Cheyenne Star, Jan 23, 1913

John Goodspeed shot to death by Mrs. Lee Bezell after being ordered out of the house. The killing seems to have grown out of a trip that Mr. Goodspeed took last summer accompanied by a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bezell. According to reports sometime ago, John Goodspeed and Miss Bezell eloped to Canada where they were supposed to have been married, although Goodspeed had a wife living in Leedey at the time of the elopement. On a visit to the Bezell home last Sunday, Goodspeed upon entering the home was immediately asked to leave the premises by Mr. Bezell who had a revolver. It is said that as Goodspeed was leaving the room, he made a motion as though he was reaching for a gun, when Mrs. Bezell fired a shotgun which was loaded with a large lead ball, which took effect in Goodspeed’s breast. He walked a few steps and fell dead.
J.M. Lester has been appointed Deputy Assessor. {the following was written by Co. Supt and applies today as then} “The school is not a success that only gives the children a ‘textbook knowledge’. Our business is only to inculate love of knowledge, love of county, self-respect and respect for others. Our schools must fit our children for successful life and make them better citizens, inspire chivalry, and equip them so that society shall be better by them having lived. We do not want educated rogues or polished scoundrels to prey on society.”
W.A. Beaty and G.E. Lovett were in Oklahoma City this week. L.A. Ogle and sons are erecting a restaurant on Broadway this week. Among residents who visited Cheyenne this week were: John Hooper, Redmoon; Sam Brusch, Leedey; Mrs. Bird Pierce, Butler; Sam Caudle, Berlin; A.C. Wilson and son John, Hamburg; S.K. Roberts, popular merchant from Crawford; Robert and B.F. Wheeler, Rankin; Paul Habeck, Rankin; Mr. and Mrs. John Ford, Strong City; M.L. Flack, Rankin.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. O’Bryant on Jan. 18 a fine baby girl. Born on Sunday last, to Mr. and Mrs. E. Buffett of Square Top area a fine baby girl. A large number of mules have been sold here in the past few days to mule buyers by our farmers. Attorneys Madden and Grim left this morning for Mangum where they have legal business with the Judge G.A. Brown. T.L. Miller wishes to buy 50 good shoats weight from 30-50 pounds, also 100 bushels of thrashed kafir corn or maize. LOST between Main Street and the School Section east of town, a pair of single buggy line. Return to this office and receive reward. Shell Caffey, Assessor of Roger Mills Co was in the city last Wed. making his appointment of Deputy Assessor. Mr. Caffey will probably leave soon for Rochester Minnesota where he will undergo an operation. Perry Madden returned from Denver, Colo. where he has been on legal business. Mr. F.G. Brann has been assisting in the office of Miller and Baird this week during the rush of extra business.

Cheyenne Star, Jan. 30, 1913

Efforts are underway by the National Broomcorn Growers Assoc to organize the farmers of Roger Mills County. Hopes are to enroll 500 local broomcorn growers. W.S. Farmer, who lives on Sandstone Creek was in this city Sat. talking over the proposal of drilling a gas well. He reports that several places in that area gas is escaping from the ground in sufficient quantity to burn 2-4 feet high. This is certainly an indication that gas can be had if experiments are made. Hopes are that the state geologists will come to Roger Mills County and examine these surface indications. If successful, hopes are to organize two hundred investors taking one share at $50 each which would be sufficient amount to sink a test well.
Among those county residents transacting business in Cheyenne last week: W.H. Dorwin of Rankin; W.O. Horr of Elk City; Walter Butler of Rankin; Dr. G.N. White of Higgins; F.E. Herring and Booth Merril of Elk City; John Hooper of Redmoon; Harry Henson of Rankin; R.E. Golden of Sandstone area; H.T. Smoot of Hamburg formerly of Rankin; George Puryear of Buffalo Creek area; W.S. Farmer of Sandstone area; Mr. and Mrs. Saffir of Durham. G.W. Harris has two office rooms for rent in the IOOF Building. Charley McGrady made a business trip to Strong City. Perry Madden went to the west side of the county on Tuesday. Miss Ida Poindexter and John Stalbird made trip to Hamburg on Tuesday. S.H. James has moved his family into the Gregoire residence, recently vacated by Dr. Wallace. H.D. Cox made a business trip to Oklahoma City. J.B. Payne, who is employed at the Southern Hotel, purchased a subscription of the Star for his father-in-law. Dr. G.H. Wallace has moved to the Hodges’ residence in the south part of town. S. Jackson left Wed. for Oklahoma City where he will spend a few days with Mrs. Jackson as she recovers from an operation. A.S. McKinney and J.W. Cooper left for Arizona on a business trip. Mr. McKinney will probably locate in that state. The young people of our town enjoyed a social evening at R.A. Mitchell’s last Fri. D.M. Banner and A.X. Grace were in the city making arrangements for a public sale to be held at Mr. Banner’s farm near Roll on February 7.

Cheyenne Star Feb. 6, 1913

The Rebekah Lodge installed the following officers last Tues. night: Mrs. R.N. Higgins N.G.; Mavis Cunningham V.G.; Lenora Flemmings Sec; F.G. Brann Treasurer; R.N. Higgins Financial Sec.; Mrs. F.G. Brann Chaplain; Golda Miller Conductor; Sally Taylor Warden; Mrs. S.A. Wallace RSNG; Alice Pierce LSNG; Mrs. J.P. Miller RSVG; Mrs. E.L. Mitchell LSVG; Martha Bonner IG; S.A. Wallace OG.
Miss Marjorie Falconer entertained a number of her young friends last Mon. evening at her home at a 16th birthday party. Boots Fields is in Oklahoma City this week. Perry Madden made trip to Hammon Wed.. Mesdames Burlingame and Duke made business trip to Sayre. Born to Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Casady last Tuesday a baby girl. Among those county residents making appearances in the County Capital this week were: Dr. V.V. Grant of Roll, C.A. Bennett of Crawford, R.H. Wallace of Durham.
Ogle and Son have moved their short order from the Burns Bldg. to the new building recently erected across the street. Miss Katherine Falconer had the misfortune to slip and fall on the frozen ground last Sat. and fracture one of her arms. The largest snow of the season visited this section last Friday and Sat., which is still on the ground. Mr. and Mrs. A.T. Burge are the proud parents of a fine baby girl. Mrs. S. Jackson returned home from Okla. City where she has been during the last two months recovering from an operation.

Cheyenne Star Feb. 13, 1913

The marriage of Miss Laverne Young and Mr. Walter Blackburn both of this city was solemnized Thursday afternoon at the ME parsonage at Sayre. The Sophomores and Junior Classes held a miniature track meet on Friday evening. The athletic feats were represented on a small scale. In the shotput consisting of dropping beans in jars were contestants Blanche Wallace and Douglas Seaver. The standing broad grin participants were Bertie Kendall and Isabella Fields. Those in the 30 inch dash were Bertie Kendall and Sue Thornton and the contest consisted of chewing a string 30 inches long with a marshmellow on the end. The peanut relay race had Freeda Keen and Powell Beaty. The hurdle race was the securing of six marshmellows placed on lines 8 feet apart. Contestants were Welton Moore and Oscar Harris. Best whistler contestants were Katherine Falconer and Oscar Harris. Hammer Throw contestants were George Burns and Oscar Harris. Football was Van Burns and Luther Carter. That was a contest to see who could blow an egg shell off a pedestal, each blowing against the other.
Shell Caffey issues the following notice to the voters of Roger Mills County. “I wish to explain why I am not at my office in Cheyenne. Since election, my leg and hip have been getting worse until I found that I was unable to assess taxes in my present condition. I have employed Mr. Lester to fill my place until my return from Rochester, Minn. where I am going to see if I can be cured by Mayo Brothers.”
E.S. Taylor has a new ice house and machinery for making ice cream. Among county residents making a visit to Cheyenne this week were Ed Glenn of Roll, Bert Redden of Crawford, George H. Dodgion and Herman Babbit, from southwest of Cheyenne, N.E. Harmon of Grimes, Uncle Johnny Anderson and Roscoe Anderson of Redmoon, Harlan Hopkins and Tady Trammell of Gem City. Mr. Trammell has consummated a deal for the Bowman Ranch west of town.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. R.F. Brady of Grimes a baby girl on Sunday last. Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Miller spent Sun. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Ford of Strong City. A.S. McKinney has for rent his residence and farm adjoining the city on the west. Herman Guernsey was sick several days last week but is again able to be at his office duties again. J.W. Cooper returned Tues. from a prospecting trip in New Mexico and Arizona. Mr. Cooper says “that part of the world is the coming country.” Don’t forget that the A.S. McKinney sale will be held at his residence in Cheyenne on Feb. 20. Mr. McKinney is selling out and will move his family to Arizona where he will make his future home. Mrs. Clyde Young lost her suitcase between RedMoon and Cheyenne. Mrs. L.A. Beaty left Mon. for Okla. City where she will attend the Spirella School of Instruction and will buy her spring millinery while there. We are grieved to chronicle the death of little Rayfield Austin, the three year old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Austin, who live on the John Caffey farm near Strong City. The remains were laid to rest in the Cheyenne Cemetery on Tues. last. The Platonic Club met with Mrs. Jurgens on Jan. 30. Members present: Mrs. Bell, Miss Fields, Mrs. Baird, and Mrs. Turner. They discussed different pieces of literature.

Cheyenne Star Feb. 20, 1913

L.W. Pate and B.D. Cooksey, two local merchants, are conducting a contest in which a free piano will be given as well as cash prizes. Among those leading the vote count are Miss Mavis Cunningham, Mrs. R.N. Higgins, Miss Freeda Keen, Miss Blanche Wallace, Miss Alaska Moore all of Cheyenne; Miss Blanche Wilson of Hamburg, Miss Orpha Conrad and Miss Virgie Walters of Rankin; Miss Virginia Beavins of Roll. Cheyenne Short Line Railroad has been forced to renew the notes which were issued last fall owing to bad weather that has caused some delay in the grade work during the past two months. The extended time of maturity for the notes will move from June 1 to August 1 to make sure of making sure the road is completed by the contracted time. W.S. Farmer who lives on Sandstone, was in Cheyenne Sat. securing signers to a petition asking the governor to send a state geologist to come and investigate the surface indications for oil or gas. It requires a petition signed by 50 residents to get a geologist to come and investigate. The A.S. McKinney sale has been postponed from Thursday until Tuesday, the 25th on account of bad weather. Dr. J.P. Miller reports births in Roger Mills Co. for January and February of 1912, a total of 45, with 12 deaths in the same time period, with 7 of the deaths under five years of age.
A meeting will be held in Cheyenne for the purpose of organizing a local Broomcorn Growers Association. Among people visiting here last week: Mrs. Oscar Caudill of Sayre, Ed Barrett northeast of town, Albert Hoover just proved his homestead, G.H. Lacey of Brantley, Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Copeland and Mrs. and Mrs. George Anderson of RedMoon, R.P. Kepley, Eli Graves of Carter, Ira Morton of Herring, Uncle Johnny Anderson of RedMoon.
Henry Tracy who has been teaching school at Ioland in Ellis Co. during the winter returned home the first part of this week. His school was cut short on account of the dilapidated condition of the school building, a new building being built. Henry has been employed to teach at that place next term. Guy Eakins, District Clerk of Roger Mills Co made a trip to Carpenter where he visited with the home folks. The recent fair weather has caused some of our town to make preparations for planting a garden. The ladies aid of the Christian Church will give a bakery at the Hodges Building next Sat.. Sam Richerson, who has been confined in the county jail for several days on the charge of removing mortgaged property from the county was released on a $250 bond last Tuesday. T.L. Turner has moved another building from Old Texmo and is erecting it on his lots east of the jail. This will become his new residence. We printed sale bills for A.C. Allsman who lives near Roll on the John Burge homestead. The Star also printed sale bills for Mrs. S. Duke. The public sale of A.D. Cox last Sat. attracted a large crowd. Milo Burlingame and L.W. Pate made an extended business trip to Okla. City last Thursday. They have been working in the interests of the Cheyenne Short Line Railroad. Leon Young made a flying trip to Okla. City the first part of the week. B.D. Cooksey and G.B. Lovett made a business trip to Okla. City the latter part of the week.

Cheyenne Star Feb. 27, 1913

Mrs. A.S. McKinney and the children left this morning for San Simon, Arizona where they will join Mr. McKinney who went to that place some time ago and has decided to locate there. We regret very much to see this highly esteemed family leave our city as they are greatly admired by all who know them and their acquaintance is very wide as they came to this city at the opening of the country and have lived here continually ever since. Miss Lucille who is employed as Deputy Treasurer will remain in this city until July when she will go to Arizona and make her home with her parents.
The last number of the Lyceum Course will be given in the Cheyenne school building on March 4. The program will consist of violin playing, singing, impersonation, and bell ringing. Dr. and Mrs. George H. Wallace entertained a large number of their friends in the basement of the school house last Sat. at a Masquerade Party. Mrs. Breckner was awarded the prize for the most beautiful costume. Several contests were engaged in. Mrs. Roy Graves was the winner of “the dictionary girl”. The lying contest was hotly contested for a while, but Miss Lucille McKinney finally outclassed all other contestants in the art of prevarication.
RANKIN NEWS: One of our lively merchants, M.L. Black is having a closing out sale and expects to leave soon. Dr. W.S. Cary, Rankin’s popular physician, has purchased a new car, which will soon be in operation. Mr. and Mrs. William Swope are the proud parents of a baby girl. Mr. and Mrs. L.F. Bechtol have moved from their farm west of Rankin to Sayre. Hugh Howell and family immediately took possession of the farm. The children of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fielner have been reported quite sick this week. LOST – A white pony answers to name of Prince. Supposed strayed off from Enterprise School House Friday night; finder please return to Homer Purcell and receive reward. Mrs. Henry Barbee has been dangerously ill but is reported slowly recovering. Her relatives from Illinois are arriving. Bills have been printed announcing one of the largest sales of the season to be held at B.F. Caudle’s farm Tuesday, March 4. Libby & Funston will cry this sale. This firm will also cry the sale at Elmer Barbee’s farm on Friday, Feb. 28. The farmers of Rankin and vicinity are organizing a phone company to buy out the Ridgeton Telephone Co. A meeting was held at the school house Sat. and officers elected, who are at follows: President Y.C. Libby, Vice Ira Walters, Sec G.H. Cox, Trea. John Peterson. James T. Ashe died at his home late Tuesday night with a stroke of paralysis. He leaves two sons, Clyde and Alvin besides other relatives and many friends. He was laid to rest in the Rankin Cemetery.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Isom Chesney a baby boy last Mon. J.W. Chenoweth attended the McKinney Public Sale last Tues in Cheyenne. T.L. Miller made a business trip to Okla. City the latter part of the week. Mr. and Mrs. R.F. Baird are entertaining Mr. Baird’s brother and family of Colorado at their home this week. Arthur Zimmerman and Miss Mable Higgins of Moorewood were united in marriage last Mon. in Cheyenne, Co. Judge Mouser officiating. The Star printed sale bills for Dr. Oscar Huff of Durham this week. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Blackburn returned Tuesday from their honeymoon trip in Texas. By analyzing the results of the A.S. McKinney sale held last Tuesday, it is evident that there is little demand for horses at this particular time of the year. NOTICE: Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Fred Niemeyer who resided in Cheyenne about 10 years ago, please oblige Mrs. Lizzie Yust by notifying her in Beaumont, Texas. She is anxious to learn of his whereabouts as he is the only living relative, a brother. He was following farming as a livelihood at the time he was located in Cheyenne and lived in the Morton area east of town.
People who visited Cheyenne this week were: J.W. Chenoweth, W.S. Farmer of Sandstone, Mr. and Mrs. William Barbee of Rankin, R.P. Kepley, Mr. and Mrs. Charles McKinney of Butler, Dr. Oscar Huff of Durham, Newt Harmon of Grimes, J.F. Cunningham, old timer of this county.
G.B. Lovett is back to his old job in the Cheyenne State Bank. G.B. has been holding down a similar position at the First State Bank of Strong City, since that bank was organized last year. Mr. D.N. Hunt of the Cheyenne State Bank will now go to the Strong City Bank as Cashier. In other words, G.B. and D.N. swapped jobs.

Cheyenne Star, Mar. 6, 1913

Among the business visitors in Cheyenne last week were G.E. Shufeldt George Anderson, L.M. Dudney of RedMoon, W.A. Adams of Hammon, ? L.Combs and J.G. Bull of Crawford, N.C. Miller of Rankin, J.W. McMurtry & Jim Banks of Hammon.
Mrs. S. Duke of Cheyenne is spending a week with friends in Elk City. Born on Monday last, to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Harmon, who live west of town, a baby boy. Perry Madden made a trip to the eastern part of the state last week. The little children of G.F. Smith and George West, who live west of Cheyenne, who have been ill for some time, are reported improving in health rapidly. District Court in this city convened this week. Among those attending were: Sen. E.L. Mitchell, Atty. Thacker of Mangum, Judges Tommy and Hendricks of Beckham Co. and Attys D.W. Tracy and Wise of Beckham Co., Ed Coffee of Woodward was here giving testimony.
J.H. Tunnard is in Amarillo this week attending the Stockman’s Assoc. W.T. Bonner returned Wed from Wichita, Kansas and other eastern points on business. H.V. Guernsey returned from Roosevelt, Okla where he was called to be present at the funeral of his sister, Mrs. Hutton, who died at that city last Friday. Mrs. R.N. Higgins is on the sick list. Misses Gladys Salyer and Florence Trammell returned Wed. from Elk City where they have been attending the Catholic Convent at that place. Mrs. L.A. Beaty has opened a complete line of Millinery and Notions at her residence on fourth street and invites the ladies of Cheyenne to call and inspect her line.

Cheyenne Star, Mar. 13, 1913

Bob Turner is wrecking the old Cheyenne Livery Barn on Broadway and will erect a new store building on that lot. This is another one of the old landmarks that has had to go. Erection of this large store building on the corner of 4th and Broadway, on the south side, will greatly improve the looks of the main street. The new building will be occupied by the firm of Miller and Monroe, composed of T.L. Miller and Miss Irma Wallace Monroe. Each of them have a great deal of experience in the mercantile business and have been connected with the firm of Herring and Young for several years. W.P. Keen returned from Mangum’s business trip. Among county residents visiting Cheyenne this week: C.Y. Libby of Rankin, Lewis L. Ritter of Hammon, I.C. Thurmond of Okla. City. Dr. Miller and Mrs. Miller made a professional call to Strong City on Tuesday. A little child of G.L. Smith who lives west of town, died last Monday. The little one was laid to rest in the Cheyenne Cemetery Tuesday. J.H. Tunnard returned Tues from Amarillo where he attended the Stockman’s Convention. S. Jackson, President of the Cheyenne State Bank, made business trip to Okla. City the first of the week, where he attended a meeting of the Banket’s Assoc. The high school boys entertained the high school classes and a few special friend last Friday evening at the Kendall Building in the west part of town. The Ladies of the ME Church will give a bakery next Sat. at the Tunnard Grocery. Onion sets are .25 per gallon at the Tunnard Grocery. J.I. Brothers made a trip to his ranch on Sandstone the first part of the week. S. Grim and Perry Madden left this morning for Clinton where they will attend to some business matters. Mrs. N.R. Monroe, a former resident, is visiting at the home of her daughter, Mrs. E.E. Tracy. T.L. Miller is at market this week buying the opening stock of dry goods for the new store that will be opened here during the next three weeks. L.W. Pate returned Wed. from trip to Okla. City. John Petty has moved his family from the Miller residence in the south part of town to the Cunningham residents in the west part. F.A. Beavin of Roll advertises seed oats, barley, corn and broomcorn seed. Presbyterian Ladies Aid met with Mrs. R.F. Baird March 7 after dainty refreshments, they adjourned to meet with Mrs. B.D. Cooksey on April 11.
F.I Doane, an oldtimer, who is making his home in Arizona was here the first part of the week visiting his friends. He attended the Stockman’s Conv. at Amarillo last week and just simply could not return home without paying us a visit. He still has some land west of town. We received the sad intelligence this week that S.A. Staufer, who is well known to a large number of our people and who homesteaded a claim west of town is totally helpless from a stroke of paralysis in Las Vegas, New Mexico. We received a letter a few days ago from our friend Shell Caffey, who is confined in his bed in a hospital in Rochester, Minn., having undergone an operation for a broken leg, which failed to unite. The doctors tell him that he will walk all right when he recovers from the operation. The Platonic Club met at the home of Mrs. R.A. Mitchell. Those on the program were Mrs. Falconer, Mrs. Cooksey, Mrs. Clyde Young, Mrs. R.M. Turner, Mrs. G.H. Wallace, Mrs. Fields and Mrs. S.A. Wallace.

Cheyenne Star, Mar. 20, 1913

The teachers and pupils are hereby notified that the examination for 8th grade graduation will be held on April 10 and 11th at schools situated throughout the county: Cheyenne, T.C. Moore, W.L. Breckner; Hammon W.A. Adams, W.S. Carper; Strong City A.T. Burge, Frank Thacker; Carpenter E.H. Bass, Miss Bailey; Roll J.E. White, J.E. McKinney; Twin Hill Mrs. Jessie Rakes, Klina Potter; Enterprise Mrs. G.H. Cox, G.H. Cox; Mulberry Prof. Kitchen, Austa Smith; Grimes Callie Clark; Berlin Mrs. Seth Suiter, Dickey(Oak Ridge)William Ballard. Teachers in charge of the tests will be expected to grade all papers except their own pupils, which should be graded by assistant or superintendent.
Last Friday afternoon, Ben Lindley’s delivery horse became frightened at the sight of a goat and ran away. He made a sashua down main street at about a two-forty pace, when the delivery wagon came in contact with the telephone pole in front of the central office, completely demolishing the wagon. A blue smoke was seen to arise in that part of town where Ben Lindley’s grocery is located. If you want to know the cause, you will have to ask the neighbors.
Joe Hooten, the former resident of this county, and an old timer, died at Charmer, Colorado about the first of the month. He lived near RedMoon. J.M. Bonner is in Tulsa this week on business. Alex Falconer is assisting in the Cheyenne State Bank this week. Among the visitors in town were: Dr. V.V. Grant of Roll, Harlen Hopkins and P. Trammell of Gem City, Texas, S.L. Amend of Hamburg, G.H. Cox, school teacher from west side of county, H.K. Coleman and L.E. Ruthardt, two prosperous farmers from Nine Mile area, Geo. Anderson of Red Moon area, Charles Eck of Hamburg. Dr. Miller has purchased a new Ford runabout, 1913 model and is now making his professional calls in this new car. Several of the local sports went to Strong City to see the Pony Race Monday. It was declared a dead heat and the money was drawn. This is one of the weeks that is hard on the newspaper man as there has been very little doing in the county, worthy of mention, that has been reported. Boots Fields left for El Paso where he will attend the Stockman’s Conv. there. Frank W. King made final proof on homestead Wed. before Co. Judge Mouser. Charles McClain is having the Owl Barber Shop re-papered which will greatly improve the looks of the interior. G.B. Lovett, Cashier of the Cheyenne State Bank returned Sat. from a week’s business trip at Okla. City. The city election will be held next month as there is no opposition, the present encumbrance will be elected and Alderman Leon Young will be succeeded by T.L. Miller. We printed sale bills for J.A. Bailey of Strong City advertising a lot of horses and mules as well as farming implements and household goods. Col. A.X Grace will cry the sale on Sat. March 22. Charles Eck of Hamburg was making preliminary arrange-ments for a public sale. He has sold his home north of Hamburg to Jim Redden and will move back to Ohio just as soon as he can get his affairs arranged to leave.

Cheyenne Star, Mar. 27, 1913

Last Tuesday the alarm was given that the residence of Perry Madden was on fire, which quickly brought a large number of volunteers to the scene, but the fire was extinguished before they arrived. It seems that a small quantity of gasoline was spilled on the floor and the heat from the stove caused it to ignite, which quickly spread and caught fire to the wallpaper. By the use of wet blankets, the flames were checked before very much damage was done to either the building or the furniture. C.W. Cole of Altus, at one time a hustling stockman of this county, was here last week. Mr. Cole is very enthusiastic over the use of silos in Okla. and says that they are the redemption of the state. He has just marketed seventy-five yearling steers at Okla. City and has the figures to show that 26 acres of Indian Corn cut and put into a silo, fattened these steers and 73 head of hogs, yielding him a net profit, after all expenses paid, of $2127.00 or $81.80 an acre for the corn. Mr. Cole had two silos last year and is going to build 3 more metal silos this year. Farmers and stockmen of Roger Mills Co. should build silos, feed more stock and raise less broomcorn and cotton.
Roy Paschal, linotype operator on the Sayre Standard was here Sat. Other visitors this week: Ira Walters, Judge Thurmond of Hamburg, Ira Morton from east of Cheyenne. Mrs. J.A. Smith visiting relatives in Clinton this week. Miss Lucille McKinney, Deputy Co. Trea. here visited friends in Elk City last week. Sen. E.L. Mitchell spent a few days here looking after law business during the recess of the Senate. Mrs. Bellamy who has been teaching school west of the city, having completed the term, has returned here and is now assisting her brother, Judson in the County Clerk’s Office. R.N. Higgins expects to sell 50 silos in our county during 1913. He sold five silos in three days last week. Mrs. Fred Tunnard left for Houston where she will spend a month visiting her daughter, Mrs. G.H. Crossley. Sheriff Trammell returned Tues. from Raton where he went after a man by the name of Barlow, who was wanted here for obtaining money under false pretenses. Ben Anderson returned last Sat. from Idaho where he has permanently located. Uncle Ben will dispense of his holdings in the Red Moon area and will leave for that state in a short time. He will invest his money in real estate there. A number of our teachers attended the Hammon Teachers Meeting. Those attending from here: Prof. Breckner, Misses Lee, Seaver, Leaty and Fields. The farmers of this section have been preparing their land for planning of their spring crops but the recent cold snap will cause them to wait a little longer before they put the seed in the ground.
Everybody is cordially invited to attend a Grand Ball at the new Turner Building on Broadway here. Music for the occasion will be furnished by the Cheyenne Band consisting of 16 pieces. Proceeds will be for the benefit of the Cheyenne Band.

Cheyenne Star, Apr 3, 1913

C.M. Atwood, postmaster at Berlin, committed suicide at his home in Berlin last Mon. morning. From reports, Mrs. Atwood deserted the deceased on Sunday and returned to the Atwood home, when Mr. Atwood called at the house and tried in vain to bring about a reconciliation, when he left the house and while on the porch, shot himself in the heart with a .38 caliber revolver. Mr. Atwood had been a resident of Berlin a long time, having been manager of the Cooperative Store at that place, but was doing business for himself at the time of his death. The funeral service was conducted last Tuesday by the Odd Fellows Lodge at that place, of which he was a member. Funeral was witnessed by the largest crowd of mourners at a cemetery in this county.
Fletcher White located two miles east of Hamburg, announces that he has fifty tons of alfalfa and prairie hay for sale at $8 and $10 baled. G.B.Lovett is confined in his room with a very severe case of sore eyes. P.D. Work’s furniture store has millet seed for $1.25 a bushel. T.L. Turner made a business trip to Strong City Wed. being connected with a law suit. Among area residents who were seen in the County seat last week: F.E. Herring of Elk City, H.B. Bradford who lives five miles west of the city; D.N. Hunt cashier of Strong City First State Bank, Mr. and Mrs. P.H. Bowman, Herman Babbitt south of the city and William Miller who is employed as bookkeeper for Williamson-Hasel-Frazier at Elk City. The building of R.M. Turner’s that is under construc-tion on Broadway is nearing completion. It will be ready for occupancy by the latter part of the week. The ball given by the Cheyenne Band at the Turner Bulding last Mon. night was largely attended and enjoyed by all. A large number of our young people enjoyed a social evening at the home of George Prestridge last Tuesday. E.E. Casady sold his farm northwest of the city a few days ago to a man from Texas. Ed bought 120 acres of Panhandle land. J.H. Tunnard says he still has in stock some seed Irish and Sweet Potatoes and Onion Sets. You will find him at the store on the wrong side of the street, a little out of the way, but it pays to walk.
The Strong City Public School’s Dramatic Club entertained a large crowd at the high school auditorium in this city last Sat. with “Higher Education”, a two act comedy. The city election held here last Tuesday was exceptionally quiet as there was no opposition to the present incumbents. There were only 28 ballots cast in the three wards and two of them were mutilated. This is only about 1/6 of voters in the town. Louie Douglas of this city, is in Okla. City on business. W.V. Jurgens sold his farmstead southwest of town last Tues. to a Mr. Cox of Mound City, Kansas. Consideration $1250.00.

Cheyenne Star, Apr. 10, 1913

After a delay of several weeks, the Cheyenne Short Line construction work has commenced again in earnest. H.D. Cox, L.W. Pate, Milo Burlingame, V.R. James and R.D. Alexander left Cheyenne several days ago to confer with Levy & Levy of Muskogee to interest them in the building of this railroad. Levy& Levy has advanced the money to guarantee the construction work now being done. Completion date is set for August 1. The IOOF Lodge at this place will observe their anniversary by giving a basket picnic at the Lester Grove north of the city on Saturday, April 26, 1913. Wilbur Miltonburger of Herring announces he will pay the highest market prices for corn, kafir corn and milo maize at that place. This section of the state was visited by a fine rain which has placed the soil in better condition than it has been for several years. Many of our farmers have already planted their corn and wheat and oats were never better for this time of year. The high wind following the rain has saved the fruit for being killed by the frost and unless something happens later, western Okla. will reap the biggest harvest this fall that it has ever reaped in history. The T.L. Miller Dry Goods Co. succeeded in getting open last Sat. although the carpenters have not finished their work. The Co. Court convened in Cheyenne last Monday morning at 10:00. Judge Mouser on the bench. Up to the time that we go to press, nothing but criminal cases have been tried. Civil cases will be taken up on Friday and disposed of as fast as possible. The team of J.H. Dodgion became frightened at an auto on our streets on Wed. of last week. Mr. Dodgion and J.R. Emerson had come to town on the running gears of the wagon prepared to haul a load of lumber home. They were both on the wagon when the team began to run and they had run only a short ways when Mr. Emerson fell from the wagon, cutting an ugly incision over the right eye and bruising his side considerably. Mr. Dodgion succeeded in stopping the team after they had run one-half mile. No other damage was done. The preliminary hearing of Speck and Rich Clark held in this city before Judge Mouser Sat. for the larceny of hogs resulted in the exhoneration of Rich Clark and the binding of Speck to wait the action of the District Court. H.O. Thurston of Hamburg has placed an order of sale bills announcing a public sale at his farm Friday April 11.Combs and Carver will cry the sale. Among residents visiting Cheyenne: R.G. Berry, G.A. Feidland of Sweeetwater, J.L. Jackson south of town, J.W. McMurtry of Hammon, John C. Hendricks, ex-Co. Judge from Sayre, Sam Berry of Redmoon, I.C. Thurmond of Okla. City, Otto Mangold of Durham, George Salyers of Berlin, A.D. Hoover of Roll, Judge and Mrs. D.G. Moore and Mrs. Bruce Latta of Leedey, A.C. Taylor west of Cheyenne.
Ben Lindley of this city is putting in a stock of groceries at Herring, Okla. Our city is thronged with visitors from all parts of the county this week who are attending Co. Court. The social dance given at the Turner Building on Broadway last Thurs. was well attended and all report an excellent time. The Green Tree Barber Shop suspended business last Thursday. E.L. Baugh, who was running the shop, is now holding down third chair in the Owl Barber Shop. A.G. Gray will sell all of his household goods with all the improvements on his lots on Broadway, next Sat. afternoon. Col. Snyder will cry the sale. Strong City was host to a singing convention the latter part of last week. Judge and Mrs. Mouser are the proud parents of a fine baby boy. The youngster made his appearance at the Mouser Home last Wed. A number of our young people attended a social last Wed. at the home of Clyde Donaldson who live near Strong City. D.J. Cox of Arizona, an old resident of this city, arrived last week with his family. They will probably remain here this summer with Mr. Cox’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.D. Cox.

Cheyenne Star, Apr. 17, 1913

The April term of county court is in session. Many cases have been disposed during the last two weeks but the term will last all next week. The marriage of Miss Hettway Daniels of Strong City and Mr. Walter Sprowls who lives east of this city were solemnized Tues of this week. Miss Daniels is the beautiful and accomplished daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Daniels who live in the Nine Mile area. Mr. Sprowls is a young man with a bright future and has held several responsible positions of which was his connection with the firm of Herring & Young at this place. Dr. Sims, a former resident of this city and the father of Mrs. G.H. Wallace of this city died at Blackwell, Okla. on Friday, April 11, 1913. Among area residents spending time in Cheyenne this week: W.O. Horr, J. Moad of Hammon, John Keahey of Crawford, Jim Redden of Crawford, Mrs. Flora Smith of Leedey(daughter of J.E. Keen), H.H. Herron of Crawford, G.W. Moad post-master at Carpenter, A.A. Brown of Hammon, Booth Merrill of Elk City, A.D. Hoover of Roll, A.H. Carter, editor of Strong City Herald, Sen. E.L. Mitchell, H.O. Thurston of Hamburg.
J.W. McMurtry returned Thurs. from Arapaho where he had been attending court. He was representing a client who was charged with a felony. J.L. Brothers and E.C. Winfred made a business trip to the north part of the county on Thursday. Cheyenne Public School will close the second day of May. This term has been exceptionally successful and all the teachers employed have given perfect satisfaction. The ladies of the Baptist Church here will give a box supper there on Thurs. May 1. Proceeds of the supper will go to the church. Ernest Beaty of Okla. City, who is the employee and stockholder of an insurance company there, is here visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Beaty. Ernest is an old timer of this city, having spent several years of his early life here and has a host of friends who are always glad to acknowledge a visit from him.

Cheyenne Star, Apr. 24, 1913

Roger Mills Co. Teachers Assoc. will meet at Cheyenne on April 26, 1913. A.G. Gray left last Tues. for Darlington, Okla. where he will take up the work of superintending the Masonic Orphans Home at that place. Mr. Gray has been a resident of Cheyenne ever since the opening of C&A Country in 1892. He served the people of Roger Mills Co. as Co. Clerk for several terms and later as Register of Deeds. During the past year he has held the office of Grand Master of the State of Okla. Mr. Gray had a large number of friends in this city and county that regret very much to have him leave us.
Perry Madden made a trip to Canadian on business. Among Co. residents visiting here: Ed Barnett of northeast of town, E.F. Stephens, Dr. W.S. Cary of Rankin, J.W. Cooper east of town. Sen. E.L. Mitchell returned to Okla. City after a week’s sojourn here attending Co. Court. Co. Court adjourned last Sat. after two weeks term. Many cases were disposed and the docket is practically clear. Sheriff Bob Trammell has purchased a new Ford Roadster and is now performing his official duties in a car rather than in a buggy. B.R. James went down to Okla. City the latter part of last week after his Ford Roadster, however he had to leave it on account of mud. R.D. Alexander returned the latter part of last week from Okla. City where he had been for several days on business. We received announcement of the arrival of Anna Lenora Grant last Tues. at the home of Dr. and Mrs. V.V. Grant of Roll. The lawn social at F.G. Brann home in the Wallace addition was attended by a large number of our young people who report a very delightful time. We printed sale bills last Wed. advertising a public sale of Mrs. A.W. Garver who lives near Rankin. The sale will be held Sat. April 26, 1913.

Cheyenne Star, May 15, 1913

Baptizing will be held at the Baptist Church Sun. afternoon at 3:00 p.m. announces J.W. Bowles, Pastor. Last Thursday evening the sophomores entertained the Juniors in the basement of the school building. There had been a contest during the past winter to see which of the two classes could entertain the most royally. We are unable to say which surpassed. The ME pastor is J.B. Combs. The ME church held a Mothers’ Day Service on Sunday last. Time has arrived when the attention of our people should be directed to the Fourth of July celebration and begin their arrangements for a grand and glorious time. S. Jackson, President of the Cheyenne State Bank was elected Treasurer of the Bankers’ Association last Saturday at Muskogee. Business visitors to Cheyenne this week were: R.E. “Bob” Echols, who recently resigned the office of State Senator, J.E. Majors, John Caffey & John West of Strong City, Kenneth Wilson of Leedey, Miss Ruby Caffey and Miss Bessie West, D.B. Welty, Mrs. John Ford and Miss May Cofer all of Strong City, Sheriff Tipps of Hemphill County,Tom Hext of Canadian.
Co. Judge Mouser and family are visiting their friends and relatives in Leedey this week. J.M. Bonner is reported on the sick list this week. The rain last Tues. night practically assures a bumper wheat crop for this section of the state. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rizley, Monday a fine baby girl. Miss Neva Repass returned to Grimes after attending school in this city during the past winter. Sheriff Trammell left last Mon. with three prisoners who have been sentenced to the State Prison at McAlester at the last District Court. Mrs. Cosmo Falconer is in Mangum representing the Platonic Club at the federation of clubs that is now in session at that place. Milo Burlingame, Perry Madden have been in Oklahoma City this past week attending to buisness matters. Guy Eakins made a trip to OKC the first of the week. Born to Mr. and Mrs. John L. Priest, a baby boy, Tuesday last. John Osborn has moved his family to his farm northeast of town. Leon Young returned from a trip to Texas. Misses Gladys Salyer, and Florence Trammell were Elk City visitors this week. Leo Beaty left Wed. for Oklahoma City where he will take treatment under a specialist for ear trouble. One of Fayette Anderson’s little children is reported very ill of pneumonia in the east part of the city. Mr. and Mrs. G.B. Lovett entertained a number of gentlemen friends last Wed evening at their home n the west part of the city. Lyman Perry, who has been confined to his room during the past sox months, is able to be up and around once again. The ladies of the Christian Church will give an ice cream social on the lawn of J.M. Evans on Wed. evening, May 21. A very interesting game of ball was played on the home diamond last Sun. by the Strong City team and the local club. The game was a close one, score being 5 and 6 in favor of the visiting team. W.P. Keen made a business trip to Elk City first of week.Miss Lucille McKinney and Miss Carey Fields visited with friends in Elk City last Sunday. Miss Lela Jones of this city left for Texas to visit friends and relatives. Miss Sudie Lee, who has been employed as First Assistant in the Cheyenne Public Schools during the past term, left Sat. for her home in Oklahoma City. Jess Yoakley of Canadian spent several days here buying cattle. He bought the herd of Bonner and Fields while here. J.I. Brothers has moved his office from the Collins Building to the building formerly occupied by the Green Tree Barber Shop. The building has been remodeled and fitted up in nice shape, making it one of the nicest offices in our town. Booth Merrilll of Elk City has been confined to his bed at the Southern Hotel here with an attack of appendicitis. It is thought of the attending physicians, that he will be able to return to his home in a few days. Charles McGready who has been holding down the Cotton Exchange loan office here, has been transferred to Strong City. The position at this place is being filled by Mr. Hawkins, who has been Asst. Cashier at Strong City since the bank was put in at that place. Miss Josie Thomas, who has been employed in the public schools here as one of the teachers, left last Sat. for her home at Durham. She was accompanied by Miss Gertrude Morgan, who has been instructor in music during the past term. Miss Morgan will visit a few days with relatives in the Grand area, after which she will return here to instruct in music during the summer. AD: Peter Work has carpentry work and funeral supplies.

Cheyenne Star, May 22, 1913

After a delay in the construction work of the railroad of several days, caused chiefly by the filing of a petition by J.T. Berry, thrice defeated candidate for Treasurer of Roger Mills Co. and now a resident of Strong City, work has been resumed with an increased crew of men. All the grade work is expected to be completed by July 1 and then the laying of the steel will commence immediately. It is thought that the bridge work and the laying of the steel can be done in twenty days. NOTICE TO ALL COUNTY SCHOOL BOARDS: Our annual meeting will be on the first Tuesday in June.
It is the general opinion that no Fourth of July celebration will be held in Cheyenne this year but the town will wait until its Short Line Railroad is completed and the first train is run into our little city, then we will have a carnival company come for a week and put on a big celebration. Redmoon is planning to have a big celebration like the one last year, only on a larger scale. J.M. Bonner is again able to be up and around after a severe attack of lagrippe. Among area residents visiting town last week were:Lester Hunt west of town, Uncle James Jackson from Sandstone, Edgar Taylor a Croton Creek Farmer, E.L. Barrett of northeast of town,
Dr. V.V. Grant of Roll, F.M. Hammon of Hamburg, Dr. W.S. Cary of Rankin, E.F. Stephens of east of town, Postmaster Headrick of Redmoon, H.S. Dodgion and J.R. Emerson from southwest of town, Frank Cole of Hamburg.
Miss Mary McMurtry of Elk City is visiting at the home of John E. Leary and Stone Taylor who live west of town. Sen. E.L. Mitchell returned Sun. from Oklahoma City, where he has been attending the legislature. The Senate recessed Thursday. Mrs. R.D. Alexander and daughter, Inez, who have been spending a month with R.D. Alexander in this city, left Wed. for their home at Norman. Mr. and Mrs. H.V. Guernsey returned last Friday from Bartlesville where H.V. attended the Eagles Convention. Cheyenne is now being supplied with all mail from Strong City instead of Sayre. This change gives our people their mail in the afternoon instead of about 8:00. It is a very desirable change. Charles Blackburn, cashier of the Crawford Cotton Exchange Bank, is acting in the same capacity at Strong City this week in the absence of B.F. Bynum who is in Elk City. Mrs. Blackburn is visiting at the Taylor home here. We are grieved to chronicle the death of the four year old son of Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Donaldson of Strong City. The little fellow passed away Sat. night and was laid to rest in the Cheyenne Cemetery Sunday. Mrs. Cosmo Falconer, who represented the Platonic Club of this city at the Federation of Women’s Clubs at Mangum last week, reported a delightful time. Scotty left this city Sun. and joined her there returning home on Monday.
S. A. Wallace made a flying business trip to Eldorado last week, returning Saturday. S. Jackson, president of the Cheyenne State Bank, made a business trip to Oklahoma City last week. The ice cream social given last evening at the J.M. Evans lawn by the ladies of the Christian Church was well attended and was greatly enjoyed by all. Mrs. L.W. Pate and little Dortha returned last week from an extended visit with friends and relatives at Houston and Galveston, Texas. They also visited at Shawnee and Chandler while away. R.D. Alexander, president of the Short Line Railroad is in Clinton on business. A. M. Rishel of this city and Miss Gusta Gambill, of McCune, Crawford, Co. Kansas, were married at the bride’s home in that city on May 4. Mr. Rishel has been a resident of Cheyenne almost a year being connected with the Cheyenne Short Line Railroad as resident engineer. The couple arrived here last Thursday and have commenced housekeeping at the J.W. Cooper residence in the west part of this city.

Cheyenne Star, May 29, 1913

Last Tues. afternoon, the fat men and the lean men played a very amusing game of ball. It was amusing mainly for the reason that the players were all either amateurs or “has beens”. The “has beens” were put in the field where they didn’t have much chance to show they were still ball players. The battery for the fats were Lovett and Boots and for the leans, Miller and White. The score was 13 for the leans and 10 for the fats. The regular AMATEUR RUNTS have challenged the winners for a game to be played next Friday.
The gradework of the Cheyenne Short Line Railroad is now well underway with about five miles of the grade now completed, leaving only two and one-half miles left to be graded. The Town Board of Trustees recently let a contract for the installation of a $60,000 water works system, which is to be completed and in operation this fall. The water is to be brought a distance of six miles from the famous soft water springs southwest of the city. According to the contract, there will be large wells dug and a supply wells, the water to be filtered from these into a large reservoir which will be completely enclosed so that it will be impossible for anything unsanitary to come into contact with it. It will be conveyed through large mains by gravity flow, the reservoir will be about 300 feet higher than the city which will give it a tremendous pressure. H.D. Cox is in Oklahoma City this week on business. Area residents seen here this week: J.J. Moore of Strong City, Frank Hebert and E.M. McGlothlin of Hamburg, George Scott of Dead Indian, Shan DeCou of RedMoon, L.B. Grant of Strong City, Charles Winn of near Rankin and Misses Jessie and Mamie Kendall of Strong City.
Frank Tunnard made business trip to Wichita Falls. Miss Carey Fields returned last Friday from visit in Elk City. We are grieved to chronicle the little child of Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Sparks who lived near Strong City. The little one had been reported very low for some time and the end came Friday last and laid to rest on Saturday. A large number of young people gathered at the home of Uncle Jim Evans last Wed. evening in response to an invitation to surprise Miss Mattie, it being her birthday. Born on Saturday last to Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Winfred a fine baby boy. A large number of our young people enjoyed a social evening at the home of Miss Sally Taylor last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Keen and daughter Nona spent Sun. on their farm west of town. J.E. says that crops are looking good in that part of the county. Miss Minnie Turner who has been attending Normal School at Weatherford during this winter, returned home Sun. last. A.T. Burge, Co- Supt. elect has moved his family from Strong City to this city and is now occupying the residence of B.F. Bynum in the west part of town. J.O. Galloway is the new landlord at the Southern Hotel. The Poindexter family who were formerly running the hotel have moved to Sayre where they are engaged in a similar business. Beaty and Son and W.T. Bonner have lost a large number of yearlings during the past few days with blackleg. Others report losses in all parts of the county from the same disease. Leon Young and Mart Trammell went over to Elk City after Miss Ruth Trammell who has been attending school there. Mart and Miss Ruth drove to their home at the Texas line Wed. The little child of Mr. and Mrs. Isom Chesney who live north of Strong City is reported seriously ill. E.S. Taylor publishes the following notice concerning his ice business: I cannot afford to sell ice in five cent pieces, for there is so much waste. I will sell ice in ten cent pieces if you wish that small amount and in regard to the price of ice, in large quantities, I am selling for $1 a hundred pounds or you can get a block of 600 pounds for $4.50, which is .75 per hundred. I deliver ice and put it in your refrigerator. Phone me in the evening so I can make all deliveries early the next morning. This ice business is not like delivering groceries. I will have to deliver all ice in the morning and will deliver until 10:00. Please have your orders in by 8:00 or 8:30, in this way I can deliver early and save expense to you and to me. I cannot afford to go into the ice house at all hours of the day. Phone me in the evening before or early in the morning of the day you will want ice.

Cheyenne Star, June 5, 1913

About 100 Roger Mills County teachers are enrolled in the County Institute. Forty two of Mrs. W.W. Anderson’s neighbors and friends gathered at her home last Tuesday and helped her celebrate her 84th birthday. A play, “The Winning of Latane Cashton” will be staged tomorrow night at the high school auditorium. This is by far the heaviest play ever attempted by local talent at this place. Numerous ball games have been played here this past week. On Wed. the Leans and the Fats played with the Leans being the victors, who then played the RARs where the Leans again won. Tuesday the Fats decided that they were strong enough, after they had recovered from the game of last week, to defeat the Leans and did so to the tune of 12-16. The local printers have decided to take on the winners of that contest next Monday. Come out and see the team of the “ movable alphabet”. The construction work of the Cheyenne Short Line RR is progressing rapidly. The laying of the steel should be completed by August 1. H.D. Cox has returned from St. Louis where he made necessary arrangements for the rolling stock of the Short Line. Alex Falconer is seriously ill at Scotty Falconer’s home in this city. Among residents doing business here this week were: N.C. Miller of Rankin; Walter Richerson of Berlin; J.R. Emerson southwest of town; Dr. W.S. Cary of Rankin; George Scott near Strong City; John Hooper and Roscoe Anderson of RedMoon; Charless Winn west of town. Misses Iris Standifer and Ruth Cafkey are visiting relatives and friends of Miss Standifer here. Sheriff Trammell returned from Mexico where he was subpoenaed in a criminal suit. Miss Minnie Turner who has been attending school at Weatherford during the past term, returned here last week. A number of young people were entertained last Thursday evening at the Wallace grove by Misses Lucille McKinney and Irma Wallace. J.C. Cooper who lives east of town has been in very ill health the last five or six years, is reported to be very low.
A.F. Pierce went over to Butler last Sat. to accompany Mrs. Pierce home. She having spent a week with her children in that city. W.B. Rosser, one of Carter’s merchants, was here last Wednesday. W.B. is an old timer from this part of the country and has many friends here, who are always glad to have him on our streets. A large crowd of young folks enjoyed a large picnic dinner in the grove near Sgt. Major creek on west edge of town. Last Sat. afternoon, Joe Bowles, son of the Baptist pastor at this place, had the misfortune to be thrown from a hack and badly bruised about the face and his arm broken. The team he was driving became unmanageable and threw him headlong to the ground, rendering him unconscious. We are glad to report that no serious injuries were received.
W.T. Bonner returned from eastern Oklahoma Monday where he bought 600 head of yearlings. He shipped about 200 head and the others were bought on fall delivery. W.H. Johnson will pick up cream from Durham, Crawford and Roll each and every Monday. Mrs. B.D. Cooksey is at the bedside of her brother, Boney Fields, who was recently operated on for appendicitis at Spur, Texas. Peter D. Work advertises a large line of furniture and undertaker supplies at his business in Cheyenne.

Cheyenne Star, June 12, 1913

Cheyenne is a little late about announcing positively that she will celebrate the Fourth of July as has been the custom since commencement of Cheyenne’s history. A meeting was held last Wednesday and committees were appointed with each working earnestly making different arrangements that are necessary for a large celebration. M.L. Clark and Son’s big circus will give two big performances that day. The finance committee with John C. Thornton and H.B. Dewey; Arrangements Committee J.O. Galloway, B.D. Cooksey, C. White, F.G. Brann, Oscar Casady; Amusement Committee Milo Burlingame, W.V. Jurgens, Senator Mitchell; Publicity Committee R.A. Mitchell, John C. Casady. Music for the occasion will be furnished by the Cheyenne Band.
Culvert and bridge material for the Cheyenne Short Line has been purchased at Oklahoma City. It is been consigned to Strong City and is expected to arrive any day. It is expected that the Iron Horse will be running in Cheyenne by August 1. Children’s Day Program at Square Top was witnessed by a large crowd and was enjoyed by all who were present. Prof T.C. Moore delivered an interesting address in the afternoon. The program was cut short because of inclement weather. A sumptuous feast was prepared by the housewives and was enjoyed by all.
GRIMES ITEMS: Mr. J.A. Hallberg and wife of Houston, Texas, returned to that place after a visit with their daughter, Mrs. C.A. Jencks who lives south of town. Boyd Snyder of Grimes returned to his grain crop in Garfield County. He reported wheat short on account of the recent dry spell. Several cases of measles have been reported in the Needmore district south of Cheyenne. All are getting along nicely.
W.P. Keen returned the first part of the week from a trip to Watonga on legal business. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Smith of Leedey are visiting friends and relatives of Mrs. Smith’s here. Co. residents transacting business here this week were; E.F. Stephens who lives east of town, George Scott near Strong City, J.T. Wilson of Hamburg, Lee Dudney of RedMoon, Jim Richerson of Sayre, J.D. Robinson of Rankin, Harry Henson Rankin merchant, Giles Parman of Grimes, William Jencks south of Town, Charles Klenk and wife from near Durham.
Miss Nona Keen left last week for New Mexico where she will visit friends for a few weeks. L.W. Pate has been reported ill at his home this past week, but is able to be up and around at this writing. Phil Allbright of Elk City was here last Tues. calling on our barbers. He is conducting a barber supply house in Elk City. Mrs. J.F. Cunningham, who resides north of the city, returned the first of the week, where she visited with her daughter, Mrs. Charles McKinney. Square Top always furnishes her part of the teachers at the Normal Institute. This year Roy Sprowls, Mrs. Pearl Maltby, Mrs. Lee Waldrip and Mrs. Andings enrolled. E.S. Taylor reports that he has 15,000 pounds of ice stored in his ice house for the Fourth of July. C. White, local manager of the Williams-Miller Gin here, is doing a great deal of improving and rearranging of the gin here. R.B. White of Hydro and of the White Lumber Co. of this place is here looking after his interests. T.L. Miller of the firm of T.L. Miller Dry Goods Co. of this city left Monday for Oklahoma City, where he will purchase a supply of dry goods for that firm. RedMoon will have their Fourth of July Gala Days on July 3&4.

Cheyenne Star, June 19, 1913

Patriotic citizens of Cheyenne will celebrate the Fourth of July with the appearance of the Clark and Son Circus, which will give two performances. The town expects a large crowd of 5,000 people, the largest ever assembled in Cheyenne. A large number of friends of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Keen were royally entertained at their home last Friday. The evening was spent in the playing of “42”. Refreshments were served by Misses Freda Keen and Marjorie Falconer. J.C. Cooper died at his home six miles east of Cheyenne last Tuesday, June 17. He had been in poor health for several years. He had lived here fifteen years, and leaves a wife and three small children to mourn his death. The Presbyterian Church is holding services in the Masonic Hall. E.C. Winfred is the SS Supt. The play, “The Winning of Latane Cashton” will be re-produced by the Cheyenne Dramatic Club Friday night, June 27. This production will benefit those who missed the first performance. Area citizens here last week: John C. Hendrix of Sayre; Mrs. J.E. Standifer of Elk City, W.W. Funston and Doc Cary of Rankin; L.M. Dudney of Redmoon; Misses Ruby Caffey and Bessie West of Strong City; A.L. Hale Commissioner of District #3; C.A. Bennett of Crawford; A.L. Thurmond, J.M. Cook, & W. Booth Merrill of Elk City; Uncle Johnny Anderson of Redmoon; Harry Brown, Charles Cross of Strong City; Bertram F. Stephens of Durham; Charles Woods of Starvation Creek.
W. P. Keen is in Mineral Wells, Texas on business this week. J.H. Tunnard, prop. of the Tunnard Grocery was ill at home the first of the week. Tom Kendall has a good as new Indiana Refrigerator for sale for $12. W.M. Watson who lives 8 miles southwest of Cheyenne, is in the well drilling business. His post office is Grimes, Ok. Weather being favorable, ladies of the ME Home Mission Soc. will give an ice cream social on the lawn at Mrs. Beckner’s Sat. evening at 6:30. T.L. Miller’s trip to buy goods for his market was successful. Rev. W.A. Randall will be at Dr. Miller’s office Friday and Saturday, June 27-28 to test eyes and fit glasses. C.A. Feno, an old time resident of this city, but now a resident of the state of Washington, arrived here the first of the week to look after his interests here. L.W. Pate, who has been confined to his room for several days, is reported getting along as well as expected. It is with deep regret that we chronicle the death of the little 18 month old child of Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Brown. The little one had been seriously ill for some time. The remains were laid to rest at the Cheyenne cemetery Tuesday afternoon.

Cheyenne Star, June 26, 1913

The grade work on the Cheyenne Short Line RR is nearing completion and everything looks as though this road will be finished by Aug. 1. The graders are now busy connecting up some unfinished work with the finish work connecting the short line with the C&OW tracks at Strong City. The recent rains in the west part of the state have caused all kind of plant growth to take on new life, and prospects for a bumper crop is practically assured, unless the grasshoppers play havoc with them. While the wheat crop was cut short on account of dry weather in the early spring, corn, cotton, broomcorn, and alfalfa will make up for the loss. The commencement exercises last Friday at the High School Auditorium was witnessed and enjoyed by an extra large crowd, at which time the largest graduating class ever had in Roger Mills Co. received diplomas. Special music was rendered by double quartet and the Cheyenne Band. Last Mon. evening the normal students and teachers were given an informal reception at the auditorium by the teachers of this city. One of the interesting features of the program was the presentation of three minute talks made by subjects unknown to them until they were called upon. Come and bring the children, if you don’t have any, borrow some from your neighbors and come to the Fourth of July celebration. John T. McClure died at the home of his son, Curtis McClure at the ripe old age of 79. John is the oldest of seven boys and one girl, of which four are still living. Upon reaching manhood, he spent 10 years in the mountains prospecting, before he settled in Butler Co. Kansas in 1870. In 1905, he moved to Durham, Day Co. Ok. He was married to Lucy McClean on August 5, 1876 and to them were born five children, four of whom have preceded him in death, leaving his widow and the one son mentioned above. He was buried at Durham Cemetery. Area citizens in town this week: Dr. Cary of Rankin; Dixon English, Jim Puryear of Buffalo area; W.O. Horr of Elk City; B.F. Bynum of Strong City, C.A. Bennett of Crawford, Walter and J.D. Funston of Rankin; L.M. Dudney of Redmoon. Cheyenne was well represented at Strong City on both days of her anniversary celebration. Fred Tunnard made a business trip to Clinton. Mrs. G.B. Lovett left Wed. for Wooster, Ohio, where she will spend the summer visiting. Walter Funston purchased a five passenger Ford in Oklahoma City. Alex Falconer is convalescing from an operation performed on him a few days ago. Grover Monroe, a former resident, and now a resident of Mt. Park is here shaking hands with old friends. Mrs. S.A. Wallace left last Tues. for an extended visit with relatives in Texas and Louisiana.

Cheyenne Star, July 3, 1913

Several cars of culvert and bridge material have been received at Strong City for the Cheyenne Short Line Railroad, which have been distributed along the route. Word has been received that several cars and ties have been received in Clinton and will be transferred to the C&OW and hauled to Strong City where they will be unloaded and distributed along the route in a very few days. The rolling stock for this road has been purchased and expected to arrive sometime next week when at that time the steel gang will begin their part of the work and the short line will be a reality by August 1. Cheyenne has had a fight to secure a road even in building one of its own, but has proved herself equal to the occasion and has triumphed over all.
Dr. J.N. Miller has made a call to fix a date for a meeting of all the doctors of Roger Mills County for the purpose of organizing a County Medical Society. The meeting is set for July 15. The best ball game of the season was played at Cheyenne last Sunday on the local diamond between the Herring ball team and the local club. The score was 8-0 in favor of the home team. Each team played good ball but the Cheyenne boys simply squeezed in a few runs while the boys from Herring got chopped down at first. An attempt has been made by the officials of the National Broomcorn Growers Assoc. to organize the farmers of this county to market their crops collectively instead of comfitatibaly but to no avail.
Several of our people are attending Fourth of July celebration at Redmoon today. Among county residents in town this week were: J.W. Parsons who lives southwest of Hamburg, George Foster, Jim Banks and Jay Hopkins of Hammon, G.W. Crane of Rankin, Teddy Trammell and Harlan Hawkins of near Gem City, W.C. Kelly and W.C. Commens of Hammon, Mark Trammell near Gem City, Roscoe Anderson of Redmoon, Sam Maddux from north of town, Judge J.W. McMurtry of Hammon, A.L. Squires of Meridian area.
Mrs. R.L. Graves returned Mon. from extended visit with friends and relatives at Kansas City. Mrs. J.H. Tunnard left Wed for extended visit with her mother who lives in Enid. She expects to visit some others at Norman before she returns. Sen. E.L. Mitchell returned Wed from Oklahoma City where he has been attending the State Legislature. Mrs. Robert Dennison who lives east of town was kicked by a horse last Tues. while in town shopping. She only received a few bruises, which was very fortunate for her. Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Breckner left Wed on visit with relatives at Newkirk, Oklahoma and in Missouri. They will return September 1. Prof. Breckner will take up his school work at this place. Misses Mamie and Freda Keen left last Sat. for Leedey where they will visit for a few days with their sister, Mrs. Arthur Smith. After which they will go to Guymon, where they will spend the summer visiting Mrs. J.A. Gregoire. Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Cross, Mr. and Mrs. Charles West, Mr. and Mrs. P.H. Bowman, Lee and Ruby Caffey, and Bill Hill were over from Strong City last Sun. to see the ball game between Cheyenne and Herring. Last Sat. morning while Mrs. Sparks, who lives near old Texmo was caring for some of her chickens, a bolt of lightening struck her, producing death instantly. Mr. Sparks and daughter were absent from the home at the time, they being on the road from Cheyenne where Miss Sparks had been attending Normal. A Mr. Finch, who lives near Rankin, passed through this city yesterday on his way home from Oklahoma City, where he took his little four year old son to the Pasteur Institute for a mad dog bite received a few days ago. John Petty, who has been employed at the Owl Barber Shop during this past year, left Wed. for Higgins, Texas where he will accept a similar position. Mrs. S.H. James left last week for Oklahoma City with Roy to a specialist, who has been treating his leg for the past two years. The new bone that had been grown was found to be broken in two places. Mr. and Mrs. R.M. Harper arrived in this town last Friday following an out of town visit.

Cheyenne Star, July 10, 1913

More men and teams are being put to work this past week on the Cheyenne Short Line and practically all of the grading is expected to be finished next week. The engine arrived Tues. and it will be used by the construction crew prior to pulling passengers and freight over the Short Line . Hammon is one of the locations chosen by the US Dept. of Agriculture as a Cotton Region Station.
At least 5,000 people were in Cheyenne by noon on Friday, July 4th to celebrate the Signing of the Declaration of Independence. Everything that was advertised was pulled off, except the basketball game; the wind was so strong that it was impossible for the ladies to handle the ball. There was something going on all the time from 9:00 a.m. until after midnight. W.P. Madden, ex-District Clerk of this county, received his commission and took charge of the post office at this place. Mrs. Cosmo Falconer, the outgoing postmistress, has given the best of satisfaction during the long period, which she has served the people of Cheyenne. The change of administration is the cause of the change of the postmaster. Elk City is to have the great Redpath-Horner Chautaqua this summer beginning July 14 and ending July 20. There is listed nine great lecturers of national repute, five entertainers of the popular kind, and fourteen big musical numbers. All who would go would find it a very pleasant outing and those are encouraged to go to Elk City and camp during the Chautaqua Week. Season tickets for the entire week are $2.00. Businessmen and citizens of Cheyenne met at the court house last Monday to make arrangements for the celebration of the completion of the Cheyenne Short Line. The date has not been set yet. Finance Committeeman Fred Tunnard and J.E. Keen; Arrangement Committee Oscar Casady, W.B. Jurgens, J.H. Tunnard and Milo Burlingame; Program Committee Sen E.L. Mitchell, Perry Madden, John Trammell, Charles McClain, Mrs. H.B. Dewey, Mrs. John C. Thornton and Mrs. Cosmo Falconer; Advertising John C. Casady, R.A. Mitchell, Judson Cunning-ham, Jake Ivy; Entertainment Sen. E.L. Mitchell, Perry Madden and Milo Burlingame. Stand rights for this two day celebration will be sold on the streets of Cheyenne July 19 to the highest and best bidder.
Suggestion has been made for every farmer to place his name and the name of his farm on the Road Gate. Cheyenne people have become interested in good roads and are planning to work on roads on west and southwest of town. Comm. Stone Taylor and Contractor for the putting in of concrete abutments on the east side of the Sgt. Major Creek and the tressling out to the second bank, which is low and is covered in water when the creek gets high. He plans to put several loads of shale on the sandy road, west of the bridge.
John Trammell made a business trip to Hammon, S. Jackson was a business visitor in Strong City, while H.D. Cox is doing some repair work on the Rexall Drugs Store building this week. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jess Rosser, a fine baby boy. Among area people who visited this city last week: J.L. Pascal, Editor of the Sayre Standard; James D. Bull of Crawford area; Matt Shaw of Hamburg; F.E. Herring of Elk City, who incidentally has vowed to be a candidate for governor; C.A. Bennett of Crawford; A.L. Hale of Hammon, Frank Cole of Hamburg, W.C. Earnest, cashier of the Oklahoma State Bank at Hammon;N.C. Miller of Rankin.
G.B. Lovett, cashier of the Cheyenne State Bank left Thurs. on extended visit with old friends in Ohio. W.P. Keen returned Thurs. from Mineral Wells, Texas where he has been during the past three weeks taking a rest and vacation. Miss Lela Jones returned from Stewards Mill, Texas. Charles Tanner has opened a harness and repair shop in the building next door west of the Tunnard Store. Mrs. Fannie Cunningham left for Arkansas where she will spend the summer with relatives. Born to Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Mitchell last Sat. a fine baby girl, weight 10 pounds. Fred Tunnard is erecting a platform on his lot west of the Prestridge Tin Shop to be used as a moving picture show. A tent will be raised over the platform. Mrs. R.N. Higgins and sons, Robert and Tom left Thurs. for Miami, Texas where they will visit Mrs. Higgins parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.C. Osborne.P.J. White, president of the White Lumber Co of Oklahoma City was here making arrangements for the enlargement of the yard at this place. The manager is F.G. Brann.
RANKIN ITEMS: Mrs. J.W. Conrad has been very ill. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lott Ferris a baby girl. They call her Mary Blondene. W.W. Funston has purchased a new five passenger Ford car and keeps the dust at Rankin flying. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Beaty are proud parents of a baby boy. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Holland have a new baby girl. Mr. and Mrs. Andre are visiting the home of C.A. Purcell. Mrs. Andre was formerly Miss Gussie Purcell. Henry Tracy has been employed to teach at the Skipout School, Virgil Poor at Bachelor and Miss Orpha Conrad, the Dickey School and Miss Bessie Robinson is to teach Wildcat.
GRIMES ITEMS: Sam Caudle’s two daughters, Misses Ethel and Myrtle are taking a vacation at home. They have a position in the Elk City Steam Laundry. Mr. Ladd has moved to the C.B. Cross Farm south of town and has made an improvement by adding another house. Corn has never looked better at this time of the year.

Cheyenne Star, July 17, 1913

People of Crawford are going to pull off a big celebration at that place Fri. and Sat., July 25-26. It promises to be bigger and better celebration than ever before held. It will be under the name of the National Broomcorn Assoc. The Misses Carey Fields and Lucille McKinney left this city last Mon. for Elk City where they will visit friends and relatives for a short time, after which they will depart for Arizona where they will probably make their future home. Miss Lucille has been Deputy Co. Treasurer of this county during the past year, and Miss Carey was one of the instructors in our public schools last winter. They will go to San Simon, Arizona where Miss McKinney’s parents live; they removed from this place last spring. I.W. Collins of Elk City, was arrested in that city last Mon. on a charge of stealing a cornet from the Cheyenne Band at this place the Fourth of July. Collins was attempting to board the Rock Island east bound train when he was arrested by the City Marshal. He claims that he bought the instrument from one of the Clark Showmen for $2. Perry Madden and Sheriff Trammell of this city went to Elk Tues. and identified the horn and brought the prisoner back and landed him in the county jail. Mrs. C.W. Tedrowe of Elk City died at the hospital at the city after an operation. Mrs. Tedrowe was the wife of Dr. C.W. Tedrowe who was at one time practicing physician of this city, but now resides in Elk City. They have a son in Indianapolis and mother in Blackwell, Ok.
The doctors of this county met at the office of Dr. J.P. Miller of this city last Tues. and proceeded to re-organize a Co. Medical Assoc. J.W. Conrad, one of the most respected and substantial farmers of Rankin died at his home last Tues. after-noon.The Band boys have ordered uniforms and will soon be a well-dressed bunch. They are now making preparations to make music in Hammon and in August at this place. Plans are being made to conduct a big celebration Aug. 1&2 to celebrate the advent of the Cheyenne Short Line Railroad. Three ball games have been matched and several good horse races have been placed on the program, besides public speakers of national repute. Among area residents who came to this city last week: W.H. Lee of Strong City; Dr. V.V. Grant of Roll, Dr. B.M. Ballenger, W.C. Commons of Hammon, Mr. and Mrs. Charles McKinney of Butler; Lige Lucas of Crawford, E.B. Miller of Rankin, Dr. Harry Dorrah of Hammon, Mr. Gantz of Durham, Dr. G.N. White of Durham, Shell Caffey of Hammon; Dr. W.C. Cary of Rankin; J.G. Bull & Bill Bell of Crawford.
We are glad to note that Alex Falconer, who has been very low at the Cosmo Falconer home of this city, is reported improving at this writing. Presiding Elder Johnson of the ME Church will preach there next Sunday. Miss Viola Paschall of Sayre is visiting her sister, Hilary Warren, who resides west of this city. Miss Golda Miller is spending a week in Elk City attending the Chatauqua. Mrs. R.N. Higgins was taken suddenly ill, preventing her anticipated visit to Miami, Tex. Rev. McCombs has returned from Sweetwater where he conducted a two weeks protracted meeting. Bud Smith had the misfortune to break the right arm above the wrist joint last Thurs. in Elk City, by cranking an auto. While he was spinning the motor, the driver advanced the spark, which caused it to backfire and kick backwards which fractured his arm. Miss Sallie Taylor is attending the Chatauqua. Mrs. Isabella Fields is visiting people in Elk City. Boots Fields left for Canadian Tex. on business. Born to Mrs. and Mrs. T.E. Thornton last Fri. a baby girl. They live ten miles west of Cheyenne. Boney Fields left first of week for Spur, Tex. where he will spend the summer and attend school this winter. Mrs. C. Falconer and daughters, Margie and Katherine of this city are attending the Chatauqua. Dr. Wallace of this city assisted by V.V. Grant of Roll and Dr. G.N. White of Durham, performed a successful operation Wed. on Rex, the little twelve year old son of Perry Madden.

RMC SENTINEL July 24, 1913

Cheyenne Star is missing.

Several cars of steel are being delayed in transit and has caused an unavoidable delay in the completion or the railroad. The contractors have asked and received a thirty day extension for the completion of the railroad. The dirt gang are within one mile of Cheyenne. The grading will be completed in a few days now. On account of the extension of the completion date of the Cheyenne Short Line RR, the railroad picnic advertised to take place Aug. 1&2 has been postponed. It is thought that Cheyenne might celebrate the completion of her railroad in connection with the Co. Fair. D.M. Byler is operating a Blacksmith Shop at the rear of Linley’s Store. Scotty’s Photography is in operation behind the Post Office Building. Harry Henson was over at Rankin Wed. S. Jackson and wife & R.F. Baird and wife were Chatauqua visitors at Elk last week. Guy Eakins, District Clerk was in Woodward last week and returned to Cheyenne on Sun. Contractors Tucker and Huff want teams on the Short Line railroad grade. Miss Millie Repass of Grimes was a visitor in the editor’s home Sun. ( Mr. Mitchell) Miss Nellie Repass of Grimes has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Mitchell. Master Roger Mills Mitchell accomp-anied his aunt. Oren Prestridge advertises complete line of hardware and he has in stock a lot of broomcorn wire. Sam Elliott and G.W. Herring of Roll were visiting here Sat. A.Y. Owen, working at the Sentinel paper, received word of his mother’s death. William Jurgens, town barber, sustained a broken arm last Sun. playing ball. It will be a few weeks now before William will be able to drive whiskers back. A number of Cheyenne citizens were out on the railroad work checking the progress Sunday. A foreman of the steel gang says he will be four miles out of Strong City by Wed. , July 23. P.D. Work has the furniture store in town. B.D. Cooksey, Ed Taylor, John C. Casady and Mr. and Mrs. Burl James attended the Chatauqua last Sunday in Elk City.
GRIMES NEWS: Mr. J.R. Robbins who has been very ill is improved. Mr. Henry Miller and Miss Ada Williams were married Wed. July 16 in Cheyenne. A supper was given them at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Miller on their return home. A crowd of young folks gathered at the Tucker home Sun. Ice cream was served and a very enjoyable time was had by all. The ice cream supper given at the Repass home for the U.S. Mail Force of Grimes was appreciated by all present. Mr. and Mrs. August Riefkohe, who have been visiting in Texas are visiting their daughter, Mrs. J.M. Puryear. Mr. George Mitchell of Cheyenne is spending the week with Ralph and Glenn Repass. The Grimes Singing Class was represented at the Co. Convention held at Mammoth School Sunday. The next convention will be held at Grimes, the first Sat & Sun. in September. Mr. and Mrs. Puryear honored Miss Fannie Steed with a surprise party Fri. night.
REDMOON NEWS: Mr. Will Swearinger was kicked by a mule last week, causing a broken rib and other serious injuries. He is under care of doctor and improving. Miss Sadie Anderson, Warren Anderson, Misses Mary Roberts, Noma Anderson, Lola and Vera Tracy attended the singing convention at Mammoth last Sun. Hillary Warren’s 18 month old baby has been seriously sick, but is much better. Miss Laura Warren and Miss Jo Paschall are assisting in the nursing of the little one during its convalescence. Miss Viola Paschall returned to her home at Sayre after extended visit around Redmoon. Miss Vera Tracy went with her for a two weeks visit at the Paschall home at Sayre.

Cheyenne Star, July 31, 1913

Work on the Cheyenne Short Line is near completion. Gradework on the east end has been finished and the contractors have moved the camp. Practically all the needed material is on the ground at Strong City. The laying of the steel will be resumed in a few days and rushed through as fast as possible, which will mean only a few days until Cheyenne will have a railroad. There is still some heavy work on the gyp hill on the Cunningham place. It is thought that it will only require three or four days to finish this cut. Some of the young people of this city enjoyed a social evening at the residence of John Salyer. He lives one mile west of town. The party was given in the honor of Miss Goldie Blaylock. George Johnson of Okla. City has located here and has taken charge of the Cheyenne Band. Mr. Johnson is a splendid instructor and has already made some wonderful improvements in the band. The Socialists will hold an encampment here Aug. 1&2. They have secured a number of able Socialists of the state to address the large crowds that are expected. Last Sun. the Cheyenne Baseball Club went to Herring and played the boys there, but from the scorecard, they played horse with them, as they succeeded in scoring 14 men the first inning—at the close of the game the score was 12-26 in favor of the Cheyenne team.
RANKIN ITEMS: Mr. and Mrs. George Feilner made a business trip to Canadian. An ice cream social was given at the home C.Y. Libby Sat. night in the honor of his birthday. About 200 people were present to celebrate the occasion. Cars from Cheyenne, Rankin and Wheeler were represented. Paul Habeck, Sr. is again back in this part of the country. Mrs. McColgin’s auntie, who has been visiting here for some time, returned to her home in Illinois last week. Czar Libby of Enid, is here to spend the rest of the summer with his brothers. Henry Wright has purchased a new hay baler and is near Canadian bailing hay. Many of the farmers are spending a few days fishing and plumming, since the crops are laid by.
Mrs. W.L. Powell and daughter, Dellie Sheldon, mother and sister of Mann Casady, who lives east of the city, arrived here last Wed. from Texas. They were accompanied by Ann Brewster, a sister of J.R. Casady of this city, whom he had not seen in almost thirty years. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Madden left Thurs. for eastern Okla. where he will attend to legal matters in behalf of his clients. Among area residents spending time here last week: Ira Walters of Rankin; Major Holmes of Clinton; J. Rankin of Rankin; F.E. Herring of Elk City; Lige Lucas popular hardware man of Crawford; E.F. Flowers of Grimes. Ed Keen is out on the farm this week looking after his interests. Nona Keen returned last Thurs. from New Mexico where she spent a month visiting friends. O.H. James of the James Telephone Co. wishes to trade a 5 passenger Smith Auto for a Ford Car. He wants a lighter vehicle. C.B. Thompson and children and Miss Flora Thurmond arrived here from Elk City. Mrs. Thurmond and Mrs. Thompson will arrive Thursday and spend their vacation rusticating in the country. C.B. is an old timer in this county, having served the people as Sheriff at one time. He is now in the Livery business at Elk City.G. Johnson, the new band instructor of the band, made a trip to Strong City where he met his family who came from Okla. City to make their home in our little city. Goldie Blaylock who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ratliff, who lives two mile west of town, left last Sun. for her home in Woodward. Arthur accompanied her as far as Hammon, where she took the train. Rev. J.B. McComb, took seriously ill last Sat. with congestion. He is recovering rapidly. T.L. Meador will be in town Mon, Wed. and Fri. of each week to sell vegetables of all kinds and watermelons. P.D. Work has sold his residence property in the west part of the city to W.W. Blackburn. He will leave in a few days for a higher altitude in the hope of regaining his health. W.T. Bonner returned Mon. from Tulsa where he has been several days on Business. Comm. Taylor has been doing some much needed repair work on the Sgt. Major bridge west of town. Sen. E.L. Mitchell made a trip to Sayre Wed. on legal business. C.O. Gause has purchased a new bus and is now running a bus line from Cheyenne to Strong City. After the Cheyenne Short Line Railroad gets in operation, he will use this bus in transferring passengers and mail from the Depot to town. R. D. Alexander returned Fri. from the east where he has been to the loading of the steel for the Short Line RR. The cotton crop throughout this section of the state and especially in Roger Mills Co. is reported to be in better shape than it has been for a number of years. The new lumber shed for the White Lumber Co. is almost completed. The ball game between Cheyenne and Herring was played at Herring and resulted in a victory for Cheyenne 26-12. A.Y. Owen, who was called away owing to the death of his mother, returned to this city last Mon. T.L. Miller of the Miller Dry Goods Co. made a business trip to Okla. City first of the week where he bought fall goods for his firm.

Cheyenne Star, Aug. 7, 1913

The death angel called twice during the past week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Mutlen. On July 29 their daughter, Mary was called away and on July 31, Joseph followed his twin sister to their eternal home. The babes were born May 5, 1911. Remains were laid to rest at the Fairview Cemetery.  Socialists Picnic held here was well attended. T.L. Turners was in Sayre Wed. attending District Court. Miss Essie Douglas is reported seriously ill at the home of her sister, Mrs. F.G. Brann. J.E. Keen’s mother, a sister and two brothers of Weatherford are visiting with his family here. Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Huff returned to this city last Tues from extended visit with relatives in Dakota. They will return to the Hext Ranch in a few days where W.T. is employed. J.E. Keen has received his silo and now has it almost ready for use. J.E. is one of the most progressive farmers we have in Roger Mills Co. and has foreseen the value of the silo. (The foundation of this silo is still in place in 2013).

 Among area people making trips here this week: E.F. Stephens, Stone Taylor, Gus Trammell and Henry Warren who live up the Washita;Lawson Kerns and Jodie Moad of Hammon, Enoch Swindle and Frank Cole of Hamburg, J.G. Bull of Crawford, Ben Owsley of Rankin, J.J. Moore of Strong City, C.A. Bennett of Crawford, Charley Blackburn of Crawford. .Miss Donnel of Weatherford is now employed as Stenographer at the Pittsburg Mortgage Company’s office here. The Washita Ball Team came in last Sunday and played the Second Team at this place. The game resulted of a score of 14-5 in favor of the Second team. George S. Johnson has organized a young band that is now composed of twelve-fourteen members. This is a splendid opportunity for those who desire to learn band music to commence as this class soon will be making music. Mrs. W.L. Powell and daughter, Mrs. Ed Shelton, who have been visiting at the home of Mann Casady, Mrs. Powell’s son, who lives east of town, and Mrs. Ann Brewster, a sister of J.R. Casady of Daughton, Texas. Honorable John C Hendrix of Sayre, a former resident of this city, has been notified of his appt. to the Office of Register of the U.S. land office at Guthrie. This is a good appointment. John H. Osborne has moved his family from the farm back to their home in this city. Mrs. John Trammell and Miss Sadie White left Thursday for Texas where Mrs. Trammell will look after her son’s estate.  Mr. and Mrs. Henry Anderson spent several days visiting at the home of Uncle Billy Anderson, who lives south of here.

 J.W. Dobbs, who was serving a ten year sentence at McAlester for manslaughter, was one of the men pardoned by Gov. McAlester last Sat.

Cheyenne Star, Aug. 14, 1913

The anniversary celebration of Hammon last Thursday through Sat. was well attended. A conservative estimate of the crowd was placed at 4,000. The Cheyenne Cornet Band rendered the music for the occasion. On Thursday night a difficulty was engaged in between Jay Morton and a man named Jackson, better known as one armed Jack, in which Morton was badly lacerated about the arm. Jackson was arrested on a charge of assault with intent to kill and is now in the Co. jail at this place. Morton is reported as recovering from his wounds fastly. As we go to press, we learn of the death of John Pullum, who lived near Berlin. He has resided near Berlin since the early 90’s. He had recently had an arm amputated and it is supposed that consumption set in which caused his death. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hay on Sunday a fine baby boy. Dist. Clerk Guy Eakins was in Hammon last Fri. attending the celebration. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Abe Nichols, who live west of town, a baby boy on Aug. 4. Perry Madden returned last Wed. from a trip to Canadian on legal business. Born on Friday last to Mr. and Mrs. Dave Pickett a baby boy. Mrs. Venson, mother of Mrs. Geo. Harris, who lives south of town returned to her home at Guthrie after spending a two week visit. Miss Freda Keen returned last Tues. from an extended visit with Mrs. J.A. Gregoire at Guymon. Mrs. R.F. Baird enter-tained a number of her friends last Mon. at a luncheon. Local rains visited central western Okla. last Mon., which did a great deal of good to the growing crops, especially corn, kafir and cotton. T.L. Byers, asst. Cashier of the Crawford Cotton Exchange Bank is at Cotton Exchange Loan Office in this city in the absence of Charles Hawkins, who is acting as Cashier of the Strong City Cotton Exchange Bank in the absence of Cashier Bynum. Clyde Young who lives west of the city was in town Wed. transacting business. Mr. Young is installing an irrigation plant on his farm. He is one of the most wide awake farmers and stock raisers of the Washita. His undertaking of irrigation will result in many others following his example in the future. Other area residents in town on business this week were: Bill Anderson of Redmoon; E.W. Crane of Rankin; Jim Williams of Sayre selling books. W.P. Keen has moved his office to the office of the Pittsburg Mortgage and Investment Co. on Broadway. Miss Mavis Cuning-ham left last week for a month’s visit with friends and relatives in New Mexico and Colo. S. Jackson, B.D. Cooksey, S. Grim, E.L. Mitchell and Perry Madden made a business trip to Canadian the latter part of the week. Borned last Tues. to Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Copeland who live near Redmoon, a fine 12 and one-half pound baby boy.

 Drs. H.C. Dorrah, Berry and W.I. Wimberly came over to Cheyenne last Tues. to attend a meeting of the RMC Medical Assoc. . The school election held last Tues. for the purpose of approving a levy resulting in the approving of the levy by a good margin. The only vestion was the getting of enough people to the polls to make it legal. All were for the long term of school but these matters are sometimes overlooked, but not with the people of Cheyenne as they have the interests of the school and are always alert to extend every assistance possible to have the best schools to be had.

Cheyenne Star, Aug. 21, 1913

 L.W. Pate has for sale his grocery, hardware and implement business due to poor health and must seek a chance in climate. Milo Burlingame is Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Town of Cheyenne. Among those residents in town on business this week: John Cross lives north of city; E.W. Crane  & Geo. Cox of Rankin, G.E. Shufeldt of Redmoon, Charles Carpenter made final proof, R.L. Wright who lives NE of Cheyenne, W.H. Anderson of Redmoon.

 Mrs. John Ford and two sons of Strong City spent the day Mon. at the Dr. Miller home here. Tom Morgan returned from eastern Okla. where he had been during the past year. A large crowd was in town last Sat. to see the horse races at to trade with our progressive merchants. W.P. Madden and son, Hogle, left Mon. for Colorado Springs where they will spend a few days on business matters. T.L. Meador continues to sell vegetables of all kinds on Mon. Wed and Fri. of each week. Several of the young people of this city enjoyed a social evening at the home of J.D. Williams who lives northwest of this city. Mrs. Eva Tunnard returned from Enid where she had been visiting her mother. Miss Fan Earl Robinson left last Sat. morning for her home in Texas after a three week visit with her sister, Mrs. R.L. Baird. Mrs. Ward Roper of Cleburne, Tex., a sister of W.H. Bell of this city, arrived here last Tues. to spend a few weeks visiting with Dr. and Mrs. Bell. The rain that fell generally throughout the country Sun. night came at the opportune time. Mrs. Ollie Brockey of Berlin is visiting in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harris of Cheyenne. Mrs. J.E. Keen and daughter returned last week from Leedey where they spent several days visiting with Mrs. Keen’s daughter, Mrs. Arthur Smith. Lee Smith and wife of Canadian are visiting at the L.W. Pate and S.H. Rimby homes this week. W.W. Blackburn advertises 20 head of good work mules and 10 head of mares for sale or trade. Mrs. E.E. Tracy’s sister, Mrs. B.H. Howard of Tennessee and mother, Mrs. N.R. Monroe of Clinton, and Mrs. Bee Monroe of Clinton are visiting at the home of E.E. Tracy of this city. Mrs. L.A. Beaty and son, Powell, returned Wed. from Okla. City where they have been for several weeks where Powell underwent an operation. Cheyenne Band will give a concert Fri. evening Aug. 19. Mrs. A.F. Pierce who has been in poor health for some time, suffered an attack of paralysis. Her condition is considered serious. Miss Essie Douglas, who has been ill at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brann, is again able to be up after a siege of typhoid fever. On account of a Revival meeting at Square Top School house, 4 miles east of here, there will be no services at the ME Church next Sunday morning and night except Sunday School.

Cheyenne Star, Aug. 28, 1913

Last Sun. afternoon about 5:30 the alarm of fire was given and the volunteers were soon on the scene. It developed at the residence of C.White was on fire. The fire originated upstairs in the northwest corner a distance of several feet from the flue, and before anyone arrived, the smoke was so dense that is as impossible for anyone to enter the building to fight the flames. All the furniture downstairs was carried out before the chemical engine arrived, but after it was put in operation, it was only a short time until the flames were extinguished. The damages received were not very much, probably $250 including furniture, bedding and clothing together with the damage done to the building. This is the first real fire that has been in our town since the engine was bought by the city, and has paid for itself already in this one fire. Roger Mills Co. will have two day fair at Cheyenne on September 17-18. During the past two weeks, two new business firms have moved their stock of merchandise to our town. Mouser and Latta is one of the firms, they have moved their stock of general merchandise from Leedey and are occupying the Hodges Building on Broadway. The other is the Owl Drugs Store with W.H. Lee as Prop. This Strong City merchant is occupying the east room of the Hodges Building on the corner of Main and Broadway. Elk City will host the Beckham Co. Fair. It will feature the Big Curtis Bi-Plane which will make two flights each day. W.D. Renner of Berlin is selling his grist mill with full detachments, corn sheller, rock mill and engine,  boiler for $225 or trade for livestock. W.T. Bonner made a business trip to Canadian. Atty. W.P. Keen left Mon. for Canadian, where he is connected with a lawsuit. Born on Tuesday last, to Mr. and Mrs. Hilary Warren, who live west of this city, a fine baby boy. Among those county residents doing business here: J.E. Hall of Hammon, E.F. Stephens, substantial farmer here, J.L. Paschall Editor of the Sayre Standard, Mr. and Mrs. Newt Harmon of Grimes area, Charles Campbell who lives at the mouth of Sandstone Creek, Charley Blackburn cashier of the Crawford Cotton Exchange Bank, S.L. Amend of Hammon, Shan DeCow of Redmoon, Frank Cole of Hamburg.

 Sheriff Trammell and E.E. Tracy left Mon. for Canadian on legal business. Perry Madden and Milo Burlingame made business trip to Strong City. A Revival meeting is now in progress at the Baptist Church of this city. Mrs. R.N. Higgins, Mrs. Lenora Flemming and Mrs. A.M. Rishel visited Strong City Sat. and rode on the construction train of the Cheyenne Short Line to the end of the rails, being the first ladies to ride on the new road. Miss Muriel Madden returned Tues. from two weeks visit with friends at Rankin. C. Falconer, R.F. Baird, Walker Huff and W.A. Beaty made business trip to Canadian. Furniture and Racket Store, formerly owned by P.D. Work was sold by the Sheriff last Monday on an attachment. D.T. Bowman bought the stock. Mrs. A.F. Pierce of this city, has been seriously ill for a year, being a sufferer of dropsy. Last week she was stricken with paralysis and the attending physician says it is impossible for her to live long. J.O. Galloway, Prop. of the Southern Hotel made a business trip to Elk City. Mrs. L.A. Beaty returned from market with her new fall and winter hats.

Cheyenne Star, Sep. 4, 1913

Work on the Cheyenne Short Line Railroad continues and it will be but a short time before the road will be completed. Steel gang has been working ever since they started about two weeks ago. The road is expected to be completed by September 15. About a month ago the report was sent out over the country that Boots Fields has been arrested and taken to Hemphill Co. Texas to answer a charge of larceny of cattle. This report is erroneous and the facts are these: On or about August 1, a herd of cattle belonging to Jess Yoakley, who lives in Canadian were missing and was thought by the officers of Hemphill Co. that these cattle were being moved into Oklahoma. So the officers at this place were notified and the cattle were located in Fields’ pasture, about three miles north of Cheyenne. Sheriff Tipps of Canadian, who came to this place the same night and was accompanied back to Canadian by Boots, who was placed under arrest the following day in that city. On the warrant charging him as an accomplice. The other person being made principle to the case. Mr. Fields and the other person were later indicted by the Grand Jury and the principle in the case went on trial. Evidence in the case as was introduced by the State was not sufficient as to convict the principle in the case and consequently, the case against Fields was dismissed. In order to make this a little clearer, we will say that the principle in the case was an employ of Yoakly and had full power to do as he pleased with the cattle. No evidence was introduced to show that there was any intention of stealing the cattle. Mrs. A.F. Pierce passes away after a long illness. She was a member of the Baptist Church here. She leaves a husband, two daughters, one named Mrs. R.M. Harper of Butler, OK and two sons. She was 50 years old and laid to rest in the Cheyenne Cemetery. The first bale of cotton of the season was marketed in Cheyenne last Mon. by C.J. Cherry, who lives near Carpenter. Cotton was purchased by C. White of the Williams Miller Gin at 4 cents. He received a $14 premium and the bale netted him $66.40. Margie Falconer advertises that she will teach music to a limited number of students. Comm-issioner Stone Taylor was here looking after the interests of the taxpayer of this district at a meeting of the Board of Co. Commissioners which was in session Monday.
Prof. W.L. Breckner, Supt. of the Cheyenne Public School returned last Mon. from Missouri, where he spent his vacation. Area residents in town last week: A.L. Hale of Hammon; C.A. Bennett of Crawford; Shell Caffey of Hammon; H.O. Hopkins of Hammon; F.E. Herring of Elk City; D.W. Tracy of Sayre; J.W. Majors; Anzley Ellis near Grand; Atty. J.W. McMurtry of Hammon; W.W. Funston of Rankin; Geo. Scott of Strong City; Ira Morton of near Herring; Charles Cross of Strong City. Miss Mae Cofer was the winner of the piano contest sponsored by Herring & Young. Strong City baseball team came over last Sun. crossed bats with the local club. Final score 6-9 in favor of the visiting team. Several families from the country have already moved into town in order to send their children to our excellent public school. Miss Lunetta Evans of Cheyenne left last Sat. for Berlin where she has accepted a position in the public school at that place.W.H. Lee and John C. Casady made business trip to Strong City last Fri. Judge John C. Hendricks of Sayre is attending District Court this week. Jess Williams made final proof of his homestead. Prof. Johnston, instructor of the band at this place, has organized an orchestra, composed of about 12 pieces. In a short time they will be prepared to play at all public gatherings. D.G. Suiter of Crawford is doing jury service this week.

Cheyenne Star, Sept. 11, 1913

For the first time in the history of Cheyenne the whistle of a locomotive could be distinctly heard by our people this week. It was a whistle of the construction train of the Cheyenne Short Line Railroad. The steel gang is within two miles of the city limits and will be completed to the terminus not later than Monday, September 15, 1913. The grade work is practically all completed with the exception of the gyp hill on the Cunningham place, and it is being blasted out rapidly and the steel gang will soon be up with the graders and Monday, Cheyenne will have a completed railroad.
The public school of this city opened Monday with a large enrollment.This being the largest number ever attending our school. During the past week, someone has been sneaking around town peeping in the windows as the occupants prepare for bed. This damnable practice has been repeated during the past week and a number have become alarmed at his maneuvers. Last Monday night about 10:30, he made his appearance at the Arthur Feno home. He was observed by Mr. Feno who proceeded to take a shot at him, and this gave him such a scare, that he ran out from under his hat, and the fact that he had urgent business in another part of the city, he didn’t stop to get it. The hat is now at the Sheriff’s office and the MYSTERIOUS JACK, the peeper, desires to recover his property, he can stop and get the same by calling and identifying the hat as the one worn Monday night. Last Sunday afternoon while on the way home from church together with his family, A.M. Underwood was struck by lightening and was killed instantly. His wife was sitting on the seat by him in a farm wagon, holding a quilt around him to protect him from the rain that was falling when he was struck. No other occupant of the wagon was injured by the bolt. Elder L.L. Combs of Joplin, Missouri is holding a protracted meeting at the tabernacle on the court house square in this city. Roger Mills Co. Fair will be next week. The afternoon of the first day’s activities will include a ball game, mule races, sack races and egg races. Plenty of band music at night and other entertainment.
RANKIN NEWS: J.L. Smith and daughter, Ceva have been visiting for some time at the C.Y. Libby home and returned home last week. Henry Wright has been busy for the past week baling hay for the neighbors. The many friends of John H. Peterson surprised him on his birthday, September 2. B.B. Shaw, who has not been expected to live for some time, with blood poison in his arm, is now improving. Drs. Wallace and Cary have been in attendance. George Geohring made a business trip to Elk City the last of the week. Mrs. Earnest Bessire’s mother has come to stay with her for the winter. Jennie Kimball has gone to Elk City to attend school at that place this winter. Dave Wright and family of Canadian have been visiting with relatives this week. Cecilia Fielner has gone to Sayre to live with her sister, Mrs. Wehr and attend high school this year. John Libby made a trip to Strong City Wednesday. Most of the farmers in this vicinity are preparing to thrash their little dab of broomcorn.
Milo Burlingame is the president of the election board. Eli Graves has accepted a position in Ed Taylor’s Confectionary Area people in Cheyenne this week: J.A. Moad of Hammon, Col. E.G. Snider, Jim Price of Durham, A.A. Brown of Hammon, J.L. Paschal Editor of the Sayre Standard, D.G. Moore of Leedey, Adolph Brauchi of Berlin. Judge and Mrs. Mouser returned the latter part of last week from Oklahoma City where they purchased a stock of dry goods for the store to which they were connected. Miss Sudi Lee of Oklahoma City, who is employed as an assistant principal in the public school at this place arrived in this city last Saturday. S.E. Keen moved his family to Weatherford in order that Misses Nona and Freeda may attend the Normal School at that place. Miss Freeda recently underwent an operation in this city.
Our merchants are enjoying a splendid trade for this season of the year. Last Sat. W.H. Lee who recently moved from Strong City, said that he had enjoyed the best day’s business since the fall of 1911, when he was engaged in the drug business in this city. Mr. and Mrs. John Ford of Strong City spent Sunday at the Dr. Miller home here. Miss Golda Miller returned last week from an extended visit with friends and relatives in Elk City. Harlan Hopkins and wife who live across the line in Texas along the Washita are visiting at the Leon Young home in this city. Bruce Latta has moved his family here. They are occupying the residence of D.G. Moore in the southeast part of town. This section of the state has been blessed with a number of fine rains during the past ten days, which will prove to be very beneficial to the late crops. Misses Josie Thomas and Klina Potter of Durham arrived in this city last week to take up their school work here. They have been employed as teachers in the public schools. Mrs. John Trammell and Sadie White returned from Texas where they have been for two weeks on business connected with the estate of Mrs. Trammell’s little boy. A large number of county eighth grade graduates have enrolled in the freshman class in the Cheyenne High School. Theodore Harris who has been ill with the fever is reported improving nicely. Bill Owens, an old timer here, was here transacting business last week. Margie Falconer announces that she is prepared to teach music to a limited number of pupils.

Cheyenne Star, Sept. 18, 1913

The teachers of the Cheyenne and Strong City division of the SE District will hold their first institute at Cheyenne on Sat., Sept. 20, beginning at 10:30 a.m. Each teacher is expected to prepare the first two chapters of each of the following named Reading Circle Books: Parker’s History of Education; O’Shea’s Everyday Problems in School; Halleck’s Psychology. The Northwest Division of the Roger Mills County Teachers Division will convene at the Hamburg School House on the 11th day of October at 10:00 a.m. Dicussion of the first two chapters of Psychology and Physic Culture, led by John B. Tracy. Discussion of the first two chapters of the History of Modern Elementary Education led by Miss L. Jean Moore. Mrs. Helen Bryant will lead a discussion of the first two chapters of Everyday Problems in Teaching. L.W. Pate has for sale his grocery, hardware implement machinery business house. The owner is in poor health. The railroad contractors worked hard the last few days to have the road completed by the appointed time, but failed to reach the city Monday and as a result of hurrying to reach their goal, in order to lay claim to the $20,000.00 bonus that was hung up by the people of Cheyenne and surrounding community, some of the work was not efficient and consequently will have to be gone over, and some of the material taken out. We are not in a position to say when trains will be running on a scheduled time, but it won’t be long. Milo Burlingame, Pres. of the Cheyenne Board of Trustees, has called for an election for the purpose of voting on a proposition that the Roger Mills Telephone Co. be granted a franchise in Cheyenne. Voting date is September 22. WP. Keen returned Thurs. from a business trip to Foss. Miss Freeda Keen spent last week at Weatherford where her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Keen, recently moved temporarily for school advantages. John Warren, who lives on Croton Creek, was in the city the first part of the week.Other visitors to Cheyenne this week were: C.E. Guernsey, Harry Henson of Rankin, Mr. Chenoweth from west of town, Bill Farmer who lives on Sandstone, A.L. Squires, Sweetwater, N.C. Miller of Rankin, F.A. Beavin of Roll.
Misses Myra and Lura Warren left a few days ago for Sherman, Texas where they will attend school during the coming winter. They attended school there last year and were favorably impressed with the school. Mr. Chenoweth is having a public sale at his farm on Sept. 30. Mrs. F.A. Beavin of Roll brought eleven of her fine Plymouth Rock chickens to show the people who visited the fair what she has in the poultry line. Mrs. John King, who lives west of here, is in attendance at the Co. Fair now being held here with her fine White Wyandotte Chickens.

Cheyenne Star, Sept. 25, 1913

The Civil Service Commission announces that an examination will be held Oct. 11 at Cheyenne to make certification to fill a vacancy in the position of Postmaster at Hamburg and other vacancies that may occur. The compensation of the postmaster at Hamburg was $230.00 for the last year. In the election for Cheyenne to grant a franchise to the Roger Mills Telephone Co., the result of the hotly contested election, the grant was defeated by two votes.
The Co. Fair was well attended in spite of rain. Food & CropWinners at the Co. Fair were: Wilford Beavins, Louis Beavin, Paul Beavin, Harry Earnest Stoval, Bufford Bean, Morene Brown, Hope Conrad, Myrtle Walters, F.A. Beavin, H.W. Carl, Conrad Brothers, Rufus Martin, Elvin Eberhrdt, M.U. Squires, Joe Calvert, J.F. King, Elbert Tracy, Herbert Moore, W.L. Smith, H.M. Hakin, Mrs. James Williams, R.H. Myers, Mrs. S. Jackson, Mrs. Hodges, Mrs. Jess Moore, Mrs. Beaty, Mrs. Fannie Cunningham, Mrs. H.W. Carl, Paul Wallace, Mrs. Annabell.
Newt Malone of Strong City moved here this week. Area residents on business here: John Kendall of Strong City; Charles Watkins of Rankin; A.C. Wilson of Hamburg; Sam Bruce of Leedey;Joe Wilson of Hamburg.
S. Grimm has purchased the John Kendall property in the Wallace addition and has moved his family. Mrs. J.R. Johnson and children, Vera and Cullen, of Butler spent several days here this week. Ed Coleman, construction superintendent of the Cheyenne Short Line has moved his family into the Burlingame residence here. Harlan Hopkins has moved his family to his ranch, three miles west of here. Mr. Hopkins has made some extensive improve-ements on his ranch during the past month. Miss Trammell, a daughter of P. Trammell, who lives across the line in Texas, spent several days here last week with her sister, Mrs. Harlan Hopkins, before going to Elk City where she will enter the St. Mary’s School. A public dance was enjoyed by several youngsters last Fri. night at the platform. Several families have moved to our city during this week to take advantage of the excellent school privileges that are offered by our public school. Miss Tippen of Hammon arrived here the first of the week with a view of securing a class in expression. It is more than likely that she will secure a large class in the very short time. Cheyenne loses a highly respected family this week when H.V. Guernsey leaves this city for Burlington, Washington where he will probably make his future home.C. White returned from Illinois, where he went last week with a view for bringing his parents home with him; but was unable to do so on account of their feebleness. Ben Linley returned from a trip to Arkansas where he was called by the death of his brother.

Cheyenne Star, Oct. 2, 1913

The Cheyenne Short Line is still not completed but the town of Cheyenne has entered into a contract with Levy & Levy for the completion of the road. City Officials and the contractor will inspect the road and will specify what objectionable features are in the road that don’t meet spec-ifications. The city has entered into a contract in which $3,000 will be placed in trust at our bank and an additional $2,000 when the men are placed on the works. This money is not to be delivered to the Levy Company until after completion of the road. F.E. Herring of Elk City has announced his candidacy for Governor this week. He is seeking the Democratic nomination in 1914. RED MOON ITEMS: School started at Red Moon with only 18 pupils enrolled. Miss Lela Romine as teacher. L.M. Dudney will probably have to have his thumb amputated due to an accident. Misses Sadie Anderson, Jewel Hooper, Florence Lusher and Bailey Hooper attended singing at Hamburg Sunday afternoon. Mr. Joe Amend and Sister Agnes were guests of Miss Norene Copeland Sunday. Mr. John Hooper and Roscoe Anderson returned Sun. from a business trip up in the panhandle of Texas. Miss Pearl Loften was the guest of Miss Noma Anderson. Teachers meeting in the Berlin division of the Southwest District will meet at Berlin October 3, 1913 and on the program are A.T. Burge, L.B. Carr, Miss Jo Evans, Miss Callie Clark, W.F. Brewer. What Cheyenne needs more than anything else is someone to buy broomcorn. Everyday broomcorn can be seen on our streets and no one buying. When farmers haul their brush to the market, they will spend their money where they sell their product, consequently, businesses in Cheyenne are losing trade that should be held here. W.P. Keen is at Sayre attending to legal matters this week. W.A. Beaty reports having lost a number of young cattle lately with blackleg. Ben Linley has moved his stock of merchandise from Herring and now has his stock on his shelves in this city. Nathan Mouser arrived here last week from Indiana. He has accepted a position with the Cheyenne Mercantile Store here. Rev. McCombs, pastor of the ME Church here, will commence a protracted meeting here and continue two weeks. Area residents doing business here: Ted Morris, E.F. Stephens east of town, H.B. Bradford northeast of town, W.W. Funston, Prop. of the Big Store at Rankin, Miss Bessie West of Strong City accompanied by Mrs. John Ford and Mrs. Harry Brown were attending the Millinery opening of Mrs. L.A. Beaty’s J.R. Emerson and J.R. Dodgeion southwest of town, Lee Dudney of Redmoon. Miss Mavis Cunningham returned from Colorado where she spent her vacation. Robert Wheeler of Rankin was operated on for appendicitis by Doctors Wallace and Cary is reported to be getting along nicely. George S. Johnson has moved his family from the Fields property to the residence now owned by W.W. Blackburn, formerly occupied by P.D. Work. George Cox of Rankin has moved his family to his residence property recently purchased from S. Grim in this city. Mr. Cox has moved his family to Cheyenne to take advantage of the schools here. George Mitchell is reported sick at the R.A. Mitchell home in this city. Marshall Trammell is doing some extra good street repair work on Broadway this week. T.L. Turner and family made a trip to their farm in Texmo the first of the week. Mr. and Mrs. S. Jackson and Erma Monroe returned from Oklahoma City, where they attended the State Fair. Rev. Combs of Crawford, preached to a large audience last Sunday at the school house, filling an appointment of Rev. Miller. Some excitement was caused in the southwest part of town by a gasoline stove blazing too high at the T.L. Turner home. Fire alarm was given and volunteer fire department hurried to the scene with the chemical engine; but before they reached the Turner home, everything was restored in perfect working order and no harm done. The public sale of William Chenoweth was held Tues and was well attended and everything sold well. A remarkable thing about this sale was that there was only one note made in payment for a purchase. All others were made by cash. It seems there is more money in circulation than before at this season of the year. All the banks in the county feel an increase of deposits during the past two months. B.R. James has moved his family from the Watson property to the T.L. Miller property on south Main.

RM Sentinel, Oct. 9, 1913

Platonic Club held an open meeting Sep 25 at the home of President Mrs. Cosmo Falconer. .Mrs. S. Jackson read a paper on the “Justification of Club Women” and Mrs. Glenn Lovett led a discussion on noted clubwomen. Next meeting will be held at the school. Co. Judge W.H. Mouser announces that the Oct session of Co. Court will begin Mon. Oct. 20. Almost forty cases are schedule to be heard that week. Rev. J.M. Wileman, Baptist minister from Erick, will preach both services here this Sun. Bro. Wileman was formerly a lawyer. The income tax is finally with us thanks to the new Democratic tariff bill. Experts have estimated that 425,000 people country over, will be affected by it. The rates range from 1% at $3,000 income to 7% with an income over $500,000. Thirty five hundred of OK citizens are likely to be affected by this new tax. Population of this country in 1912 is listed as 12,861. Co Election Board is composed of J.A. Moad, Hammon; A Y Owen of Cheyenne and W.M. Brooks of Strong City. Area residents in town this week were: J.T. Nicholson southwest of Cheyenne; I.C. Thurmond Okla. City; T.A. Byrnes; Harry Henson of Rankin; Comm. A.C. Bennett of Roll-Crawford area; A.L. Hale of Hammon. The Bob Ross residence is on the market and consists of one 5 room house, well, cistern, crib, chicken house, stable, and six lots. Committees are busy this week raising bonus notes for the railroad. Several investors have been in town this week checking out the locations for the purpose of building and establishing businesses in our town. Several Cheyenne people are contemplating decided improvements of their residence property. Carl Kemp is erecting a building on his lots just west of the Rexall Drugs Store. He will place a meat market in that building. Ray Fox of Herring, who was formerly a manager of a store of that place, is here putting on a sale for Ben Lindley. Mr. Lindley is closing out his stock. Robert N. Higgins and Sen. Mitchell left the first of the week for Okla. City to meet with Judge Tisdale of Muskogee for the purpose of drawing up contract between Levy & Levy Contractors and the Cheyenne Short Line RR Directors. Mrs. F.A. Beavin of Roll, Bard Rock Specialist, informs us while she was in Cheyenne Tues. that she had made a sale of 500 cockerels since the fair here Sept. 17-18. The $15,000 bonus is being raised to guarantee the completion of the Cheyenne RR.
GRIMES NEWS: Some more fine rain reached Grimes last week. A crowd of young folks gathered at the Franklin home Thurs. night in honor of Miss Iva’s 16th Birthday. Mr. T.A. Cox is trying his luck at killing hawks the past few days. He has killed seven hawks only missing one shot and killing two hawks at one shot. Mrs. E.S. Repass and sons Ralph and Glen spent Sun. with the W.J. Singletary family. Mr. and Mrs. Dick English and Auntie Mayes, Mr. and Mrs. Lige Gamble and Neva Repass spent Sun. at the Cox home. Farmers are busy picking cotton and gathering feed.

Cheyenne Star, Oct. 16, 1913

On Friday, Oct. 24 the Fraternal Order of Eagles will give a banquet at the Burlingame Building on Broadway in town. All Eagles and Eaglettes are earnestly requested to be present and lunch with them at that time. The committee on arrangements is composed of: Milo Burlingame, Oscar Casady and Dr. G.H. Wallace. W.W. Peterson, Principal of the Strong City Public School, announces that the Cheyenne-Strong City division of the reading circle will meet in the auditorium of the Strong City Public School Sat. Oct. 18 at 10:00 a.m. An interesting program has been prepared by different members of the Strong City Public School. Platonic Club will hold the first number of the Lyceum Course to be given at the High School Aud. on Tues. evening.
Miss Ethel Douglas Sundayed with home folks on the farm last Sun. Business visitors here last week were: John Wilson of Hamburg; Roscoe Anderson of Redmoon area; Louis Harris; W.T. Poindexter and wife, Jodie Moad and Dr. Wimberely of Hammon; Annul Cornell of Sayre; Mr. and Mrs. John Hendrix and son Paul of Sayre; A.H. Carter, wife and son Clifford of Strong City; Leon Young; Dr. W.S. Cary of Rankin; Roy Tunnell of Hamburg; W.E. Conner & Ross A McNamara of Brantley; F.M. Bates east of Cheyenne; Dr. V.V. Grant of Roll; Lee Dudney of Redmoon; Mrs. J.J. Moore and Mrs. Teck of Strong City; John Morris of Hamburg.

Fred Tunnard has moved his residence property northeast of the square to his lot west of the Prestridge Tin Shop. C.H. Hansen of Iowa, a cousin of Mrs. I.F. Cornels of this city, is visiting at her home this week. This is the first time they have met in eleven years. Mrs. Falconer and Mrs. Cooksey of this city spent several days last week visiting with friends at Hammon. Mrs. Charles McKinney, formerly Miss Birdie Cunningham, arrived here last Wed. from Butler. Miss Lunetta Evans, who is one of the teachers in the Berlin School, spent Sun. with homefolks here. Mr. and Mrs. S. Jackson made a trip to Strong City last Sun. where they met Mr. Jackson’s mother who accompanied them here for a few days’ visit. Miss Sue Thornton entertained the Soph. class at the John O. Thornton home. Last Wed. Miss Leah Turbyfill and Ole Olson were quietly married at the ME parsonage here. Rev. McCombs officiating. The newlyweds are well known and respected young people of Grimes.

Cheyenne Star, Oct. 23, 1913

Last Saturday, the people of this city were shocked by report that Shell Caffey of Hammon, was at the Hotel in unconscious condition. he was met in the road about two miles east of town by F.E. Coble, who lives in the Square Top Community. He told Coble that he was very sick and wanted to get out of the buggy and lay down, but instead of letting him get out of the buggy, he drove him to town. By the time he reached here, Mr. Caffey was practically dead. Dr. Wallace was immediately summoned but to no avail and within a few minutes, he had passed away. Mr. Caffey was among the early settlers of our county and has been a resident of this county ever since the opening. He was a member of the IOOF Lodge of Hammon. Funeral services were conducted at the Custer Bend Cemetery Sunday, by Rev. J.B. McCombs, pastor of the ME Church here. Mr. Caffey was 54 years old at the time of his death. He leaves a wife and seven children, and two brothers, John and Jim Caffey.

Mr. C.N. Tracy married Murriel Madden. J.A. Moad of Hammon was here attending County Court. A.A. Brown of Hammon was here representing his clients in court. I.C. Thurmond was here transacting business. J.W. McMurtry of Hammon spent several days here this week attending District Court. Mr. and Mrs. R.F Baird traveled to Elk City. A.H. Carter, Editor of the Strong City Herald was here as a witness in a lawsuit, wherein John C. Casady was suing W.W. Rakes for the possession of a typewriter. Mr. and Mrs. Stone Taylor and E.C. Taylor went to Elk City to attend the circus. Mrs. J.A. Smith of this city attended the circus at Elk City also. D.G. Moore of Leedey is attending County Court this week in the interest of his clients. J.H. Kepley, who lives northeast of Strong City, was doing jury service here last week. Carl Kemp has almost completed his new building on Broadway and will soon have in operation a first class meat market

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harlon Hawkins, west of town, a fine baby boy. T.L. Miller returned from Okla. City where he purchased a complete line of dry goods for his business here. Dr. Cary of Rankin was here last Wed. transacting business. K.D. Hall of Hammon was here today looking after his interests in County Court. J. Luther Taylor, President of Pittsburg Mortgage Investment Co. and his wife of Pittsburg, Kansas spent several days here during this week. Jesse G. Havern made final proof on his homestead last Tuesday before Judge Mouser. W.W. Rakes of Durham was attending Co. Court. The Star Meat Market, with Proprietor W.A. Beaty, has been moved from the small building(Old Green Tree Building) west of the Cotton Exchange Bank to the building recently vacated by the Pittsburg Mortgage and Investment Co. The Ladies of the Christian Church will have on sale all kinds of bakery goods at the J.H. Tunnard Grocery on Nov. 26 and Dec. 24. Born on last Wed. to Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hall a fine baby boy. Mrs. F.G. Brann spent Sun. with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas who live north of this city.

Cheyenne Star, Oct. 30, 1913

According to all accounts Ben Garretson of Herring must be one of the busiest men in Oklahoma. Mr. Garretson runs a meat market, but when he isn’t cutting meat, he is shaving patrons in the barber department of his establishment. He also has a cleaning and pressing department, soda fountain and lunch counter. Incidentally he does a big business buying cream and poultry from the farmers. Not satisfied with the present extent of his activities, he has applied for the position of Station Agent of the C&OW RR, which he thinks would work well with his duties as Postmaster and Mayor of the town of Herring. Rumor has it that E.K. Thurmond maybe a candidate for the nomination for State Treasurer next year. Lat Wed. morning, while working at the gins’ stands at the Williams and Miller Gin at Sayre, Bob Cunningham had the misfortune to get his hand caught among the saws, which badly lacerated two of his fingers, one being so badly injured that it was necessary to have it amputated. Bob has been working at the gin at this place this fall and was called to Sayre together with the rest of the crew to work an extra shift at the Williams & Miller Gin at that place. It is thought that he will be able to return to this city Thurs. or Friday. After being in session eight days, Co. Court adjourned Mon. John C Casady won his case with W.W. Rakes. Last Thurs. a committee representing the broomcorn growers of the Rankin local of the National group were in this city talking up the proposition of erecting a large broomcorn warehouse to store broomcorn. This would be a good drawing card for Cheyenne and the broomcorn growers are anxious to see the proposition put through. R.F. Baird returned from Elk City Wed. where he had accompanied his wife for the birth of their new baby boy. Ben Lindley made a business trip to Clinton last Tues. John E. Leary made trip to Sayre. Mrs. G.H. Wallace, who underwent an operation at her home here last week, is now convalescing. John C. Hendrix of Sayre was here last week looking after the interests of his clients in Co. Court as well as Atty. J.W. McMurtry of Hammon. Stone Taylor was a business visitor here, also A.A. Brown of Hammon. O. Spake, Judge H.P. Bailey of Strong City, John C. Whitthom east of town, Ben Bynum, cashier of Strong City Cotton Exchange Bank, I.C. Thurmond of Okla. City, James M. Thompson of south of town, W.W. Funston, Mr. Rankin and Mr. Walters of Rankin, W.O. Horr, president of the Cotton Exchange Banks for this section of the state, Judge Gilkerson, former Co. Judge of our county, were all business visitors here this week. G.B. Lovett, cashier of Cheyenne State Bank, made trip to Elk City on business. Mrs. W.H. Mouser entertained a number of her friends at her home in the east part of the city last Sat. evening on the occasion was given as a surprise to Nathan Mouser. Mrs. Sims of Blackwell is here visiting her daughter, Mrs. G.H. Wallace. S. Jackson received a shetland colt by express this week. It was sent by Marjorie’s grandfather to her. This is the only shetland in the city and naturally all the children are having a big time riding the little pony.