Single Graves

Found in Roger Mills County, Ok.

BALLARD, Baby  Stillborn. Buried in theSE1/4 of 18-14-24 in the yard of Dale TRACY

BARNARD, Jessie Alexander, 1886-1902, A red shale stone marker SW of Cheyenne on the land owned by K. C. PERRYMAN in 1988.

CAFFEY, Baby, Buried on Dead Indian Creek near Eldon BOSWELL farm, north of Cheyenne, OK

CORSON, Mrs.,  The mother of Augusta I. (CORSON) METCALF is buried on a hill overlooking the METCALF Ranch near Durham, OK.

CRAWFORD, Two graves,  SE of house on Walter MERRICK’s Ranch (1995)

DAVIS, Baby, no dates, NE1/4 of 2-15-25

DUNBAR, Mr.,  Buried on the Rocky School Yard where he taught school. SE corner of NW1/4 of 19-15-22

Five graves,  Located on the SE corner of the NE1/4 of 2-15-25

HENDRICK, Children,  Buried SW1/4 of 30-14-24

HOOTEN, Two children,  Buried SW1/4 of 30-14-24

HUNT, Robert W.,  Buried on the J.R. SIMMONS Ranch in 1895, one mile south of Jack RHOTEN Farm

LAND, Baby, no dates, NE1/4 of 2-15-25

LANE, Baby, no dates, NE1/4 of 2-15-25

PERKINS, Zeke, 1864-1894

PITTMAN, Mr.,   Buried on the TRAMMELL Ranch north of Reydon. He was murdered by a black man.

RAFF, Two graves,  NE 1/4 of 10-16-25

ROBISON, Norman Dale, 15DEC1959 – 19MAR1993, Buried on Father’s farm.

SAWYER, Baby, no dates, NE1/4 of 2-15-25

SIZEMORE, Erasmus, 1870-1894,

Stink in the Wind (Indian), 1882-1894

THOMPSON, Baby, no dates, daughter of Orval and Lela NE 1/4 of 2-15-25

Three graves,  Located in SW 1/4 of 1-12-26

Three horse thieves, They were shot and buried, a marker shows where on Dead Indian Creek near the farm of Eldon BOSWELL. The three had stolen horses from John TURNIPSEED, who lived in Mobeetie, Texas. He chased them down and asked no questions.