Bob Wilson was killed on his farm on Barnitz Creek, ten miles northwest of Arapaho, yesterday afternoon, September 2, 1897, by Z.R., Hall. Hall went to where Wilson was mowing hay, and asked him what he cut his cope for. Wilson denied cutting the rope. The lie was passed, and both drew their guns and fired. Bob Wilson was shot in the left side just under the arm and in the small of the back near the kidneys, and died before his father could get him to the house. Bob Wilson was among the first settlers of Custer County. He leaves a wife and an infant child only a few days old. His father and mother recently moved here to reside. Z.R. Hall is a sheep owner and came to this country last June from Cookville, Texas.
Bob Wilson was a cattleman and the two had trouble over the range. Hall refused to make a statement to a representative of the Arapaho Bee and referred us to his attorneyt, J.C. McKnight, when seen this morning.
Squire Knox held an inquest an ordered the sheriff to take charge of Hall. The preliminary hearing is set for tomorrow. Arapho Bee…Cheyenne Sunbean, Cheyenne, OK 3SEP1897
(This is a report here to the effect that the man Hall had been ordered to leave the country by a notice posted on his house during his absence. He also missed a rope. Suspecting Wilson of having posted the notice he road over to see him and discovered his rope there. Hot words led to shooting, with the above result. Hall has given a $6,000 bond.)