Last Tuesday morning, April 10, 1917, about one o’clock, William Headdy, who resides about
five miles east of Berlin, son and daughter received burns that resulted in their death,
when the Heady residence caught fire and was destroyed together with all its contents.
The origin of the fire is unknown.
The Heady family awakened only after the house had burned to the point of collapsing.
In the confusion for a while the absence of one of the children was not noticed.
When it was found that one of the children was still in the burning structure,
Mr. Heady, disregarding the fact that almost certain death would be the result,
went through the flames to the bed where his small son was lying nearly suffocated
by the smoke and bore him outside. However, both he and son were burned so badly
that death soon followed. The little girl died Tuesday night.
Addendum: The stones list the little girl as Luceal B. born 1906 and died 10APR1917.
Little son as Lee Albert born 1909 and died 10APR1917 and William A. Heady born 1876.
Cheyenne Star, April 12, 1917

FIRE CLAIMS VICTIM: The fourth of the Headdy family who were victims of a house fire.
Francis A. Heady died Sunday evening. The child was ten years old. It was thought for
some time that the child would recover but life lingered only for a short while and departed
on the evening of April 22, 1917.
The remains were laid quietly away in the Berlin Cemetery by the side of the others of the
family who had gone before.
The Star extends its utmost sympathy to the bereaved mother.
Cheyenne Star, April 26, 1917