Word was brought to town Monday evening, August 21, 1899, of a killing in Day County some ten miles ease from Grand, at the ranch of Henry Hamilton. From what we can learn it appears that Hamilton and four other men had a bunch of cattle rounded up near his dugout when he saw Ira Cooper and John Hensley approaching. There had been trouble between the man, and as Cooper was coming up Hamilton told him to keep away or he’d kill him. Cooper replied that he guestsed Hamilton wouldn’t shoot and proceeded to ride closer. Hamilton then took a Wincher from a fence against which it had been leaning and shot Cooper through thed left arm. The latter fell or got off his horse, drawing his pistol as he did so. Five other shots were then fired, three by Cooper and two by Hamilton, after which Cooper was found to have received another wound in his left shoulder and still another in the head, the latter shatterring the entire skull in to small pieces and causing instant death. Hamilton received a slight wound in the face, and is in jail. Until the examining trial it will be hard to get all the facts. We simply give the above as it was told to us by several parties who have been over in the area of the trouble. Cooper was buried here on Tuesday last.
Cheyenne Sunbeam, Cheyenne, O.T. 25AUG1899