Jesse Dunn Estes, a resident of Dibble, OK, was born on August 12, 1978 in Chickasha, OK to Rita (Dunn) Estes and Glenn Wilson Estes. He passed away on July 5, 2016 in Alex, OK at the age of 37 years, 11 months and three days. Jesse grew up in Dibble, OK and Deaver, WY. He had worked as a welder and handyman. He had spent the last four years in Dibble.
He was preceded by his father, paternal grandparents, Glenn E. Estes and Clara Estes, maternal grandmother Florence A. Dunn.
  Survivors include his mother, Rita Estes of Dibble, Oklahoma; daughter, Grace Estes of Powell, WY; step daughter, Paige Farwell of Powell, WY; two sons, Jeremy and George Estes of Powell, WY; Maternal grandfather, Carl Dunn of Chickasha, OK; two sisters, Jennifer and husband Luis Hernandez of Dibble, OK; Jillian Estes of Denver, CO; niece, Jillian Hernandez of Dibble, OK; nephew, Jayden Hernandez of Dibble, OK; step brothers, Freddie Vela, Chris Sheppard, and Jessie (Mikey) Sheppard from the Fort Worth, TX area.
  Jesse wrote this…”I am both original and authentic, C***iness can run its mouth all day long about what it CAN do. Confidence tells you what it’s about to do, and then does it. I grew up on a dairy farm near Dibble with two awesome sisters! I was the middle child. My dad showed me how to weld at the ripe old age of 5. By age 6, I convinced him to let me drive a tractor. I managed to not tear up too much stuff on the farm, but dad never gave up on me. I wanted to be like him, and he seen the potential for lots of child slave labor! I’m so glad that I had those experiences! I still love welding and driving  tractor. I love to build things, but I can’t hardly move a muscle until I can envision it from start to end. I’m a thinker for sure. I like to talk philosophy about life and ponder on it. I’m not to thrilled with the way the world is and where it seems to be going. I’ve been abused plenty for giving the benefit of the doubt and trying to change things, but that’s the chance you take when you put yourself out there. What separates me from the rest is, I’m not afraid to try again. Most of the time I get to put a smile on someone’s face, one of my favorite things to do!!! I refuse to let the world change me, I’ll be the one doing the changing! I love to laugh and make people laugh. My sense of humor is a bit of smart *** with a touch of sarcasm. I have a mountain of confidence in myself and my abilities. If I say I can, I do. If I can’t, I ask how. Not afraid to be wrong, it happens when you try. I despise the love of money, arrogance, bragging, thieves and liars. I have no use for any of them…My time is the most valuable thing I possess, please don’t waste it. I’ll gladly share it with anyone that appreciates it.” Jesse D. Estes
   In lieu of flowers, Jesse’s children meant the world to him, it would be Jesse’s wish to help his children. Donation would be greatly appreciated and can be received in the love offerings box at Jesse’s memorial service.
  Memorial Services will be held on Saturday, July 16, 2016 at 6 p.m. at the Dibble Freewill Baptist Church in Dibble, OK officiated by Rev. Lewis Cox. Services are under the direction of DeArman Funeral Home of Wynnewood, OK. Please send online condolences to

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