DAVIDSON, James R. “Uncle Jimmy”

“Uncle Jimmy” Davidson is Dead.
A letter dated September 27, from N.S. Griggs, undertaker at Amarillo, Texas, to A.W. Clapp of this city, says that a man answering the description of James R. Davidson, well known to the old settlers of the county, was found in a dying condition in an old dilapidated buggy drawn by a lame horse near that place in June this year, and was put on the train and taken to Amarillo where he died and was buried.
“Uncle Jimmy” as he was known to everybody in this country, was his own worst enemy, being addicted to the use of liquor ever since he was known here. He was at one time comfortably fixed for a man of his needs, liquor impoverishing him, breaking his health and finally killing him, some thinking that he got drunk and was exposed to the weather all night and caught cold, from the effects of which he died.
He had started to Arkansas to visit some relatives and then changed his mind, and was on his way to Colorado. He left this place with some horses and was traded out of them until the rig he was in was all he had at the time of his death, it being not worth enough to pay his burial expenses
Cheyenne Star October 5, 1916