Hiram Baxley was attacked by a vicious pet bull on Friday evening late and received injuries from the effects of which he died during the night, March 3, 1917. Hiram was born February 17, 1878.
Mr. Baxley was in a feeble condition from the effects of a surgical operation a few weeks ago and when attacked by the bull was not able to flee or resist too much effect. The bull butted him down and trampled upon him, crushing his chest and internal organs in a fearful manner. His wife came to his rescue with a shotgun and fired on the bull, which only served to infuriate him to a greater extent.
Dr. Cary of Rankin and Dr. Wendall of Sayre, were called, but the first examination convinced them that there was no hope for recovery.
He will be buried by the Masons at Mulberry Cemetery.
Cheyenne Star, March 8, 1917