LILES, Mary A.

Three score and ten is the allotted life of man, but perchance we may live four score years, it is only by the mercies of God that we experience the extension of our lives. Our average life is only about thirty-six years; when we pass this age, we pass the ordinary age limit, and beyond this, say at the age of forty-five or fifty, we feel the infirmities of age. At the allotted time life’s mission is filled; the building is complete, with only the finishing touches of the builder, putting on the ornamental work, getting ready to be taken away, the character ripened, matured, and translated into glory. So was the life of Mary A. Liles, who was born in Overton County, Tennessee, April 8, 1841. She professed religion and joined the M.E. Church, South, of which she was a member until her death, which came March 27, 1914. Mrs. Liles lived the life of a daughter, wife, and mother till death called her from this life to her home above. She leaves seven children, a husband and relatives and friends with whom we join in sympathy in this hour of bereavement.
Bereaved, remembering the promise of God. “As one whom his mother comfortheth, so will I comfort you.” The mother’s business is to comfort the children, to interpret God to her children; but the children or the mother that is gone, remember the comfort that she gave her is no more and only God can and will comfort you, as your mother for whom you mourn, which is occasioned by your wounded hearts.
Your ties of love cannot be surrendered without pain and sorrow, but remember God and the song: “When I was but a little child, how well I recollect, How I would grieve my mother with my folly and neglect; And now that she has gone to heaven, I miss her tender care; Angels, tell my mother I’ll be there.
Tell mother I’ll be there, in answer to her prayer; This message, Guardian Angel to her bear; Tell mother I’ll be there, heaven joys with her share; Yes tell my darling mother, I’ll be there.
Contributed by Rev. J.S. Sessums,