1997 Old Settlers History

Maybe 1997 would be the last time that CHILDREN of a Landrunner would be present. Jess Lovett, whose mother, Ida Smith Lovett made the land run and later married Tom Lovett who was also a land runner was living in the Cheyenne Care Center at the time of the 1997 Old Settlers Reunion but hoped to make the parade.
James W. Turner, Dorothy Turner Clark, Frankie Turner Bruner and Pearl Turner Koontz, children of Hannibal Frank Turner, who made the land run and whose picture is in the only photo taken on April 19, 1892 on the Texas line, plan to have a float in the parade. {Their father was 59 years old when he married Thelma who was nineteen.}
Frances Young Fisher and Vashti Young Allen, daughters of Clyde and Della Young plan to come from South Carolina and Bartlesville, OK to enjoy the festivities. Their father made the land run and settled by Dead Indian Creek. Frances was one of the Old Settlers Queens and has attended all of the reunions except 1907. Eleven family members will accompany them as they are in their nineties.