Perry Stout and Columbus Griffin of Aaron community, Greer County, came into town early this morning, September 10, 1897 with the news of one of the saddest occurences in the history of the county. As a rsult, Bob Guffin is a corpse at his home, killed by his own hands and Crumby Thaggard, a groom of only a few hours and son-in-law of Bob Guffin is dangerously wounded with a pistol shot through his arm ranging into his body. The ball passed through his right lung and when our informants left it had not been found by Drs. Hardin and Fowler, the attending physicians. Guffin himself is the perpetrator of the deed and it is thought that in a fit of insanity he determineded upon the killing of his new son-in-law and his own suicide. Young Thaggard was in town Monday and obtained license to marry Miss Addie, the nineteen year old daughter of the deceased. Without the consent of Mr. Guffin, the couple left the home of the bride yesterday evening and was married but a short while after. Mr. Guffin, upon finding them gone, started to hunt them up. He found them shortley before night and seemed in no way angry but extended to them a cordial invitation to his home. Upon deparating, the newly married couple started to a camp meeting at Aaron and Mr. Guffin is supposed to have gone home where he procured a pistol, returning to Squire W.T. Thaggard’s plce where the couple were expected to return. When within one hundred yards of the house, Guffin stepped up to the wagon in which Squire Thaggard’s family and his daughter and new son-in-law, where upon he deliberately shot the new husnband as above stated and without a moment’s warrning turned the pistol against his own head and sent a bullet crashing through the temple. The whole community is thrown into a state of grief at the awful calamith and the sincerest sypathy of all is extended to the young bride and orphan children —Mangum dStar.
Cheyenne Sunbeam, Cheyenne, OK 10SEP1897