Rowland, Cal

On Saturday evening, June 23, 1899, Mr. E.F. Herring and Mr. W.M. Creagor came to town and informed Sheriff Thompson that a shooting had taken place at the Y Cross camp on the Washita in which they had participated. Mr. Herring also engaged Dr. Johnson to proceed at once to attend Cal Rowland, the man whom he said he had shot. Mr. Herring did not think at that time that Rowland was mortally wounded, but expressed the opinion that the wounds were probably dangerous. Officers immediately went to the scene of trouble, which is some twelve miles from town, and on their return both Herring and Creagor were taken before Judge Osborn and bound over in the sum of $2000 each to await further action in the event of the death of the injured man.
The following morning, Sunday, the injured man, Cal Rowland, died and Herring and Creagor were placed in jail by Sheriff Thompson. The first evidence offered was the deposition of the deceased, which was as follows: I am positive Creagor shot first, shooting me in the shoulder, my back being turned to Creagor at the time he shot me. Herring told Creagor to shoot me, he, Creagor, shooting me before I had my pistol drawn. Creagor and myself had never had trouble always being on friendly terms. Creagor also shooting me the second time, my back being turned. He shot me through the hip. Herring emptying his pistol then got Creagor’s but was stopped by Charles Powell.{The rest of the hearing/verdict appear in Cheyenne Sunbeam, 30JUN1899}