Died Sunday, February 18, 1917 at her home in Laramie, Wyoming, Mrs. Nina Wall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S.E. Guier, of this place.
Besies her parents, Mrs. Wall leaves a husband and two small children and two sisters, Mrs. Laura Bowden and Miss Ella Guier, to mourn her loss.
Mrs. Wall was born at Crosstimber, Mo, September 18, 1891, was married on Christmas Day, 1908 to George Wall of Custer City, Okla.
The remains were brought to Durham and buried Friday, February 28. Funeral services were conducted at the church. Brother G.A. Watson officiating.
The casket, upon which was a beautiful wreath of flowers (of which the deceased was very fond) given by the business associates of Mr. Guier here in Durham. Was born to its final resting place in Fairview Cemetery by Messrs W.A. Wiley, Will Gabbert, Edgar Vaughn, G.E. Gabbert, Frank Baker and Frank Hensley. Mrs. Wall’s mother, sister and an aunt came from Thomas to the funeral.
Mrs. Wall was taken ill late November and from Christmas Day her life was despaired of tho’ all that love and medical skill could do, was done to relieve her suffering.
Her last words, giving a message of comfort to her loved ones were: “I’ve come to the River, it is not a dark River, but a bright shining River—with beautiful lights. Don’t touch me; don’t bring me back,     I want to go.”
Softly the stars are gleaning
Upon a quiet grave;
There sleepeth without dreaming
One we loved but could not save.
Sweet and peaceful be thy rest,
God called thee; He alone knows best
His will be done forever.
Cheyenne Star, March 8, 1917