BARNARD, Mrs. Harvey

Mrs. Harvey Barnard, who resided southwest of this city, died Saturday from blood poisoning, which _____________ in the thumb of her right hand __________ had ______

She was suffering from the                         two weeks ago and came to Cheyenne for the purpose of having it lanced. The operation apparently did not relieve her suffering for a second operation was performed. Blood                                           and spread over her entire right side.

Mr. and Mrs. Barnard formerly resided at Bristow, where they were married. They recently moved to the Dempsey neighborhood, where Mr. Barnard had purchased a farm.
Her body was shipped to Bristow, Oklahoma for interment.
The Star extends sympathy to those saddened by her untimely death.
Cheyenne Star, March 15, 1917
 {Original obituary from paper is in the Obituary Files of the Roger Mills County Genealogy Society kept in the Cheyenne Library}