Rosco Alonzo (or Alonzo Rosco) and William Cleveland Tomberlin

I am looking for anyone descended from or related to these two gentlemen. They were the sons of B.F. Tomberlin and Nettie Sloan Tomberlin. Rosco was married to Nettie Cunningham, and William was married to her sister Dora Anne “Annie” Tomberlin. Nettie and Annie were the younger sisters of Estella Cunningham Earnhart Merchant, my husband’s grandmother. Estella was married to James M. Merchant (1862-1918)after her first husband, George Earnhart, died in Lead Hill, AR. Estella and James lived in Newburg, Hughes Co., OK. They are buried side-by-side in Atwood Cemetery. My husband’s father was their youngest child, Hershel.

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Sandra (Mrs. Don) Merchant
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