The 1967 Reunion of Old Settlers in Cheyenne on April 19 was the greatest of them all. The 3.02 inches of rain, which fell during Reunion time (when the region was feeling the pinch of a prolonged drought) did not daunt the efforts of the people of the C&A Country to make this Reunion a success. In spite of the rain, 2,023 Old timers registered to swell the attendance to a total of 10,000. The welcome for the honored guest, Mignon Laird of New York City at her namesake airport at 5 o’clock Tuesday afternoon was deluged with rain. The barbecue started about the same time for the 2,000 people who ate. As soon as the feeding was over, the mud was swept from the floor of the Seed House for a program and square dancing, which continued until the wee hours. Although the rain continued, approximately 500 people gathered at the Airport Wednesday for the early breakfast preceding the dedication of the airport, by Governor Henry Bellmon. Only a drizzle prevailed on the four mile parade and Beutler & Son Rodeo was well attended in the afternoon. It was a great day.

C&A Queen Dana Thomas, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bufford Thomas and descendant of Frank Cole who made the “run”. Her attendants are Gayle Ann Estes, Donna Smith, Janie Shaw, Jan Porter, Cathy Churchill, Alexia Gay Reynolds, Billye Lee Payne, Ellen Stickley, Barbara Parman and Francine Allee.

Indian Princess Phillis Hart, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Hart of Hammon is a freshman there. She is the great granddaughter of Chief John P.Hart.

Old Time Dress First place Bess Bullard; Beard Growing John Wells; Fiddling Larry Sutton; Sayre Band; Floats First Place Sorosis Club; Riding Clubs First was Little Wranglers of Beckham County.

During the reunion C.H. Guernsey of C.H. Guernsey Consulting Engineering Co of Oklahoma City (who had contributed the surveying freely) was present to dedicate the Mignon Laird Airport.