Union Chapel-Insulin

SW 1/4 of 34-15-26
West of Midway

From the Cheyenne Sunbeam of September 16, 1904:  The Union Chapel-Insulin Cemetery was formed in August of 1904.  There was a church just east of the cemetery which was first known as County Line Church but was later called Union Chapel sometime prior to 1904.  It is located on a claim owned by Mrs. Cantwell.

BRINKLEY, Virgil Lee 23SEP1930 – 26OCT1930

GARVER, Harvey Albert 19OCT1863 – 23JUL1918

GEORGE, Ann 1930 – 1930

GEORGE, Baby 1932 – 1932

GEORGE, Charles L. 16JUL1866 – 26DEC1935

GEORGE, No name No dates

GEORGE, No name No dates

GEORGE, No name No dates

GILLESPIE, B.E. 16DEC1879 – 19MAR1918

GILLESPIE, Edith 11AUG1881 – 18FEB1956 Wife of Sam Warren

GILLESPIE, Sam Warren 10JAN1885 – 16DEC1975

GRAY, David Lee 05APR1883 – 19NOV1938

GRAY, David Lee 05APR1931 – 05APR1931 Son of Illif and Ella

GRAY, Dora E. 07JAN1883 – 19NOV1938

GRAY, James H.C. 23NOV1851 – 16DEC1918

GRAY, Jerald Dewayne 09SEP1949 – 09SEP1949 Son of James & Ethel

GRAY, Maudie Ella Swopes 22FEB1900 – 13JUN1986

GRAY, Nancy J. 27APR1856 – 09SEP1932 Wife of James H.C.

GRAY, Roy 12DEC1907 – 13DEC1907

GRAY, Troy 01JAN1891 – 25APR1943

GRAY, William I., 05SEP1891 – 25MAY1943 Veteran of WW I

HANNA, Emily Jane Montgomery 1851 – 1943 Wife of Jacob Bruce, mother of Gertrude and Martin

HANNA, Gertrude 1886 – 1968 Sister of Martin L.

HANNA, Jacob Bruce, Jacob Bruce 09DEC1842 – 18AUG1929 Civil War Veteran, father of Gertrude and Martin

HANNA, Martin Lou 1876 – 1939 Brother of Gertrude

HARLTEY, Baby 14DEC1909 – 14DEC1909

HARLTEY, Mary Lou 26JUL1879 – 08JUL1972 Wife of R.A.

HARLTEY, R. A. 25SEP1873 – 01FEB1911

HOLMES, Callie Geneva Gillespie Hartley, Born 1NOV1919 Died 6JAN2010

KEITH, David Eugene 30MAR1951 – 30MAR1951 Son of Aubrey and Anita

KEITH, Meridith Ann 02JUN1954 – 02JUN1954

KING, Roy W. 20JUN1895 – 14NOV1908

MILLS, Millie Sanford 1909 – 1926

MILLS, Raymond 31MAY1903 – 04NOV1906

MILLS, Twin babies . – No date

MONTGOMERY, Sabra Jane 1835 – 1921, mother of Emily Jane Montgomery

PARKS, Edsel Byron  Educator Born 12MAR1928  Died 29OCT2014  Celebration Service with burial of ashes May 24, 2015

PARKS, Pearlie L. Crabtree 1892 – 1979 Wife of Phillip

PARKS, Phillip Henry 15AUG1878 – 06APR1956

PATKS, Mary E. 16DEC1852 – 28DEC1936 Mother of Phillip

RIEGEL, Clyde Kenneth Born 11DEC1913 – Died 22JUL1916

RIEGEL, Twins No date – Buried in same grave

SAWANSON, John R. 1909 – 1981 Son of Fredrika and Ollie

SAWANSON, Ollie 1864 – 1936

SAWNSON, Fredrika 1875 – 1954

SELBY, Alfred T. 15MAR1907 – 05APR1907

SELBY, Babies . – No date Buried in same grave

SELBY, Lottie L. 1878 – 1965 Wife of Oliver F.

SELBY, Oliver F. 1876 – 1948

SWOPE, Baby 07OCT1923 – 07OCT1923 Son of Leo and Zella

SWOPE, Brenda Colene 30MAR1923 – 30MAR1923 Dau of Tom Swopes

SWOPE, Charlie H. 1861 – 1919

SWOPE, Edith M. 1874 – 1949 Wife of Charlie H.

THURMAN, Bennet J. 17APR1855 – 29OCT1929

THURMAN, Joseph B. 03OCT1907 – 12APR1953

THURMAN, Lucy Belle 31JAN1906 – 22MAR1908

THURMAN, Maggie B. Price 14JUN1872 – 02JAN1958

Unknown, No information

Unknown, ( 2 red rocks)

Unknown, ( a pile of red stones)

Unknown, (Cement marker)

Unknown, (Tin Stob)

WELLS, Isaiah 15MAR1831 – 29AUG1904

WOOD, Mary J. 02MAY1829 – 05AUG1905 Wife of John P. Wood, M.D.