PRESTRIDGE, George Raymond

George Raymond, son of Mr. and Ms. George Prestridge, who resides on their farm adjoining our city,
died last Saturday, March 31, 1917.
He was born at Mountain View, Oklahoma, January 2, 1899 and was afflicted with meningitis at eight days old,
leaving him an invalid and remained in this afflicted state during his entire life.
On account of his physical condition he never developed as other children and was looked upon by the
Prestridge family as a baby during his life of eighteen years. He was an invalid but the idle (sic) of the family,
which makes his demise a severe blow to the bereaved. All recognize the fact that he is much better off now
as he is basking in the sunshine of God’s holy presence.
It seems that he was only born into this world to suffer and die, but the Father had a purpose in bringing
George Raymond into the world and we feel that, that mission has been performed and God has said
it is enough and has taken him home.
The remains were laid to rest in the Cheyenne cemetery Sunday afternoon after the funeral services
were conducted at the Prestridge home by Rev. W.B. Gilliam, pastor of the Methodist Church at this place.
Cheyenne Star, April 5, 1917