Cheyenne Star, Jan. 1, 1914

T.R. Meeks, who lives 5.5 miles south and ¼ east of Durham and five miles northwest of Hamburg, will hold a public auction at his farm on Jan. 2. Among the town visitors this week: Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Morris, J.P. Johnson of Roll, Rufus Ivy is visiting his brother Jake, E.B. Rennolds of Rankin, A.C. Wilson of Hamburg, W.T. Whalen, J.J. Means northwest of town, Frank Ogle of Durham area, Hugh Burton from across the line in Texas, John Wilson of Hamburg, Sam Stout of Crawford, B. Gillespie of near Hamburg, J.L. Jennings and Joe Goodwin of Sweetwater area, S.L. Amend of Hamburg, O.A. Kent of Hamburg, J.A. Purvis of Gem City, E. Swindle and O.F. Selby of Hamburg. Prof. W.L. Breckner is in Tulsa this week attending state teachers’ meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Trammell returned last Thurs. from Ft. Worth where they were visiting for several days. Mrs. P.H. Bowman of Gem City spent several days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Cross north of town. Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Casady and Mrs. J.R. Johnson and children spent Wednesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ratliff, west of town. J.L. Finch, Asst. Cashier at the Cheyenne State Bank, spent Christmas with relatives at Weatherford. Ed Keen and daughter, Nona, arrived here from Weatherford, where they spent the holidays with family. The merchants of this city report a good business during the holidays. Perry Madden made a trip to Clinton and Elk City last Wednesday. Mrs. A. O. Miller of this city entertained her daughter, Mrs. J.T. Harvey of San Antonio. Miss Lorena Osborne had to suspend her school a few days on account of illness caused by vaccination. Miss Jo Evans who had been visiting home folks here during the holidays returned to her school Sunday. Miss Essie Douglas is visiting her parents during the holidays. C.L. Barton, Cashier of the Crawford State Bank, and wife spent Sun. with Mrs. Barton’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Cooper. Miss Lilliebelle Burlingame, who has been attending the convent at Elk City returned here and visiting her father, Milo Burlingame. Ben Lindley returned from a visit to Wichita Falls. Miss Elizabeth Seaver is spending the week with Miss Lounetta Evans at Berlin, where Miss Evans is employed as teacher in the public school. S. Jackson in Oklahoma City on business. Mrs. Helen Cook of Indiahoma is spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Sprowls, who reside east of town. Mrs. G.W. Gunn of Enid will spend the winter with her daughter, Mrs. J.H. Tunnard.

Cheyenne Star, Jan. 8, 1914

The newly passed Federal Income Tax Law requires a tax of 1% to be paid on income of $3,000 from investments. The tax is progressive up to 6% on invest-ment income over half million dollars. Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Tunanrd entertained a number of their young friends last Wed. evening at a “42” Party. Mrs. Tunnard added greatly to the program by rendering a number of excellent piano selections. Mrs. Volina Miller also entertained with vocal solos. News has reached our city last Monday afternoon that Boots Fields, an old time resident of this place, was accidentally shot in the leg at Socorro, New Mexico. It seems while pushing an automobile, a revolver was dropped and discharged which resulted in a badly shattered bone in Boots’ leg. It was decided Wed. that the only hope for Mr. Fields’ was the amputation of the limb, which was done by the attending physicians. Mr. Joseph S. Amend and Miss Norene Copeland were quietly married at the home of the bride’s parents on Thursday, January 1. Rev. Sessums of the ME Church officiated. Mr. Amend is a progressive young teacher and Miss Norene is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Copeland of near Red Moon.
Among area residents seen in Cheyenne this week: E.W. Crane of Rankin; Rusty Anderson of RedMoon; Walter Richerson of Berlin and Candidate for Sheriff; Will P. Keen of Elk City; E.M. McGlothlin; A.L. Squire; C.A. Bennett, Co Comm. from Crawford; S.K. Roberts merchant at Crawford; E.F. Stephens; W.A. Webb of Durham; Uncle John T. Rankin of Rankin; Harry Henson of Rankin; Black Bill Anderson of RedMoon; L.L. Hatley and Karl Gates of Durham; R.H. Churchill from bend of the So. Canadian River; Albert Brooker NW of Brantley; F.M. Hammond, Frank Cole and Dr. M. Ballenger of Hamburg; C.L. Barton, Cashier of Crawford State Bank; Fred Gantz of Antelope Hills area; J.J. Wilson of near RedMoon; Jim Calvert of east of town.
Several of the young people of our town attended a dance at Strong City. The roads all over the county have improved considerably but still not in the best condition. Oscar Harris has been visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Harris who live south of town, returned to school at Guthrie last Friday. A social was given at the Cosmo Falconer home here last Friday evening. Forty-two and Rook were the principle games of the evening. A box social was given last Thursday evening in the Burlingame Building on Broadway for the benefit of the Cheyenne Star Band. School started here Monday after a vacation of two weeks. Fayette Anderson made a business trip to north part of the county. Miss Young of Canute, is staying at the R.F. Baird home here attending the high school. Elder L.L. Combs of Crawford preached at the court house last Sunday. Milo Burlingame made a trip to Elk City with his little daughter, LillaBelle, who is attending the convent at that place. Powell Wesley Miller, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Miller is ill this week. Prof. W.L. Breckner returned from Tulsa where he attended a meeting of teachers. W.T. Bonner left Tues. for Socorro, New Mexico where he was called to the bedside of Boots Fields, who was accidently shot in the leg at that place. L.W. Pate, Prop. of the Pate Hardware Co. made a trip to Okla. City the first of the week in connection with the waterworks for Cheyenne, which are to be installed in the near future. Sheriff Tipps, of Hemphill Co, Texas, was in Cheyenne the first of the week after a man by the name of Carr, who was wanted in that county. Perry Madden and R.N. Higgins returned from Okla. City where they had been several days in the interest of Cheyenne Short Line Railroad. Miss Sudie Lee, Asst. Principal here, returned last Sat. from a two week visit with home folk at Oklahoma City. George W. Douglas and his sister Mrs. Allison of Mt. Grove, Missouri arrived here last Friday to spend a few days visit with their brother, John Douglas, who resides north of town. Rev. J.S. Sessums preached his first sermon in Cheyenne last Sunday at the ME Church, where he will serve during the coming conference year.

Cheyenne Star, Jan. 15, 1914

Cheyenne Short Line is to be completed in a short time. The Construction Supt. is employing men for the finishing work to be done the first of next week. Following the completion of the railroad, a $60,000 water system will be installed by the City of Cheyenne. The Ladies of the Home Mission Society of the ME Church met at the home of Mrs. J.H. Tunnard on Wed. The Bylers Blacksmith Shop is advertising in the Star as well as the Star Meat Market operated by Beaty and Son. J.M. Evans has a Delivery Barn, Charles McClain is in the Owl Barber Shop; Cheyenne Mercantile Store, formerly the Herring & Young Store is run by B.C. Latta. The Strong City-Cheyenne-Rankin Hack Line is operated by C.O. Gause. White Lumber Co. managed by F.G. Brann; Four doctors serve the county: Dr. G.H. Wallace and Dr. J.P. Miller of Cheyenne; Dr. V.V. Grant of Roll, Dr. W.H. Bell DDS and the Vet is Dr. M.F. Burns. Ads included also B.D. Cooksey Druggist.
Area residents here last week: E.W. Crane, E.F. Stephens east of Cheyenne; E. Swindle of Hamburg; W.P. Keen of Elk City; Mr. Miller north of town; J.L. Warren of Croton Creek; Charles Cross of Strong City; J.D. Flowers of Grimes.
A few of the young people of Cheyenne attended the literary at the Washita School House last Sat. night. Roger Mills Co. is having exceptionally fine weather these last two weeks for this time of year. Born to Mr. and Mrs. S.F. Jernigan on the 13th a fine baby boy. Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Rishel have moved from the Cooper residence to the residence of Mrs. F.I. Cornel and are now doing light house-keeping. T.L. Miller returned last Wed. from Okla. City where he purchased a large stock of dry goods for the T.L. Miller Dry Goods Co. at this place. George Burns who has been acting as Salesman in the Herring & Young Dept. Store at Strong City, returned home last Wed. on account of having contracted the “La Grippe”. G.W. Jackson returned here from a month’s business trip to Tulsa. Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Blackburn returned from Woodward where they had been for several days on business. We are glad to note that Boots Fields, who was accidentally shot at Socorro, New Mexico about two weeks ago is reported to be improving nicely. Roy Graves of Cheyenne and W.W. Funston are in Okla. City this week attending to business matters connected with the Ford Motor Co. Mr. Funston is agent for this car in Roger Mills Co. A social dance was enjoyed by the young people here last Friday. J.B. Tracy who is teaching school near Hamburg, spent Sat. and Sun. visiting his family. S.H. and B.R. James of this city are in Okla City this week looking after their interests. W.H. Johnson of Durham will sell you an Iowa Cream Separator.
Rev. L.L. Combs will preach at the court house next Sunday morning.

Cheyenne Star, Jan. 22, 1914

Charles Koontz, who was sentenced to 50 years in the State Penitentiary, from this county for robbing the Crawford Cotton Exchange Bank, was one of three prisoners killed in a daring attempt to escape from the state penitentiary at McAlister. Along with the three convicts, there were three other employees at the prison and a Judge. Miss Frances Beavin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F.A. Beavin, was quietly married to Mr. J.A. Reynolds, who is one of the most promising young men in the county. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Father Leerverts of Elk City. Last Sunday morning, S. Jackson, Perry Madden, George Prestridge, David Byler, R.N. Higgins, Scotty Falconer of Cheyenne and C.W. Cole of Altus accompanied Jno H. Osborn to his farm northeast of this city to examine his silo and to see what the silage was doing for his herd of steers he is feeding for the market. A large number of neighbors were also there. Scotty, the photographer, took quite a few pictures of the cattle, silo and crowd. One of those pictures accompanies this article.
John William Law of Rankin, died in Mineral Wells Texas, Dec. 23, 1913 at the age of 57. Interment was made in the Rankin Cemetery. Elder Combs of Crawford preached here last Sunday. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Rex Curry a fine baby girl on Sunday last. Among residents here last week: R.F. Daniels and H.J. Hitchcock of Strong City who were looking after the interests of the Deer Creek Telephone Co., J.T. Grover and Lee Wilson of Hamburg, George Casady of Grimes, J.J. Wilson of Red Moon area. There will be a minstrel show at the auditorium of the school house on Friday, January 23 to be sponsored by the Platonic Club of Cheyenne. A large crew of men are at work surfacing the roadbed of the Cheyenne Short Line Railroad. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Barnard on Sunday last a fine baby girl. Mrs. John Ford of Strong City visited at the Dr. Miller home here. Mrs. H.O. Brown of Strong City spent the day with E.C. Winford. E.F. Stephens left last Tues for Higgins, Texas, where he went with his little son and Mr. and Mrs. Readnour who will spend the winter with him. W.T. Bonner returned the latter part of the week from Socorro, New Mexico where he had been for several days with Bufford Fields, who was accidentally shot about three weeks ago. Mr. Bonner says that Bufford is now entirely out of danger. C.W. Cole of Altus, sold three silos last Monday to farmers in this part of the county. The purchasers were J.C. Nebhut, W.D. Kendall and G.M. Scott. These men are recognized as being the most progressive farmers in our county.

Cheyenne Star, Jan 29, 1914

Last Fri. night a negro minstrel was given under the auspices of the Platonic Club. The largest audience ever assembled at the auditorium here were on hand to enjoy the program. There were a number of people from Rankin, Roll and Strong City here to enjoy the program with our people. The next number in the lyceum course will be Ralph Bingham, the famous humorist.
Miss Lela Jones and Mr. W. P. Keen, both well known young people from here were married at the home of the bride’s parents at Mt. Park, Okla. The young couple will make their home in Elk City where Mr. Keen has recently moved and is engaged in the practice of law. Cheyenne Short Line Railroad is rapidly being completed. A large crew of men have been employed during the past two weeks surfacing and repairing bridges. This is practically all the work that can be done until the arrival of ties, angle bars, etc., which is expected soon. This has been a long drawn out proposition and everyone is anxious to get it completed. Cheyenne will be a railroad town before Spring.
Cheyenne has taken a steady growth in the past twenty years but has never boomed, but when this road is finally completed, things will begin to hum and many new business firms will locate here. J.F. Evans has moved his family to his farm northwest of this city. Among the county residents doing business here last week: C.P. Conner of Rankin, Louis Miller, Mr. Provines of Grimes area; Jim Cowet who resides north of Roll, Harlan Hawkins, ranch man from west of town; I.C. Thurmond of Okla. City; Harry Henson of Rankin; W.S. Farmer of Route 2 Cheyenne; Robert Smith, Prop of Hotel Strong in Strong City; P. Trammell large cattle raiser from Washita area.
R.D. Wright left Thursday for Deport, Texas where he will reside during the coming year. John Hallman and wife left Wed. for Missouri where he will make a crop for his wife’s people. Mrs. W.L. Brekner is reported very ill at her home here with pneumonia. Lonnie Cauble returned the latter part of last week from Sacred Heart, Okla. Miss Klina Potter’s parents have moved from Durham to Cheyenne where they are occupying the Morris residence. J.W. Cooper, T.L. Turner and John C. Casady made a business trip to Wichita Falls the first of the week. They saw a big show “Ben Hur” while there. Miss Mildred Light, who is ill at the S.A. Wallace home is reported improving rapidly. Mrs. Walt Ogle returned last Tues. from extended visit with her mother at Bridgeport, OK. John Williams has moved here and is occupying the Bowman residence west of the ME Church. A number of families have moved here the past two weeks to receive the educational advantages offered by our school. Bill Myers returned last week from a trip to Germany, where he had gone to visit relatives. Last Monday “Rosebud,” the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Osborn was taken seriously ill with acute indigestion. We are glad to report that at the present writing her condition is much improved. Robert Norris will lecture here on February 15 in the interest of the anti-saloon league.
CRESTON ITEMS: Miss Agnes Lane is visiting her sister, Mrs. Whitson at Durham this week. Mrs. Frank Ogle gave a “Rag Party” Sat. night. There was a large crowd present and the prize was given to the couple that sewed the most rags. Jack Wilson and Miss Winifred Ogle got first prize. Frank Baker and Lula Parsons won second prize. Don Baker and Johnnis Robinson spent the evening at Mr. Parsons on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Lane have moved to the Jack Drips Place. Messers Harris and Gates made a business trip to Canadian, Texas on Friday. They have a new arrival at the K.S. Meeks home. Miss Chatty Wilson spent the evening with Miss Winifred Ogle Sunday. Bob Trammell is on the sick list again. Frank Baker and Gus Trammell went to Canadian last week. Lizzie Wilson and Jim Hughes attended the play at Crawford Fri. night. Don Baker is assisting Mr. Parsons in building fence this week. Jack Wilson and John Barr made a trip to Strong City on Sat. Mart Trammell and Mabel Lemons spent the evening at J.P. Wilsons. Maud Wallace of Durham and Bert Scrivner of Rankin were married Mon. Jan. 19. There will be a literary at Liberty Sat. night, Jan. 21 and there will be a literary every two weeks.
By Blue Bell School Girl

Cheyenne Star, Feb. 5, 1914

George Kendall who has been an employee of Lee Dudney had the misfortune this afternoon to get his clothing caught in a belt of an engine, which was pulling a circular saw, which is employed in sawing wood. The belt pulled him against the flywheel, which practically twisted his leg off. It is so badly mangled below the knee and is also broken at the thigh. It is thought that it will be necessary to amputate the limb. About two years ago when the COW Railroad extended its line from Butler to Strong City, it was predicted by the “wise men of the east” that Old Cheyenne would have to go. But others as well as the editor of the Star, who has spent so many years in the dear ole town, could not stand to see the historic town of the Washita wiped off the map, so they at once commenced formulating plans of how to secure the thing that would maintain a town and forever hold the county seat of Roger Mills County at the present location. The only thing that would do this was a railroad. All kinds of fair means were used to induce railroad companies to build to our town, but they all said nay. It was then up to the loyal citizenship to build a road, which they have done. On Ground Hog Day, the first locomotive steamed up and pulled over the line. While the clear day may cause the ground hog to return to his hole, it has no effect on the Cheyenne Short Line. Several new firms are making arrangements to locate in Cheyenne in the near future. Among area residents in Cheyenne this week were: Bill Cotter of Wild Horse area; J.R. Johnson of Butler; George Saffir of west of Crawford; Edwin Humphrey of Route 2; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Reynolds; J.I. Brothers of Elk City; B.R. Nichols of Red Rock area; Will P. Keen of Elk City; J. E. Coble of Route 2. BORN to Mr. and Mrs. Riley McDaniel on Tuesday last a fine baby girl. Prof. Johnson, instructor of the Cheyenne Band, made a trip to Sayre on business. Mr. Morran, general supt. of the construction work of the Cheyenne Short Line, arrived here the first of the week. Mrs. Mildred Light, who has been ill at the S.A. Wallace home here, is reported much improved in health at this writing. D.A. Fender of Grimes has for sale a percheron stallion weighing 1800 pounds and a black mammoth jack, weighing 1000 pounds. Perry Madden has moved his law office from the Star office to the building formerly occupied by the Pittsburg Mortgage and Investment Co., located in the northwest corner of the court house square. Milo Burlingame and son, Paul, made a trip to Elk City. Paul returned home ill. He is staying at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Feno in the south part of this city. Cheyenne Short Line engine “fired up” and is being used to transport the employees from town to the various places of work. It sure does make us feel good to hear the bell ringing and the whistle blowing as the engine leaves and enters town at morning and night. Mr. and Mrs. C.N. Tracy left last Sun. for Port Angeles, Washington, where they will make their future home. Chester has been employed as foreman of the Sentinel here during the past four years. T.L. Turner is in Arnett this week attending to legal matters at the county court. Ed Taylor’s valentines will arrive next Tuesday. Call at his confectionary. Oscar Casady returned here last Tues. after spending several weeks in the country erecting a house for Fred Reynolds, who resides near Roll.

Cheyenne Star, Feb. 12, 1914

Riley Mouser has purchased the Cheyenne Mercantile Store and intends to carry a complete line of general merchandise at the lowest prices possible. Roger Mills Co. Medical Society held its February meeting at Strong City on Tuesday. Six doctors were present: Drs Wimbley, Hammon; Ballenger of Hamburg; Russell and White of Strong City; Wallace and Miller of Cheyenne. George Kendall who happened to have the misfortune last Thurs. afternoon to have his left leg crushed and practically ground off by a gasoline engine that was employed in the sawing of wood, died at the home of L.M. Dudney Thursday night at 10:30 after a successful operation performed by Dr. Wallace, assisted Dr. C.W. Tedrow of Elk City. The leg was neatly amputated just below the knee and was being bandaged up by the surgeon when respiration ceased, all efforts were used to no avail, to bring him back to life. Mr. Kendall leaves a wife and small children and father to mourn his death. The remains were laid to rest in the Cheyenne Cemetery Sat. afternoon. Funeral services conducted by Rev. J.S. Sessums, pastor of the ME Church here. Roscoe Johnson of Butler, and formerly an old resident of this city, was here last week making arrangements to open a produce house at this place. He will commence business within the next few days and will buy all the produce the farmers have for sale at the highest market prices. J.M. Evans desires to inform his friends and customers that he has suspended his livery business for indefinite length of time, owing to the fact that there is not sufficient amount of business to support two liveries and the cost of feed being so high, he deems it wise to suspend operation for a time. When business will justify, he will re-open his barn. Area residents here this week: W.W. Funston of Rankin; Charles Nelson of Strong City; John Salyer of west of town; Charles Wallace of Route 2; Frank and Lish Brazell of Roll; P. Trammell, large stock farmer up the Washita near Gem City.

Prof. D.V. Seaver who is employed as teacher of the Dead Indian School spent Sun. with his family here. Mrs. Sim, mother of Mrs. G.H. Wallace is seriously ill at the Dr. Wallace home here with pneumonia. J.T. Potter, who recently moved his family to this city, to receive the benefits of our public school, spent Sun. last with his family. Walter Light, who has been ill at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace in the south part of town, left last Thurs. where he will continue his duties as traveling salesman. The lowest temperature of the season was reported last Fri. when the mercury dropped to zero in some places. The people of this section experienced a general northerner that day. Miss Sue Thornton was so unfortunate to have her hands frozen while on her way to school last Fri. morning during the northerner that was in full blast at that time. Proper remedies were applied and it is hoped that Miss Thornton will not experience any inconvenience on account of this. W.C. Ratliff of Canadian, Texas is visiting at the home of his son, Arthur, who resides west of town. W.C. is on his way to Little Rock, Arkansas where he will take charge of a mercantile establishment. Mail for four days arrived here last Sunday. The “stock up” was caused by the COW Engine, being broken down at Clinton and not being able to ensue forth for about three days. It looks like the Cheyenne Short Line will be permitted to haul mail under the 90 day limit fixed by law. The ladies of the ME Church will give a box supper at the Lindley Building next Sat., entertainment will be furnished beginning at 8:00. Rev. L.L. Combs will meet at the court house next Sunday morning and night. Polly Cross who has been attending the University at Norman this last winter, returned here the last part of last week and is again back at his old job at the B. Cooksey Drugs Store. J.W. Mullan of Durham was here last Sat. Mr. Mullan has rented his farm near Durham for this year and will have a public sale of personal property on Feb. 17.E.F. Stephens, candidate for Co. Comm for this district, was in town last Sat.

Cheyenne Star, Feb. 26, 1914

The special election held in this city last Mon. on the proposition of granting to the Roger Mills Telephone Co. now operating in this city, a franchise, carried by a vote of 65 for the franchise and 55 against. W.H. “Black Bill” Anderson has announced for the office of Sheriff of Roger Mills Co. R.N. Higgins has announced for the office of Treasurer. It is with deep sorrow that we chronicle the death of Bob Trammell, who resided up the Washita west of Hamburg in Texas. Mr. Trammell had been suffering for some time from leakage of the heart and for several weeks his condition grew more serious until the end came last Thursday evening, Feb. 12, 1914. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Trammell who lived near Gem City. He leaves a father, mother, brother, wife and two babes to mourn his loss.

CRESTON ITEMS: There was a large crowd at the literary Sat. night. All reported a good time. Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Wilson spent the day at their son’s, Pat Wilson’s on Sunday. There will be an entertainment at the Creston School House Sat. night, Feb. 21. Misses Fannie and Lula Parsons spent Sun. at Mr. Lain’s. Mart Trammell moved a bunch of cattle from Jim Hughes to John Anderson’s the first of the week. Mr. Barr made a business trip to Strong City. Mr. Sherman Oakes left for Des Moines, Iowa last week. There was a singing at Liberty School House Sun. at 11:30. Mart Trammell spent the evening at the J.P. Wilson’s home. Mr. Ed Parsons is working on the Hopkins Ranch near Gem City. The Wheeler family have moved to Mr. Mills’ place. Miss Mabel Lemons has been staying at Mr. P. Trammell’s the past few days. Mrs. L.M. Bryson returned last week after a long visit with her mother, Mrs. Perkins at Kingfisher. Mr. Jack Pea made trip to Strong City. Mr. and Mrs. Charley George spent the day at Mr. J.W. Parson’s Sunday.
Oscar Casady is reported on the sick list this week. Miss Mamie Keen of Elk City is in this city nursing Mrs. Roy Graves, who has been sick at her home and improving nicely at this writing. Mrs. R.N. Higgins left last Mon. for Ft. Worth on an extended visit. The Home Mission Society of the ME Church met at the home of Mrs. J.P. Miller last Wed. The box social given by the ladies of the Home Mission Soc. of the ME Church at the Lindley Building on Broadway was well attended. The boxes sold well, the receipts being about $30.00. The music for the occasion was furnished by the Cheyenne Star Band. Mr. A.F. Pierce, who has been janitor for the Cheyenne Schools during this term, is unable to attend to his duties in that capacity on account of having been taken very seriously ill with the pleurisy. At this time he is reported to have improved some. Mrs. Pearl Bellamy is reported ill at her home in this city with pneumonia. Among those area visitors to town: William Jencks & S.A. Douglas from south of town; J.P. Johnson of Roll; W.W. Richerson of Berlin; Eck Taylor of west of town. Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Mitchell and Miss Nellie Repass spent last Sun. at the Repass home at Grimes. Prof. W.L. Breckner was unable to teach school Thurs. and Fri. on account of experiencing an attack of la grippe. John C. Casady and Miss Irma Wallace made a social visit to Crawford last Sunday where they visited Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Barton. Elder L.L. Combs of Crawford preached at the court house. Mrs. Delano arrived here Sat. having been called here by the illness of her mother, Mrs. Sims, who is ill with pneumonia at the Dr. Wallace home. S.A. Douglas, who owns a valuable farm south of here, has been in Kansas City for a few months where he has been employed. With the close of this school month, the Cheyenne School will have been going on six months. The school authorities report unparalleled advancement in the work and largest enrollment in its history. Milo Burlingame is on the sick list this week. Carl Kemp sued S.A. Douglas in justice court on a note. The result of this suit was that Kemp received a judgment for $22 against Douglas. The work on the Cheyenne Short Line Railroad is almost complete and the work on the water works system will commence soon. A large audience heard the anti-saloon league lecturer at the ME Church last Sun. morning. F.H. Ogle, who resides about three miles west of Crawford, had the misfortune to lose his home and contents by fire last Friday morning about 5:00. It is thought that the fire was caused from a lantern which had been placed among some fruit that was stored upstairs to keep it from freezing, as the night was extremely cold. Before the family was aroused by the fire, the smoke was so dense that nothing could be done toward extinguishing the flames after a bucket of water had been thrown on it, which caused it to spread over the room. The amount of insurance carried on the building and contents was $1000.00, which was only a small portion of the damages received.
Cheyenne Star, Feb. 19, 1914

Cheyenne Star, Feb. 26, 1914

J.E. Keen announces as democratic candidate for Co. Treasurer. Married at the Catholic Church at Elk City on Wed, Feb. 18, Miss Virginia Beavin to Mr. William Murphy, both of Roll. Miss Beavin is the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F.A. Beavin. Mr. Murphy is a prosperous young stock farmer in the Roll area. The bridal pair was accompanied to Elk City by Mr. Hagan Beavin and Miss Mabel Warren, Wilford Beavin and Mrs. and Mrs. Walter Fisher. The first carload of freight was hauled over the Cheyenne Short Line last Wed. It was a car of cement assigned to the progressive firm, the White Lumber Co. of this city. The same company had a car of lumber on the C&OW track at Strong City which will also be transported in like manner today. Stone Taylor has announced his candidacy for commissioner of the first district. J.J. Bradley who is visiting a relative at Strong City, died at that place Mon. night of heart failure. The funeral ceremony was performed by Masonic Lodge of this city. Interment took place at the cemetery near Strong City. Perry Madden went to Strong City on business last week. George S. Johnson is doing the janitor work at the school building during the illness of A.F. Pierce. A large number of masons from here attended the funeral of J.J. Bradley near Strong City. District Court will convene here next Monday. Newt McClain, while driving last Sun. night, from the home of J.H. West to Strong City, a distance of about a mile and one half; had his ears and hands badly frozen. John Salyer had the misfortune two fine cows during the past few days. Miss Sudie Lee was unable to perform her school duties on account of illness. Area people visiting Cheyenne: E.W. Crane &W.W. Funston of Rankin; A.C. Wilson up Washita near Hamburg; I.C. Thurmond of Okla. City; Bill Combs of Higgins, Texas; W.S. Farmer of Roger Mills Co.; John Caffey of Strong City; Stone Taylor.

Mrs. Roy Graves has been dangerously ill at her home in north edge of the city is improving. John Salyer, Jr. (Little Red) entertained a number of his young friends at the home of his sister, Mrs. A.D. Feno at a birthday party last Sat. evening. A.F. Pierce is still confined to his bed here with pleurisy. Riley Mouser, manager of the Cheyenne Mercantile Store, is on the sick list this week. C.L. Barton, Cashier of the Crawford State Bank, and wife spent Sun. and Mon. with Mrs. Barton’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Cooper. W.B. Jurgens has been on the sick list, but is able to be up and at the first chair at the Owl Barber Shop at this writing. We are grieved to chronicle the death of Mary Doll, the little nine month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pat Wilson of Hamburg. The little one passed away last Sunday, Feb. 22. Miss Lunetta Evans, who is employed as a teacher in the Berlin schools, was here visiting friends last Saturday. She spent Sun. with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Evans who live northwest of town. A revival meeting commenced last Fri. evening, under the auspices of the Presbyterian Church and was to continue for several days. Dr. Clark will be the speaker.
CRESTON ITEMS: Mr. Frank Baker made a business trip to Strong City. Mr. Gus Trammell was a pleasant caller at the J.P. Wilson home Sun. Virgil and Oren Anderson were here Sat. Mrs. J.P. Wilson is staying with her son near Hamburg as his twins are sick. Mr. and Mrs. John Wood spent the day at Mr. Mart Coles on Sun. Jack Wilson will leave the 25th of this month to visit his sister, Nellie in Sugden, Okla. Mart Trammell is dehorning steers at his camp near Strong City. Miss Lizzie Wilson and Mr. Jim Hugh attended the show at Durham on the 17th. Mr. John Barr made trip to Strong City on business. Mrs. J.C. Anderson of Redmoon is staying at Pat Wilson’s this week. The Robbins family have moved back to Hamburg.

Cheyenne Star, Mar. 5, 1914

The S.W. Interscholastic Meet will be held at Weatherford’s Southwestern State Normal College April 17-18, 1914. Besides the regular athletic events that are usual for such meets, there will be contests in oratory, reading, spelling and music. There will be exhibits in essay competition, drawing and maps, manual training work and domestic science work for which medals will be given. The following individuals have announced their intention to run for the respective offices: B.D. Cooksey Rep of Roger Mills Co.; J.C. Hendricks for District Judge and G.A. Brown for Supreme Judge. Judge Todd of Mangum is running for Congress. U.S. Civil Service announces there is a shortage of male stenographers and typists. Entrance salary is $840-$900 a year.

CRESTON ITEMS: Messers Frank and Don Baker were pleasant callers at the Joe Parsons’ home Sunday. Mr. K.S. Meek made business trip to Strong City. Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Parsons spent the evening at Mr. Charlie George’s Sunday. J.P. Wilson made business trip to Hamburg. Mr. Jim Hughes was in this area Monday. Chattie Wilson was a pleasant caller at Mr. John Woods Sunday. There was a large crowd at the Literary at Liberty Sat. night. All reported a good time. Miss Lula Parsons was a pleasant caller at Mr. Meeks on Monday evening.
Among area residents seen in Cheyenne this week: Bird Pierce, S.K. Roberts, Harry Hedrick of Crawford; Ben Ousley of Rankin; C.E. Hoard of Elk City; A.A. Brown of Hammon attending District Court in the interest of his clients; Denny Monroe; David Hogg of northeast part of county; John Ford of Strong City; Walter Richerson of Berlin; Charles Blackburn of Elk City; George Hutton of near Strong City; E.F. Stephens, candidate for Co. Comm.; W.O. Hopkins, hardware man from Hammon.
District Court being held in Cheyenne brought a number of interested individuals to town Among those are: Booth Merrill of Elk City; Judge McMurtry; W.P. Keen; G.M. Goode of Hammon; Mr. and Mrs. James Rorabough of Roll; John Farmer of Hammon; E. Swindle of Hamburg; Black Bill Anderson, Candidate for Sheriff; Judge D.G. Moore of Leedey; J.P. Johnson of Roll; J.A. McCord, Durham; W.S. Creach, Frank Robey, W.O. Hopkins, all of Hammon.
Harry Ivey entertained a number of his young friends at his home in the east part of town. Mrs. L.A. Beaty has been in Okla. City this week on business. J.H. Tunnard, W.A. and L.D. Beaty are in Okla. City attending the Cattleman’s Convention. J.E. Keen, west of town, is making the race for Co. Treasurer. A large crowd from this place visited Strong City last Sunday; they went over on the Short Line. Some of the young people enjoyed a social evening J.H. Did too much cow punching in his early life to stay away from a meeting of the cattlemen. at the home of George Prestridge last Sat. night. Games of 42, Rook, Sandyland were played. Hosts were Ubrem Prestridge and Weldon Moore. Beautiful Barred Plymouth Rock chickens arrived at Strong City last Sat. direct from the yards of the P.B. Thompson of New York. These fine birds were for the yards of Mrs. F.A. Beavin of Roll. U.B. Thompson is known in all of the U.S. as the head of all poultry men. A.L. Hale of Hammon was attending the monthly session of the Board of Co. Commissioners of which he is a member. Charles Evans left last week for Wilburton, Okla. where he has accepted a position in a law firm as a law clerk, and for an opportunity to study law. Musick & McNaught have purchased the Lone Star Blacksmith Shop, and changed the name to the Strong City Blacksmith Shop. The pair have 44 years in blacksmith work.

Cheyenne Star, Mar. 12, 1914

Some time ago the Platonic Club hosted a Black Minstrel for the benefit of the club; now the Cheyenne Concert Band will again hold a Black Minstrel to raise funds for their club. The Waters-Pierce Oil Company has been established as an oil station in this city. The first stock arrived last Wed. and a carload is now in transit. They will provide the consumer with all kinds of oils and lubricants. Arthur Ratliff is the manager of the station here. The station is now located at the Kendall Building at the west end of Broadway. George L. Bashaw has announced his candidacy for the Co. Treasurer. Mr. Bashaw hales from Missouri, came to Okla. nine years ago settling on a homestead near Hammon.

T.L. Turner made a business trip to Crawford last Tuesday. Some of Cheyenne’s young people attended the literary at Redmoon last Sat. night. J.C. Nebhut lives north of town, is doing jury service in District Court here last week. Mrs. Roy Graves has been seriously ill for sometime and is reported to be improving in health rapidly. Several young people from Strong City attended the dance given in the Lindley Building last Thursday night. Black Bill Anderson, a candidate for Sheriff, was in town last Sat. attending to business matters. J.H. Tunnard returned last Fri. from the Cattleman’s Convention in Okla. City. He reports having a good time and says that he will be attendance at all conventions of this kind in the future. The dinner given by the Ladies Aid of the Baptist Church was a success; for it accommodated a large crowd that were here attending District Court, who found it difficult to get served at the restaurants and hotels in the time allowed by the court for eating. J.H. Tunnard was confined to his room last Wed. on account of illness. Henry Tracy, who is employed as teacher at the Skipout school, spent Sunday here visiting with home folks. E.N. McGlothlin, who lives near Hamburg, transacted business in town. Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Keen of Elk City spent several days here visiting with friends during this week. W.P. was looking after the interests of his clients in District Court, which was in session here last week. Mrs. Haigood, who resides south of town, is reported seriously ill. Mrs. W.C. Morris, who lives west of town is reported ill at this writing. W.A. Beaty returned the first of the week from a business trip to Okla. City. Guy Eakins, Perry Madden made business trips to Elk City. Among those doing business here this week were John Farmer of Hammon; John Dunn of up on the South Canadian; J.E. Keen; J.O. Galloway, former resident and now living in Elk City; Jim Rorabaugh of Roll; Roscoe Johnson of Butler; W.O. Hopkins of Hammon; Leslie Chase of Rankin; Uncle Jess Moore, Roll area.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harper of Cheyenne a fine baby girl last Monday. Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Casady of Cheyenne spent Sun. with their daughter, Mrs. R.M. Herring who resides south of town. J.H. Phillips had the Star print some handbills advertising a Jack that will make the season of 1914 at this farm six miles north of Grimes. E.E. Casady returned here last Sat. from Arkansas where he now resides. He came back to see to some of his interests in this part of the state and visit with old friends and relatives. The wheat crop is fine this year. Hail is the only danger now. Milo Burllingame still remains on the sick list at the C.A. Feno home here. Mrs. E.E. Tracy left last Wed. for Clinton to visit her mother Mrs. N.R. Monroe. who is reported to be seriously ill. Mrs. Bellamy, who has been confined to her bed with pneumonia during the past two weeks, is again able to be up and around.
CRESTON ITEMS: Mr. and Mrs. F.B. Ogle attended the sale at Mr. Foster’s near Durham on Sat. Messers Charlie and George Baker were pleasant callers at Mr. Lane’s Sun. The Harris children spent Sun. at John Woods. Mr. and Mrs. K.S. Meeks spent the day at Mrs. James’ Sunday. K.E. Kates has returned from Kingfisher to attend to some business here. The farmers have begun to farm here. Lizzie and Chattie Wilson spent the day at F.B. Ogle’s Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. John Calder, Mr. Don Baker and Miss Clara Walban spent the day at J.W. Parsons’ Sunday.Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher White spent Sunday at J.P. Wilson’s. Mr. and Mrs. Lane spent Sunday with their son, Bert Lane. Mr. Frank Baker was a pleasant caller in Durham Sunday. John Chase, who had been in Colo. returned home. Misses Lizzie and Chattie Wilson and Jim Hughes attended the Spelling Bee at Shaw School House Friday night. Roscoe Johnson has established a creamery and produce station at the rear end of the Odd Fellows’ Building.

Cheyenne Star, Mar. 19, 1914

Judge Mouser will hold a motion term of Co. Court the first Monday in April at which time all cases will be set down for trial. On the first Mon. in May, the Jury will be impaneled and all cases now pending in this court, will be dispensed. Mr. and Mrs. L.S. Creason of Grimes were in this city last week visiting friends. Mr. and Mrs. Creason were recently married and have located near Grimes where they will make their future home. Eighth grade examination for all county pupils will be held on April 16&17. Seventh grade pupils should take such subjects as they have completed. Following is a list of schools where examinations will be conducted and the examiner at that place: Durham Guy Davis; Sadler Mrs. Rakes; Roll C.C. Curtis; Bellview F.S. Haight; Red Star Nettie Allen; District 21 Fronia Stanton; Texmo John Burge; Hammon A.A. Hill; Herring Elmer Davis; Strong City W. Patterson; Dead Indian V. Seaver; Locust Grove Joe Amend; Rankin Orpha Conrad; Dempsey A. Alloway; Grimes Callie Clark; Berlin W.F. Brewer; Edenview L.B. Carr; Carpenter C.C. Bass; Cheyenne Klina Potter. A.T. Burge, Co. Supt. It has been decided by the Cheyenne Concert Band that instead of putting on the Black Minstrel as was originally determined, that it was be advantageous to stage “Town Marshal”, a four act comedy drama. Last Sun. W.W. Newton, commonly known as “Dad”, and Mrs. Addie Ficklin were married at the bride’s home near Redmoon. (Ficklin place is located southwest of Elbert Tracy homestead). Co. Physicians report for January of 1914 is: no deaths, 25 births(18 males, 7 females- 1 pair of twins) 3 cases of measles, 4 cases of chicken pox.

New business enterprises are coming to Cheyenne each day and are enjoying a good business. The “wise men of the East” have seen our star and are coming to see what a wonderful little town we have that could build a railroad.
D.M. Bylers’ Blacksmith Shop announces they now do automobile work in Cheyenne. C.O. Gause Hack Line makes daily express runs to Rankin. Among those doing business here this week: Jodie Moad, Hammon; Oscar Galloway, Elk City; Ed Keen; J.F. Creach, Hammon; Harlan Hopkins from west of town; W.D. Wilson, cashier of Moorewood Bank; James Potts of Gilbert-Kelly Hardware, Hammon; Eck Taylor from west of town; L.L. Combs, Crawford and J.E. McKinney, Roll; J.I. Brothers, Elk City; E.S. Repass, Grimes; Stone Taylor, Croton Creek; C. Burton, Rankin; J.R. Emerson of southwest of town.
Last Sat. night the Herring Literary Society staged “The Winning of Latone Crashton” to a large and appreciative audience. The young Cheyenne Star Band was employed to furnish music for the occasion. Herring has good theatrical talent and we hope they will give another entertainment in the future. A large number from Cheyenne attended this play and were well pleased. Mrs. Roy Graves who has been ill at her home in the north part of the city is convalescing. Miss Myrtle Riggs, who is teaching school at Merritt, passed through Cheyenne the first of the week on her way home near Berlin. Charles Blackburn was here on business. Charley recently moved his family from Crawford to Grimes where he is now making his home. Milo Burlingame left last Mon. for Canadian on business. S.Jackson returned from Okla. City where he spent several days on business. Mrs. Hattie Robinson of Strong City spent several days this week visiting her sister, Mrs. Riley McDaniel. Miss Georgia Cox of here was taken seriously ill Sunday morning. The illness quickly developed into appendicitis and necessitated an operation, which was performed Monday. We are glad to report that she survived the operation and at the present writing, is fairly on the road to recovery.
Mr. and Mrs. Pink Burch of Leedey spent last week visiting with Mr. and Mrs. S. Grim here. Daddy Cox made a business trip to Amarillo, Texas the first of the week and his granddaughter, Mrs. J.R. Ingram returned with him. Mrs. Cosmo Falconer left Wed. for Okla. City where she will buy an up to date line of millinery goods. When they arrive, she will have them on display at the T.L. Miller Dry Goods Co. A few of the boys from Cheyenne Schools visited Rankin last Fri. for the purpose of playing baseball with the Skipout team against the Rankin team. The game resulted in a score of 37-12 in favor of the Skipout Team. J.M. Lester, Co. Assessor, is assessing property owners of the east side this week. LS. Moran of Muskogee arrived here in the interest of the Levy and Levy Company, which has the contract for the construction of the Cheyenne Short Line Railroad. The millinery opening of Mrs. L.A. Beaty last Tues. was attended by practically by everybody in Cheyenne. Perry Madden returned from Okla. City where he had been on business. Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Blackburn and E.S. Taylor spent several days in Elk City.

Cheyenne Star, Mar. 26, 1914

Presbyterian and Methodist Churches will be hold revivals in April. S.H. James, president of the Roger Mills Telephone Co., is moving a building from Strong City to Cheyenne for the purpose of using it as a telephone exchange building. The building will be located on the Burlingame lot on the corner of Fourth and Broadway, adjoining the Fred Tunnard Store. Mr. James will have an expert cable man here and will commence installing a new system, which promises to be one of the best exchanges in this section of the state. When this system is installed, it will be full copper metallic, new and up to date. A hearing will be held in the future concerning the connection of this company’s line with the Hammon Central Telephone Co. at Strong City. The ladies of the Home Mission Soc. of the ME Church here will give a sock social at their church on Fri. evening, April 3. You are asked to place in the little sock twice the number of cents as the size you wear. The people of the Hamburg area are experiencing some excitement over the prospects of drilling for OIL in that locality. Oil may enter in that area leasing a tract of land for five years.

CRESTON ITEMS: Fannie and Lula Parsons spent the day with Clara Walban Sun. K.S. Meek made trip to Canadian. Jack Wilson returned home from Sugden, Okla where he had been visiting his sister, Mrs. R.D. Horton. Miss Alice Chase left for Denver Monday. Lula and Fannie Parson attended the dance at Mr. Fielner’s . The Creston School has closed on account of the teacher, F.B. Ogle, resigning. Jim Hughes was a pleasant caller to Wilsons. Messers Charley and Don Baker will move onto the Gilbert place this week. Mart Trammell was a pleasant caller at J.P. Wilsons Monday. Mrs. L.M. Bryson, Mrs. Sam Alexander made trip to Hamburg Monday.Chattie Wilson was a caller at Mrs. Richerson’s on Sunday. John Wood and Will Richerson made a business trip to Strong City Sat. Mr. and Mrs. John Wood spent Sun. with Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Wilson. Mr. John Barr is building a house for Mr. Laney this week. Mart Trammell and Chattie Wilson attended the entertainment at Redmoon Sat. Mr. John Wood made trip to Strong City.Mrs. John Barr was a pleasant caller at Mr. P.J. Wilson’s on Sunday. Mrs. F.B. Ogle and children spent a few days at the home of J.P. Wilson. Fred Ogle spent two days with his son Frank. Mrs. Wilson and daughter, Lizzie, were visitors in Hamburg on Tuesday.Mrs. Ed Bailey spent Sat. at Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Wilson’s home.
Among the area residents doing business here: John Cates, William W Rakes, Durham; William Hanawalt and son Clyde, Roll; Mrs. J.H. Hoard, Mrs. H.O. Brown, Misses Bessie West and Ruby Caffey, Strong City;J.H.Phillips, Giles Harmon, Grimes; W.H. Carl, NW of town; Frank Brazell, Roll; Lee Dudney, Redmoon; Frank Hobart, Hamburg; G.H. Dodgion SW of town.
It is with deep sorry that we chronicle the death of the infant of Mr. and Mrs. William Owen. A few days ago, they brought the little one here to receive the treatment of the physicians. Death came last Wed. night. Funeral services were conducted at the Baptist Church Wed. afternoon. Cheyenne has organized a ball team, which is composed of good material. The outlook is brighter than it has been for several seasons. The neighboring teams will have to hustle if you expect to get a “smell” this year. Mrs. Georgia Cox, who underwent an operation for appendicitis last week, is getting along nicely. Milo Burlingame and Harlan Hopkins made a trip to Canadian. It is with regret that we record the death of the little seven month old baby girl of Mr. and Mrs. George Boone. The little tot took violently ill last Wed. and passed away last Sat. morning. Interment took place Sat. afternoon at the Cheyenne Cemetery. A light snow fell here last Friday night. This statement may be incredible to some people; but nevertheless it is so, and it acted as a gentle reminder that winter is not over and it is not advisable to make the necessary changes preparatory to enjoying the coming of spring.

Cheyenne Star, Apr 2, 1914

Col. A.P. Watson of the Corp Comm. was here last Tuesday hearing a telephone controversy between companies doing business in this county. The next ME Dist. Conf. will be held in Cheyenne at a future date. The Star announces the death of Mary A. Liles, born in Overton Co. TN April 18, 1841 and died March 27, 1914. She leaves a husband and seven children. The OK Pacific RR Co. has announced to extend a road from Okla. City westerly to Hinton, Cordell, Dill City and then northwesterly to Sayre and Cheyenne on to Canadian where it will connect with the ATSF Railroad (needless to say that railroad was never built). Miss Nona Ivy and Mr. Nathan Mouser were married last Sunday, March 29, 1914. Nona has spent most of her life in Roger Mills Co. and her father currently holds office as Register of Deeds in this county. Mr. Mouser is the young businessman, now engaged in the mercantile business in Cheyenne.
CRESTON ITEMS: Messers Charlie and Frank Baker made a trip to Strong City. Frank Ogle was in this area Thursday. Mrs. James and son, Ralph were pleasant callers at the J.P. Wilson home Wed. evening. Several young people of this area attended a literary at the Shaw School House Friday evening. Miss Lizzie Wilson left Wed. for Sugden, Okla. where she will visit her sister, Mrs. R.D. Horton. Mr. and Mrs. S.W. Parson spent Sun. at the Meeks home. Jack Wilson went to Hamburg Sunday. Mrs. Carson and Mrs. Metcalfe were pleasant callers at Mr. J.P. Wilson’s Sun. evening. T.R. Meek of Coal Springs, Okla. is in this vicinity attending to business.
Some parts of the co. experienced a shower last Friday. It was not anything like general; but it helped. People doing business here this week: Dr. A.B.C. Davis, J.R. Dodson, Durham; Charles W. Wallace, Route2; J.I. Brothers, Elk City; Jack T. Rodrigs, G. McColgin, Rankin; Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Keen, Elk City; Birdie and Mamie Kendall, John West, Strong City. J.M. Evans has been ill for last few days but able to be out again. Mrs. C. Falconer has now on display a complete line of millinery at the T.L. Miller Dry Goods Co. L.W. Pate received a carload of feed last Wed. This load was hauled over the Cheyenne Short Line RR. Mr. and Mrs. R.F. Baird returned here Sunday from Texas, where Mrs. Baird has been visiting with her parents during the last month. Bring your cream to J.R. Johnson in Cheyenne, located in the back of the IOOF Building. J.R. has recently moved his family here from Butler, where he had been employed as Drug Clerk, during the past two years. He is having some improvements made on his residence before he commences keeping house.Miss Lyra Shirley of Berlin is visiting the D.V. Seaver home here. Several of our citizens went to Strong City last Wed. by going on the Short Line. Mrs. V.C. Latta has returned from Leedey where she spent several days with relatives and friends. Jess Cunningham is advertising a fine stallion that will make the season of 1914 at his farm on Route1. Misses Klina Potter and Josey Thomas, popular teachers of Cheyenne Public Schools, made a visit to the Durham area and returned here Sunday accompanied by Mrs. Dicey Thomas, a sister of Miss Josey. The persons have been selected for the different characters in the plan, “The Town Marshal”. They are practicing steadily and on April 24, the play will be ready for production. William Jencks of the Grimes area was in town last Tues. representing a Mutual Telephone Co. of his locality. He was attending the telephone case being tried before the Corp. Comm. here.

Cheyenne Star, Apr 9, 1914

Miss Klina Potter left today with several of her pupils for Weatherford where they will compete in the several events at the Inters-cholastic Meet which will be held Friday and Saturday. Miss Ethel Douglas will leave Friday with several more who will participate. E.L. Miller left the first of the week for Oklahoma City where he will buy dry goods for the T.L. Miller Dry Goods Co. at this place. Mr. Miller informs us that he will see that the farmers will have a market for their wheat at Cheyenne this year. Several men and teams are busy placing eighteen inches of clay on the Rankin Road. This work is being carried on the sand road west of town. A fire at Hammon Sat. night completely destroyed the livery barn of Joe Moad, an auto and the livestock that were in the barn were saved. J.R. Johnson has the distinction of being the first shipper over the Short Line Railroad. Several loads of freight have been shipped into Cheyenne but this was the first to be shipped out over the new road. This shipment consisted of chickens, eggs and cream, which he had bought from the farmers who patronize Cheyenne business firms. W.W. Funston of Rankin has John Deere riding cultivators for sale at $30 each. Business visitors to Cheyenne this week: Harry Henson of Rankin; Frank Brazell and wife of Roll, G.E. Shulfeldt who resides up the Washita near Redmoon; E.F. Stephens, candidate for 1st Dist Commissioner; F.B. Ogle of Durham; George H. Dodgion; J.E. Funston, the Jolly Auctioneer of Rankin; J.E. Keen who resides west of town;
CRESTON ITEMS: Farmers have begun planting corn here. Sam Alexander was a pleasant caller at the Meeks home Tues.Several young people of this vicinity attended a dance at the home of Flake Hammonds Tuesday night. Miss Lula Parson was a pleasant caller at the J.P. Wilson’s Tues. Several people of this area are sick with the mumps, but not seriously. Frank Trammell and Miss Mable Lemos were pleasant callers at Mr. J.W. Parsons. Mr. and Mrs. Koss Meek spent the day with the Parson family Sun. Mrs. J.P. Wilson and daughter, Chattie, spent the evening at T.K. Shaw’s Sun. Misses Lula and Fannie Parson were pleasant callers at Mr. Lane’s Sun. The dance which was given in honor of Miss Bell Barbee last Sat. night was enjoyed by all who attended.

Cheyenne Star, Apr. 16, 1914

Joe Tunnard was confined to his room for several days last week with rheumatism. Mrs. W.L. Potter spent several days visiting with friends at Roll. Col. Watson, Internal Revenue Collector, was here last Fri. looking after Uncle Sam’s business. C. Falconer, president of the Cheyenne Short Line Railroad, returned the last part of last week from Clinton where he went to confer with the officials of the C&OW in making the necessary arrangements for connections with that road at Strong City. He informs us that he got all that he went after and arrangements were made at that time for physical connections. Cheyenne Public School will last six more weeks. Misses Ruby and Lilly Potter spent the latter part of last week visiting with friends at Durham. Oscar Harris, who has been attending the Capitol City Business College at Guthrie, returned here last Fri. This section of the state was visited by heavy rain the latter part of last week. This is not the first we have been blessed with, but this one has put sufficient moisture in the ground to give all kinds of crops a good start. Grass is fine and stock is looking exceptionally well for this time of year. Prospects were never brighter than now. Little Jaunita Salyer was given an Easter Egg Hunt last Sun. at the John Salyer home. Several of her young friends were present and all enjoyed the fun. E.S. Saylor is arranging to erect a large ice house near the railroad track so that he can handle a carload of ice at one time. When this is done, it will be so that the people of Cheyenne will not be forced to do without ice at any time.

Cheyenne Star, Apr. 23, 1914

Cheyenne’s Baseball Team went to Herring last Wednesday and played a double header with Strong City and Herring. First game was a seven inning game, which resulted in a score of 8-6 in favor of Cheyenne. The second game was only a five inning game and the score was 15-4 in favor of the visiting team. This is the first time this season that the boys crossed bats with the other teams and winning both games made them proud. School Supt. A.T. Burge has moved his office from the court house to the Cotton Exchange Bank Building on Broadway. W.W> Blackburn, who formerly occupied that office space, has removed to the office west of Cooksey’s Drugs Store, formerly occupied by J.M. Lester, Co. Assessor, who has moved his office to the court house so that he can have access to the county adding machine and other office conveniences, and so that his records be protected from fire by the fireproof vault of the county. (stone vault in front of the court house). J.E. Keen shipped two carloads of fat beef cattle from Cheyenne last Mon. over the Short Line. This being the first shipment of cattle over our new railroad. These cattle are the best we have seen in this country for several years. They were Angus and Durham variety and were of the very best. They were raised by W.A. Young who sold to J.E. “Ed” Keen last fall, who fed silage from his silo, which he erected and filled last summer. {The base of this silo can still be seen 2014} His baby beef stuff brought $8.15 per 100, while the large beef brought$7.75 per 100. People of this county are glad that cattle from Roger Mills top the market. This stuff netted Mr. Keen better than $70 a round, (per head) which is a handsome sum. This is a demonstration of what a silo will do.
Residents doing business: Dr. V.V. Grant of Roll, G.W. Crane of Rankin; Hogle Madden who lives near Roll and engaged in the auto livery business;W.C. Earnest who is connected with OK State Bank at Hammon; Frank Trammell near Canadian, Texas; John C. Whittom who resides east of town; G.E. Shufeldt lives up Washita; John Warren from west of town on Croton Creek; Frank Hobart from near Hamburg; Albert Parks of Grimes area; Louis Harris of Hammon area; W.W. Funston of Rankin; T.H. Bowman, an employee of stock farm near Canadian; Bird Pierce and wife from Hammon.
REDMOON LIGHTS: Uncle Johnny Anderson lost a fine work horse last Fri. night. A large crowd attended prayer meeting at Redmoon Sun. night. Miss Minnie Long has been employed as teacher of the Redmoon school for the coming term. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Amend have been visiting at C.E. Copeland home. Mrs. Graves and Mrs. Eva Anderson of Cheyenne were visiting in Anderson home. Mr. Urey Miller, who is attending school at Oklahoma City, has been visiting friends and relatives in this area this week. The Baptists will hold their 5th Sunday feeding in the Redmoon Church House, which will be held May 31. A cattle buyer from Shattuck was here last week and purchased several head from Lee Dudney, which was delivered at the Flake Hammond Ranch north of Hamburg Thursday.
G.H. Cox, who moved his family to Cheyenne last fall for the purpose of taking advantage of the opportunity of sending his children to our excellent school, has again taken up residence on his ranch near Rankin. Miss Lunetta Evans, who has been employed in the Berlin Schools during the past term, is visiting friend here. Her school terminated last Friday. The annual eighth grade examination was held over the county at the various places, selected by the Co. Supt. for holding them. The examination at this place was in charge by Miss Klina Potter. S. Grim was in Okla. City last week attending to legal matters. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Stone Taylor a baby girl on last Saturday, April 18, 1914. Born on Friday, April 17, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles McClain a fine baby girl. The little lady weighed ten pounds. Miss Grace Lovett of Pittsburg, Penn. arrived last Mon to visit Mr. and Mrs. G.B. Lovett of this city.

Cheyenne Star, Apr. 30, 1914

Last Sunday Cheyenne Short Line ran an excursion train to Strong City carrying about 150 of Cheyenne citizens to attend the Revival meeting that is being conducted by Rev. Curb, who is recently conducting a meeting in this city. Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Guernsey who came to this country and settled on the Washita, and later moved to Okla. City about eleven years ago. Having purchased some fine land in Colo., letters were received from them last week that they were well pleased with their location. Their son, Clarence and wife, have land adjoining them. Dr. V.V. Grant of Roll brought Mrs. F.H. Ogle to this city for an operation last Sat. Doctors Wallace and Grant performed the operation and we are glad to note that Mrs. Ogle is well on the road to recovery. A heavy rain which visited this section of the state last Sun. night caused a great deal of damage to the Cheyenne Short Line railroad track, between here and Strong City. This has resulted in no traffic over the road up to this time. Sheriff Trammell returned today from McAlister where he went a few days ago after Dave Kuntz, who was being held at the state penitentiary pending an appeal. He was convicted in 1911 of the charge of bank robbery and sentenced to 50 years in the state penitentiary The decision of the district court was reversed a short time ago and the sheriff directed to return him to this county. He will be held in jail until bond is made or the case finally disposed. Early Thurs. morning about 7:30 a.m. officers here were notified of a killing in the north part of the county near Roll. Deputies Brown and Kendall and Co. Atty. S. Grim immediately started to the scene of the tragedy. Upon their arrival at the place of the shooting, they found Joe Martin dead from the affect of gunshot wounds at the hands of John Hubbard, which is the substance of the findings of the coroner’s inquest held at the Justice of the Peace J.P. Johnson of Roll. From the best reports attainable, the facts are: About a month ago Hubbard had a cow shot by someone whom he suspected to be Martin. This naturally caused hard feelings between them. Then on top of this, one of Hubbard’s horses wandered over on Martin’s farm, Martin seriously objecting to this trespass, proceeded to discharge a load of birdshot into the animal to cause it to die before reaching home. Hubbard who lives a short distance from the Martin home, went over to see about the killing of his horse. When he came within a short distance of the house, he called Martin to him. After they had talked a few minutes, they walked west in the direction of Hubbard’s house until they reached the section line running north and south, at this juncture Hubbard began firing with automatic pistol at Martin, inflicting four wounds, three of which would probably have proven fatal, one taken effect in the left shoulder, two in the stomach and one entering the right leg near the hip. Martin was unarmed at the time of the shooting. After he had shot the horse, he had returned to the house and put away his gun. Hubbard gave himself up to the officers, who brought him to town this afternoon and is now in custody of the Sheriff. Martin leaves a wife and three children, who live about seven miles northeast of Roll. Both of these men are well known and highly respected farmers in this county and it is regretted that their differences could not be settled other than this tragic manner.
J.H. Tunnard has been on the sick list this week. W.R. Potter of Durham spent Sun here with his family. Among co. residents here this week on business: Dr. V.V. Grant, R.M. Thorp of Roll; Ira Walters, Harry Henson, Leslie C. Chase of Rankin; W.P. Keen of Elk City; Walter Richerson of Berlin; P.W. Wright of Grimes; C.L. Barton, Cashier of Crawford State Bank & wife; L.M. Dudney, Mrs. and Mrs. W.A. Anderson of Redmoon; J.J. Means northwest of Cheyenne; James Sprowls east of town.
CRESTON ITEMS: J.P. Wilson made business trip to Strong City; J.S. Sprowls was here buying cattle last week; Don Baker and Miss Fannie Parson were pleasant callers at the King home. Mrs. J.P. Wilson called at the Richmond home; Mr. and Mrs. K.S. Meek spent Sun. visiting Mrs. James. Mr. and Mrs. John Moon called at the Parson home. Charles James made business trip to Strong City. Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Wilson and daughter, Chattie, spent Sun. visiting the Woods home.
Don C. Roberts of Crawford was stricken with a paralytic stroke last Wed. one side being paralyzed. Dr. Cayler of Canadian was called and Mr. Roberts taken to that city where he could be treated at the hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Mouser returned from their honeymoon in Indiana and he took up his duties in the Cheyenne Mercantile Store. Several of our townsmen have gone to Canadian during last week to work on the water system, which that town is having installed. Miss Minnie Long, who has been employed as a teacher at the Square Top School this winter, left last Fri. for Weatherford where she will attend the Normal at that place.
Perry Madden, R.F. Baird and Guy Eakins made trip to Strong City last Tues. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cross and Miss Jessie Kendall of Strong City came to Cheyenne Sun. on the excursion train. Prof. W.L. Breckner, Supt of Cheyenne Public Schools made business trip to northern part of state. The home mission ladies of the ME church are having a porch erected at the ME parsonage. The price which the Star stated last week that J.E. Keen received for his cattle was erroneous. S. Jackson has purchased a new Ford car. Mr. C.O. Gause was dealing with Charles Mitchell of Butler for a car for his livery.

Cheyenne Star May 7, 1914

The Baptist Ladies Aid Society gave a dollar social at the home of Mrs. E.G. Brann last Wed. The principal part of the evening was spent in guessing contests. Judge E.E. Tracy proved himself to be the best Bible student, W.V. Jurgens the best seamstress, and Jim Page is the worst “henpecked husband” in town. A quartet sung by Mesdames Page, Jurgens, Brann and Miss Douglas was loudly applauded. A number of instrumental selections was rendered by Mrs. Dewey. On Friday, May 8 the famous drama “The Town Marshal” will be staged at the high school auditorium. Last Sun. a game of baseball was played by Strong City’s picked team and the Cheyenne regulars at our ball park here. After a hard fought game and with the score tied at 3-3 at the end of the sixth inning, the game was called on account of rain. Immediately after the game the visiting team gathered with a large number of fans who had accompanied the team on the excursion train, which was the specially run for their convenience, repaired to the station where the Short Line train awaited them. Next Sun. this tie game will be played off at Strong City and a lively game is anticipated. The Cheyenne Short Line will run an excursion train Sun. afternoon for the benefit of those who desire to attend the game.
Married at the office of Judge Mouser last Sun. afternoon, Miss Zetta Bradley and Mr. Bob Cunningham. Special Mother’s Day program will be presented at the ME Church, Sun. May 10.Among those on the program, J.R. Johnson, Rev. Sessums, Vera Johnson, Volina Miller, Dewitt Tucker, Gladys Bellamy, Lillie Lee Potter, G.H. Wallace.Preliminary hearing of John Hubbard for the killing of Joe Martin last Thursday, April 30, was held in this city Wed. and Thurs. before Co. Judge Mouser. The court deemed the evidence introduced by the state sufficient to warrant the holding of Hubbard to await the action of the District Courts. Another examination for Co. Diplomas will be given May 14 and 15, 1914 at the following places: Durham Ina Hale examiner; Roll Edna Malson; Red Star Nettie Allen; Texmo Fannie Sparks; Hammon A.A. Hill; Herring Jennie Garretson; Strong City W.W. Peterson; Cheyenne Klina Potter; Rankin Orpha Conrad; Berlin Callie Clark; Grimes Mary Olson; Sweetwater L.W. Kitchen; Meadowbrook Bessie Robinson; A.T. Burge, Co. Supt states the results of the examination in April will be sent this week. The Home Mission Society met at the home of Mrs. A.T. Burge on May 6 and expressed thanks to those who assisted in the recent improvement at the parsonage. The ME have recently erected a porch onto the parsonage. W.L. Breckner, Mrs. S.A. Wallace, Mrs. J.S. Sessums and Mrs. W.R. Potter, Committee.
The Co. Socialist Convention met in Cheyenne Sat. May 2 and nominated the following ticket. Rep. S.A. Hill, Co. Judge J.W. Miller, Sheriff Ira Walters, Treasurer A.A. Hill, Assessor W.A. Hanawalt, Supt. Anna Stewart, Co. Clerk A.G. Carver, Clerk of the Court L.E. Ruthart, Weigher F.M. Ogle, Comm Dist #1 J.R. Robbins, Dist. #2 J.W. Price, Dist. #3 N.C. Rowley. The Socialist will hold a Co. encampment here July 22-24.
Mrs. S.H. James is reported ill at her home here. Area residents making business trips here last week Leslie Chase of Rankin; Frank Parker of Buffalo area; C.A. Bennett Comm District #2, A.Grace of Strong City, Walter Rickerson of Berlin, P. Trammell from up Washita near Gem City. S. Jackson and S. Grim returned here Wed. after spending several days at OKC where they attended business matters. Mrs. Pearl Bowman left last week for Cordell where she will visit her sister, Mrs. Ira Hensley. William Watton made final proof of homestead in Sec. 34-13-24. Elder L.L Combs of Crawford preached at the school house in this city last Sun. Mrs. J.E. Keen and sons, Paul and Clifford, who have been residing at Weatherford during this past winter on account of school advantages, returned here last Mon. Mrs. Keen will spend a visit with J.E. on the farm and the boys will remain all summer helping their father make a crop. Rev. Curb who recently held a meeting at the Baptist Church here, baptized ten new converts last Sun. afternoon at the pool near the bridge across the Sergeant Major west of this town. Announcement is made of the marriage on April 22 of Miss Elizabeth M. Herbert of Rankin and Mr. E.W. Crane of near this city. Mrs. R.B. Fielner was entertained by friends and relatives on her 24th birthday .
REDMOON LIGHTS: A light rain fell here and prospects are for more. Crops are looking fine, the alfalfa will be ready to harvest within a short time. Miss Violet Ousley will spend a few days this week visiting with Mrs. Harry Brown of Strong City. Elry Laney and sister Mrs. Dowell spent Sun. at the Douglas home.Mr. and Mrs. Bill Anderson attending the public sale at J.E. Hunt’s Monday. The farmers of this community put in Mr. Rummins’ crop for him last week as he is sick and unable to work. Mr. Smoot lost a good milk cow last week. Miss Mary Roberts was a pleasant caller at Bill Anderson’s last Sun. Sunday School at Redmoon every Sun. at 11:00 also Sunday School at Mt. Rose at 3:00 in afternoon.

Cheyenne Star, May 14, 1914

Perry Madden is at Okla. City looking after the interests of Cheyenne concerning the C.&O.W. Railroad before the Corporation Commission. Pupils in the 7th and 8th grade enjoyed a surprise party at the home of Mrs. I.F. Cornells last Tues. The surprise was to Miss Klina Potter, their teacher. The evening was spent in playing games and music. Last week the Platonic Club held their last meeting of the year and the following officers wereelected: Mrs. J.C. Thornton, President’ Mrs. W.W. Blackburn, Vice-President; Mrs. A.M. Rishel, Rec. Secretary; Mrs. S.A. Wallace, Corres. Sec.; Mrs. R.A. Mitchell, Treasurer; Mrs. W.V. Jurgens, Parlia-mentarian; Mrs. G.H. Wallace, Reporter; Mrs. R.M. Turner, Historian; Mrs. S. Jackson, Critic; Mrs. Isabella Fields, Poet. Cheyenne Baseball team played the Strong City Team at Strong City and at the end of nine innings, Cheyenne 11, Strong City 2. The boys have arranged to go to Clinton, Sun. May 24 to play a game with the team at that place. Arrangements have been made whereby the Short Line RR will run an excursion to that city over the C.&O.W. track for the benefit of those who wish to see the game. Mrs. W.L. Breckner and Mrs. S.A. Wallace entertained their Sunday School classes with a picnic party last Saturday afternoon.
E.S. Taylor has now completed his large ice house near the RR track and has received his first carload of ice.He is now in position to furnish his customers with ice in any quantity. Harry Hopkins and Joe Foster of Hammon are in attendance at County Court this week. Other county residents visiting here were: J.D. Funston near Hamburg; W.H. Anderson who resides near Redmoon; Ike Morrisett of Crawford area; Burt Pierce of Hammon; George M. Palmer and J.C. Smith of Durham area; Atty. A.A. Brown of Hammon;Clyde Young of Crawford area; J.C. Nebhut who resides northeast of town along with his youngest brother, Charles; Judge H.B. Bailey of Strong City.
Red John Salyer who is trying his hand at farming, allowed his team to run away the other day, with a lister. No serious damage was done only one of the horses was injured and Red’s nerves unstrung. Born on Sun last to Mr and Mrs. J.D. Moore, who reside on Croton Creek, a boy. Mrs. George Carl who live in Washita area west of town is ill at her home. Mr. and Mrs. Rylant of Sandstone area had a baby girl.
J.L. Finch is acting as Court Recorder at present term. Dr. G.H. Wallace has been on the sick list this week. We are glad to report that he is able to be up and around at this writing.
CRESTON ITEMS: Several of the young people of this area attended the dance at Mr. Storm’s Saturday night and all report a good time. Jack Wilson made a business trip to Strong City Sun. The boys of this vicinity played ball at Mr. Wheeler’s Sun. evening. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Moon spent Sun at the Selby home. Mark Cole and family visited at Richerson’s home Sun. evening. Mrs. Purvis was a pleasant caller at the J.P. Wilson home last Sat. Frank Baker called on Miss Parsons Sun. last. Mrs. L.M. Bryson left Kingfisher Wed. to visit her mother who is very sick. Miss Orpha Conrad of Rankin visited with Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Wilson Monday.
REDMOON LIGHTS: A large crowd attended SS and Church at Redmoon last Sunday. Mrs. Bulkley visited her sister, Mrs. Fayette Anderson this week. Mark Trammell passed through this area last week, with 200 head of cattle, which he was taking to his ranch near the Texas line. A large crowd attended the Box Supper at Hamburg last Fri. night, the proceeds which were about $56, are to be used for the benefit of the church at that place. Flake Hammond and family spent Sun. at the W.H. Anderson home. Ben Ousley has the pneumonia fever. but report that he is much improved at this writing. Miss Sadie Anderson and Mary Robert attended the play in Cheyenne. Frank Brazell and family of Roll spent Sunday at the home of H.C. Loftin. Frank Cole and family of near Hamburg, visited Uncle Johnny Anderson’s Sunday. Quite a number attended prayer meeting at the John Hooper home Tues. night.

Cheyenne Star, May 21, 1914

A move is now on foot for the erection of a large elevator which is sure of going through, the men who are backing the proposition are men who believe in doing things, and are enthusiastic over the prospects of a large business this fall. Already three of our businessmen have declared their intention of buying grain, even though there would be no other buyers here, it would supply sufficient competition to warrant a good marketplace for the producer. Cheyenne High School classes gave a reception at the auditorium last Friday evening in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Breckner and Miss Sudie Lee. Misses Katherine and Marjorie Falconer entertained the large crowd with a number of excellent piano selections. Question is asked every day, “Will Cheyenne celebrate July 4th in the way they have always observed this occasion?” If we are to observe the holiday, it is high time that something definite be done so that those who intend to celebrate with us can know what to depend on. Last Tuesday evening the Evening Star Rebekah Lodge elected the following officers: Martha Bonner, NG; Sallie Taylor, VG; Alice Page, Treasurer; Golda Miller, Rec. Secretary; John C Casady, Finanacial Sec; R.N. Higgins, Emma Curry, Lanora Flemmings, Trustees; Mrs. W.L. Breckner was retiring Noble Grand. The high school pupils surprised Miss Blanche Wallace last Tues. evening by gathering at the Dr. Wallace home to spend the evening in the usual jolly way. The youngsters knowing that Miss Wallace would be clad in her little house apron and not desiring to cause her any embarrassment, they all went to the extreme and donned the tackiest garments at their command. The evening was spent playing games and making taffy. The Co. Court adjourned last Mon. B.D. Cooksey spent several days in Okla. City this week on business. Among area people here this week: Harry Henson and Leslie C. Chase of Rankin; Sam Berry who resides near Redmoon; George Bashaw of the Hammon area; Mart Trammell who resides up the Washita near the Texas line; J.E. Keen, candidate for Co. Trea. ; E.T. Cox who resides southwest of town; W.H. Anderson, candidate for Sheriff on the Democratic ticket; John W. Spence of Hamburg and Miss LuNetta Evans, who resides in the Dead Indian area.

Cheyenne Star, May 28, 1914

Miss Erma Wallace entertained a number of her friends last Tues. evening. Miss Gladys Salyer spent several days visiting friends in the Rankin area. Ed Taylor keeps compressed yeast, 5 cents per cake and one cake makes ten loaves. No failure making bread. Mrs. F.H. Ogle who has been very ill at the Malone home here is able to return to her home this week.

Mrs. Emma Cauble of this city moved her family to Weatherford where she will assist Mrs. W.L. Breckner in her rooming house. There has been several heavy rains which fell in this section of the state in the past week, which assures an abundance of wheat crop and also puts a good season in the ground for the production of other crops. There will be a train excursion at Clinton next Sun. and the Cheyenne vs. Clinton baseball teams will play ball at the Clinton Ball Park immediately after dinner. J.H. Tunnard left this city last Monday for Okla. City to consult a specialist concerning his crippled leg, which has been causing him considerable trouble recently. He will undergo an operation next Monday. Fred Tunnard left last Mon. for Okla. City to attend business matters.
Miss Lela Breckner left for Mt. Grove, Mo, where she will spend her vacation with home folks. Miss Lela attended high school here this past year. Owing to the inclemency of the weather, the “trip around the world” which was to have been given last Wed. night by the ladies of the Christian Church, has been indefinitely postponed. Mrs. E.L. Mitchell is reported seriously ill in the east part of the city with the mumps. Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Breckner have moved to Weatherford where he is employed as Supt. of Schools.

Cheyenne Star, June 4, 1914

Cheyenne School closed last Fri. with the best showing as to work performed during the past year than ever before. Following is a list of 8th grade graduates for the year 1914 in Roger Mills Co: SWEET-WATER – Dovie Anderson, Gertie Hayden, Ella Suttle, Lucy Claunze, Lewis Kingman, Eddie Bessire, Clarnece Ginn, Earl Miller, Edwin Miller, Earl Colbert, Clyde Freeman, Cecil Albin, Lola Robert, Nell Hamilton, Hazel Miller BERLIN-Ira Millington, Roy Richerson, Grace Simmons, Vernon Tucker, Lester Shirley, Ethel Matthews, May Clark HAMMON-Herbert Hall, Ophie Morrow, Blanche McRenolds, Ruth Surlock CARPENTER-Florsie Wells, Murrell Wells, Vernon McArthur, Arthur Castleberry, Tom Mann, Bernice Moore, Monti Moore, Fay Reese, Verga Moore, CHEYENNE – Vera Johnson, Gladys Hickman, Gladys Bellamy, Lanora Flemming, Minerva Prestridge, Zella Jackson, Graham Leary ANGORA-Leola Britt, Lee Wilkins, Anna Hamilton, Willie Allen, K. Blackketter GRIMES-Eleanor Cox, Luella Gillispie, GRAND-Grace Dean TEXMO-Mary Whitson, Alice Harris, Lois Yetter RANKIN-Oren Anderson, Maudie Isch, Julia Irwin, Rada Butler, ROLL-Daisy Cochran STRONG CITY-Minnie Guernsey, Katie Kendall, Mamie Kendall, Frank Lamons, Nimmie Smith, Merrill Burnett, Grace VanMeter, HERRING-Robert Dooty, Jess Dooty, John Dooty, Vera Reed DURHAM-Audrey Cloud Graduation exercises will be at Cheyenne with a speaker from Chicago on May 13, 1914. The ladies of the ME Church will give an excursion trip on the Cheyenne Short Line from Cheyenne to Okla. City with stopovers at Clinton, Weatherford and El Reno. A dining car and music will be provided. Fare is 25 cents. Those who are interested in the proposition of celebrating the Fourth of July are requested to meet at the Court House at Cheyenne Friday at 8:00 p.m. Work is now in progress excavating for a large elevator near the RR track. Wheat in this section was never better and unless something happens within the next few days, Roger Mills Co. will produce the largest wheat crop in its history. Oscar Harris is reported sick with the mumps at his home south of town, and T.L. Miller here in town has the mumps also. Mrs. L.W. Pate left this city Wed. for Chandler where she will visit her parents. Area residents in town: O.C. Kennedy from bend of the river; Harry Henson of Rankin; W.R. Potter of Durham; E.F. Stephens, candidate for 3rd Comm because of the death of Comm. A.L. Hole; Jim Vosburg of third Comm. District; Leslie C. Chase of Rankin; Dr. B.M. Ballenger and Robert Hanna of Hamburg; R.H. Wallace of Durham; Comm C.A. Bennett of the 2nd District; J.P. Thurmond & W.O. Hopkins of Hammon; Charles Cross, Strong City. Harlan Hopkins, one of our wealthy ranchers west of town, went to Texas Panhandle this week on business. Daddy Cox had about twenty acres of good alfalfa hay down when the rain set in the first of the week, which was a total loss. Mrs. G.H. Wallace spent several days visiting at the R.H. Wallace home near Durham. Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Johnson of town entertained guests from Butler this week. Miss Ethel Douglas, primary teacher of the Cheyenne School, left here last Wed. for Weatherford where she will attend the summer course at the SWState Normal. Miss Josie Thomas, one of the teachers of the grades at Cheyenne is also in Weatherford for the summer. J.C. Goodwin of Sweetwater, living ½ mile of Meridian Lakes, has a bay mare that has taken up at his place. Mr. and Mrs. T.L. Turner and Rev. Sessums made a trip to Elk City last Wednesday. Charles Cross bookkeeper for Herring and Young at Strong City spent several days here in the interest of the firm he is associated. A large number of Cheyenne youngsters enjoyed a surprise party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.L .Potter. The surprise was to Misses Ruby and Lillie who were celebrating their 17th birthday. Miss Carey Fields arrived here this afternoon from Arizona where she has been during the last year. Misses Vera Tracy, Helen Seaver, Klina Potter and Lorene Osborn and Mr. W.L. Breckner all teachers here, left last Sat. on the CSL for Weatherford where they will attend SWState Normal School this summer. Miss Kitty Garrett drove over from Strong City last Wednesday and spent the evening at the home of Mr and Mrs. J.R. Johnson here. Mr. Balcum who has been employed as Supt of Schools here for the next term, will attend the State University at Norman in the summer months.

Cheyenne Star, June 11, 1914

Wednesday was Labor Day for a large number of Cheyenne citizens. They armed themselves with shovels and went out to the sand cuts on the Cheyenne Short Line and proceeded to move ten car loads of sand from the cuts that have been causing so much trouble in the past. It is thought that the sand will cause little but no trouble in the future. The good ladies of the town fixed a fine dinner and sent it out to the sand heavers, which was greatly enjoyed by those loyal Cheyenne boosters who volunteered their services. John Hubbard, who has been confined in the county jail on the charge of murder, was released on bond fixed at $7500. Hubbard was first denied bond, but owing to his physical condition, Judge Brown re-considered and allowed him bail. It will be remembered that this is the case where two farmers fell out over the herd lawing of stock, or rather, Joe Martin shot one of Hubbard’s horses which caused a quarrel and shooting Martin to death. Since the opening of the C&A Country and founding of Cheyenne, there has never been a Fourth of July pass that Cheyenne has not celebrated and this record will not be broken this year. Roger Mills County Singing Association convention was held at Cheyenne on Sat. and Sunday. People on the program: P.W. Wright, Mr. Hastings, Chaplain Thomlison, Ott Mangold, Guy Gabbart, W.E. Kendall, Dr. Wallace, J.V. McClintic, Willis O’Bryant, Mrs. Keener, G.L. Smith, Mrs. H.B. Dewey, J.D. Hall. New Officers elected were E.L. Barrett, President; Guy Gabbart, Vice; Dicie Thomas, Sec; W.C. Tomlinson, Chaplain; Mrs. A.T. Burge, Corr. Secretary.
Elections are being held soon. Buy your ad now. Area people in town: Robert Schmidt of Strong City, Uncle Perry Taylor, west of town; J.H. Ford and Mrs. H.O. Brown, Strong City; S.L. Amend, Hamburg; J.E. Majors, south of town; Mrs. Marian Bowden; Ed Keen and Charles Winn, west of town; W.C. Earnest, Hammon; Dr. Carey, Rankin; Jack Cronin of Texola; Sadie Anderson, Redmoon; Mark Trammell, Durham; J.E. Hall, Hammon; David Hogg, northeast part of County; J.A. Anderson, southwest of town; Jess Shuggart, Roll area; Enos Swindle and family, Hamburg.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Young on Mon. a ten pound baby boy. The young man has been named Powel Wesley Young. Miss Minnie Turner who has been attending school at Weatherford is being reported as seriously ill with typhoid fever. Her condition is such that she was taken to the sanitarium at Clinton last Wednesday. Grover Monroe of Mountain Park was here last Tues. visiting his sister, Mrs. E.E. Tracy. Misses Ruby and Lillie Potter left last Sun. for Durham where they will spend their summer vacation. Stock of drugs normally owned by J.F. Evans was sold at public auction last Sat. afternoon. T.L. Turner purchased the stock for the Alexander Drug Co. E.L. Mitchell made a business trip to Elk City. Jess Shuggart of Roll will probably have two carloads of wheat which will be shipped from here. Milo Burlingame of Magdalena, NM, a former resident of this city, who has been here several days, left Sun. for his new home. Milo thinks he has found a garden spot of the world for his business.

Cheyenne Star, June 18, 1914

The new grain elevator being built in Cheyenne is expected to be completed by wheat harvest time. A.T. Burge encourages all children to get their exhibits ready for the Co. Fair. Political debates abound in our fair city as election day approaches. A large number of our boys left the first of the week for the Kansas harvest fields. Area people here last week: P.W. Wright, Grimes; Harry Henson, Rankin; C.L. Barton, Cashier of Crawford State Bank; C.L. Burton, T.L. Meador, Rankin; Chubb Atwood of Grimes; J.F. Evans, northwest of town; W.P. Potter and Elder L.L. Combs, Durham; Engar Taylor, west of town on Croton Creek; Misses Jessie and Katie Kendall, Strong City; A.C. Taylor, Croton Creek; Jim Vosburg, Co Comm 3rd Dist; J.E. Majors, south of town; P. Trammell, large ranch south of town; J.E. Keen, west of town.
Elder L.L. Combs has delivered his last sermon and resigned at Durham. Dr. C.W. Tedrowe of Elk City, was called here in consultation with Dr. Wallace over the case of the little infant babe of Mr. and Mrs. G.B. Lovett. We are glad to note that the little lady is rapidly recovering. Our town has a very bad appearance due to the fact that weeds are permitted to grow on vacant lots and alleys and even in some of our streets. The town council, together with the Board of Health should take up this matter and issue a clean up order and make it effective at once.

Cheyenne Star, June 25, 1914

The Epworth League will present a program at ME Church on June 28. On the program are Mrs. Sessums, John Casady, Lillie Lee Potter. Elk City’s Chatauqua is to be held on July 6-12. The people at Elk City are making elaborate plans for its coming. The basketball game was played in Cheyenne on Monday between the Roger Mills Co Girls and the Southwestern State Normal Team, resulted in a victory for the Roger Mills Co. Girls with a score of 8-7. The lineup for the girls was First Center Lorene Osborn; Second Center Mamie Kendall; Forwards were Jo Evans and Luella Guernsey; Guards were Lunetta Evans and Mabel McCarty. Last Friday was Track and Field Day. A number of our boys and girls entered taking off second in the 100 yard dash, second in 50 yard dash, third in relay, second in potato race, second in three legged race. Roger Mills Co. won half in the double tennis but last in the singles. Last week was the Musical Contest, Miss Mamie Kendall of Strong City own second in the vocal contest. This was considered another important victory as Miss Kendall was contesting those who have been in the state normal a number of years. Baseball game played Wed. between a picked team of Weatherford State normal resulted in a victory for the pickup team. Following officers of the Roger Mills Co. Org. are W.L. Breckner, President; F.E. Beaty, Hammon, Vice; Ethel Douglas Sec.
Wed. morning at 7:30 a.m. the marriage of Miss Mabel Hill and Mr. E.S. Taylor was solemnized at the home of the bride’s parents near Strong City by Rev. J.M. Wileman, pastor Baptist Church here. They went to OKC for their honeymoon. W.R. Potter spent Sun here with his family.Visitors in town this week: Ira Walters, J.A. Robbins, Rankin; H.B. Bradford, northeast of town; Marion Bowden, Durham’s popular Druggist; C.B. Thompson, southwest of town; Mrs. L.M. Dudney, Redmoon area; E.F. Stephens, candidate 1st dist Comm., southeast of town; A.H. Carter, Editor Strong City Herald; Geo. Hutton, John Caffey, Strong City.
Mrs. S. Grim is spending a week with her parents in northeast part of county. Mrs. G.H. Wallace spending a few days visiting at the R.H. Wallace home near Durham. R.F. Baird, who has been confined to his room on account of an affected eye is not able to attend to his abstract duties. Misses Ruby and Lillie Potter, who have been at Durham for two weeks, returned here last Friday. Oscar Casady has been on the sick list this week but is now able to be back on the job of erecting the large elevator near the Cheyenne Short Line tracks. John H. Osborn spent last Mon. on his farm northeast of town. Farmers in this section of the state are busy harvesting their bumper wheat crop. Bonnie Fields returned here last Tues. from Spur, Texas where he has been attending. We are glad to note that the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G.B. Lovett, who has been in a precarious condition, for several days, is reported much improved in health and is well on the road to recovery. J.J. Moore, Frank Kendall, John Kendall, D.N. Hunt, Druggist Bradford and a large number of other Strong City people were in this city last Friday to hear F.E. Herring, Candidate for Governor, deliver an address that evening. Miss Klina Potter who has been attending Southwestern Normal at Weatherford is now in the hospital in Clinton where she underwent an operation last Monday. About two years ago, she was thrown from a horse and sustained three fractured ribs, which has been causing her considerable trouble of late. It was necessary to remove one rib. We are glad to note that she is recovering rapidly. Misses Ellen Seaver and Lorena Osborn who were attending school at Weatherford, returned here last Tuesday to spend a few days with the home folks.

Cheyenne Star, July 2, 1914

A splendid program has been arranged by the committee in charge of the Fourth of July celebration. A spacious arbor has been constructed for the benefit of the multitude that will be here. Ice water will be provided by the committee in charge of the general arrangements.
A large number of Mr. and Mrs. E.S. Taylors’ friends called on them last Wed. evening and gave them a wedding shower. In the past the farmers in this part of the county have been without a market for all the produce that is raised on the farm, consequently they were forced to raise crops that could be marketed, such as cotton, broomcorn and corn. Now they can devote their attention to the raising of hogs, and stock of various kinds and small grain, together with other crops that have been attracting all their attention. But with the railroad at Cheyenne and a market for their crops, they can diversify their crops and naturally make a great deal more money. A large elevator is now complete or almost complete, so that operation can be commenced when the first load of grain is brought in. This one thing will bring more farmers to Cheyenne than any other thing we have. This is the only elevator west of Hammon. There are two roads leading into Cheyenne that need repairing and the money to do this work has been raised, but all of the available teams are now employed in the harvest fields. These roads are traveled by the farmers from the north and those who reside up the river. The fact that these roads are not in as good shape as our people would like, would not do to any carelessness on the part of our people. The real reason is that men and teams are not available at this time. Among area residents here this week: W.W. Funston, Dr. W.S. Cary of Rankin; Tom Bullard one of the progressive farmers in the north part; W.H. (Black Bill) Anderson from up the Washita; J.A. Robins, Rural Route Carrier of Hamburg and Robert Hannan of near that place; Lafayette and Roscoe Anderson of RedMoon; W.A. Blan-ton from west of town; E.N. McGlothlin of Hamburg.
S. Jackson, President of the Cheyenne State Bank made a business trip to Canadian. Dr. G.H. Wallace made a trip to Durham last Sun. to see about his wheat crop, which he is having harvested. Judge and Mrs E.E. Tracy made a trip to Sayre last Sun. to visit at the D.W. Tracy home and check on the condition of the little girl of Mr. and Mrs. D.W. Tracy. Due to the arrival of the railroad, Ed Taylor, now handles ice by the carload and sells it at 60 cents per hundred weight. Carl Kemp, who recently purchased Southern Hotel from Walker Huff assumed charge July 1. Eli Graves has moved his restaurant across the street to the building formerly occupied by the Carl Kemp butcher shop. Misses Helen Seaver and Colleen Osborn, have been visiting here, returned to Weather-ford last Sunday where they are attending Southwestern Normal. Messers Henry Tracy and Jack Rimby, accompanied them as far as Hammon. The American Express Co. has commenced hand-ling express along the C&OW Railroad. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Newt Harmon who live southwest of town on June 25, a fine baby boy. (Shorty Harmon who passed away on his 100th birthday in 2014).
The little baby of Isom Chesney who resides northeast of town, has been seriously ill with typhoid fever is reported much improved in health at this writing. Charles Evans, former resident, who recently passed the bar exam at Guthrie, arrived here the first of the week. He is now in the law office of E.L. Mitchell at this place. Born on Tuesday last to Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Tracy, a baby girl (Latane). J.L. Finch, Asst. Cashier of Cheyenne State Bank left last Wed. for Weatherford where he will spend a month’s vacation. D.M. Byler’s Blacksmith Shop is located at the rear of Lindley’s Grocery.

Cheyenne Star, July 9, 1914

Frank Kell of Wichita Falls has purchased the C&OW Railroad and will operate that road under the same name. Mr. Kell is a well known railroad promoter and will undoubtedly extend the line west into the Texas Panhandle where the Katy has a large tract of land. He is the man who built the WF & NW from Wichita Falls to Camargo in the north part of the state.
The number of visitors at the Cheyenne’s celebration of the Fourth of July was conservatively estimated at 3,000. The day was warm and clear and the large arbor was an attraction to most of the women and children as they preferred the shade until afternoon when the foot races were run. The ball game played between the Cheyenne and Mammoth teams resulted in the score of 11-0 in favor of the Cheyenne Tigers. Prize winnes in the various races are as follows: Boys foot race under 9-Merrill Johnson first prize $1; Willie Little 2nd prize .50; Boys Foot race under 14 years old: Merlin Cross first $1.00, Clay Jergenson 2nd .50; Small boy foot race: J.J. Moore first $1.00, Orville Ogle second .50; Girls race 10-14 Mary Lee Tucker First $1.00, Myrtle McCaskill Second .50; Girls 9-10 years old Laura Tunnard first $1.00, Velma Estes second .50; Sack Race Merlin Cross first $1.00, Lance Cross second .50; Horse Race Tom Caudle first $15.00, Tom Caudle 2nd– $5.00.
I.C. Thurmond of Oklahoma City is in Cheyenne this morning looking after his loans in this section of the state. S.Jackson, President of the Cheyenne State Bank, spent early part of week in Oklahoma City attending to business matters. S.K. Roberts of Crawford, was here as a jury commissioner, drawing the jury list. E.A. Hammon of Hammon was here several days this week transacting business. Charles Harper, who recently occupied the Cornel residence in the south part of town, has removed his family to the Charles Cross residence. Jim Vosburg from over on Quartermaster Creek, was here last Mon. and Tues. attending a meeting of the Board of Co. Commissioners. Frank Sanders of Roll was in the capital last Tues. attending a meeting of the election board. J.A. Moad of Carpenter also met with the board and resigned his position as a member of the board, owing to the fact that he had a son (Jodie) who is candidate for Sheriff on the Republican ticket. A.L. Squires of the Sweetwater area, was here last Mon and Tues. drawing the jury list for the coming term of court. Miss Maud
Reichman of Stillwater has been employed as Principal of the Cheyenne High School. Miss Erma Wallace is in Elk City this week attending the Chatauqua. A little thirteen month old baby boy, Carroll Eugene, of Mr. and Mrs. Bird Pierce of Hammon died at their home at that place last Tuesday. Funeral ceremony was performed here last Tuesday afternoon at the Cheyenne Baptist Church by the Rev. Sessums, pastor of the ME Church of Cheyenne. Burial in the Cheyenne Cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Tracy left last Wed. for Sayre when they were called to the bedside of Mrs. D.W. Tracy who is in a precarious position with an attack of appendicitis. Prof. A.T. Burge returned from Weatherford last Tues. He brought with him the Silver Cup, which was won by the Roger Mills Co. teachers.

Cheyenne Star, July 16, 1914

A large number of county residents met in Cheyenne Tues. evening to discuss the Co. Fair situation. B.F. Baird was chosen as Secretary. On the morning of the fourth of July friends and relatives congregated in the Pleasant Grove at the home of Mrs. J.H. Porter, five miles northwest of Durham. The families being present were Williams, Caroning, Hughes, Hawkins, Goonin, Gabbart, Porter, Wylie, Atley and Mrs. Halland of Durham, Mr. Trent and family of Hammon, Mr. Sparks and family of Amarillo, Mrs. Bland Little and children of Canadian. Everyone brought well-filled baskets. At the noon hour, dinner was spread under trees and was greatly enjoyed by all despite the shower that came up as it was being served. The afternoon was spent in amusements for the children, ice cream and lemonade were served in abundance. The 82 guests parted at a late hour, counting their hosts as the best of entertainers.
John Cates of Durham was a business visitor here Tuesday. Mrs. Ervin Hunt returned here last Wed. from New Mexico. Miss Ruby and Lillie Potter were visiting friends in Durham this week. The Old Settlers’ Picnic at Durham on the 17th and 18th is going to be a good one. John C. Casady of this city, spent a few days in Weatherford this week attending the chatauqua. Mrs. J.W. Cooper, who is reported ill at her home here, is now improving in health at this writing. Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Barton of Crawford were herd last Tues visiting Mrs. Barton’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Cooper. Miss Gertrude Morgan, music instructor of the Cheyenne school was called to the bedside of her grandfather, who is seriously ill at his home near Grand last Tuesday evening. Rev. Robinson, a former pastor of the ME Church here, preached to a large and appreciative audience last Sun. evening at the large arbor on the court house square.
Uncle Jim Evans placed an order with us for sale bills this week advertising a sale of his buggies and driving teams at the public auction at the old “Hoss Hotel” in Cheyenne on Sat. July 25. A.D. Brown, editor of the Hammon Advocate, transacting business here. Miss Iris Standifer of Elk City is visiting at the B.D. Cooksey home here. Misses Fan Earl Robinson and Carey Fields are visiting friends in Canadian this week and attending the chatauqua. Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Keen of Elk City are visiting friends here this week. Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Mitchell and Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Mitchell returned last Monday from a two weeks visit with relatives. T.B. Chastain, grain buyer for the Acme Milling Co. of Oklahoma City, has moved his family to this city. Mr. Chastain is here to buy all the grain that comes to Cheyenne, and is paying the highest market price. The Southern Hotel will serve next Sun. dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, lemon pie, cake, plums, peas and cabbage. Come to the Southern and receive a fifty cent meal for twenty-five cents. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cross were visitors here last Mon. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Young of Crawford were visiting Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Blackburn of this city last Sunday. Miss Grace Lovett, who is visiting at the home of her brother, G.B. here, left last evening for Okla. City where she will spend a few days visiting with friends. L.W. Pate and Perry Madden are in Okla. City this week in the interests of Cheyenne and the Cheyenne Short Line Railroad.

Cheyenne Star, July 23, 1914

Roger Mills Co Fair Assoc. met in this city the first of the week and the following officers were selected: President F.A. Beavin; Vice-President T.L. Miller; Directors are W.H. Bell, J.C. Thornton, W.W. Blackburn, J.F. Curtis, G.H. Dodgion of Cheyenne; J.A. Moad of Carpenter; James Spurlock of Hammon; O.C. Kennedy of Wilcox; W.A. Adams of Dewey; W.R. Bartz, J.W. Guinn of Sweetwater; N.C. Miller, W.W. Funston, Ira Walters of Rankin; E.P. Buckalew of Berlin; Frank Cole of Hamburg; A.G. Carver, W.C. Tomlinson of Durham; E.H. Green of Bar-X; J.M. Guest of Streeter; W.T. Brown, J.J. Moore of Strong City.
Probably dates of the County Fair will be September 17 & 18. Born on Monday last to Mr. and Mrs. David Byler a fine baby boy. Flora Smith of Leedey is visiting at the F.G. Brann home here. Among visitors here last week: S.K. Roberts, Geo. Hutton of Strong City, J.W. Douglas of Rankin area; J.R. Dodgions and Mr. J.R. Emerson residing west of town. Oscar Casady left Thurs. for Texas where he will erect a house for Dr. Calwell. Johnny Reed is seriously ill at home here with typhoid fever. Miss Lura Warren spent several days here visiting with friends. A large number of our townspeople attended the big picnic at Durham last Friday and Sat. R.F. Baird returned last Mon. from Okla. City where he had spent several days transacting business. Miss Lorene Osborn returned last Tues. from Weatherford where she has been attending school. Uncle Jess Moore, A.F. Pierce and Welton Moore left today for Gagby where they will spend a few days fishing. Mrs. S. Jackson and daughter, Marjorie, returned last week from Okla. City where they visited friends. While there little Marjorie celebrated her seventh birthday. Rev. Wileman, pastor of Baptist Church here, returned last week from a two weeks’ visit with old friends at Erick. H.D. Cox loaded the largest car of hay last Sat. that has been shipped from Cheyenne. It contained about 17 tons of choice alfalfa hay and was consigned to Okla. City. Miss Klina Potter, who has been attending school in Weatherford, returned home after having a second operation since she went to Weatherford after the close of school here last spring. Mrs. Nice of Wooster, Ohio has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. G.B. Lovett. Douglas Seaver is reported on the sick list this week. Several of Cheyenne’s citizens have been attending the Socialist encampment this week at Strong City. Rev. and Mrs. J.S. Sessums left Thurs. for Lawton where they will visit a few days with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Barton of Crawford were here this week visiting at the J.W. Cooper home. Henry Tracy who is teaching a summer term of school at the Washita School House, was brought home to this city last Wed. seriously ill. We are glad to note that he is improving nicely at this writing. Among those on the Epworth League Program last Sunday were Miss Kate Wallace, Alvin Moore, Mary Proctor, John C. Casady, J.R. Johnson.

Cheyenne Star, July 30, 1914

{This week’s paper was completely full of politicians’ ads and letters of endorsement. No personal news.}

Cheyenne Star, Aug. 6, 1914

Great Britain declared war on Germany. A two story re-enforced concrete fireproof building will be erected by Carl Kemp and will be used as a hotel. The building will be modern in every respect. It is expected to be one of the best in western Oklahoma and Cheyenne will be the Sunday town for the traveling men as the best accommodations will be had at this place. The building is expected to be completed before cold weather sets in. Mrs. L.A. Beaty is in Okla. City this week on business as well as R.F. Baird. There will be a pie supper at the Anderson School House on Sat. Aug. 8. Area residents in town this week: Joe Ogle of Roll; Edgar Taylor who resides on Croton Creek; Frank Cole of Hamburg. A big ice cream social was given in honor of Mr. Willis O’Bryant last Thurs. evening. Another big ice cream social was given at the J.D. Williams’ home west of town last Wed. evening. Clyde Young had the misfortune to get his hand caught in a windmill while oiling it last Monday. His hand was so badly lacerated that it was necessary to amputate one of his fingers. Henry Tracy, who has been on the sick list the past few weeks, is now able to teach his school at the Washita School House west of town. Alvin Moore taught the first of the week for him. Miss Klina Potter left last Mon. for Clinton where she underwent an operation on Wed. and Miss Vera Tracy accompanied her. We are glad to note that Miss Potter recovered nicely and will be home in a few days. A game of baseball was played here last Saturday between the Dead Indian and Mammoth teams. The game was hotly contested but the Mammoth team out generaled the Dead Indian boys and succeeded in piling up a score of 11-4. Mrs. Freddeila Potter has assumed control of the Southern Hotel and invites the patronage of the traveling public to make the Southern their headquarters while in the city. She has considerable experience in the hotel business and is giving her customers good service. The Old Settlers of the Streeter township will hold a reunion at Roll on August 14 & 15. This promises to be one of the largest and best picnics of the season, and will probably be the last. Come prepared to stay two days. Co. Judge W.H. Mouser left this morning for a visit with relatives in Madison, Indiana. G.B. Lovett, Cashier of the Cheyenne State Bank, left last Tues. for Wooster, Ohio where he will spend his vacation. Charles McClain left last Tues. for Kansas City where he will attend a session of the Grand Eerie of the Eternal Order of Eagles. Rev. and Mrs. J.S. Sessums returned last Mon. after spending two weeks visit with his parents in the Big Pasture. Grandma McClain returned from a visit at the home of William Grayham’s near Rankin and reports having a delightful time. She attended all the social events such as ice cream socials and different religious gatherings. Grandma is a jolly soul and enjoys herself at all occasions. Miss Lizzie Cunningham, Ethel Douglas and Mrs. Maltby who have been attending the Weatherford State Normal, returned to their homes here. They will spend their short vacation before school begins in September. Misses Helen Seaver, Vera Tracy, Jo Evans, Josie Thomas, Lynetta Evans and Minnie Long returned home last Friday from Weatherford where they had been attending SW State Normal. Mrs. Dowerty of Butler will spend a few days here, visiting with Mrs. Roscoe Johnson, who resides in the east part of town. Mr. and Mrs. Barton of Crawford were visiting Mrs. Barton’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cooper this week.

Cheyenne Star, Aug. 13, 1914

E.L. Barrett is teaching a singing class here and has thirty enrolled. W.H. Mouser left last Friday for Indiana and will visit with friends and relatives. Miss Fan Earl Robinson who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. R.F. Baird, left today for her home in Texas. Mrs. J.A. Anderson, of Laurel, Montana arrived here last week to visit relatives in this vicinity. Mrs. L.A. Beaty has just received her first shipment of ladies’ hats. Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Latta returned here last Wed. from Leedey where they spent a visit with relatives and friends. Miss Mourine Brown, daughter of undersheriff Bob Brown, who had been visiting with relatives in Texas, returned here Wed. last. The pie supper at the Anderson School House last Sat. night was a financial success. A large number of our young people attended. Mr. and Mrs. T.L. Turner left Friday for a ten days visit with relatives and friends in El Reno and Missouri. Mrs. Higgins and Mrs. Henry, who have been visiting at the Higgins’ home here left last Sat. for Miami, Texas, where they will visit relatives and friends. Bonney Fields was given a farewell reception at his home south of town last Wed. evening. Boney left Thurs. for Spur, Texas where he will attend school this winter. The Union SS will give a cantata entitled, “Dream of Fairyland” at the school house Mon. evening, August 17 beginning at 8:00 promptly. Admission is 25 and 10 cents. Miss Carey Fields who has been spending the summer with home folks here, left Thurs. for San Simon, Arizona, where she has a position as teacher in the public schools. Mrs. Volina Miller entertained the Platonic Club last Tues. Johnny Reed has been seriously ill at the Huff home and is improving rapidly. Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Warren, who reside on Croton Creek, were in this city last Wed. trading with our merchants. Miss Smith, who visited the Seaver home here last week, returned to her home at Berlin last Sun. afternoon. We are glad to note that Bert Phillips, who has been ill at the Southern Hotel for some time, is now able to be up and around again. Mrs. Pate and Mrs. Rigby returned here last week from an extended visit with relatives and friends in Iowa, Missouri and Chandler, Okla. J.T. Holland better known as Daddy Holland, died last Tues at his home in Durham. Funeral services were conducted by Elder L.L. Combs at the Fairview Cemetery Wed. afternoon. The Star expresses condolences. Mr. and Mrs. John Ford of Strong City, visited the Dr. Miller home here last Tuesday. Dave Bowman who resides west of town near Rankin, was a visitor here last week. Miss Mattie Evans entertained a number of her young friends last Sat. evening at a social function at her home. Mrs. M.S. Reeves, Mrs. A.T. McGilvary and daughter, Annette from Streetman, Texas are visiting their sisters, Mrs. Bonner and Mrs. Hodges and other relatives. Mrs. McGilvary is the mother of Mrs. Mary Ella and Robert McGilvary who formerly spent several months with us. They were accompanied by W.A. Bonner and niece Margaret who are visiting his sister, Mrs. Thornton and Miss Martha Bonner.

Cheyenne Star, Aug 20, 1914

Cheyenne School will open Sept. 7, 1914. Teachers need to report on Friday, 2:00 on Sept. 4, 1914. Each teacher please have with you a set of books for your particular grade or grades. Examinations will be given for irregular classifications on Friday, Sept 4 beginning at 9:00 a.m. Pupils desiring to take these examinations, write your name, age and grade and subjects in which you desire to be classified and leave it with Dr. W.H. Bell by September 1. The following is an outline of the work for the high school in this school year. First year: Algebra, Latin, English, Ancient History. Second year: Algebra, Caesar, Modern History, English. Third year American History and Government, Algebra, English. Fourth Year: Solid Geometry, Physics, Agriculture. E.E. Baucom, Supt. The Roger Mills Co. Fair will be held Sept 10&12, 1914. J.A. Moad, experienced fair man has been secured to handle all exhibits. During the last week several automobile loads of fair boosters have toured the county distributing advertising matter. Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Wilson of Moorewood were here last Tues. Business visitors here last week: V.V. Grant of Roll, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Dudney of Redmoon; J.I. Brothers and W.P. Keen of Elk City; Don Taylor who resides on Sandstone. Rev. Hornbeak, father of Mrs. S. Jackson is visiting them. Judge Grim returned here last week from a week’s visit in Ellis Co. Prof Burge, father of Supt. A.T. Burge, is visiting at the Burge home in the west part of town. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cronin of Texola spent Sun. and Mon. here visiting at the S. Jackson’s home. Mr. and Mrs. T.L. Turner returned here after spending ten days visiting relatives and friends. Mrs. Mildred Light arrived here last Tues. to spend a few weeks her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.A. Wallace. A.M. Patterson, Roger Mills Co. teacher, and W.S. Carper, Hammon teacher are attending training school that is being conducted here. Mrs. Gertrude Morgan, who has been spending vacation with relatives at Kingfisher, returned here last week. Mrs. Morgan will be music instructor at Cheyenne schools this winter. Mrs. Mary Ray, a former resident of Cheyenne and daughter of Mrs. S.A. Wallace is spending time here. We are grieved to chronicle the death of the little child of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Warren of Roll. The little one only journeyed on this earth one week when it was called home. Postmaster Madden informed us that the postal department will be seeking to establish a new rural route out of Cheyenne. U.A. Albin of Sweetwater was here last Tues with a load of grapes, which he raised on his farm. Mrs. Maude Ingram from Amarillo is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. H.D. Cox of this city. Mr. and Mrs. Cox celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary here last Wed. on Aug. 19. This much loved old couple has spent a large portion of their valuable lives in Cheyenne. They came to this place at the opening and Mrs. Cox commonly called “Granny” has the distinction of being the first white woman ever in the city of Cheyenne. We hope that Daddy and Granny spend many more. Johnny Bonner of Wayne is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.O. Bonner of this city. The cantata given in the auditorium last Mon. evening under the auspices of the Union SS was well attended and the little folks did splendid. They were well trained by the ladies of the Presbyterian Church and deserve a great deal of praise for the effort they must have put forth instructing these little folks.

Cheyenne Star, Aug. 27, 1914

Plans are being made for the Roger Mills Co. Fair Sept. 10-11. Superintendents for the following classes of exhibits are: Horses, Tom Caudle; Cattle, W.A. Beaty; Swine, John Leary; Agriculture, W.C. Tomlinson; Jams and Jellies, Platonic Club; Textiles & Fine Arts, Platonic Club; Boys and Girls Club, A.T. Burge; Better Babies Contest, Dr. Wallace; Games, G.B. Lovett. R.F. Baird is Secretary, J.A. Moad of Hammon will have charge of things in general. There will be lots of music, ball games and horse races. A merry-go-round will be working all the time.
The “get acquainted” social given at the high school auditorium, last Friday was the largest social gathering of the season. About 100 teachers of the county, who were here attending the teachers’ training school were present besides a large number of invited guests outside the profession. The evening was spent in playing games and contests.
What Cheyenne needs more than anything else at this time is broomcorn buyers. A large crop of broomcorn has been raised this year and it is of a choice quality, Cheyenne should be a big broomcorn market, as it is located in the heart of the large broomcorn territory, and has a large warehouse built for the purpose of storing the brush. Teachers’ training course which has been in progress in Cheyenne the past two weeks was brought to a close Thursday after a most successful session. This training course was devoted to giving the teachers samples of experiences that they encounter in the school room, instead of studying and reviewing textbooks.
Jack Rimby left last Wed. for Wichita, Kansas. Mrs. Annie Reed and little daughter, Katie are ill at the Huff home with typhoid fever. People transacting business here were: Dr. A.B.C. Davis of Durham, John and Jim Wilson of Canadian, Bob Hanna of Hamburg, N.J. Burnham of west of town; J.L. Jennings of Sweetwater. George Burns left for Texhoma, where he has accepted a position with a milling company. Born to Mr. and Mrs. E.D. Morris on Thursday last a fine baby boy. T.L. Turner attended a term of court at Taloga the first of the week and is counsel in the Holmes-Evans controversy. Co. Trea. John H. Osborn and family returned here last Sat. from a week’s visit with relatives at Miami, Texas. We are pleased to know that J.M. Evans, who has been confined to his bed for some time, is now up and about again. Mrs. Bertha Hollen who has been visiting friends here and in Rankin, left last Tuesday for her home in Okla. City. Mrs. Arthur Ratliff had the misfortune the latter part of last week to have a hand badly mangled by a rope. While in the act of untying a horse, the horse became frightened and her hand was caught in the folds of the rope; one of her fingers was almost severed from her hand.
Miss Rula Woodruff, who has been employed as primary teacher at Hammon has announced her candidacy as Co. Supt on the Rep. ticket. Mrs. W.C. Morris is reported seriously ill at her home west of town. Mrs. A.D. Feno of Canadian stayed a few days visiting her mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. John Salyer. Mrs. Hull of Norman, mother of Mrs. W.V. Jurgens, is visiting at their home in this city. Miss Gladys Salyer returned to her home west of this city the latter part of last week after visit in Canadian. Three weeks of her visit was spent on the Johnson Ranch west of Canadian. Judge E.E. Tracy made a legal trip to the eastern part of the state, last week.

Cheyenne Star, Sept. 3, 1914

District Court will convene next week beginning on Sept 9. A.T. Burge, Co. Supt. announced that the old contract with book companies expired two years ago and this year, the State Board of Education has adopted a new list of books. Any teacher who uses an old book, not approved by the State Board, will be subject to a fine of $25.00 for each day the book is used. The Co. Supt is also subject to pay like fine. Supt. Burge asked that each teacher meet with their children at least a week before the opening of school and give them a list of books they will be expected to use this spring. Students will be allowed to trade their books back to the book dealer, even if the back is gone or a few pages are missing. One of the best free attractions ever produced at the Co. Fair will be had this year, Sept. 11. Arrangements have been made with White Shield and his band of Indian warriors to put on an Indian fight. About 60-70 men will be engaged in the fight and it will be more real than any production of this kind ever offered in this county. In return for this event, the Indians will be paid two beeves and pasturage for their horses as well as a suitable camping place, as well as a building where the Indians may hold a dance. September term of District Court will be held next week. T.L. Turner made a business trip to Leedey. Miss Klina Potter is visiting friends at Durham area this week. Among business visitors this week: L.N. Dudney, Redmoon; A.L. Purvis who resides west of town; John King, from up the Washita near Redmoon; Jess Bennett of Durham; George Foster of Roll; E.N. McGlothlin of Hamburg; J.E. Keen, west of town.
Rev. Sessons is conducting a series of revival meetings at the Needmore School House south of town. Several people from Strong City have been attending meetings being held here. Mrs. G.W. Hodges has entertained her sisters, Mrs. Magilvary and Mrs. Reeves of Steetman, Texas with a two weeks visit. E.E. Baucom, Supt of Cheyenne Public Schools has been attending the state university at Norman and returned home Tuesday. Perry Madden and B.R. James returned from Okla. City the first of the week after attending to some telephone matters wherein the Roger Mills Telelphone Co. is interested. W.R. Potter, Durham, spent Sunday here with his family. Mrs. Willie Martin of Odessa, Texas is here visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Beaty. Milo Burlingame and children, Paul and Lillie Belle are visiting friends here. Milo is not located at Magdalena, New Mexico.

Cheyenne Star, Sept 10, 1914

Ervin Hunt who left this country last spring for New Mexico returned to his farm west of town last week. Mrs. Annie Reed, who has been seriously ill at the Huff home, is reported as improving in health at this writing. W.A. Bonner and niece, Margarette, of Fairfield, Texas, who have been visiting at the home of John C. Thornton of Cheyenne, during two weeks, returned home last Thursday. Mr. Bonner makes regular visits to our town every year and we are always glad that he comes. Mrs. F.A. Beavin of Roll area was in Cheyenne last Tues. She is an enthusiastic Fair booster. She says she will be at the fair with a big display of poultry, besides arranging her individual exhibits, she is looking after the arrangements of Streeter township, preparatory to having a float here at the fair.
DURHAM DOINGS: Mrs. C.L. Bergenthal, who was formerly Miss Jerri McCord visited Mrs. W.C. Barber this week. Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Sterns and little daughter, Esther are in Guthrie attending the annual conclave of Southwestern Seventh Day Adventist. Little Oscar Klenk was thrown from his pony while driving up the cattle, and his right arm was broken just below the elbow. Mrs. Mary A. Corson is ill at her home on the Washita. Mr. Bert Redden has his stock of merchandise about closed out. We understand that he expects to “close up shop” September 1. Mrs. James Hartwell and Mrs. Marion Borden, who are in the hospital at Canadian, are progressing nicely in health. We are soon to have another store at Durham, says Dame Rumor. Florence Klenk is suffering from a swollen and painful foot as the result from receiving a sting from some poisonous insect. Doc Wallace is building a fine new barn on his place east of here. Mrs. C.L. Bergenthel is going to meet her husband in Amarillo and together they will proceed to their future home in San Antonio. W.C. Barber went to Strong City on Tues. Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Anderson are in Guthrie. We had quite a little wind and hail here on Thurs. evening. Some small buildings in town and the windmill on the Simpson farm were blown down. A new telephone building is being constructed here. Farmers are jubilant over the rise in the price of wheat. Signed Lady Beth

Cheyenne Star, Sept 17, 1914

A number of high school students have pledged $10 each for the extension of two months to the school year. They are doing this in order to hold our present standing with the state normals and the state university. Among those signing the pledge to this date are: Fourth year high school students-Blanche Wallace, Katherine Falconer, Margarette Falconer, Sue Thornton, Lorene Osborn, Isabella Fields, Jesse Tunnard. Third year-Minnie Evans, Beatrice Tunnard, Eddie Tracy, Van Burns, Lola Tracy. Second year-Nadelina Osborn, Sarah Thornton, Nellie Repass, Julia Tracy, Homer Harris, Robert Higgins. First year-Grim Leary, Dillie Griffith, Vera Johnson. How many high school students would pledge to extend their school year?
On Thursday of last week, the Roger Mills Co. Fair drew the largest crowd ever assembled here. At least 4,000 visitors were in town to attend one of the best fairs in the state. Results of the fair winners are in this paper.
Three criminal cases were tried at the Sept. term of District Court. David Koontz entered a plea of guilty of bank robbery and given five years in the state prison for being an accomplice to the Crawford Bank Robbery. John Hubbard was charged with murder, found guilty of manslaughter in the second degree and sentenced to two years in the state prison. M.L. Lockwood, who was charged with perjury, was acquitted by the jury under instruction of the court. Roger Mills Co. Singing Conv. was held at Durham on Sept 5&6.The attendance was large with mostly people from Durham. The house was called to order by VicePres. Guy Gabbart and prayer by Chaplin W.C. Tomlinson. Others on the program were D.O. Cloud, Dicey Thomas, Ott Mangold, Earnest Tindall, Mrs. Ott Mangold, Prof Barrett, Rebecca Kinzer, Alma Dunn, Earl Gabbart.
Square Top School opened last Monday with Mrs. Buckholtz as teacher. John C. Whittom returned this week from extended business trip to Arkansas and eastern Okla. D.W. Tracy returned to Sayre last Tues. after he finished his work before the court at Cheyenne. Sam Stout of Crawford area has been doing jury service in District Court this week. F.G. Brann and Harvey White spent several days hunting prairie chicken west of town during the past week. J.A. Moad, Editor of the Hammon Advocate, spent several days here last week attending District Court. Perry Madden, S.Grim and Cosmo Falconer returned Wed from eastern Okla. where they attended to some legal business. A.W. Thompson, one of the most prosperous farmers in the Crawford area has spent the last week as a juror in District Court. Judge W.H. Mouser has been visiting with relatives and friends in Indiana. Born to Mr. and Mrs. B.B. Cooksey on Thursday morning a fine baby boy. The young man weighed nine pounds and was christened Buford Fields Cooksey. B.F. Briscoe purchased lots 8&9 in Block 41 from H.D. Cox this week. Consideration was $100.00. He moved his residence from the lots west of the Tin Shop to these lots, which are located on west Broadway. A pie supper will be given at the school house Fri. night for the benefit of the high school extension fund. Marian Hester and Raymond Alexander Provines, son and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James W. Provines, who reside about four miles northwest of Rankin, were instantly killed by lightening Sunday afternoon during the rainstorm which visited this section of the state. The little folks had gone into the north room to lower a window when they were struck by a bolt of lightening which caused their death. It is thought that while in the act of lowering the window, that they were struck as the little girl was burned under the arm, while the little boy was badly burned on the side. Marian Hester was born Jan 18, 1906, age eight years, seven months and twenty five days. Raymond Alexander was born Feb. 24, 1910 aged four years, six months and nineteen days. Each of these children were born on the farm where they met their death. The funeral ceremony was conducted at the Rankin Church by Rev. Settle and buried in the White Rose Cemetery. Little Katie Reed, the eight year old daughter of Mrs. Annie Reed of this city, died last Monday of typhoid fever after a lingering illness of three weeks. The announcement of her death cast a gloom over our city owing to the serious condition of her mother, who is suffering from the same illness, she has not been informed of her daughter’s death. A short service was held at the ME Church Tuesday. A memorial service will be held at a later date after Mrs. Reed recovers from her illness. The Cheyenne sophomore class met and organized and elected the following officers: President Julia Tracy, Vice-Pres. Robert Higgins, Sec&Trea. Sarah Thornton, Reporter Nellie Repass. Class colors: Blue and white. Seniors met with Mrs. Margarette and Katherine Falconer and adjourned until Tuesday. School was dismissed on Thurs afternoon and Friday for the Co. Fair. People may buy subscriptions to magazines from Katherine Falconer. The Senior Class will do embroidery work, crocheting and plain sewing. Mrs. Isabella Fields has a quilt for sale to benefit the Extension Club. The Juniors also met but unable to attain the election of officers.
DURHAM DOINGS: Mrs. James Hartnett, who has been ill in the Canadian Hospital came home Sun. Norman White went to Canadian Fri. with fifty fat hogs. The Farmers Telephone Co. is now located in their new building. Born to Mrs. and Mrs. A.F. Keller on Fri. night, Sep. 11, a daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Miles, west of Durham, have two very sick children. This locality was blessed with a splendid rain on Sat. and Sun. The farmers are very busy now preparing the ground for wheat and rye. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hawk have been visited by their sons this week. Miss Cora Bergen is spending the week with Mrs. A.F. Keller. W.C. Barber, J.F. Cowardin, J.A. McCord, W.A. Thompson and Tom Northup went to Canadian Mon. for groceries for the new store here. W.C. tells us he will have an opening on Oct. 3. Alfred Klenk, son of Mrs. and Mr. Charles Klenk is ill at his parents home. Messrs Virgil Combs and Guy Davis both of our burg, are teaching North and South Antelope Schools respectively. Mr. and Mrs. Straughn, south of here, are entertaining a young lady at their home whom they will call Alice Irene. Charles Klenk went to Cheyenne on business. Signed Lady Beth.

Cheyenne Star, Sept. 24, 1914

Some of the entries accepted at the Co. Fair were: Embroidered handkerchief, towel, centerpiece, collection; doilies, knit article, punch embroidery, crochet, tatting, French and highland, best handmade baby garment. Old Ladies contest, best embroidery, knitting, fancy quilting, several laces, display of family historical or household relics(104 year old spoons), bread. Some of the contests held were: Map drawing, Baby, Cooking, Broomcorn, apples. When the two business buildings in Carpenter, one occupied by W.G. Moad and Bass High and the grocery and confectionary; the other to store hay were burned Tuesday night of last week during a severe electrical storm, everybody was confident the fire was caused by a heavy bolt of lightening, though most of the people were in storm caves when the heavy thunderbolt shook the earth, fire was discovered soon after and as all supposed at the time, was set on fire by lightening. Later suspicion arose that the fire was not started by natural cause, but was the work of an incendiary. Two young men, whose names we have not learned and James Gravett of Elk City were arrested Sat. on suspicion. The young men were charged with setting fire to the property. Mr. Gravett as being an accomplice, as he secured a team at a livery barn in Elk City for them to make the trip to Carpenter. The location of the place where the team was hitched and tracks in the mud leading to the fire were found the morning after the fire. The young men were found at Sayre and Gravett in Elk City and arrested by Under Sheriff Brown and taken to Cheyenne and placed in jail to await a preliminary hearing. Poultry Raisers of Roger Mills Co have organized a Poultry Raisers Assoc with the following officers: President E.N. Anderson of Roll, Vice Pres. Prof. A.T. Burge, Sec&Trea. J.R. Johnson of Cheyenne, Prof Burge and Mrs. J.F. King are Directors.
The first number of the Lyceum Course, which will be conducted here during the coming winter under the auspices of the Platonic Club, will be Estella Gray, who has rightly been called the Violinist of Inspiration. She will be presented Oct. 24, 1914. November 11 Byron Piatt will lecture “Dead or Alive”. Two other programs will be given later in the year. The Odd Fellows of this county will meet here Sat. and enjoy a basket dinner at the large arbor, as well as a splendid program in the afternoon. Al Bouie, alias Bill Graham, who was sentenced to forty years in the penitentiary for the robbery of the Cotton Exchange Bank of Crawford has been granted a pardon by Gov. Cruce. The robbery occurred in 1911 and was one of the boldest ever perpetrated in Oklahoma. Charles Koontz and Dave Koontz, brothers were convicted of having participated in the robbery, the former receiving a sentence of forty years and the latter a fifty year sentence. Dave Koontz appealed his case, which was remanded for a new trial. In the second trial he was given a sentence of five years. Bouie, who was convicted under the name of Graham, rendered valuable services to the state by giving testimony after his conviction, which assisted in convicting the Koontz brothers. For this reason, the State Board of Prison Parole decided to recommend a parole for Bouie. A.Y. Owen and Mrs. Gertrude Morgan of Cheyenne surprised their many friends last Wed. by quietly going to Sayre where they procured a marriage license and proceeded to Elk City where they were united in the holy bonds of matrimony at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Keen. Mr. Owen is the foreman of the Sentinel newspaper, having been employed in that office the past four years. Co. residents in town this week: Frank Sanders of Roll; Dr. V.V. Grant of Roll; W.C. Tomlinson of Durham; Judge J.W. McMurtry, Hammon; John Kendall and daughter, Mamie and Miss Bertie Kendall; Louie Young, of Nine Mile; Atty. Minton of Erick; Jack T. Rodrigs of Rankin.
Dr. and Mrs. W.H. Bell returned today from trip to Wichita Falls. T.L. Turner and J.R. Johnson made trip to Leedey to ship a stock of furniture to here. It will arrive here Sat. Mrs. Gunn, mother of Mrs. J.H. Tunnard, arrived here Tues. She will spend the winter here. Fred Tunnard, Bud Smith, L.D. Beaty and W.T. Bonner returned from business trip in Kansas City. The pie supper at the school house last Fri. was well patronized by the people of our town, $28.60 was realized from the sale of the pies. Proceeds will be used by the High School Extension Club. This is encouraging to the pupils who were striving so hard to extend the high school to a full nine months. T.L. Miller went out west of town last Wed. with the broomcorn buyers. Two cars of broomcorn were bought while on the trip and will be shipped out of Cheyenne over the Short Line next Tues. The lowest price paid was $45 and highest $70. Buyers will remain here for the near future. Mr. Elbert Thomas of Durham enrolled in the high school this week. The books haven’t come yet but they are still studying physics at school. The Freshmen met and organized with the following officers: Pres. Graham Leary, Vice Minerva Prestridge, Sec&Trea. Vera Johnson, Rep. Bessie Muncy. A carload of hogs were shipped over the Short Line Tues. J.H. Tunnard attended the Beckham Co. Fair. Mrs Jenny Berry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.D. Cox, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Maud Ingram in Amarillo. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, Miss Dicey of Durham visited at the Watson home here this week. They are now in Elk City where Mr. and Mrs. Thomas are taking treatment for their health. The angel of death called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Liles and claimed their youngest daughter, Rosalee, who was born near Kiowa, this state, June 4, 1907. She had been an invalid since infancy.

Cheyenne Star, Oct. 1, 1914

This past Saturday the Odd Fellows hosted the District Assoc. in the Southern Hotel and had a basket dinner at noon and at midnight. Three speakers addressed the group: W.R. Potter, Sen. E.L. Mitchell and Judge W.H. Mouser. The next meeting of this assoc. will be on April 26, 1915 in Berlin. Last Tuesday night Mrs. J.M. Thompson, who lives about six miles south of Cheyenne passed away. She had been ill a short time. She left a husband and six little children. Remains were laid to rest in the Cheyenne Cemetery Wed. afternoon.
At midnight on Sept 24 Mrs. May M. Cordell, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jess Cordell and C.A. Turner were married by L.L. Combs at his home in Durham. The Turners will make their home in Durham. Sheriff Trammell and Co. Atty S. Grim returned last Sat. from McAlester where they went to deliver David Koontz to the warden of the penitentiary. Koontz had pleaded guilty to the charge of bank robbery and was given five years. Prison official refused to accept Koontz as he had served a sufficient amount of time already as his sentence dated from the time of his arrest. He was released and is now a free man. None of the men who were implicated in this bank robbery of three years ago are now doing time. The marriage of Mr. J.N. Cross and Miss Jessie Kendall was solemnized last Sun. at the home of the bride’s parents at Strong City. Miss Kendall is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Kendall of Strong City. Mr. Cross is now employed as the Drug Clerk in the Cooksey Drugs Store here and the couple will make their home here also. T.L. Turner and E.C. Winfred left Wed. for Okla. City on business. Jack Rimby is in jumping counters at the L.W. Pate Hardware and Grocery Store. Area people in town this week: Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Geyer who live three miles west of Crawford; Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Anderson from up the Washita; J.B. Johnson, Frank Thorp and Frank Brazzell of Roll; Mrs. L.M. Dudney of Redmoon; J.H. Smith from one half mile east of Berlin; Uncle Sam Kendall of Roll; J.H. Dodgion and J.R. Emerson of Southwest of town; Ben Ousley of Rankin. Mr. and Mrs. L.W. Pate left Mon. for Okla. City where they will take in the sights at the state fair. Miss Rula Woodruff, Republican candidate for Supt of Public Instruction, passed through town last week from a campaign tour of the southern portion of the county. Several carloads of broomcorn was loaded here Wed. Mrs. Charles Blackburn of Rankin is visiting at the E.S. Taylor home here. A large crowd of young people surprised Miss Minerva Prestridge last Tues. evening by calling on her and helping her celebrate her birthday. One of the most delightful social events of the season was hosted at the home of John M. Salyer, one mile west of town. Mr. Salyer provided conveyance for the large crowd of youngsters from town to attend and enjoy an ice cream social.
DURHAM DOINGS: Mrs. Ira Watson and children, Ratta and Delbert, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Lane. Prof. R.F. Powell of Seymour, Texas will organize and teach classes of various levels of vocal and instrumental music at Durham on Monday from 1-5. It was hoped that everyone will show their interest with support to make this the best singing school ever held in Durham. Mrs. Gantz, Sr. who has been in eastern Kansas visiting relatives, returned home Friday. Dr. Gray returned Thurs. from Beaver where he reports that crops are fine. Kenneth Stranahan of Strong City began a six months term of school at Fairview, Monday Sept 28. Elder Hickman is holding a very interesting series of Bible Studies at this place. Mr. and Mrs. Ford of Strong City and Mrs. Lyon of Gem, Texas visited Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Vaughn last week. Mrs. Agnes Lane is a resident of our little burg now being a member of the L.L. Combs family. Signed Lady Beth.

Cheyenne Star, Oct 8, 1914

Roger Mills Co. Teachers’ Assoc. will hold a teachers’ institute in Cheyenne Oct 16-17. The welcome address will be given by Sen. Mitchell. Response Miss Rula Woodruff. Others on program W.S. Carper, John A. Sherburne, F.E. Beaty, Gladys Bellamy, Robbie Turner, Mrs. Rishel, A.T Burge, Omer Mitchell, A.A Hill, Mamie Kendall, Vera Johnson, Minnie Long, Mrs. Pearl Davis, Miss Anna Stewart, Marjorie Falconer, W.W. Peterson, Klina Potter, Vera Tracy, Lorena Osborne, Iola Branaman, Ethel Douglas, Guy Davis, Madeline Osborne, Virdie Kendall, Ellen Dortha Williams, Miss Callie Clark. Some of the topics: Mistakes in Moral training, School sanitation and decoration, teacher as a social leader, and Gumption.
There will be a meeting of the County’s Poultry Assoc held in Cheyenne Sat. Oct. 10. John Casady is in OKla. City this week attending Odd Fellows’ meeting. The hotel building that Carl Kemp is erecting is now under good progress and will be ready to serve visitors in a few weeks. Henry Tracy, employed teacher at Washita School is going to spend a short vacation with parents here. The water works that Cheyenne is going to build for so long will be started in a few days. A dog and pony show will visit this place Oct. 15. It consists of educated ponies, high school horses, educated dogs and monkeys, wire walking and acrobatics. W.W. Funston, one of Rankin’s popular merchants was here on business. Others in town during the week were: Bird Pierce of Hammon, J.M. Puryear of Sweetwater.
Dinner for the teachers’ institute will be served by the high school on Friday evening. Place to be announced. George Redmone of Mobeetie has moved his family to Cheyenne where they will make their future home. Mr. Redmone is going into the stock raising business here and wishes to inform the public that he will pay a good price for cattle and hogs. The baptizing at Strong City proved the success that was had at the meeting which was closed at that place last Sunday. There were 57 immersed. High School Class NEWS: Julia Tracy, President of the Sophomore Class left last week to attend Sayre High School. Robert Higgins will assume the duties of president. Six new pupils enrolled this week. The seniors gladly accepted the opportunity of “tacking” comforts for Mrs. Burge. Mr. Baucom and the boys are working earnestly on the girls basketball court. Chapel exercises were well carried out Mon. morning. Mr. Baucom came a very instructive and interesting talk following a Bible quotation for the high school. Parents attended also. Be sure to come next Monday morning and hear who will tell the elephant story! The seniors are just recovering from last week’s exams.
AD: Mrs. Cosmo Falconer is having a going out of business millinery sale.

Cheyenne Star, Oct. 15, 1914

DURHAM DOINGS: The postmaster and the merchants here have entered into an agreement that on and after November 1, the post office and all stores, with the exception of the drugs store, will close on Sat. night and remain closed until Monday morning. So anticipate your needs and don’t be disappointed if you come on Sun. and are refused admission. We are all entitled by the laws of God and man to get one day of rest and we will take Sunday, every Sunday and all day Sunday in the future. In sad and loving memory of Archie McCord, who lost his life Monday, Oct. 12, 1914 when his pony fell with him. Besides his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. McCord, he leaves two brothers, Frank and Fred, and two sisters, Mrs. C.L. Burgenthal of San Antonio and Miss Alice to mourn his loss. L.L. Combs, assisted by a choir composed of Prof and Mrs. Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Gabbart, Ott Mangold and Mrs. Tomlinson, conducting the services Wednesday at Fairview Cemetery in the presence of a host of friends who extend their sympathy to the family in this their sad hour.
Probate of Will: Mrs. Mary A. Casady who died about the first part of October, 1914.

Cheyenne Star, Oct. 22, 1914

The Farmers’ National Bank at Hammon was organized last spring by 101 farmers as stockholders. Before it came into being, the prevailing rates of interest in Hammon and area ranged from 24 to 40%. Up to date, the new bank has never charged more than 15% to any customer, while many of its loans both large and small have been made at 10%. The capitol stock of this bank is $25,000.00 and deposits on September 30 were $32,603.00. There are five banks in Roger Mills County and all county deposits are placed by the Board of Co. Commissioners in the four old line banks. The Farmers National has been trying for some months to break into the charmed circle, but as yet to no avail. Word has been received that Buford Fields has passed away. Last spring Buford went to New Mexico where he had the misfortune of losing a leg. At the time of his death he was in Minneapolis, where he had gone to have an artificial limb made. He took violently ill and was taken from his room to a hospital, where he passed away in spite of the fact that the best of medical skill was used to try to save him. Rev. Miller, pastor of Presbyterian Church here, conducted the funeral services at the Methodist Church. He was a member of the Elk Lodge of Elk City and many represented the lodge at the funeral. Buford was born in the state of Texas and spent practically all of his young life in this area and at the time of his death, he was twenty eight.
I.C. Thurmond spent several days here last week. Pat Huff, of Gem City, visiting folks. Boney Fields arrived here from Texas, where he had been attending school, to be present at the funeral of his brother, Buford Fields, which was conducted last week. Uncle W.A. Perry, who resides in the south part of town, is reported seriously ill. Among residents visiting here this week: M.A. Day, residing up the Washita; William Hext from up the Washita in Texas, M. J. Burnham of Redmoon, F.E. Beaty, assistant Cashier of the Farmers National Bank of Hammon, W.A. Adams of Brantley, W.A. Anderson of Redmoon, E.A. Hammon of Hammon, Miss Gladys Salyer returned from Canadian, where she visited her sister, Mrs. A.D. Feno. She brought home with her little Jaunita, to visit with her grandparents, Mrs. John Salyer.
Mrs. J.J. Moore of Strong City visited at the home of Mrs. G.W. Hodges this week. Harvey White of Geary was here looking after the interests of the White Lumber Co. during the absence of Mgr. F.G. Brann. Mr. and Mrs A.M. Rishell have spent the week here visiting our school. They have been employed to teach the Sweetwater school this year.

Cheyenne Star, Oct. 29, 1914

G.B. Lovett went to Okla. City on business. Paul Habeck of Rankin marketed his broomcorn here last week. Among visitors doing business in Cheyenne this week: J.J. Moore of Strong City, R.C. Provines of Rankin, W.H. Carl from west of town; J.W. Parsons of Hammon marketing his broomcorn; Frank “Gus” Trammell and Mr. and Mrs. P.H. Bowman from the Trammell Ranch on the Texas line; Rev. C.O. Stinnett from five miles south of Cheyenne; W.H. Anderson of Redmoon; A.X. Grace of Strong City; D.S. McCollum of Hammon; Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Morris west of town; William Barbee from southwest of Hamburg.
Mrs. Annie Reed, who has been lingering for so long with typhoid, we are glad to note, is convalescing. R.M. Herring if moving his family to town. They will occupy the Blann residence. W.A. Perry, who has been ill at his home in the south part of town, is reported is improving in health. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Doane of Ariz. arrived here last Wed. They are visiting at the Daddy Cox home. The second number of the Lyceum Course was rendered at the auditorium last Sat. The large concrete hotel building which is being erected by Carl Kemp is nearing completion. It will be ready for occupancy by January. Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Barton of Crawford were visiting at the J.W. Cooper home here the first of the week. Mrs. S. Jackson and little Marjorie will spend the winter in San Antonio for the benefit of their health. The little son of Mr. and Mrs. Riggs who had been seriously ill for some time, is reported much improved in health at this time. This section of the state was visited by a fine rain the latter part of last week, which has already proved beneficial to the wheat crop. The officials of the COW and the MKT came over to Cheyenne in their motor car the last of last week, to analyze water on the Curry place, with a view of sinking a large well for railroad purposes. J.C. Nebhut, who resides a few miles northeast of town was here marketing a load of fine hogs. They weighed 316 pounds each. Last Sunday afternoon Miss Bessie West and Mr. Newton McClain were quietly married at the home of the bride’s parents. Mr. McClain is a promising barber of this city. Miss West is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John West of near Strong City.

NOVEMBER 5, 1914 is missing.

Cheyenne Star, Nov. 12, 1914

Nov. 5, 1914 issue is missing. CHEYENNE SCHOOL NOTES by Seniors: The boys have their new basketball. The Platonic Club was instrumental in bringing to the school a lecturer. Chapel services were exceptionally good Monday morning. Mr. Baucom is now practicing for a solo, which he will give at the first meeting of the Literary Society. We are all used to the low grades we get now. There were not any tears shed Mon. when we received our report cards. Mr. Baucom has developed a case of nerves.
The Sunday School classes of Mrs. G.H. Wallace and Mrs. Bellamy of the ME Church met at the home of Mrs. Wallace last Fri. evening. Class officers were elected and a general good time was had. A special Thanksgiving program will be rendered on Wed morning at 11:00 on Nov. 25. This is not a service by any one church, but is the work of the combined organizations of our city. Among county residents transacting business here this week were: George L. Bashaw of Hammon, Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Keen of Elk City, G.H. Dodgein, Uncle Perry Taylor from west of town. Mr. and Mrs. John Ford, former resident of Cheyenne but now living in Strong City, James Atwood of near Grimes, J.R. Emerson of SW of town, Frank Saunders of Roll, J.L. Warren who resides west of town, J.R. Robins of Cheyenne, John Price of Hammon, J.J. Sanford and George W Hall of near Roll.
Miss Josie Thomas, one of our popular school teachers, visited the latter part of the week with home folks at Durham. A large number of the little folks of our town enjoyed a social gathering at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Redmond in the south part of the city last Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Chester N. Tracy of Port Angeles, WA. returned to this city today. They like Washington all right but they are like all the others who have spent a few years in Cheyenne and just can’t get away. Chester was foreman of the Roger Mills Sentinel for several years, before he went to the northwest last February. L.W. Pate and Charles McClain attended the sale of William Barbee in the Hamburg vicinity last Mon. T.L. Turner of this city made a business trip to Leedey and Taloga.
AD: T.L. Turner has furniture and undertaker goods for sale.

Cheyenne Star, Nov. 19, 1914

We regret very much to lose the highly esteemed family of Dr. W.H. Bell from our city. Mrs. Bell and her mother, Mrs. Grove, left the first of the week for Ft. Worth where they will make their home. Dr. Bell accompanied them as far as El Reno. Last Tues. evening, the Evening Star Rebekah Lodge, elected the following officers: Sally Taylor, NG; Alice Page VG, Nannie Lester Rec. Sec., Judson Cunningham, Financial Sec., Eva Anderson Treasurer, Mattie Evans Trustee. At 2:00 Sat. Nov. 28, R.M. Herring will sell one team of mules, one team of mares, a team of two year old horses, and good work horses, wagon, harness, farming implements. They will be held in front of the Odd Fellows Building in Cheyenne. Col. J.S. Short will cry the sale.
The Eagle Lodge at this place will give a big Thanksgiving Dinner, Thursday, Nov. 26. Everybody has a cordial invitation. S. Grim will be in charge of the ME Program on Wed. Nov. 25, 1914. Among those on this program will be Mrs. S.A. Wallace, Prof Balcom, Roscoe Johnson, R.F. Baird, John H. Osborne, Dr. Miller, Perry Madden, E.L. Mitchell, T.L. Turner.
Among the people here on business: William Wattom, Dr. Gray of Durham, Alvin Moore teaching at Creston School west of Hammon, Henry DeWees SW of town, Dr. W.S. Cary and W.W. Funston of Rankin, Stone Taylor west of town, E.S. Repass of Grimes. Herring & Young of Strong City will buy your cotton and have a carload of cabbage selling it $1.40 per hundred pounds, and have Irish potatoes for .80 a bushel. Henry Tracy resumed his school work at the Washita School House last Monday after a resting spell for the pupils to assist in the harvesting of crops. Pat Wilson and Frank Cole of Hamburg were in town Wed. marketing their hogs. Three carloads of cotton were shipped out of Cheyenne over the Short Line Railroad this morning. J.M. Thompson, who lives south of town, marketed his cotton in this city last Wed. Rev. J.S. Sessoms left last Mon. for Chickasha where he will attend a meeting of the ME Conference. Mr. Redmond, the hog buyer here, bought several wagon loads of hogs here last Saturday. He paid $6.80 per hundred pounds, which is above the market of adjacent towns.
CHEYENNE SCHOOL NEWS by the Seniors: Rev. Miller led in the devotion exercises on Monday at Chapel. Miss Klina Potter gave a paper on “How to Achieve Greatest”. A quartet of the Misses Osborne, Prestridge, Thomas and Potter rendered music. The Sophomores are studying the vision of Sir Launfall this week. The high School is preparing a Thanksgiving program on Wed. afternoon Nov. 25. Basketball teams are preparing for a game.

Cheyenne Star, Nov. 26, 1914

Rev. J.S. Sessoms has been assigned to the Lone Grove and Wilson Churches for the coming year. Rev. C.C. Wilson has been sent here to relieve Rev. Sessoms. Mrs. Elizabeth “Bee” Ross from west of town on Croton Creek died Monday of typhoid fever at the age of thirty three. She leaves a husband, two daughters and two sons. Uncle Jim Evans made a business trip to Sweetwater last Thursday. Among people on business in town were: Rev. Wilson who resides on Nine Mile, E.B. Bowman residing west of town, J.C. Crawford, Rankin; G.H. Dodgion west of town, C.Y. Libby of Rankin, John T. Rankin of Rankin.
Frank Brazell and family of Roll visited at the home of Mrs. Bellamy here last Tuesday. W.B. Burns, who has been at Glazier, Texas for the past summer, returned here last Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Riley Mouser, Perry Madden and S. Jackson made a business trip to Ochletree County, Texas. Rev. Wileman returned last Thurs. from Tulsa where he attended the Baptist State Convention. Mrs. G.H. Hodges left the latter part of last week for Paris, Texas, where she will visit with her daughter, Miss. Nene Hodges, who is ill at that place. Mrs. Annie Reed, who has been ill so long with the typhoid, has recovered and left for Hammon where she is visiting her sister, Mrs. Bird Pierce.
A special service was conducted at the Baptist church last Sun. evening. Judge Mouser discussed the subject of True Friendship. S. Grim on False Friendship. R.F. Baird summed up the subject of Friendship. Attys Mitchell and Turner also gave short talks. A pie supper will be given at the Mammoth School house, three miles west of town on Thursday, evening, December 3.

Cheyenne Star is missing; this is

Roger Mills Sentinel, Dec. 3, 1914

Two interesting basketball games were played in Cheyenne Thursday between the Cheyenne High School and the Strong City High School. The first game between the girls was very interesting which resulted in the score of Cheyenne 12 and Strong City girls 8. The second game was Strong City’s by a long lead. Strong City Boys made 20 points, while our lads made 5. The Masons at this place held their annual election last week and following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Worshipful Master Cosmo Falconer; SW F.G. Brann; JW R.N. Higgins; Treasurer G.B. Lovett, Secretary F.O. Leach, SD E.L. Miller; JD B.D. Cooksey; SS Frank Nebhut; JS C.H. Cross; Tyler Ech Taylor.
A report comes to us that Santa Fe has purchased the C.O.& W Railroad and the Cheyenne Short Line and will in the near future begin west of Cheyenne to Amarillo, Texas by the way of Mobeetie, Texas. The Short Line has been in the hands of W.E. Hocker, who at one time was interested with Kemp and Kell of the W.F.&N.W. The CO&W has been in the hands of Kemp and Kell for some time and everything points to the feasibility of this project. It is understood that they contemplate an extension from Clinton east to El Reno where they will connect with the Ft. Smith and Western, a newly acquired line of the Santa Fe.
W.P. Madden, the postmaster gives the following mail schedule. Mail leaves Cheyenne daily at 10:00 a.m. and arrives Strong City 11:30 a.m. – leaves Strong City not later than 2:00 p.m. and arrives 4:30 p.m. in Cheyenne. Rankin mail leaves Rankin at 6:00 a.m. from Cheyenne, arriving Rankin not later than 9:30 a.m.; leaves Rankin at 1:00 p.m. and arrives Cheyenne not later than 4:30 p.m. Dick Mitchell is the Editor of this Roger Mills Sentinel newspaper.
Area people visiting: K.H. Harris of Grimes, A.R. and T.H. Gillespie & J.O. Bond living southwest of town, W.D. Wilson of Moorewood, Dr. Cary of Rankin, N.J. Eakins of Hammon, (father of Dist. Court Eakins), George Warren of Roll, John Wilson & A.C. Wilson of Hamburg.
Mr. and Mrs. L.W. Pate went to Okla City along with Perry Madden. Judge Grim was in Sayre Tuesday. C.N. Evans played football with the Sayre team at Shamrock last week. Irish potatoes are 80 cents bushel at Herring & Young. Miss Nellie Repass, a pupil in the Cheyenne High School visited relatives at Grimes. T.L. Miller, the popular dry goods man here was in Okla. City on business. A crowd of young people of this city enjoyed a social gathering at S.A. Wallace home. Kenneth Cunningham who has been in New Mexico returned here and we understand he will locate here for the winter.
John Curtis, Register of Deeds, has two children down with Typhoid Fever and under care by Dr. Wallace. Mr. and Mrs. Riley Mouser who have been here for the last eight months, returned to Indiana last week where they will make their home. Mr. Mouser is in the mercantile business here. We learned he has disposed of his interest to his brother, Nathan Mouser.
SCHOOL NEWS: Chapel exercises conducted by Miss Reichman were better than normal. The following was rendered: Devotional exercises, Rev. Watson; Short Talk, Mr. Grim; Short Talk, Rev. Sessums; Piano Duet, Robbie Turner & Gladys Bellamy; Flag Drill, Kindergarten. The Seniors enjoyed themselves at the basketball game.

Cheyenne Star, Dec. 10, 1914

The play “A Noble Outcast” will be staged on Dec. 22, 1914 at the auditorium for the benefit of the High School Extension Club. The Sunday School of the ME Church has decided to have a Christmas tree on Dec. 24. A social dance was enjoyed last Fri. night at the McClain Hall. Perry Madden left Tuesday for Okla. City, where he will attend to some legal business. L.W. Pate, Prop. of the Pate Hardward Co., returned from a business trip to Okla. City. People here having business in Cheyenne: Frank Cole, Mark Cole, and Flake Hammond of Hamburg, Dickson English of Grimes, Charles Winn, who resides west of town, BFBynum, Cashier of First State Bank, Strong City, E.K. and I.C. Thurmond looking after interests of the Thurmond Bros here, A.M. Stone of Rankin, W.H. Anderson who resides on Rush Creek near Redmoon, Charles Cross, bookkeeper for Herring & Young of Strong City.
John Caffey, H.O. Brown and Druggist Bradford, attending a meeting of the Masonic Chapter. Dr. J.P. Miller will have a public sale at his farm on Thurs. Dec. 17, 1914. He will offer for sale, good livestock and farm machinery. Short & Walters will cry this sale. J.R. Johnson, the produce man of Cheyenne shipped a carload of turkeys over the short line to Clinton. This is the first carload of Poultry ever shipped from this place. R.F. Baird, of the firm Miller & Baird Abstract Co., returned here last Sat. where he passed the bar examination.
The Ladies Aid Society of the ME Church will meet next Wed. afternoon at the home of Mrs. S.A. Wallace. The Singing Convention held at Wild Horse School last Sun. was well attended considering the inclemency of the weather. The Sgt. Major School class carried off the banner.

Cheyenne Star, Dec. 17, 1914

Those having leading roles in the play “A Noble Outcast”, are Charles Evans, Miss Lorene Osborne, J.R. Johnson, Miss Lola Tracy, Nellie Repass, & Elbert Thomas. Two basketball games will be played here Friday between Sayre and Cheyenne and Sayre and Strong City. Bids are being taken for the erection of the State Capitol Building. L.D. Beaty is in Okla. City with several carloads of cattle. Among people having business in town: J.T. Rankin of Rankin, George Hutton of Strong City, W.S. Farmer who resides on Sandstone Creek, Charles Blackburn of Rankin, E.F. Bynum of Strong City, J.L. Jackson of southwest of town, J.I. Brothers and Mr. and Mrs. E.P. Keen of Elk City.
We are glad to note that Ray Curtis, who has been low with typhoid is recovering and will soon be up and around unless he takes a backset. A Roger Mills Co. Poultry Assoc. will have a meeting Sat. here at Turner’s Furniture Store. We regret to chronicle the death of Laura Jane Tipton, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tipton. The little one was born last Sunday at the T.M. Malone home and passed away Wednesday morning. Perry Madden returned today from Okla. City where he attended to business patterns. Miss Alice Curtis, who is low with typhoid, is reported getting along as well as can be expected. A “forty-two” party was enjoyed last Sat. at the W.H. Lee home. S. Jackson left Tues. for San Antonio, where he will spend the holidays with his wife and little daughter. Mrs. Jackson went to that city some time ago in hopes Marjorie would regain her health. T.L. Turner made a business trip to Canadian, Texas last week. As the result of his trip, a company has been organized for the purpose of establishing a general mercantile business here. The company will start business with a $20,000.00 stock. Last Sat. afternoon the Redmoon basketball team came down to play our boys a game. Our boys were too many for the Redmoon boys. Our boys scored about thirty points while the Redmoon boys failed to make a single basket. In the last half, the Redmoon boys thought they were given the worst of a decision by the umpire and left the court. The trouble was that the visiting team had been playing girls’ rules and was not used to it. Mrs. G.W. Hodges has returned from a trip to Paris, Texas. She says she is much better satisfied with Okla. since she made the visit. She says that this country is in much better condition than the country where they depend almost entirely on the production of cotton.

Cheyenne Star, Dec. 24, 1914

The death of Mary Perry on Dec. 23, 1914 is recorded in this issue. She was seventy eight years old and was interred in the Custer Bend Cemetery. Two basketball games were played on the local court last Friday. The first game played was between the boys of the Cheyenne high school and those of the Sayre high school. The contestants in the second game were the boys teams of Sayre and Strong City High School. Both of the games were interesting, having been played in a clean manner with no hard feelings manifested itself at any time during either of the games. The Sayre teams won both games by the scores of 16-6 and 21-16 respectively. Married in the office of Co. Judge Mouser were Mr. Roscoe Anderson and Miss Minnie Long, both of Redmoon. Also Cleveland Howard of Redmoon and Miss Bonnie Penrod of this city were married here with Judge Mouser officiating. Miss Josie Thomas is spending the holidays in Durham with home folks. John C. Thornton returned Tues. from Texas where he has been the last two months. Bob Hanna, postmaster of Hamburg, was in town last Mon. doing business. Mrs. Fred Tunnard and Mrs. J.H. Tunnard and son, Raymond left Mon. for the Texas panhandle where they will visit friends and relatives during the holidays. Among those residents having business here: Guy Davis of Durham, Jack Powers of Hamburg, Roscoe Anderson of Redmoon, R.L. Hunt living west of town, Jack Little of Strong City, Fred Eakins, brother of the District Clerk of Hammon, Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Barton of Crawford, G.H. Dodgion living west of town.
Cooper Agee of this city, left for Nocona, Texas where he will spend the Christmas holidays with parents. Miss Laura Warren who has been attending school at Sherman, Texas, returned Sat. She will spend the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Warren, who reside west of town. School was dismissed here Dec. 23 for a week and two days for the holidays. Alvin Moore, who is teaching at the Creston School is here spending his vacation with home folks. Miss Maud Reichman, principal of the Cheyenne High School, left Tues to spend Christmas with her folks near Geary. Mrs. Clyde Young, who has been living in town for the past few months in order that her little girl might attend school, moved out to the ranch the first of the week. Miss Julia Tracy has been attending the Sayre High School this winter, returned home Wed to spend Christmas with home folks. Cullen Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Johnson, while kindling a fire this morning, was badly, but not dangerously burned about the arms and legs. The kerosene he was using ignited, causing it to explode, which scattered oil over him. A timely rescue prevented a fatal accident.

Cheyenne Star, Dec. 31, 1914

W.R. Potter of Durham spent the holidays here with his family. Area residents doing business here last week: Henry Coym of Durham, Harlin Hawkins living west of town, Tom Lovett, a prominent stock raiser and farmer who lives in the north part of the county near the Canadian River, W.E. Thompson of Rankin, Arthur Rishel, who is employed as principal of the Sweetwater School, John L. Christian of Roll, Judge D.W. Tracy of Sayre, W.W. Peterson, Principal of Strong City School.
A Masquerade Ball will be given at McClain Hall on New Years. Miss Klina Potter entertained at a six o’clock dinner this week. A number of Miss Vera Tracy’s friends spent a social evening with her last Tues. Judge Moore of Leedey is visiting his daughter, Mrs. W. Mouser of here. L.W. Pate has just finished taken inventory of groceries and hardware. Miss Josie Thomas and brother Elbert returned Wed. from a week’s visit at Durham. Miss Louetta Evans, who is teaching in the Berlin School, was here this week visiting friends. Charles Evans spent several days with his parents northwest of town this week. Chattie Potter entertained 45 of her little friends Wed. evening of this week. Last Sat. night the young people’s class of the Union Sunday School entertained a corresponding class of the Methodist Church at a social given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cosmo Falconer. Dainty refreshments were served at a late hour. Dr. and Mrs. G.H. Wallace returned Wed. after spending several days in Kansas City. E.E. Baucom, Supt of the Public Schools here is in Elk City this week spending his vacation. A social evening was enjoyed Wed. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Salyer who live west of this city. On account of the inclemency of the weather there were no preaching services at either of the churches last Sunday. T.L. Miller, Prop. of the T.L. Miller Dry Goods Co. here visited Strong City on business last week. Miss Vergie Anderson, who has been attending the Sayre High School this winter, is visiting relatives southwest of town. Wednesday evening was enjoyably spent by some of the young people here at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John B. Tracy. Oscar Harris, who has been attending a business college at Guthrie this winter, returned to his home south of here. The snow that fell last Wed. evening and night will greatly benefit the wheat growers of this vicinity. Miss Gladys Salyer who resides west of town, entertained a number of our young friends at a social on Wednesday. Mrs. F.G. Brann, is visiting at Weatherford. A number of young people enjoyed an evening at the E.E. Tracy home last Monday. R.B. White of Hydro left Wed. for his home after spending several days assisting F.G. Brann invoice a stock of lumber for the White Lumber CO. Miss Cora Evans, daughter of Uncle Jim Evans, arrived here last week from Guthrie, where she is attending school. Mrs. L.A. Beaty has been ill the last few days. S. Jackson returned here from San Antonio where he visited wife and little daughter, who are receiving the benefit of the healthful climate. The young people of our town enjoyed a social at McClain Hall last Sat. night. The Carl Orchestra made music for the event, which every time ensures the success of a dance. The coal famine which has existed for several days, was broken by the arrival of a car last Saturday. Since that time two other cars have been received and sold by the White Lumber Co.