By Dale Tracy. Carl Kemp is clearing the lot occupied by the old Sothern Hotel building for the erection of a 50×90 reinforced concrete two story building. Mr. Kemp was the first man in Cheyenne to build a fireproof building. He built the Kemp Hotel, a similar building to the one he is building now. When he built the first building, it was at a time when things were unsettled in old Cheyenne and many men thought him foolish to invest so much money in a building in a town without a railroad and one in which was a stone’s throw of its borders with this convenience, but he acted on his own judgment and it proved to be good. Almost by the time he had his building completed the Cheyenne Short Line was looking like a real railroad, and from that time until the present time, prospects have looked brighter. No one questioned the wisdom of investing money in permanent buildings in the county seat town now. In fact all recognize the advantage the old historic town has over rivals. We are not informed as to what business will be home to this structure but whatever it may be many will envy it for its quarters.

    Cheyenne Star, Jan 4, 1918

By Dale Tracy. The War Department has issued orders stopping the publication of letters to their relatives. Roger Mills Good Roads Assoc. held a meeting at Strong City last Thurs. Ira Walter, Rankin, gave a good report. Twenty four of thirty eight men have passed examinations for military service. During the past week, five more Roger Mills Co. boys volunteered for Uncle Sam’s Army. They were: Oran McGlothlin, Carl Kent both of Hamburg; Benjamin H. Freeman and Fred Robey of Hammon; Samuel Lee Boynter of Durham. These five will go to Ft. Leavenworth to enter the signal corps. Ira Horace Kelley registered for the draft at Lamar, Colo. and was called for physical examination in August, but failed to appear. He was placed under arrest in this city last Mon. and is now in Co. Jail, held as a deserter. Kelly is a married man and his belongings are at the depot in Cheyenne. He says that he has a blind father and his mother, who live south of Rankin, have depended upon him for support.

 Business visitors: J.S. Spurlock, J.W. McMurtry,  Hammon; John Rankin, Rankin; Tom Hatley, Durham; J.M. Nichols, Editor of Hammon Advocate; A.Y. Owen, Strong City; James & Chub Atwood, Grimes; G.E. Shufelt, Lee Dudney, Redmoon; Elmer Melton, Crawford.

 License to sell all explosives may be obtained upon application to W.F. Adams, Cheyenne. W.A. Beaty returned from Odessa, Texas where he visited his daughter, Mrs. Willie Martin.   Uncle Jess Moore returned from Texas where he spent several days visiting relatives and friends.

H. Flewelling of Crawford was here last Tues. giving testimony in the case of the State vs. Bill Miller, who was charged with the killing of John Zinkins at Crawford a few weeks ago. Mr. Flewelling is the village blacksmith at Crawford. W.W. Funston and Roy Flack returned from Okla. City where they attended to business. Walter Funston and Ira Walters of Rankin passed through Cheyenne Thursday from Strong City where they attended the good roads meeting. Bob Price of Nevada arrived here the first of the week to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Price. Funston and Flack announce that after Feb. 1, they will conduct their business on strictly cash business. Dean V. Cross, who volunteered for the Navy early last spring, spent several days here this week visiting friends and relatives. Dean is now on the battleship Michigan, and making rapid advancements in the service. E. N. McGlothlin of near Hamburg passed through here on his way to Weatherford, Texas. P.E. Tunnard, who visited home folks during the holidays, left last week for Forgan, Okla. where he will spend a few days before leaving for Superior, Wyom.  Mr. and Mrs. James Page left for Butler, where Jim will drive a rural mail route, having been transferred from here.

 Preliminary hearing of Bill Miller, charged with the killing of John Zinkins of Crawford about three weeks ago, was held here this week. The Court held that there was sufficient evidence to hold Miller to await the action of the District Court, and his bond was fixed at $10,000.00. Counsel for the defense is now trying to arrange to make his bond. At the time of the shooting, it appeared that Miller would have had but little trouble in securing an acquittal, but the state has secured evidence that is thought to be sufficient to prove its charges. Evidence at the preliminary went to show that Miller invited Zinkins out for a combat. Unless the defense can repute such testimony, it will be difficult to prove self-defense. It is understood this will be Miller’s plea. Co. Agent L.E. Rathbun returned Mon. from Stillwater where he counseled as to some features of the work he proposes for this county.

   Cheyenne Star, Jan. 11, 1918

By Dale Tracy. Robert Jackson, Elmer Crow, Barney Butler of near Moorewood and Earl Smith, who resides west of Cheyenne had the misfortune this afternoon to turn over their jitney on the road east of Strong City. The boys were on their way to Cheyenne to report for physical exam and were traveling at about 13 miles per hour, when one of the front tires punctured, letting the rim cut into the ground, overturning the car and in some manner, uprighting itself again. It was all done so quickly, that it was difficult for the boys to tell just how it all happened, but they know it turned over and when they gathered themselves together, the car was on its wheels and they were slightly bruised and scratched. Their injuries were slight and they appear to be a likely bunch of soldiers. Platonic Club met with Mrs. Grim on Jan. 8. Lesson was on Brazil conducted by Mrs. W.P. Madden. Mrs. S. Jackson, Rep.

 A troop of real Hawaiian musicians will appear here soon on our Lyceum Course. They will have with them ukulele & steel guitar on Jan. 29 at High School Auditorium. After March 1, the cost of the Cheyenne Star will be $1.50 per year. The cause is the high cost of materials. Obituary for Daniel Suiter. After an illness of only a few days, Daniel died at his home 4.5 miles northeast of Crawford, Jan. 9, 1918. Remains are laid to rest in the Dickason Cemetery.

DURHAM DOINGS by Lady Beth. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cloud of Drumright visited with E.O. Cloud Family. Mr. and Mrs. Emery Noblitt are moving to Pampa where Mr. Noblitt has employment with a well drilling rig. Messers Frank Hager and Charles Burton left for Cheyenne where they were called by Uncle Sam. Mrs. Agnes Ogle, supervisor of the sewing in the Durham unit of American Red Cross, reports excellent work from the ladies in the Melrose District. Messers W.C. Barber and J.F. Cowerton made a trip to Cheyenne. Mr. Hughes called home last week by the serious illness of his brother, Rhuel, who is home on sick leave from Camp Funston. The machinery of the Durham Flour Mill is all on the ground and most of it installed. Mr. Mueller, the owner, says that probably by January 20 the wheels will be going round and round. Dr. Payne and C.O. Mangold left Sun. for Okla. City on business. Augusta I.C. Metcalfe made a donation of a beautiful oil painting to the local Red Cross Unit. At the next meeting, a way to dispose of same will be decided. Mr. Ira Whitson, local blacksmith, made a business trip to Strong City Mon. Mrs. A.W. Thompson, Melvin Manning, and the younger Cordell children of our burg, who have been ill, are out again. On Dec. 31, 1917 in response to an invitation of the Bellview Auxiliary Red Cross, a number of the Durhamites went to a Watch meeting at the Bellview School House. Mr. G.A. Watson led the audience in singing many old and patriotic songs. Mrs. J.W. Goodwin was elected supervisor of the Bellview Auxiliary and as material was provided for them to make into garments, they organized their sewing force and began work Wed. afternoon. There are seventy members in this auxiliary.

  Bob Martin, who resides west of town visited here along with: S.F. Maddux, north of town; E.E. Tracy, teaching school at Carpenter; Mr. McGlothlin, Hamburg; Co. Comm. C.A. Bennett, near Crawford; Mun Baker, Rankin; G.A. Dodgion, north of town; J.L. Warren, Croton vicinity; P.B. Buckelew, Berlin(a good Democrat); W.B. Pontius, Berlin; Ira Walters, livewire of Rankin; A.W. Thompson, Durham merchant; Stone Taylor, Co. Comm; J.F. Cowerton, Durham; W.W. Funston, prop of the big store of Rankin; Charles Blackburn, Hammon; H.H. Sides and Eugene Spaugh, recently of North Carolina but now of Durham; (A short time ago these gentlemen purchased the farms belonging to J. F. Cowerton and Mr. Beck of Durham)

 Mrs. A.G. Gray returned from New York where she had been taking medical treatments. She is now visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds, west of Roll. Co. Agent Rathbun is in Okla. City this week.  Mr. and Mrs. B.D. Cooksey and children returned from several weeks in Louisiana where they visited Mr. Cooksey’s relatives. Alvin Moore of this place left Tues. for Los Angeles, Calif. where he expects to stay a few days before going on to San Pedro where he expects to enter the shipyard, to help Uncle Sam build a great Navy and a large number of merchant ships to carry on our foreign commerce.

   Cheyenne Star, Jan. 17, 1918

By Dale Tracy. S. Grim spent Tues & Wed. in Strong City taking depositions in the Dr. B.W. Russell divorce case that is to come up for hearing in District Court in Okla. City on Friday. Messers Grim & Baird here have been employed in this case, which has attracted considerable attention on account of the grounds, which Dr. Russell has set out in his petition for divorce. Dr. and Mrs. Russell were former residents of Strong City. The local board has been ordered to fill three vacancies at training camps caused by physical disqualify-ications. The three men notified were Burton Clyde Sherwood, Moorewood; Earnest William Smith, Cheyenne and Alvin Moore, Cheyenne. In the case of Alvin Moore, he has been placed in class 4 and is now in Calif, but will have to return for service. It has been reported that our good friend, E.K. Thurmond will likely become a candidate for State Treasurer in the coming election. The Roger Mills Co Chapter of the Am. Red Cross will open its workroom in the Berry Building, over Cooksey’s Drugs Store.

  Pat Wilson and Matt Shaw of Hamburg were business visitors along with G.A. Dodgeion, J.R. Emerson, southwest of town; Mun Baker, Rankin; Roy Gillespie, near Rankin; H.C. Carl, west of town near Washita School; Judge Ray, Leedey; O.H. Creason, Grimes; Dr. F.P. Boggs, south of town; F.W. King, Hamburg; Guy Davis, Durham; L.M. Dudney, Redmoon; Robert Wheeler, Rankin farmer; J.W. Douglas & Henry Wright near Rankin; O.D. Lucas, Crawford; Tom Keller, Durham,  J.J. Stacker, Grimes, E. Estes Rankin stock farmer.

  As we go to press, the message we received that the most severe blizzard of the year will reach this place sometime Saturday. Frank Cole, Hamburg, is having us send the Star to his son Frank, who is serving at Ft. Dix, Trenton, New Jersey. L.W. Pate &County Clerk F.A. Beavin spent several days in Okla. City. They admit attending the prize fight and say they were not pinched, even though the Oklahoman did say that the police made arrests. Anyway, they both returned home right side up. Frank Wilson who is now at Camp Travis in Texas, visited friends on Sandstone last week. Miss Harlan Hopkins of Higgins visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. P.E. Trammell.

Van Burns who has been employed at the Cheyenne State Bank, left the first of the week for Hammon, where he will have charge of the cashier’s window at the Oklahoma State Bank. The income tax man, who was to be in Cheyenne Thurs. will not reach this place until Jan. 30 and will remain until the 31st. As far as we are concerned, he could stay at home for the income tax will never touch a newspaper man in Roger Mills Co. Ebe Bowman, who resides west of town is the proud father of a fine baby girl. John Durham, who resides west of town is the father of a baby girl. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Yarbrough spent a few days visiting Mrs. Yarbrough’s sister, Eva Tracy of Redmoon area. L.E. Stephens has sold his farm west of town to G.W. Black for $2750.00. Mr. Black formerly lived in the Grimes area, but left last fall for the east, but failed to find anything that looked as good to him as Roger Mills Co., so he returned and bought another farm. Miss Stella Ballenger and Mr. Ackley Hooper, both of Hamburg were married on the 12th of January. Mr. Hooper is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Hooper, old settlers in this county and well known in the Hamburg area. Miss Ballenger is the oldest daughter of Dr. Ballenger of Hamburg.

  Cheyenne Star, Jan. 24, 1918

By Dale Tracy. There is a movement on foot at this time to organize a club for whose purpose will be the improvement of the social life in our town and community. It will have a literary and social feature that will appeal to the young people and will thus will lift up our community. Flora Lorene, a 1  year, seven months, little infant daughter of Mr. Joseph G. .and Mrs. Pearl Haigood, living a short distance south of Cheyenne, died on Saturday morning, January 26, 1918. After only 25 or 30 hours of illness. She leaves her parents and three little brothers to mourn her loss. Stockmen and farmers interested in better stock for Roger Mills Co. are asked to meet in Cheyenne on February 23, 1918 for the purpose of organizing a Roger Mills Co. Breeders Assoc. The local board made a record on Tues. by examining thirty men and all qualified except one who had only one arm. In addition three men volunteered that day. Roy Hunt, Roll; Monroe Butler, Grow; Homer Harris Spell, Grimes; Charles A. Davis, Rankin; George Lewis, Cheyenne; Grover Cleveland Taylor, Leedey; Orville W. Hammon, Roll; Robert A. Gee, Grimes; John Edwin Irwin, Leedey; Ira Wesley Douglas, Rankin; Joseph Lloyd Hinds, Dill City; Leroy B. Epperson, Cordell; Virgil Milton Yates, Herring; Earl Turner, Cheyenne; Henry W. Nunn, Rankin; Grover Cleveland Howard, Rankin; Joseph Woodward Clendenen, Grand; Edwin Blackwell Miller, Rankin; Charles Alfred Doty, Grimes; Edward M. Smith, Cheyenne.

 Josh Singletary Rural Mail Carrier out of Grimes was here last Wed looking after business matters along with: H.Floyd Wheeler, Editor of the Strong City Herald; Perry Taylor, Jr., Berlin; Ira Walters, Rankin; W.W. Funston prop of Big Store, Robert Wheeler, Rankin; Jake Bull, S.K. Roberts, Crawford; Guy Davis, Tom Keller, Guy Gabbart, Durham; W.P. James, W.F. Grimes near Crawford

  W.R. Casady has sold his farm a few miles south of town and has purchased a farm near Grimes. Dr. Russell was granted a divorce in a settlement out of court. J.M. Lester returned here last week after spending several days in Norman where he purchased eleven head of thoroughbred Holstein cattle. He will soon be in position to handle the dairy business of Cheyenne. Mrs. W.C. Barber & Guy Gaggart of Durham here Tuesday to attend the entertainment given by the Royal Hawaiian Singers. The entertainment was attended by a large number of people from Hammon. Mr. Kelly attended and a great musician himself. Charles Blackburn, Hammon, who recently resigned as Cashier of the OK State Bank at that place to take the agency of automobiles in this county, was here today preparatory to locating with us. He and H.E. Harrison of that city will soon commence the erection of a large garage in this city. They have the agency for the Overland and other cars as well as trucks and farm tractors. Mr. and Mrs. J.L.M. Curry returned Sun. from Texas where they spent several weeks visiting. The Platonic Club met with Mrs. E.B. Lovett Jan. 18. Session was on Joan of Arc.

  Cheyenne Star, Jan. 31, 1918


By Dale Tracy.    The latter part of last week, a deal was consummated wherein Funston & Flack became the owners of the stock of goods owned by the Randall Mercantile. Messers Funston & Flack will continue for a time both stores; but will soon consolidate them. They expect to have one of the largest stores in the county.

SQUARE TOP NEWS: The Red Cross sale that was held at Strong City on the 2nd by the Square Top Auxiliary was well attended. The sale and quilt brought $92.30. The quilt, which was made by the ladies of the Red Cross, was sold bringing $50.00 and was bought by J.W. Sowders. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Wheeler spent Sun. at W.D. Sprowls and family. Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Sowders called on Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Sprowls. Mr. and Mrs. Hinds visited Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins. Quite a few children in school are having the measles. We are glad to see the repair work being done on the school house and wish to thank Mr. Wells and Mr. Cogburn for having it done. Mr. and Mrs. John Baker visited at the Bart Stephens home.

 Roger Mills Co farmers are urged to sell their wheat in order to benefit the war effort. The base price stands at $2.20. One of the most enthusiastic patriotic meetings was held here last Sat. Among those on the program were L.E. Rathbun, Fred Ogle, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Tunnard, S.Jackson, R.F. Baird, Perry Madden. Others there were L.M. Dudney, J.L. Bennett, E. Estes, H.G. Wright, J.W. Provines, A.G. Crawford, J.R. Taylor, C.Smith, John Sprowls, J.E. Cooper, R.L. Hunt, T.B. Cree, Earnest Bessire, R.S. Austin, J.M. Payne, Chris Parman, E.A. Jencks, Otto Mangold, H.N. Thomas, R.H. Wallace, S.K. Roberts, George W. Brown, J.M. Conner, R.N. Allen, W.G. Smith, George Gilliland, J.E. Nabors, Fred Hissell, C.R. Fowler, Louie Carr, J.P. Goodwin, G.H. Cox, C.T. Vessels, J.C. York, W.T. Hatley, G.W. Dodgion, Burt Fuchs, F.A. Beavin, A.M. Stone, Ben Brooks, Josh Singletary, T.L. Turner, A.P. Burge, J.T. Beal.

  W.R. Beale of near Grimes and Earl Fox, is brother in law of Dewitt, Arkansas were here and informed this writer that Mr. Fox had purchased a fine thoroughbred bull from the Trammell herd, to be shipped back to Arkansas. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Louie Carr, near Grimes, a fine baby girl. Born February 1 to Mr. and Mrs. Guy Brooks, Strong City, a baby girl. Gladys Salyer visited Mr. and Mrs. John Salyer, west of town. Fred Tunnard left a few days ago for Calif. where he will spend a month resting and sightseeing.

   Business visitors in Cheyenne were: F.M. Hammon, Hamburg; J. W. Cooper, Sandstone area, I.C. and A.L. Thurmond, G.M. Hiatt, Hammon; R.Jefcoat, Redmoon; W.R. Beale, Grimes; Jake Bull, Crawford; Charles Bennett, Comm. of 3rd Dist.; E.G. Commons, A.H. Crawford, Hammon; J.R. Dodson, Durham; Mark Allen, Moorewood; D.V. King, Rankin; J.W. Ginn, Sweetwater; F.A. Ogle, postmaster of Durham; H.M. Thomas, Miss Klina Potter, Durham.

   Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Wright of the Enterprise School District, west of Rankin, have erected a new barn, which will house both horses and cattle, together with a winter supply of feed. The very lively game of basketball was played here last Sat. evening between the Cheyenne and Hammon teams. The score was 46-63. The game was hotly contested all the way through, but the Cheyenne boys were simply there on making baskets and superior teamwork won the game. S. Jackson and H.A. Randall returned from Okla. City where they attended to business. Mr. Jackson drove home a big six cylinder Buick. Len Finch , who is employed in the Cheyenne State Bank, was called to Weatherford on account of the death of his father. Jim Redden has purchased all of J.F. Cowerton cattle and considerable feed. Durham school closed Friday, the teacher, Mrs. Pearl Bellamy being unable to teach longer.

Cheyenne Star, Feb. 7, 1918

By Dale Tracy. On Wed. evening, Feb. 6, the people of the Durham District met and organized a Booster Club. The object of this club is to boost for Durham and build up the neighborhood in a social and literary way. In answer to our “call to the colors” by President Wilson, we hope to enroll every boy and girl of school age in Roger Mills Co. as members of the Junior Red Cross.

  Business visitors here: Ira Walters, Rankin; L.M. Dudney, Redmoon; R.J. Laney, Hamburg area; Welton Moore, west of town; A.M. Patterson, Hamburg; H.D. Macklin; Charles Goddin, near Durham; John Clay, prosperous farmer near Durham; Mr. and Mrs. P.J. Bull, Crawford.

Measles are recorded through-out the county, but it is a very light form. W.H. Mann, who has the contract for the construction of the court house at this place, arrived in town the first of the week to look after the work that is in progress. Charles P. McClain of Cheyenne is reported seriously ill at his home with eryslpelas. We are sorry to chronicle of the illness of the Co. Treasurer, George L. Bashaw. His condition is considered of a serious nature by the attending physician. Clyde Linsey, of Leedey, famous lady bronco buster, visited Mrs. B.C.Latta this week. Mrs. Klina and Ruby Potter of Durham were here last Sat. on business connected with the Roger Mills Co. School Fair. H.A. Randall has accepted a position in the Cheyenne State Bank. R.F. Baird of the firm of Brim & Baird, is in Okla. City looking after business in the interest of that firm’s clients. Mr. W.J. Green of the A&M College at Stillwater, spent several days in this county looking after the club work of the boys and girls. He and Mr. Rathbun, our Co. Agent, organized a club at Brookside and one at Mulberry, besides visiting several 4-H clubs already organized. T.L. Miller and Charles Cross of the firm of Miller & Cross here left last Sun. for St. Louis where they will buy their spring & summer dry goods. Mrs. V.C. Latta and Mrs. Newt McClain returned from Okla. City where they visited friends. W.T. Bonner is assisting at the Miller & Cross Dry Goods Store this week. The night rain that fell last week has greatly refreshed the growing wheat in this section of the state.

DURHAM DOINGS by Lady Beth. On Tues. night, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Whitson entertained a large crowd of young people at a dance in honor of Mr. Whitson’s brother, who is their guest. Miss Retha Lane is with Mrs. A.W. Thompson. Miss Zelma Thompson has a light case of the measles for company. Miss Irma Thompson, who has been ill is reported up and out again. The Durham unit of the ARC is going to give an entertainment and sunbonnet and apron bazaar early in March to add funds to their treasury. Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Thomas announce the birth of a daughter, Feb. 5, whom they will call Morgan Melveta. J.P. Cowerton returned from Drexel, Miss, where he purchased a farm where he and his mother will move in the near future. Miss Goldie Satterfield went to Canadian, Sat. on the mail car. Mr. O.R. Shankland of Okarche has purchased the garage here from P. Cloyd.   Coffee is .20 a pound; peck of potatoes .45.

Cheyenne Star, Feb. 14, 1918

100 years

By Dale Tracy. A Co. school fair will be held at Strong City, March 15-16. The individual awards will be given to first, second and third place winners and awards will be Thrift Stamps. Students must pick from a list of seventeen different topics.

DURHAM DOINGS by Lady Beth. The Durham Boosters Club, which was organized recently have elected these officers: President Mrs. Vern Stone, Vice President Allen C. Carver, Sec. Trea. Mrs. Shindell. Mrs. Charles Whitson, who has been visiting relatives in the neighborhood for the past two weeks, returned to her home. On Valentines’ Day, Frank Baker and Miss Callie Whitson, accompanied by Mr. Charles Whitson and Miss Retha Lane, went to Canadian, where the former couple were united in marriage. Mrs. Baker is the youngest child of Mr. C.R. Whitson, a young lady admired by all. Good ole St. Valentines brought Mr. and Mrs. Orville Lee a fine baby boy on the 14th. J.F. Cowerton’s sale Mon, in spite of the windy day was all that anyone could ask for. All his property brought a good price and the Red Cross ladies realized in the neighborhood of $25 on the lunch they served. On Fri. afternoon Mesdames Ogle and Barber went to North Antelope school house to organize an auxiliary of the Durham Unit of the ARC(Am. Red Cross). There are possibly 16 or 20 ladies on the Eller Flat whom Mrs. Siers will organize into a circle.

Cheyenne was host to two very interesting basketball games last Fri. One between the Berlin girls and the Fairview School girls from north of Durham and the Cheyenne and Berlin boys. Score was Fairview 43, Berlin 21; Cheyenne 14, Berlin 13. The death of Charles P. McClain last Sunday came as a shock to the people of our town. He was at the time of his death a member of the Board of Trustees of the Cheyenne School. He leaves a mother, a wife, three sisters, three children and a host of friends who mourn his death. Funeral services in Cheyenne Baptist Church by Rev. Wileman, after which the remains were taken to Berlin where they were laid to rest by the side of a former wife and his father, who preceded him in death. Willie McMurtry, who is now one of our soldier boys of Camp Dewey was home on a furlough. Jess Thompson of the Rankin area was in town on business to have us print an order of sale bills for his father George Thompson. His sale will be held on Feb. 23. Miss Vona Vaughn of near Crawford was here this week shopping. J.E.Keen was in town this week. While here he sold his town residence to E.C. Winfred for $1600.00 Mr. Keen will move to Weatherford, where he has purchased a mercantile establishment. Messers Haynes and Will Thomas came down from Durham to take in the basketball game. Cheyenne boys basketball team met defeat when they played the Roll team Tues. night. D.O. Cloud of Durham, was here after one of his children who was attending school here. The child has the measles. He will hold a public sale at his farm, two miles north of Durham on Feb. 26.

J.F. King, prosperous stock farmer from west of town was here on Business along with: W.A. Cronin, also a stock farmer, who also raised a large crop of corn last year; Ira Walters, Ed Swope of Rankin; R.J. Laney near Hamburg, Elmer and Edgar Gilbert west of Hamburg; J.A. Moad, Hammon; D.N. Hunt, cashier of First State Bank,  Mr. and Mrs. A.T. Burge of Strong City.

Alvin Moore returned here last Sat from Calif. where he went with a view of locating, but owing to certain conditions, he returned to Okla. Alvin says that Calif. is a great state but ship building is not the job he was looking for. T.L. Miller and Charles Cross returned from St. Louis where they bought a large line of dry goods and shoes for their store here. W.W. Funston returned from Okla. City on business. F.O. Leach from here has been suffering greatly during two weeks with asthma. R.F. Baird returned after spending several days in Okla. City. W.A. Adams and Herbert Hyer left last Wed. for Hobart to attend the West Okla. Techers Meeting, which is in session at this time.

    Cheyenne Star, Feb. 21, 1918

100 years

By Dale Tracy. Roger Mills Co. Stock Breeders Assoc. organized in Cheyenne on Sat. by election of the following officers: President Charles Plummer, Berlin; Vice Presidents W.L. Creach, Hammon & E.N. Carlson, Sweetwater & H.M. Thomas, Durham & John Steward, Leedey& Frank Cole, Hamburg; Secretary S. Jackson, Cheyenne; Treasurer G.H. Wallace, Cheyenne. Directors: Jim Harris, Hammon; E.J. Guernsey, Strong City; David Slack, Roll; E.S. Repass, Grimes; F.M. Hammond, Hamburg; H.A. Beckwith, Berlin; Clyde Young, Redmoon. About 200 livestock farmers were present at the meeting. Uncle Billy Dodson died Feb. 23, 1918 after a week’s painful illness with erysipelas. William H. Dodson died at 2 a.m. at this home, at the age of 61 years, on his farm 5.5 miles southeast of Rankin, Okla. He was born in Hawkins Co, Tenn. Dec. 19, 1856 and there became a successful merchant and from a cataract, he lost his eyesight and he remembered only seeing the face of his first child, Hugh. Seventeen years ago, he moved to the farm 1.5 miles north of Dempsey, now owned by his cousin, Hugh Dodson. On selling the land, he reserved the house, moving the house to the half-section of school land where he spent the last years of his life. He is survived by his widow, Nadine A. Dodson and five children (one infant dying). Hugh W., Fredrick C., Clyde D., all of Clayton, New Mexico; Beatrice, wife of Oscar W. Rowen, living near home; and Dewey, the father’s mainstay on the farm, after the older boys left the farm. Funeral was Sun afternoon Feb. 24 at 3:00 in the Dempsey Cemetery.  A large number of automobiles followed the remains from the home to the cemetery and assembled one of the largest crowds to listen as Elder Martin who spoke comforting words to all the children and the mother and friends, who realized a great loss. The pallbearers were businessmen in Sayre and Cheyenne.

 Dr. Payne of Durham was attending business in town along with: J.W. Campbell, northeast part of county; E.M. Carlson, Sweetwater; Dr. B.M. Ballenger, Buck Hammond, A.C. and Grover Wilson, Matt Shaw, Hamburg; Mr. and Mrs. Julius Bessire, Rankin; Col. A.G. Carver, J.H. Coym, J.O. Moon, E.A. Flesher, J.W. McClure, H.A. Garver of  Durham; Uncle Jim Cooper and D.J. Jackson, southeast of town; R.A. Poor, Grimes.

 Last Fri we received a pleasant call from the Mesdames W.C. Barber, F.H. Ogle, J.B. Payne, G.A. Watson, Miss Klina Potter of Durham. These ladies were in town attending the school of instruction conducted by the Red Cross. They availed themselves of seeing our intertype in operation. F.A. Beavin purchased the F.R. Baird residence in the south part of town last Tues. T.M. Miller of the Miller-Cross Dry Goods Firm was in Guthrie attending Masonic Grand Lodge. Judge Wileman has removed to his residence in the south part of town. This property is what is known as the W.T. Bonner residence. The court house is nearing completion, and the work is being rushed as fast as possible so the county officers can be permanently located in comfortable quarters. It is thought that it would be ready for occupancy the first of April. Roy Hiatt of here spent Sun. at the J.C. Page home in Butler. T.E. Turner returned today from northern part of the state, where he sold pianos. R.F. Baird has sold his holdings here and will leave in a few days for Okla. City where he has formed a law partnership with lawyer Pearson. B.C. Latta, proprietor of Latta’s Cash Grocery, is assisting in the Co. Treasurer’s office in the absence of Co. Trea. George L. Bashaw, who is ill at his home with the dropsy.  

CRAWFORD ITEMS: On Feb. 19, 1918 the Red Cross Ladies of Crawford and area gave a supper for the boys, who were expected to leave their homes to serve our country. The program rendered was short but fitting. The speakers were: Mr. W.R. Potter, Durham; Mr. John Curtis, of Crawford. Their talks on Patriotism and Loyalty will be a lesson to all who heard them.

    Cheyenne Star, Feb. 28, 1918


By Dale Tracy. It is now believed that Ben Owens, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Owens, has perished when his ship went down. Ben was a childhood playmate of the editor. Mr. and Mrs. R.F Baird left for Okla. City where they will make their future home. Mr. Baird is engaged in the abstract business here for many years and during the past several years has been engaged in the practice of law with his partner S.Grim. A one day term of District Court was held last Mon. and a few motions were heard. The term was extended to May 13, 1918 at which time a jury will be called. The postponement is made in anticipation of completion of the court house by that date. The Roger Mills Co. School Fair has been postponed for one week until March 21-22. The Tunnard Mercantile offers his general store for sale. Della Cann Young, Prop. of the Red Moon Store. J.L. Warren, one of our most progressive stock ranchers returned from Kansas City where he attended the Fat Stock Show that was held there last week. Mr. Warren is highly elated over the showing of the Okla. Stock raisers made at the Kansas Show. William Slack of north of Roll, one of Roger Mills Co. most prosperous stockmen, was a town visitor last week as well as: J.H. Brewer, Crawford; John Cross and Sam Maddux, prosperous stockmen, north of town’ Stephen Riggs, south of town; J.D. Miller, Rankin; Judge J. W. McMurtry, and A..E. Williams, Hammon; Ott Mangold, Durham; Grant Hiatt, Co. Comm. near Hammon; Charles Bennett, 3rd Dist Co. Comm.. and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Blackburn, Hammon; Stone Taylor, Co. Comm; S.K. Roberts, the livewire Buick Agent; Jake Bull; John Dunn, prosperous stockman from north part of county.

Geroge Gerlach and Newt Wilson of Canadian were here looking after business matters. O.R. Prestridge is a dealer for the Moline Universal. George Bashaw, Co. Treasurer has been seriously ill for some time but is up again. J.D. Barnes was here attending the Democratic Central Mtg. Mr. and Mrs. G.B. Lovett went to Okla. City to attend to business matters. We printed an order of sale bills for F.A. Beavin this week, advertising a public sale at his place, two miles south and 2.5 miles west of Roll. Date will be Thursday, March 13. Following the sale, he will move his family to this city. Miss Minnie Slief has become one of the owners of the Abstract Office. Mr. and Mrs. F.A. Beavin will make their home in the south part of town, which they recently purchased from R.F. Baird.

Cheyenne Star, Mar. 7, 1918

100 years

By Dale Tracy. Mrs. Bertha Augusta Willamenia (Kerch)Schelstede was born in Germany March 1, 1861, died March 1, 1918 on her 57th birthday. She married John Schelstede and moved to Roger Mills Co. in 1904. She leaves a husband, two daughters and a step-daughter. She was buried in Rankin Cemetery on March 3, 1918. George Willis Keller was born December 7, 1897. Died March 7, 1918 and buried at Durham, Okla.  Fourteen year old Richard Byars, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Byars, passed away March 5, 1918 Funeral services were conducted at Baptist Church, Crawford with burial in the Dickason (Silent Home) Cemetery where he was laid to rest by his little sister.

School Fair postponed again to April 5-6, 1918. The BCD Highway Committee passed through Cheyenne on the road to Dallas. They were D.C. Latta, C.H. Cross, F.G. Brann and John Dearing. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Blackburn of Hammon were visiting friends and relatives here last week.

Cheyenne Star, Mar. 14, 1918

100 years

By Dale Tracy. John Caffey will not be a candidate for Co. Sheriff. Rankin vicinity are planning on having one of the biggest events pulled off this season on March 22, 1918. The event will be a good roads event with a big dinner on the grounds. This will be an all day affair. Jim Lester will be a candidate for Co. Sheriff. Judson Cunningham returned here last Thursday from Tulsa where he had been working in an office for several months. W.P. Madden, postmaster here, made a trip to Lawton. In his absence, Miss Minerva Prestridge assisted in the post office. Frank Powers, motor route carrier, out of Rankin, was in the hub city last Wednesday attending to some business matters. T.L. Byers, postmaster of Crawford was here in the metropolis attending to business  matters. Hilary Warren of Zybach Texas was here last week.. Judge Wileman made a trip to Strong City last week. F.A. Beavin reports a good sale last Tuesday. D.C. Latta is making some changes in his store that materially improves the appearance and besides giving him more room to display his goods. W.C. Tomlinson of Durham was present at the Democratic meeting held here last Friday. Walter and Charles Blackburn were here attending to business matters; other were Jim Redden near Crawford; A.L. Thurmond, Elk City; H.M. Thomas progressive stockman of Durham, G.A. Watson of Durham; Uncle Jim Cooper southeast of town; V.V. Miller of Rankin; E.A. Williams postmaster of Hammon; Monroe Bates of Grimes area; J.W. Ginn of near Sweetwater; John Curtis of Crawford; Elmer Melton, progressive farm west of Crawford,; S.T. Alexander of near Durham. J.P. Seago of near Crawford; Stone Taylor, Co. Comm., G.W. Taylor, Strong City;  A.Y. Owen, editor of Sentinel of Strong City; J.E. Majors from south of town.

U.A. Albin of Sweetwater announces that he will be leaving there in a few days for parts unknown. Mr. E.R. Snowden of the Bachelor School area purchased the McGill and Paulk lands west of Hammon a few days ago. The deal was handled by E.C. Winford. A Mr. Kirk purchased the Bradshaw quarter section in the Edenview School area this week through W.C. Winford. Mr. Kirk’s brother recently purchased a farm adjoining this one. We learned that these gentlemen are enterprising, substantial farmers and we welcome them to our county. Ray Redden, Roll’s popular merchant, was in attendance at the Democratic Meeting last Friday. Carl Kemp has wrecked the old Southern Hotel Bulding on Broadway and will soon commence the erection of a 50 foot front, re-inforced building on his lots.

Cheyenne Star, March 21, 1918

100 years

By Dale Tracy. Cecil J. Hiatt has written a letter from on board the ship, USS Antigone, and addressed to Mrs. Leon Young at Strong City. He states that he has made two trips to France and the French girls sure like American sailors. Judge Cunningham announces his candidacy for Court Clerk on the Democratic ticket. F.M. Tidwell announces his candidacy for Co. Assessor on Democratic ticket. There will be pupils’ recital at the school house on March 30, 1918. Among those on the program are: Marjorie Jackson; Doret Turner, Ernestine Anderson, Margaret Jones, Robie Turner, Glena Lovett, Minerva Prestridge, Ruth Tracy, Bernice Penrod.

Ezra Morris who resides west of town is reported on the sick list this week. Mr. and Mrs. Horton of Shattuck arrived here last Fri. to visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Salyer, who reside west of town. J.D. Howard of the northeastern part of the county was here last week on business matters along with: Mr. Combs, father of William Combs of Bar X township; Doc Cary of Rankin; Roy Staton of Sandstone Community; S.K. Roberts, the Buick owner at Crawford; J.J. Means resides west of town, Bob Linebarger of Herring; J.M. Bonser,  Hammon; A.L. Lackey near Herring;

J.D. Funston, near Hamburg and L.T. Funston of Rankin; W.L. Diel of Grimes; Ponk Damron of Sandstone area; J.W. Cooper, one of the most progressive stock farmers to reside east side of town; Stone Taylor; Ray Redden; W.C. Tomlinson; Dan Jackson who lives southeast of town; C.A. Taylor of Croten Creek area.

Johnny Breed who has been working on the Herring Ranch east of town, passed through here last Tues. on his way to Canadian.

Ben Horst, foreman of the crew that is erecting the court house at this place, returned here the first of the week after several days absence, due to the birth of a daughter. J.L. Warren return from Mt. View where he was called to the bedside of a brother, who was taken suddenly ill Sat. and lived only a few hours. Carl Kemp is still working on wrecking his building. Judge J.W. McMurtry of Hammon was here directing the Good Roads Campaign. Walker Huff, foreman of the Herring Ranch near Herring was here with a sore hand, which is near blood poisoned, caused by a slight bruise on the finger last Sunday. The rural route that was supposed to run from Grimes to Cheyenne daily has been turned around and will run from Cheyenne to Grimes. Josh Singletary of Grimes, has received a transfer from one of the routes out of Grimes to this route and he will probably move his family here within a short time. Edgar Taylor has removed his family back to the ranch. Mrs. Law has moved into his residence, just vacated by Mr. Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. F.A. Beavin visited in Roll Sunday in the interest of the Red Cross. At the meeting held that day, two officers were elected to fill vacancies created by F.D. Ogle and Mrs. F.A. Beavin. Jake Ivy, one of our best War workers was elected to secede Mr. Ogle as Vice-Chairman and Mrs. Harry Shortser was elected to fill Mrs. Beavin’s place as Secretary/Treasurer. Mrs. Penny is chairman and Mrs. John Parker is a member of the working committee.

Cheyenne Star, March 28, 1918


By Dale Tracy. The special election held last Tuesday for the purpose of authorizing the Board of Co. Commissioners to issue the negotiable coupon bonds in the sum of $100,000.00 for the purpose of constructing bridges, was very quietly conducted and very little interest shown in most precincts. As the result a light vote was polled. The result of the issue was 477 for the bond and 564 against, with 27 precincts voting. There are ten municipal townships in our county and all but three said by their vote last Tuesday that if we have to pay for roads, we don’t want any. Grandma Barrett, as she was generally known, passed away Sat. morning, March 31, 1918 after several days illness. Suffering greatly from erysipelas. Charlotte Barrett born in Waterford, Ohio July 26, 1835 making her 83 years old at the time of her death. Among several sons and daughters were Mrs. A.F. Randall, with whom she was making her home at the time of her death. Funeral services were conducted at the Randall home by Rev. Wileman and McCleskey after which remains were quietly laid to rest in the Cheyenne Cemetery.

Primary announcements: E.E. Tracy for Co. Judge; Judge J.W. McMurtry for Co. Atty. Stone Taylor for Co. Comm. No. 1. The annual examination for county school diplomas will be held April 11&12 at 13 of the various schools within the county. George Boon will move his family from this city to Gracemont, Okla where he will make his future home.

 The pupils’ recital given by the students of Mrs. G.B. Lovett at the auditorium last Sat. was enjoyed by a large audience. W.T. Bonner returned from Miami, Okla. where he has been looking after a mining proposition.The Rebekahs of this city had a special session. Roger Mills Co. Breeders Assoc. meeting held here Sat. was well attended. Co. Comm. C.A. Bennett left for Miami, Okla. where he went for business for the Streeter Mining Co. of which he has an interest. Grant Hiatt, Co. Comm. #2 visited here. Frank Allee brought in the returns of his voting precinct on Wed. Hilary Warren of Zybach, Tx visited. while he lives in Texas, has interest in Roger Mills Co. was much concerned about the bond issue. J.W. Ginn brought in his voting returns. Little Ether Beavin is reported very low with pneumonia at his home. H.B. Bradford, who resides on Dead Indian Creek was here on business along with C.L. Barton, former resident, now connected with Stockyard National Bank in Okla. City; H.M. and Will Thomas and Miss Klina Potter of Durham, A.Y. Owen of Roger Mills Sentinel. Cheyenne Star has three former employees out in the American Army and Navy and they are having to conduct their business short-handed. Cong. Jim McClintock has announced he will speak here on Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. F.A. Beavin went up in Texas Sat. to attend the big Easter celebration in Wheeler Co. Our old friend, T.C.Moore is teaching school there. D.C. Latta and wife of Latta’s Cash Groc. went to Okla. City on business.

   Cheyenne Star, April 4, 1918

100 years

By Dale Tracy. The second day of the Third Liberty Loan Drive saw the county exceed her goal. More than $1,000 of bonds were sold. Shortcourse for farmers was held and deemed a successful affair. Judge Wileman announces for re-election to office of Co. Judge. Visitors to town were Henry Warren who resides west of town; Robert Wheeler & Grant McColgin, the telephone man of A.G. Carver, Mr. Thompson of Durham, I.J. Ward, Leedey; R.G. Ross, Moorewood; John Curtis, Crawford; Mrs. A. Hammond and son Buck, Matt Shaw, Pat Wilson,  Hamburg. Rev. C.M. Ballenger, pastor of the Presbyterian congregation will hold services at the auditorium of the school building at 11:00 a.m. this Sunday. Orville Conrad, one of Rankin’s patriotic citizens, attended the Jim McClintick speech. Oren Prestridge and Misses Minerva Prestridge and Lora Rogers of this city are in Ft. Worth witnessing the review of the southern division of the American Army. Pie Supper given by the Pleasant Valley auxiliary of Rankin last Thursday night was well attended. One pie sold for $6.00. Funds of $85.30 were raised which will go to the Red Cross.

   Miss Sallie Taylor left today for Carman, Okla. where she accepted a position in the I.O.F. Home as Asst Matron. T.L. Turner and J.D. Huggins are in Camp Donivan visiting the soldier boys. Mr. Huggins has a son at that place and Mr. Turner a nephew.  

The recent rains have visited this section and left lands in great condition for gardens and crops. A few months ago, Dr. C.W. Tedrowe, formerly of Elk City, now of Woodward volunteered for the Army in the Medical Reserve. He left Tuesday for Ft. Riley, Kan. for instruction.

  Cheyenne Star, April 11, 1918

100 years

By Dale Tracy. The heavy rains visited this section last Sat. and Sun. has placed sufficient moisture in the ground to almost insure a wheat crop besides placing the soil in splendid condition for spring planting. The rain has worked a hardship on the C&OW Railroad as it has not run a train over their road since last Sunday. Mail service has been completly paralyzed since the first of the week. All mail is being held at Clinton. Several hundred feet of track has been washed out between this place and Hammon and continued rain makes repair work slow.

EDENVIEW NEWS: Vester Marshall’s children are on the sick list. Mr. O.P. Macklin went to Elk City. Rains have caused many washouts in the area. B.F. O’Brian and Mr. Kirk are breaking sod for B.L. Zimmaman. H.D. Macklin is working roads near Berlin. Leonard Riggs is visiting his brother at Cordell. Our mail carrier, Josh Singletary has been about one hour late owing to bad roads.

 G.H. Dodgion, who resides southwest of town was here last Mon. on business along with: J.P. Bigelow, Dr. W.S. Cary, Rankin; J.J. and William Moore, Strong City; J.W. Cooper, one of our county’s prosperous stock farmers; Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Patterson, O.A. Kent, Hamburg; R.A. Vickey, Omer Lucas, prosperous farmer north of Hamburg;  George Scott, north of town; Uncle John Anderson and J.P. Smith, Redmoon.

  S. Jackson, President of the Cheyenne State Bank, left last Wed. for Okla. City where he will represent Roger Mills Co. at a meeting of the American Red Cross. Court Clerk Guy Eakins returned from Okla. City where he was on business. B.C. Latta of Latta Grocery has gone to Okla. City on business. Miss Mary Roberts and Mrs. Moore of Okla. City, who is visiting Mrs. Roberts near Redmoon, were here last Wed. E.N. McMillan of Grove, Okla. has moved here and will make this his future home. He has moved to the residence immediately east of T.L. Turner. Mrs. V.C. Latta is on the sick list this week. Josh Singletary has moved  his family from the farm near Grimes to here and has received his transfer from rural carrier at Grimes to carrier of Route 3 from Cheyenne.

The Red Cross Tacky Party given at the Eagle Hall last Tues. was an enjoyable affair. Money raised will provide needed articles for hospital use of the ill and wounded soldiers.

Cheyenne Star, April 18, 1918

100 years

By Dale Tracy. Guy Eakins announces for County Clerk, AH. Crawford for Co. Comm., B.C. Latta for Co. Treasurer, F.A. Brann for Co. Weigher. George Bashaw announces for re-election for Co. Treasurer. Eleven men reported for military service. Cheyenne is preparing for a big chautauqua August 6-8, 1918.

EDENVIEW NEWS: Roby Young and children from near Canadian spent Sun. night with his brother, J.D. Young. Mrs. Gilson and daughter from Kansas are here on a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Riggs. Rev. Klopenstein is Supt. of S.S. at this place. H.D. Macklin and family visited with Mr. J.D. Young Sun. J.B. Flenner made a trip to Elk City. Vester Marshall’s little boy who was sick with bronchial pneumonia is improving.

DURHAM DOINGS: Tuesday this community voted almost solid for a consolidated school with the high school department. Red Cross sold aprons and sunbonnets and proceeds go to the Red Cross. Mrs. E.E. Berganthal left for her home in San Antonio after two weeks visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. McCord. Miss Klina Potter has closed a successful term at Fairview District and accepted a situation in Cheyenne at the County Clerk’s office. The angel of death has visited our community twice this week taking Mrs. Earl Noblitt and Lee Straughn and extend sympathy to those families. Mr. Emory Noblitt came in Wed from Pampa where he has been employed the last three months. The following were elected as the board for the new school district. Will Thomas, W.T. Barber, B.H. Phenix. Lady Beth.

 Pat Wilson, prosperous stockman of Hamburg was here on business along with: Mr. and Mrs. Buck Hammond and Mrs. A. Hammond, Hamburg; A.X Grace, Strong City; Robert Wheeler, Mum Baker, Rankin; Will Bauman, prosperous stockman of Croton.   Newt McClain has moved from the Berry residence to the T.L. Turner property east of the court house. Roy Flack has removed from the Turner property to the residence of Mrs. Jeannie Berry in the west part of town. Mrs. Berry will soon vacate and leave for California. Walter Blackburn, Jr editor of the Elk City Democrat, was here this week repairing some rental property he has here. Joe Muhlbacher, an Austrian, who resides west of town, came in last Friday and purchased a liberty bond and subscribed to the Star. Jim Poindexter, one of Uncle Sam’s Navy boys, is visiting here. As yet, there is no train service in Cheyenne, but the train is expected this day. This lack of train service reminds one of an early day here only that freighting and mail service were done then by means of teams instead of autos. Fred Ogle came with the Durham School Board members, in the interest of consolidated school, which has just been effected there. The court house is just about completed. The county officials are counting the days. The Abstract Office of Slief-Grim Firm will soon be ready for them to occupy. R.N. Higgins is surveying in Beckham Co. this week. Dr. Wimberly of Hammon has been appointed Food Administrator for the county.

   Cheyenne Star, April 25, 1918


By Dale Tracy. Over a dozen businessmen of Cheyenne have donated about $100.00 to finance work on the road south of Cheyenne at a place known as Hightower Hill. W.A. Adams will not be a candidate for School Supt. Corp. Jessie H. James has sent a letter to the Cheyenne Star from Camp Travis, where he is stationed.

DURHAM DOINGS. The local Red Cross branch held their monthly business meeting at which they raffled an oil painting of Mrs. Augusta Metcalfe. A lady from Kansas won it. Bellview and North Antelope auxiliary are doing excellent work. In May we will give a tacky war supper. All guests are to wear tacky garb. Those attending un-costumed, will be charged double price for their supper. Mrs. J.A. McCord is dangerously ill. L. Beth

EDENVIEW ITEMS: The Liberty Bond Speaking was well attended and a large number of bonds were taken at that time. Mrs. J.D. Young visited at Charley Sandusky’s on Sun. Rev. Nichols made a splendid talk at church Sun. Leonard Riggs and sister Mrs. Gilson visited with their Uncle Jim Smith near Berlin. J.D. Young and H.D. Macklin exchanged jobs Sun.

 R. M. Walker, who resides west of town, was here on business as well as L.M. Dudney, Sam Berry, Charley Winn, Redmoon; Chester & Ervin Hunt, west of town; William Rogers.

   Mr. and Mrs. J.H. West, Strong City spent Sun with their daughter, Mrs. Newt McClain. O.R. Prestridge has been inducted into the Army. About a half dozen young people of the Baptist SS entertained him with a picnic in the Wallace Grove. Roscoe Anderson of Redmoon area and Iva Moore of Okla. City were united in matrimony at the ME parsonage Monday evening, April 29, 1918.

    Cheyenne Star, May 2, 1918

100 years

By Dale Tracy. A booster meeting was held Mon. evening at the court room. Plans were made to raise funds for the erection of a Fair Building and securing the grounds. The marking of the CDC Highway was discussed. R.L. Bob Trammell announced his candidacy for Sheriff. Sam Kendall for Comm of the 3rd District. W.A. Adams re-considers and will file for Co. Supt. Jim  Harris has been elected President of the State Wool Growers Assoc. He is also president of the Roger Mills Co. Wool Growers Assoc,, which is the oldest association of its kind in the state. Jno B. Harrison candidate for Justice of the Supreme Court, Fourth District. The Co. Comm. accepted the new court house and paid for it “by heck”. The officers moved into their new quarters and now doing business there. On Thursday afternoon, the first marriage license was issued. The March term of Jury Term will convene in the new court room on Monday. Grant Hiatt was in town for session of the Commissioners.

   A volcanizing plant is being established in our town by Mr. McMillan from Leedey. Little Ted Gause has been quite sick the last few days but is better.Business visitor: A.W. Thompson, H.M. Thoma,s W.C. Tomlinson, John Keller, Durham; Sam Kendall, Roll; F.A. Bennett near Crawford; J.W. Dunn, nw of Roll; Orville Conrad, Rankin. Earl Smith, an employee of Funston and Flack has been dangerously ill at his home. Paul Beavin, son of Mr. and Mrs. F.A. Beavin came home Wed. for a few days’ furlough from Camp Jones, where he has been since the time of his enlistment after volunteering about a year ago. Rev. Dillinger, pastor of Presbyterian congregation here will preach both morning and evening services. W.V. Jurgens made business trip to Ogiltree, Texas. He visited C.A. Fenno, obtaining a deed to some resident lots here. Josh Singletary is now the owner of these lots and has already commenced the excavation for the basement of a modern home under construction in a few days.

 W.F. Adams, Deputy Co. Clerk is on the sick list. Archie Anderson spent the week visiting her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson at Redmoon. Glenn Cross has resigned his position at Cooksey’s Drugs Store and gone to Magdalena, New Mexico where he has a position. Lon Madden has accepted his position with Mr. Cooksey. Henry Tracy who has been teaching school at Moorewood arrived here to visit homefolks.

DURHAM DOINGS Local Red Cross made arrangements for a picnic in Fay’s Grove north of Durham on July 4.W.B. Cecil was here from Texas.

Several interests displayed at election to locate the new Durham consolidated school. 92 votes were cast for Durham and 3 votes for one mile west of Durham, 91 votes for modern fire-proof building and 1 vote for a small building with a shingle roof. The Durham branch of Red Cross will sell ice cream and cake each Tuesday in June. Mr. Loving in Cheyenne is expected to be here on these nights with his moving picture show. Thursday night Bellview ARC will give an entertainment and rummage sale at the school house. Quite a number from N. Antelope, Fairview and Durham are arranging to go. On May 23 will be held in Durham, a joint meeting of the Melrose, Mt. Vernon, N. Antelope, Fairview and Durham School officials. W.A. Shindell and Mesdames Potter and Phenix are the committee in charge of the church program Mother’s Day.Mr. and Mrs. Loving of Cheyenne are contemplating putting on a motion picture show here one night each week. William B. Powell and W.C. Barber have closed a deal whereby Mr. Powell becomes the owner of the Barber real estate in Durham and Mr. Barber will own the Powell farm southwest of this berg. This place joins the farm already owned by Mr. Barber and this trade gives him one half section of some of our best land. Mr. Barber will move to the farm this fall. W.B. Noblitt is carrying the mail on Route 2 during W.R. Potter’s vacation.

  Lee Straughan, son of L.A. Straughan, was born in 1900 and died April 18, 1918 at the age of 18 years. In spite of good medical care he went to his reward just at sunset Thursday evening. The pupils at the Durham School of which he was one, under leadership of former teacher, Mrs. Joe Stone  formed an escort to the church where the Rev. G.A. Watson conducted the service. The casket was literally buried in blooms as each child present placed thereon a bouquet or blossom besides the many floral offerings from friends. Six of his associates acted as pallbearers. Frank McCord, Lee Satterfield, A.G. Carver, Jr., Claude Powell, George Cordell and Arthur Vaughn.  Lady Beth.

  Cheyenne Star, May 9, 1918

100 years

By Dale Tracy. An Oklahoma City doctor was given a five year prison term by Roger Mills County Jury for the crime of statutory rape. A brief outline of this case is as follows: On or about June 25, 1916, Dr. A.B.C.Davis, a practicing physician called at the home of W.B. Nettles, who resides northwest of Durham, presumably for the purpose of getting Mr. Nettles to haul his office furniture from the railroad to Durham. There was no one at home at the time other than Miss Iva Nettles, and a little baby. The information alleges that at that time the defendant committed the crime for which he was on trial. The girl was under the age of eighteen at that time.

  Ralph Rankin, a fourteen year old boy, son of John Rankin, living two miles south of Cheyenne, fell from a lister, which he was driving and was injured so badly that a leg had to be amputated. When the court house was completed it was plainly seen that the square upon which it is located, could not be made slightly in appearance without a retaining wall on the west side. A committee was appointed and donations solicited and within a few hours time, more than $80 was raised, four loads of sand given and the use of Mr. Mann’s concrete mixer contributed. The money was collected as it was donated with work to begin at once.

  Mary Roberts died at the local hospital from heart failure following an operation. Mary Roberts was a young lady, still in her teens, charming and loveable and admired by all who knew her. She was born Dec. 9, 1898 and passed May 16, 1918. She was the daughter of John Henry and Martha Anderson.

DURHAM DOINGS: About 35  young folks, Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Watson and Mrs. Barber went to Bellview Thursday night to put on a program. In spite of the unpleasant weather, a goodly number of the Bellview people were out and a neat little sum was realized for our sewing fund. Those contributing to the Bellview-Rupert Auxiliary Rummage sale were: Miss Alta Bullard, pickles. Mrs. Newell, hooks, canned meat, chickens. Mrs. Wells, a dozen eggs, one and one half dozen radishes. Mrs. Samuels, cake; Mrs. John Purdy, cake. Mrs. Lonnie Creach, cake. Mrs. Frank Watson, one dozen eggs and a pie. Miss Johnny McQuigg, a sunbonnet. Miss Ethel McQuigg, a dresser scarf. Mrs. John Wallace, a pound of butter, dozen eggs. Miss Ina McConnell, crocheted baby cap. K.A. Goodwin, one bushel seed maize. Wayne Newell, a sack of flour. The cake and pie were sold at auction bringing from 10cents to 35 cents each. The tacky party and banquet which was being held Tuesday was postponed on account of so many of the people getting called to court on Tuesday, May 21. Dr. and Mrs. Wallace, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tunnard and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Butler were among those from Cheyenne were noticed at the Mother’s Day program here.Don’t forget the meeting in Thompson’s Hall May 23 for the purpose of consolidating of the six councils of defense in the six schools recently consolidated.

  Cheyenne Star, May 16, 1918

100 years

By Dale Tracy. A list of 47 were called to military service: Blaine Pickett Wilson, Fred Brown, Guy Davis, Lloyd Bull, Lake Cox, James A. Short, Jackson Ferguson, Aron E. Prestridge, Horace Hunt, John William Lucas, Chester Jewels Gailand, William Marion Jones, Harry A. McFarland, David C. Dare, Herman Hunt, James A. Guest, Wallace Charles Gray, Mayo Leo Cox, Charles Emmitt Brown, Cornelius Rose McKnight, William J. Casady, Earl Briggs, Eli Ab Hooper, Herbert Nelson Foster, John Henry Bynum, August E. Wittkopp, Jim Duncan, Claude Wilson Rylant, Leo J. Swope, Floyd A. Rice, Daniel Glen Branham, Charles H. Trammell, Robert Leightner, Glen Robert Focht, William Lee Hardeman, Henry Coym, John Edward Gibbs, Walter L. Perkins, Lee Caffey, Joseph H. Calvert, Edgar Bryan Walker, William F. Berwer, George F. Millhouse, Joseph L. Bench, Walter Pleasant Sims, John Frank Turbyfill, George Washington Hiatt, Vernon Thompson, Charles Earnest Haight.

  The markers have been placed of the proposed route of the D-D-C Highway which will enter this county from Texas at a point directly west of Durham, pass through that city, thence to Roll, from Roll to Cheyenne and on to Hammon, thus crossing the county in somewhat an angling direction from the northwest to the southeast. This highway means much to the people of Roger Mills. The lyceum closed Wed. night with the Hon. Granville Jones of Montana giving the last lecture. We discussed the meaning of the meaning of the Declaration of Independence.

EDENVIEW NOTES: We again received a large rain and some hail, but not enough to do damage. B.L. Zimmerman is on the sick list. A surprise party was given to J.D. Young on Sun. for his 25th birthday. D.H. Macklin lost a valuable cow Sun. while feeding along an embankment. She fell off killing her. Henry Fetty on sick list.

   Cheyenne Star, May 23, 1918

100 years

By Dale Tracy. An usually sad and terrible accident happened in the northeast of our county on Tuesday last week when Jessie  Beachamp, small son of Joe Beachamp, who resides near the MK&T Schoolhouse, accidently shot and killed himself. It seems the boy was listing some land and had taken the shotgun to the field with him to kill some rabbits. Later the team came running to the house with the lifeless body of Jessie entangled in the lister, which was muchly besmeared with blood. The top of the skull had been completely torn away by the discharge of the gun and the particles were found all along the road, where the team had run. It is presumed that the boy was carrying the gun loaded and by some chance accidently fired it, shot passing through his skull causing his instant death. Undoubtedly the shot frightened the team causing them to run away. We are extremely sorry to hear of this sad accident and extend our sympathies to the bereaved family. The heaviest rains that have fallen for years fell here the first of the week, beginning Sat. with local showers and Sun afternoon, quite a heavy storm came in the form of small cyclones, much hail and a regular cloudburst of rain. Monday another gully washer came and again Tuesday night. The Washita River is the highest it has been for years. The bottoms on either side are completely submerged and crossing is almost impossible. The C&OW Railroad track is completely washed out somewhere between Clinton and Hammon. Even the Star Route mail north of town, Being this water bound, we are unable to get necessary communications from the outside world. Small cyclones came near being tornadoes and we learn much damage has been done in some locality by them. One southwest of town blew the house of J.P. Boatwright off the foundation, wrecking his barn and killing a calf. Another wrecked the barn belonging to Bob Martin west of town. Another completely demolished a small house northeast of town. The forms for the front of Carl Kemp’s concrete building, now  under construction on West Braodway, were blown down. About 50 window lights were broken out of the court house by the hail storm. Orville Conrad and Hope McColgin were married May 18, 1918.Uncle Vint Thomas and Vera Smith Peterson have died recorded in their obituaries.

Cheyenne Star, May 30, 1918


By Dale Tracy. Among the prize winners at the Co. Fair was Joe Muhlbacher. He placed 2nd with his exhibit of pears, 1st with prunes, 1st with cowpeas and 2nd with feterita.

Cheyenne Star, Sept 19, 1918

By Dale Tracy. A soldier of France lay on the hospital bed and his arm had just been taken away. The doctor looked down at the white young face. “I’m sorry my boy, you had to lose your arm.” The eyes of the soldier flashed “No, no doctor, I didn’t lose it” he said. “I gave it to France.” Christmas packages for the 2.5 million or more American soldiers who will be in France during the holiday season this year, will be delivered under an arrangement with the Red Cross. For Sale: New 1917 Ford car, $400.00.

 Merlin and Glenn Cross, both wearing sailor uniforms are visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Cross and other relatives and friends in Cheyenne this week. Miss Rubye Anderson began work Monday in the office of F.A. Beavin, County Clerk. A teacher’s meeting will be held in Cheyenne, Saturday, Oct. 26. E.S. Taylor was among those from Cheyenne who visited the State Fair. Mr. and Mrs. Hogan Beavin are the proud parents of a little son who arrived Friday, Sept. 20. Several others are attending. Miss Klina Potter attended the meeting of the United War Workers, held in Okla. City. Perry Madden’s family has moved to Clinton where they will make their home. The Maddens have long been residents of Cheyenne and will be greatly missed. Our Strong City Gin has been remodeled throughout and now prepared to gin your cotton. Berlin School opened Sept. 9 with enrollment of 61 pupils and has increased to 74 in past two weeks. The high school is doing splendid work in agriculture, zoology, literary and military drill. Boys and girls organize their basketball teams Oct. 1.

BERLIN: Pauline Gesell died at the home of her parents Sept. 18. Pauline was sick three days and a lively 16 year old girl. Buried in Berlin Cemetery.  

 Cheyenne Star, Sept 26, 1918   


By Dale Tracy. A. Y. Owen, editor of the Roger Mills Sentinel announces that due to economic conditions, he will have to close the newspaper and has sold that paper to the editor of the Cheyenne Star, who will honor subscriptions, which the Sentinel held. The editor of the Cheyenne Star has Spanish flu, which has caused the Cheyenne school and many others to close due to the Spanish flu epidemic. Churches and other organizations have ceased their meetings as to not spread the disease. Soldier boy from Strong City, Ira Campbell has been killed in action in WWI. Mrs. Handy of near Crawford, has died. One of her children is Minnie Blurton of Crawford. Burial in Fairview Cemetery at Durham. J.C. Nebhut was born 4APR1858 and died 2OCT1918 and buried in Cheyenne Cemetery. School has begun at Clear Springs and Miss Emma Stauber is teacher. West School has Miss Mae Rorabaugh is teacher, and Lola Tracy is teaching at Roll. Olive Stauber will teach at Grimes. Four year old son of Mr. White died at home. Dr. W.H. Bell died at Altus who had done dental work here in our county. W.H. Little, old timer died October 16, 1918 at the age of 79 years, who came here in 1897. Three business houses in Cheyenne burned October 24, 1918 in spite of the heroic work of the Volunteer Firemen. The fire caught from the roof of L.W. Pate’s Grocery and Hardware Store on Broadway and Fourth Street. A crew of workmen was doing some repair work on the roof, which required the use of asphalt, the heating vat was fixed on the roof in a manner that would seem perfectly safe. The Pate building was a two story building of reinforced concrete. The building also housed the Cheyenne State Bank, the Local Draft Board, J.W. Eaton’s Dentist Office, different Odd Fellow Lodges, also operating tools belonging to Dr. G.H. Wallace, who recently entered the service to the government. Besides the Pate building in two departments, the O.R. Prestridge Building was also burned. In this building was the Prestridge Hardware on the ground floor and the second story was occupied by Modern Woodmen of American Lodge. On the upcoming election ballot is an amendment to the U.S. Constitution providing women the Right to Vote.

Cheyenne Star,   October, 1918