The 1962 Reunion of Old Settlers in Cheyenne was credited with having one of the biggest parades ever assembled in a town of this size. In this gigantic parade there were 1,000 horses (according to a Daily Oklahoman story), 10 bands, 75 floats and 12,000 people. When Raymond Gary placed the crown upon Barbara Gaynor, 1962 Queen of the C&A Country he crowned a young woman who had been born and still resided in a home built upon town lots in Cheyenne upon which her great-grandfather J.R. Casady had filed in 1892.

Queen Gaynor’s attendants are all descendants of land runners: Patsy Lovett, Ann Chalfant, Gay Chalfant, Martha Anderson, Melba Brown, Carla Dean, Kay Ackley and others Kay Barrett, Agnes Bradshaw, Kathi Burns and Debbie Calvert.

Indian Princess, Eva Marie Old Crow is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Denny Old Crow. Her ancestry is that of royalty among the Cheyenne nation. Both her maternal grandfather, Rollin Black Wolf and her paternal great grandfather, Wolf Black were tribal Chiefs, driven from Montana to Indian Territory. Also her paternal granddad Archie Old Crow was a Cheyenne Headsman and her father was a Cheyenne Chief.