The week was full of events and the weather was great. Registration was held all week in the Security State Bank and more than 2800 people signed the book. Those over ninety years old who registered for this 100 year celebration of the land run were Don Baker (97), Mable Beavin (97), Betty Porter (96), Jess Dooty (96), Oscar Kennedy (94), Elsie Wells (92), Bernice Clift (92), Johnnie Olson (90), Walt Pasby (89), Lois Wright (89), G.A. Wright (89), Daisy Parman (89), Pauline Gilliland (89).

Dale Roark traveled from Saudi Arabia, 11,400 miles to take the Traveling the Longest Distance Award. The Girl Scouts had a Carnival in the park during the week and the Roll One-Room School had classes all week for people to enjoy. The Sorosis Club under the direction of Jiggs Krober held the Old Fashion Dress Revue in the High School Auditorium.

On Wednesday evening, Norman and June Widener organized the Non-Denominational Gospel Sing that was held at the High School Auditorium. There were over two hours of wonderful inspirational singing.

Thursday began with a Land, Pasture and Range Judging Contest at the Ag Pavilion. Awards are given in memory of L.L. Males. That evening the Dobson Telephone Company provided a free barbeque to 1500 of their patrons, prior to the Variety Show organized by Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Summers and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Beaty. This event featured the Branson hit group, Texas Gold Miners as well as local talent.

On Friday, the Quilt Display was ready at the Methodist Church and the Arts and Crafts Show began at the Chamber Building. An early day slide show by David Kirby was presented at the Library in the afternoon. The area schools, who participate in the C&A Old Settlers Reunion rotation brought their first through sixth grade students and had an old-fashioned spelling bee. Winners in the different grades were Joshua Nachtigall, Zac McDaniel, Bryan Blackwell, Tarryn Roark, Alexandra Burr and LaTisha Barfield. This event was followed by a Senior Citizen Spelling Bee, which brought back lots of memories. The two division champions were Beth Briggs of Cheyenne and Bonnie Hillin of Alamagordo, NM. Beginning at 5:00 were the Whistlers and Fiddlers Contests at the Airport Hanger. The PRCA Rodeo began at 7:30 followed by an Old Settlers Dance and the Rodeo Dance.

Saturday broke with a bright ray of sunshine and the 5KRun from Strong City to Cheyenne was off at 8:00. While those were running, the younger bike enthusiasts were racing on the main street of Cheyenne. There were 34 children who participated in the Younger Bike Race with winners of Janlynn Griffin, Reydon; Shawn Roark, Cheyenne; Misty Musick, Reydon; Jason Taylor, Cheyenne; Kristi Lackey, Cheyenne; Adam Ferrell, Leedey; Erica Smith, Cheyenne; Amanda Thomas, Hammon; Bobby Kirk, Cheyenne; Candi Thompson, Hammon; Matt Merritt, Crawford; and Joel Taylor, Cheyenne. The Bike winners were Tammy Shrader and Chip Anderson. The 15K Run Winners were Brenda Swisher and Craig Mahl, Canute; The runners arrived after 9:00 a.m. to the welcoming shouts of the people who had already lined the streets for this BIG CENTENNIAL PARADE. There were over 110 entries in this our largest parade ever. Jay Warren Chalfant, Joe Frank Moad and John Tracy announced the entries to the thrill of ALL the old timers. The pioneers over 85 years of age rode the Grand Marshal Float and were the honored guests of the day. The Parade winners were as follows: Cheyenne Baptist Church; Forest Service; Nite Hunt; Crawford School and Cheyenne High School Band.

A Memorabilia Display organized by Ellon Ellis and Jana Maddux was on view at the court house during Saturday as well as an Antique Car Show and Funeral Car Show. Winners were as follows: Long distance Plain-view Car Club; Most Modified and Most Original – Keith Wesner; Oldest Vehicle – Melvin Sasser; and People’s Choice – Henry Andrews.

After the crowning of the C&A Centennial Queen Rebecca Lippencott by Rep. Frank Lucas, the crowd adjourned to the Barbeque and Rodeo which began at 2:00 p.m. Afternoon events were downtown entertainment, Centen-nial Mixer at the old American Legion Hut, Alumni Basketball Game followed by the Alumni Banquet, Old Timers Dance, Rodeo Dance and lots of visiting, taking pictures, purchasing souvenirs and more visiting…..

Sunday, April 19 was Easter and a Sunrise Service was held in the School Auditorium at 8:00 a.m.

There were a few FIRSTS at this centennial Old Settlers. A mug, which showed scenes around Roger Mills County as well as buttons, ties and a Land Runners Newspaper were some of the many souvenirs you could purchase.

The Oldest Pioneer present was Don Baker at age 97.

The Centennial Old Settlers Queen was Rebecca Lippencott (line of James Porter) and her attendants were: Lucinda Elledge (Columbus Rogers), Becky Cogburn (Charles Richard Cogburn), LaDona Hughes (Fred Churchill), Angie Wesner (Columbus Rogers), April Calvert (M.J. Calvert), Mary Maddux (Sam Maddux), Kylee Bryan (J.J. Wilson), Chelsea Thomas (James Franklin Cole), and Katie Thurmond (Erasmus Thurmond). The Indian Princess was Ana WhiteShield who is a direct descendant of Chief Black Kettle and lived at Hammon.

Rebecca is the great-great granddaughter of James M. Porter, who made the run into the Cheyenne-Arapaho Country on April 19, 1892. Her great-grandfather, Henry Porter, Sr. also made the run as a young boy. Her great uncle, Henry Porter, Jr. still lives and operates this farm in the Durham community. Rebecca is also the great-great granddaughter of M.J. Calvert, who lived here at the time of the run and homesteaded southeast of Cheyenne. Her great grandfather, Frank Calvert still farms this land in 1992.