRANE 17JUN1915 – 09SEP1973 Wife of Lavon Panke

PARK, Olen Thomas “O.T.” 1922 – 1988

PARKS, Ethyn “Dick”, Born 21NOV1931, died 16OCT2009, Veteran Korea, hus of Clara Mae Bond

PARKS, Helen MILLER 24MAR1922 – 13FEB1984 Wife of W.T.

PARKS, Lela Me GARVER 14JAN1911 – 12JUN1941

PARKS, William Tettlo “Bill” 20DEC1917 – 28FEB2005 Vet WW II Hus of Helen Miller

PARMAN, Carl Richard 26JUL1924 – 20FEB1989 Hus of Alene Hillman

PARMAN, Carl Richard Jr. 26JUL1924 – 19FEB1989 Hus of Mary Alene

PARMAN, Mary Alene Hillman 05JUL1925 – 14JAN2003

PARSON, William Howard 20FEB1906 – 14JAN1954 Son of James and Alice

PARSONS, Alice L. 1870 – No date

PARSONS, James W. 1870 – 1935 Hus of Alice L.

PATTERSON, Baby No date – 1923 Inf of Pat and Jewel

PAYNE, Carrie 1913 – 1931

PAYNE, Effie 1896 – 1980

PAYNE, Elbert L. 1886 – 1964 Hus of Effie

PAYNE, Joy D. SUMPTER 04JAN1921 – 20OCT1977

PENNINGTON, Iris TURBYFILL 15MAR1919 – 25MAY1997 Wife of Percy

PENNINGTON, Larry  Born 07May1946, Died 07JAN2019  Dairyman, Agriculture Trucker, Volunteer Fireman, Restorer of Vehicles
Husband of Pauline Fay (WIDENER) PENNINGTON

PENNINGTON, Percy Dale, Born 20AUG1919, Died 27FEB2010 US Air Force WWII, Husband of Iris Elsie Turbyfill

PETERSEN, Arla R. 1892 – 1971

PETERSEN, C. H. 1854 – 1921

PETERSEN, John H. 1882 – 1961 Hus of Arla R.

PETERSEN, John Reynolds 21OCT1918 – 11AUG1990 Hus of Nellie Vet WW II

PETERSEN, Marie F. 1852 – 1955

PHARIES, Harding L. 1875 – 1955

PIERCE, John Alvin, Born 21MAY1937 – 25FEB2005

PIPPS, Charles K. 1907 – 1907

PLUNKETT, C.D. 04OCT1876 – 29MAR1907

PLUNKETT, Ross 13SEP1905 – 13SEP1907 son of William John & Sarah Louisa Pugh Plunkett

PLUNKETT, Sarah L. 14DEC1877 – 4JAN1965

PLUNKETT, William J. 10FEB1872 – 18MAR1952 Hus of Sarah L.

PORTER, Anthony Wayne 20NOV1986 – 25JAN2005 Son of Billy Wayne and Donna Joy Porter

PORTER,  J.T. 06MAY1930 – 14AUG2006 Hus of Evelyn Robison

PORTER, Kaitlyn “Katy” Savannah, B. 25MAR1997, D. 2FEB2020

POSEY, Alice L. 1892 – 1981

POSEY, Isiah T. 1889 – 1947 Hus of Alice L.

POSTLEWAIT, Velva Ree PARKS 21AUG1910 – 09NOV1982 Wife of Reiber A.

PRIDE, Clara E. PARSONS 11NOV1891 – 10SEP1957

PROVINES, Estella Mae 02AUG1903 – 07AUG1949 Dau of James and Mellie

PROVINES, Helen Marie 17DEC1930 – 05JUL1939 Dau of Robert and Edna

PROVINES, James W. 23DEC1881 – 09MAR1969 Hus of Mellie D.

PROVINES, Marion H. 18JAN1906 – 13SEP1914 Dau of James and Mellie

PROVINES, Mellie D. 06NOV1882 – 11FEB1971

PROVINES, Raymond 24FEB1910 – 13SEP1914 Son of James and Mellie

PURCELL, Adelia E. 22AUG1868 – 04SEP1927

PURCELL, Charles A. 22MAR1863 – 23JUL1927

PURCELL, Geraldine E. 16AUG1918 – 01SEP1920 Dau of Bert and Kitty

PURCELL, J. B. 21MAR1920 – 05AUG1941 Son of Bert and Kitty

PURCELL, John Bert 03AUG1885 – 09AUG1966 Hus of Kitty Baker

PURCELL, Kitty BAKER 01MAR1884 – 09AUG1986

PURCELL, Thomas Lee 09SEP1889 – 29AUG1910

PURCELL, Willie Shepard 19AUG1899 – 20AUG1903

PURVIS, Anthony H. 15SEP1906 – 05JAN1992 Hus of Mary Ellen

PURVIS, Baby 20AUG1843 – 20AUG1943 Inf of H. and Marge

PURVIS, Mary Ellen KLINGMAN 08MAR1906 – 20DEC1994

RAINEY, Vernal 1947 – 1952 Son of Floyd and Erma

RANKIN, John 1842 – 1929

RATLIFF, Dan T. 27JAN1866 – 03MAY1941

RATLIFF, Ida Bell 1885 – 1962

REEDY, Buster 31JUL1905 – 30JUL1948

REID, Mike McKinley, Born 29SEP1940 Died 17DEC2012 hus of Freda Lea Teston & Virginia Sue Flesher

REIDEL, Adolph 1864 – 1941

REYNOLDS, Ben V. 1893 – 1958 Son of Vernon and Eva

REYNOLDS, Eva V. MILLER 1873 – 1949

REYNOLDS, Lavern Lane “Chuck” 03JAN1914 – 08SEP1978 Hus of

REYNOLDS, Mary Ann 1868 – 1917

REYNOLDS, Vernon D. 1870 – 1941 Hus of Eva v.

REYNOLDS, Vernone Dean 1954 – 1954

RHEA, J. M. 06DEC1873 – 06DEC1940

RICE, Anna Mae GRAY 12-16-37 – 24MAR1989 Wife of Marvin Leroy Rice

RICE, Marvin Leroy 09SEP1928 – 11NOV2002

RICHARDSON, Carl Edward 1922 – 1945


RICHARDSON, Jess S. 16NOV1890 – 13MAY1963 Hus of Grace W.

RICKERT, Jessie Mae 12MAY1888 – 20JUL1969

RICKERT, John A. 1886 – 1950 Hus of Jessie Mae

RITZLER, ? ??FEB1870 – ??JUN1911

ROBERTS, Dewight 1906 – 1907 Son of C.F. and Lillie

ROBERTS, Lillie P. 1899 – 1921 Wife of C.F. Roberts

ROBERTS, Pearl 1904 – 1926

ROBERTSON, James R. 10APR1940 – 18JUN1988 Hus of Pat

ROBINSON, Amanda Jane ESTILL 04AUG1871 – 17JUL1955

ROBINSON, Antoninette W. 24FEB1851 – No date

ROBINSON, Orton H. 13MAR1851 – 07OCT1917 Hus of Antoinette

ROBINSON, Orville 22MAR1909 – 04APR1992 Hus of Dora Mae Abbott

ROBISON, Amanda Jane Estell 1872 – 1955

ROBISON, Jerry F. 1866 – 1939 Hus of Amanda J.

RODICO, J. T. No date – No date Spanish American War Veteran

ROSS, Mary Jo 17AUG1933 – 07SEP1933

RUBY, Fern Taylor 12FEB1891 – 10APR1990 Wife of Jim E. Ruby

RUSSELL, Callie E. 22JAN1883 – 09AUG1983

RUSSELL, Harley E. 23JUL1876 – 09DEC1953 Hus of Callie E.

SANFORD, Bertren L. 1948 – 1948

SANFORD, C.C. “Pop” 30DEC1913 – 12FEB1999

SANFORD, Carolyn 1941 – 1954 Clifford’s daughter

SANFORD, Charles V. 1875 – 1952 Hus of Roxie

SANFORD, Daphna Murel Butler 13MAY1917 – 22DEC2000

SANFORD, Joyce Candell 1932 – 1957 Clifford’s daughter

SANFORD, Roxie 1888 – 1970

SANFORD, Sanford, Charless Clifton Jr. 06SEP1942 – 06SEP1942 Born 6 a.m. died 6:30 p.m .

SANFORD, V. H. 22FEB1928 – 1933

SANFORD, Wilma J. 1932 – 1958

SCHELISTEDE, Bertha Augusta Willhemena Kerch 01MAR1861 – 01MAR1918

SCHELISTEFE, John 1861 – 1920

SCRIBNER, Andy J. 14MAR1880 – 22MAY1957 Hus of Willie

SCRIBNER, Willie 19SEP1892 – 26DEC1942

SCRIVNER, Amril B. 11JUL1924 – 16JAN1990 Wife of James Carl

SCRIVNER, Benton Franklin 06APR1886 – 21FEB1972 Hus of Maude E. James

SCRIVNER, Benton Wayne 30SEP1950 – 02APR2000 Hus of Judy Lynn Corrington

SCRIVNER, Charles Everett 02APR1947 – 23SEP2000 Hus of Myrna Brandt

SCRIVNER, Clifford Cody 20JAN1917 – 12DEC1977 Son of Benton and Maude

SCRIVNER, Edna L. TACKETT 27SEP1896 – 27MAR1980

SCRIVNER, Ethel Auta Stewart 31DEC1918 – 23JUN2004

SCRIVNER, Floyd 25NOV1924 – 02MAR1945 Pfc 299 Emg. WW II

SCRIVNER, Francis M. No date – 1910

SCRIVNER, Gladys Loraine Stewart, Born 10NOV1923, Died 30MAR2013, wife of Ora Otis Scrivner

SCRIVNER, Glenda June Smith, Born 24NOV1929, Died 21DEC2012 wife of Jesse B. Scrivner

SCRIVNER, James Carl 26AUG1926 – 18FEB2006 Vet WW II

SCRIVNER, James L. Jr. 16NOV1927 – 04MAY1957 Hus of Thelma T. Sgt. U.S. Air Force

SCRIVNER, James L. Sr. 24NOV1889 – 25MAY1970 Hus of Edna

SCRIVNER, Jess B. 17FEB1915 – 4DEC1993 Hus of June Smith

SCRIVNER, Lucille Fern MILLAR 07JAN1920 – 21JUL1980 Wife of Clifford Cody

SCRIVNER, Martin Shelton 05MAR1915 – 12MAR1986 Hus of Ethel U.S. Army WW II

SCRIVNER, Maude E. JAMES 20SEP1897 – 07AUG1983 Wife of Benton F.

SCRIVNER, Ora Otis 1918 – 1978 Hus of Gladys Cpl. U.S. Army WW II

SCRIVNER, Ralph R. 14MAR1933 – 29MAR1997 Son of Maude Emeline & Benton. Was guarding the body of President John F. Kennedy on Air Force One at the time Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in as president.

SCRIVNER,  James L., Sr. 24NOV1889 – 25MAY1970 Hus of Edna

SELTON, Bill 06NOV1928 – 26NOV2004

SEWELL, E. W. Jr. 26SEP1927 – 26SEP1927 Son of Evertt and Minnie

SEWELL, Everett W. 07JAN1890 – 28NOV1964 Hus of Minnie Millar

SEWELL, Gene Thomas, Born 29FEB1932 Died 28NOV2011   Vet WWII

SEWELL, Minnie Eufaula 28JAN1896 – 15AUG1936

SHINN, William H. 22AUG1899 – 07JUN1973

SHOCKLEY, Julie Ann ??DEC1869 – ??APR1959

SHOCKLEY, Thomas Charles ??OCT1861 – ??DEC1947 Hus of Julia Ann

SIBLEY, Clovis Elbert 10JUN1914 – 04JAN1994 Hus of Winnie Alice Brown

SIBLEY, Winnie Alice Brown, Born 6JUN1915 Died 10SEP2012 wife of Clovis Sibley

SIMISON, Ruth 28FEB1869 – 15AUG1943

SIMPSON, Rev. Charles E. 01SEP1911 – 06FEB1978

SIMPSON, Robert Baker 12OCT1873 – 08FEB1936

SIMPSON, Ruby Adell Purcell, Born 3NOV1915 Died 28OCT2011 wife of Charles Edward Simpson

SMITH, Albert 1846 – 1909 died 1909 (Burned in prairie fire-Father of Sally Tomlinson Butler)

SMITH, Leo 15DEC1912 – 15JAN1913

SMITH, Naomi Juanita DOTY 22MAR1923 – 15NOV1990 Wife of Richard R.

SMITH, Richard R. 11DEC1919 – 16MAY2003 Air Force 26 years, WW II

SNELL, Mark Anthony 27JAN1960 – 27JAN1960 Son of William and Mary

SNOWDEN, Ava 1879 – 1961

SNOWDEN, Eli R. 09APR1867 – 18MAY1942 Hus of Ava

SNYDER, Cecilla 26JAN1859 – 06JAN1943

SNYDER, E. E. 1862 – 1925

SPAKE, Hazel 13SEP1914 – 13SEP1914

SPAKE, Oliver 09MAR1836 – 20SEP1914

SPENCER, Annie E. 1885 – 1962

SPENCER, Charley E. 1883 – 1956 Hus of Annie E.

SPENCER, Merritt M. 17NOV1915 – 07SEP1990 Hus of Elma Gertrude

SPURLIN, Daphne 17NOV1896 – 24JUL1945 Wife of W. A.

SPURLIN, James G. “Buck” 30NOV1915 – 16FEB1994 Hus of Marguerite

SPURLIN, Paul Franklin 30JUN1970 – 25MAY2000

STANHOPE, Kaelum Charles 05FEB2006 – 05FEB2006 Son of Jennifer Gettle & Matt

STEELE, Amanda J. 16JUL1843 – 28MAR1913

STINNETT, Douglas S. 1964 – 1964

STINNETT, Mellie Marie 17MAY1903 – 11FEB1979

STINNETT, William D. 29APR1903 – 21APR1942 UACR U.S. Army WW I

SULLENBERGER, Joseph Daniel 05AUG1911 – 14MAR1998 Hus of Leora Barker

SULLENBERGER, Leora Mae BARKER 16OCT1913 – 01MAR1998 Wife of Joseph

SULLINS, Baby 25JAN1933 – 25JAN1933 Dau of M-M R. Sullins

SUMPTER, Baby No date – ??DEC1984 Inf of Tony and Lois

SUMPTER, Charles Leon Born 11DEC1934, Died 15AUG2016 Korean War Veteran, Purple Heart, Fisherman

SUMPTER, Homer 04OCT1919 – 24MAR2003

SUMPTER, Jewel A. WHITE 12DEC1910 – 31OCT1985

SUMPTER, Myrtle May 03MAR1892 – 24MAR1976

SUMPTER, V. O. “Buster” 24JUN1904 – 26MAY1980 Hus of Jewel

SWOPE, David Neil 16SEP1961 – 21FEB2000 Son of Leo, Jr  & Barbara

SWOPE, Leo John 03FEB1895 – 10MAY1962 Hus of Zella Mae

SWOPE, Zella Mae JACKSON 24MAR1896 – 22DEC1983

TACKETT, George 1870 – 1912 Hus of Sarah

TACKETT, Sarah 1874 – 1925

TAYLOR, Barbara Duke 18APR1922 – 09FEB1990 Wife of Robert Wheeler Wife of J. G. TAYLOR

TAYLOR, Bessie BOWMAN 12AUG1908 – 02MAY1973

TAYLOR, Bessie Mozelle 22JAN1938 – 11MAY1938

TAYLOR, Dortha 3OCT1912 – 3FEB2007  Dortha L. Taylor  Mitts, wife of Paul Taylor

TAYLOR, Dorothy Born June 1929 – 1929, Dau of Paul & Dortha Taylor

TAYLOR, Franklin D. 1856 – 1936

TAYLOR, George W. 02JUN1895 – 17SEP1958

TAYLOR, John R. 1851 – 1935

TAYLOR, Jonathan Wayne 16APR1983 – 28SEP1984 Son of Mac and Joanne

TAYLOR, Lila Mary MILLER 06FEB1910 – 14MAY1995 Wife of Wayne

TAYLOR, Mattie Lucy 13MAY1866 – 16JAN1941

TAYLOR, Paul McClarren 1899 – 1970

TAYLOR, Thelma Barnard 1917 – 1978

TAYLOR, Verne Earl 22MAY1901 – 15OCT1974 Hus of Bessie

TAYLOR, Wayne Reich 26SEP1903 – 22FEB1967 Hus of Lila MILLER

TEAGUE, Lillie Mae Marshall 20DEC1934 – 09FEB2001

TEAGUE, Wildon D. 27AUG1932 – 10MAR2006 Hus of Lillie Mae Marshall and Ellen Ford

THOMPSON, Grace L. TAYLOR 1892 – 1946

THOMPSON  – Pauline Born 16OCT1921, died at eight months, June, 1922, dau of Roy and Grace Thompson

THOMPSON, Roy E. 1917 – 1932

THOMPSON – Stillborn Twin Babies –  Born 1919 – 1919 , children of Roy & Grace Thompson

THURMAN, Laura H. DAVES 05MAY1899 – 09OCT1985

THURMAN, Melvin F. 25AUG1928 – 13FEB1998 Hus of Virgie Tidrick

THURMAN, Nicholas H. 06JUL1897 – 22NOV1978 Hus of Laura H.

TICE, Clyde Jr. 06JUL1932 – 31JUL1994 Hus of June Isch

TICE, Clyde Sr. 19JUN1912 – 08APR1992 Hus of Katie Leona Garver

TICE, Leonard 4-22-1914 – 29MAR1987 Hus of Mattie Threkold

TICE, Luther 21NOV1900 – 14MAY1987 Hus of Violet Fergerson Hus of Vivian MILLER

TICE, Mattie Bell Threlkeld 04JUL1919 – 03OCT2005 Wife of Leonard Tice

TOMLINSON, Jasper 1905 – 1906

TOMLINSON, John Kirk “Pabby” 22AUG1869 – 26MAY1946

TOMLINSON, Sally Tomlinson Butler, exhumed from Spearman, Texas, May of 2006

TOWNSLEY, Jackie No date – 1937

TRAMMELL, Mary Francis SWOPE 19JUN1897 – 12JAN1980

TRAMMELL, Frank Swope “Jack” 17MAR1921 – 26JUL1990 Hus of Luella U.S. Army WW II

TRAMMELL, Gus 01SEP1889 – 25MAY1968 Hus of Mary Swope

TRAMMELL, Luella E. ISCH 28APR1928 – 15APR1994 Wife of Jack S.

TURBYFILL, Baby 23DEC1933 – 23DEC1933

TWEEDY, Nannie Bell 21DEC1865 – 27FEB1919

VANDAGRIFF, Beatrice 02FEB1927 – 16OCT1933 Dau of Percy and Mabel

VANDAGRIFF, E. Jane Reed 01NOV1866 – 08AUG1944

VANDAGRIFF, Jackie Lee 10JUN1933 – 05JAN1936 Inf of Percy and Mabel

VINCENT, Arthur Cicero 09JUN1890 – 14SEP1946 Hus of Marguerita Petersen and Maggie Crockett

VINCENT, Edgar James 18NOV1892 – 20AUG1977

VINCENT, John A. 1859 – 1945 Hus of Maggie Ann

VINCENT, Maggie Ann CROCKETT 12JUL1876 – 28FEB1963

VINCENT, Marguerite Johana PETERSEN 15AUG1903 – 12OCT1990

VINCENT, Victoria A. 15AUG1903 – 15NOV1916

VINSON, Artemency 02APR1854 – 10MAR1930

VOSS, Katie Wilma WHEELER 02OCT1912 – 14FEB1985

WARREN, Augusta PETERSON 1897 – 1978

WARREN, Baby 04APR1926 – 04APR1926 Son of M-M R.L. Warren

WELLS, Amy E. 1878 – 1936

WELLS, Bessie Selby 21MAR1900 – 12-1997 Wife of Frank Wells

WELLS, Edward 1870 – 1938

WELLS, Emma 11SEP1872 – 07OCT1904 Wife of Robert

WELLS, Frank 18FEB1898 – 04DEC1946

WELLS, Janie 1876 – 1968

WELLS, John  5FEB1939 – 12APR2014   husband of Reta

WELLS, Kenneth F. 21FEB1954 – 04NOV1955

WELLS, Leonard C. 07MAR1921 – 20DEC1923

WELLS, Lila WELLS 05NOV1913 – 16JAN1995 Wife of William Frederick

WELLS, Parthnie 22JUL1825 – 12APR1907 Wife of Robert Wells

WELLS, Richard Thomas 17OCT1958 – 06OCT1986 Hus of Coretta Varnell

WELLS, Robert W. 1877 – 1960

WELLS, Roy Lee 21SEP1941 – 23AUG2001

WELLS, Sam No date – No date

WEST, Frank Henry 24JAN1883 – 06NOV1951 Hus of Maggie Cline

WEST, Mandy E. 1886 – 1960

WHEELER, Baby No date – 02MAR1913 Inf of George and Ursual

WHEELER, Elmo Johnny 15DEC1915 – 25NOV1994 Hus of Lahoma Sewell

WHEELER, George W. 20JAN1871 – 06NOV1949 Hus of Ursula

WHEELER, James Dillard 28JUN1925 – 03DEC1973 Hus of Dorothy Crockerr Vet WW II

WHEELER, James E.  “Red” 1904 – 1988

WHEELER, Leonard 1910 – 1934 Son of Robert and Manta

WHEELER, Manta Clay 13OCT1883 – 28JUL1905

WHEELER, Nellie J. 01APR1899 – 28JUL1905

WHEELER, Robert 1878 – 1943 Hus of Manta

WHEELER, Robert E. 1916 – 1984 U.S. Army WW II

WHEELER, Sarah I. 1854 – 1942

WHEELER, Ursula 1874 – 1959 Wife of George

WHEELER, William E. 1856 – 1934

WHEELER, Lahoma Sewell 08JUL1917 – 27JAN2004

WHITE, Fannie Frances INGRAM 23NOV1876 – 25MAR1949

WHITE, George F. 1879 – 1953 Hus of Fannie F.

WICKENS, Vina Leda MYERS 23NOV1910 – 29MAY1989 Wife of Asa R.

WILKENS, Vina MYERS 23NOV1910 – 05-1989 Wife of Asa

WILLIAMS, James 10DEC1930 – 17JUL1971

WILSON, Charles 30APR1937 – 09FEB1989 Hus of Carlen Yowell

WILSON, Charles Lee “Chuck” 30APR1939 – 09FEB1989 Hus of Darlene

WILSON, L. X. 17JAN1941 – 101975 Son of Temple

WILSON, Myrtle Alice HAMMOND 12AUG1884 – 21FEB1968

WILSON, Pate 02FEB1877 – 06FEB1958 Hus of Myrtle

WINEINGER, George L. 19JUN1912 – 12JUL1912 Son of James and Pauline

WINEINGER, James Lymon 27JUL1897 – ??APR1947 Hus of Paulie A.

WINEINGER, Maragret Elenor NORTON 27APR1859 – 12APR1931

WINEINGER, Paulie A. 1903 – 1978

WITT, Lanita, 24MAR1931 Born and died same day

WOOD, Bessie H. TACKETT 09DEC1897 – 26SEP1964

WOOD, Bud 14DEC1919 – 24JUN2003

WOOD, Cellia Magnolia 17FEB1873 – 17MAR1949

WOOD, John 27OCT1868 – 19DEC1956 Hus of Maggie Flemmons

WOOD, Mike 10SEP1911 – 08DEC1975 Hus of Mildred Hubbard Sgt. U.S. Army WW II

WOOD, Ora Alvin 17JAN1896 – 25MAR1965 Hus of Bessie H.

WOODARD, Edna MAGEE 1890 – 1970

WOODARD, Rev. Horace 1886 – 1958 Hus of Edna

WOODWORTH, Allan S. 18NOV1863 – 18FEB1940 Hus of Dora Ann

WOODWORTH, Dora Ann GEORGE 25DEC1870 – 09JUN1960

WOODWORTH, Elma C. “Buster” 1910 – 1937 Son of Allen and Dora Ann

WORK, Ida May 21MAY1905 – 10AUG1905

WORK, Sella K. 10MAR1897 – 24MAY1911

WRIGHT, Asa Ruben 22MAY1886 – 15OCT1965 Hus of Josie Lee

WRIGHT, Billy Gene 11DEC1930 – 23JUL1991 Hus of Lois Louise Moore

WRIGHT, Blanche E. VINCENT 1885 – 1960

WRIGHT, C. A. “Mike” 04NOV1910 – 22JUN1977 Hus of Oma Lee

WRIGHT, Cassie 16MAY1973 – 15OCT2002

WRIGHT, Christina Deanne 16FEB1967 – 22APR1990 Dau of Donnie and Patrica

WRIGHT, Chuck 13NOV1951 – 16JUN2004

WRIGHT, David Wayne No date – 07JUN1992 36 yrs old

WRIGHT, Elda L. 1907 – 1969

WRIGHT, Floyd Raymond 27OCT1924 – 13MAY1982 Hus of Ruth Sgt. U.S. Army WW II

WRIGHT, H. J. 12NOV1919 – 20NOV1997 Hus of Maxine Edwards

WRIGHT, Henry G. 1882 – 1928 Hus of Blanche

WRIGHT, Hoy Louis 14FEB1884 – 22OCT1977 Hus of Mary Belle

WRIGHT, Jimmie Ray 27AUG1941 – 09DEC1941 Dau of H.J. and Billie

WRIGHT, John Edward 1918 – 1920

WRIGHT, Josie Lee BURGESS 29MAY1892 – 23DEC1965

WRIGHT, Lee Roy 1920 – 1935 Son of Hoy and Mary Belle

WRIGHT, Mary Belle SMITH 17SEP1884 – 23MAR1925

WRIGHT, Oma Lee PAYNE 1917 – 1944

WRIGHT, Ozelle PAYNE 11FEB1919 – 27NOV1923 Hus of Jack Wright

WRIGHT, Ruth Cochran 01APR1923 – 0-06-2001

WRIGHT, Shad Lee 02MAY1975 – 10JUL1989 Son of Ronnie and Mary

WRIGHT, W. B. “Bill” 31DEC1908 – 16JAN1976

WYATT, Lila J. MULLINS . – 1993

YOUNG, Lillen Mavis 21MAR1930 – 31FEB1932 Dau of Price

YOUNG, M. Ceclia 07OCT1900 – 23JUN1937

YOUNG, S. Price 22APR1890 – 08MAR1948

YOWELL, Baby 1913 – 1913 Dau of G.A. and Vernie

YOWELL, Cecli Earl 28AUG1936 – 11MAR1947 Son of Earnie and Lois

YOWELL, Daniel Wesley 29FEB1916 – 27OCT1988 Hus of Virginia

YOWELL, Delure E. HOLBROOK 1887 – 1971

YOWELL, Edda 1906 – 1931

YOWELL, Frank B. 1882 – 1949 Hus of Delure E.

YOWELL, G. A. “Bert” 1886 – 1955 Hus of Vernie

YOWELL, Goldie Dotson 01APR1909 – 10DEC2003

YOWELL, Isaac N. 1853 – 1925 Hus of Laura F.

YOWELL, Laura F. 1855 – 1916

YOWELL, Lee 1908 – 1959 Hus of Goldie

YOWELL, Lois Cannon 24JUL1914 – 22MAR1992 Wife of Ernie

YOWELL, Neely 29FEB1916 – 27OCT1988 Hus of Virginia Howard

YOWELL, Toni F. 1910 – 1981 Hus of Pauline

YOWELL, Vernie E. 1887 – 1959

YOWELL, Virginia Howard 17DEC1916 – 23SEP1997 Wife of Neely