On April 19, 1912, the Old Settlers Association of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Country was formed in Cheyenne. Purpose of the organization stated was to “preserve the history of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Country of Oklahoma.” This area comprised the counties of Roger Mills, Custer, Washita, Blaine and Dewey and parts of Kingfisher and Canadian.

First officers of the association were President Dr. J.P. Miller, Secretary and Treasurer Della I. Cann Young. {Mrs. Young held this office until 1945.} W.L. Chalfant succeeded her. In 1922 “Scotty” Cosmo Falconer was elected president of the association, which office he held until his death in 1932. John C. Casady was elected to succeed him as president. In 1950 C.F. Maddux was elected vice-president of the organization. Officers are elected every five years.

In 1950 the Old Settlers Association of the C&A Country was enlarged to include the counties of Beckham, Custer, Washita and Roger Mills. At that time it was decided to hold a celebration each year on April 19th in one of the counties, but that the custom of holding a reunion once every five years in Cheyenne, Roger Mills County, should continue.

The last annual celebration was held in 1917 and then the celebrations were revived again in 1922, but the decision was made to hold the reunions once every five years instead of making it an annual event in Cheyenne. The 1922 celebration featured the crowning of a queen, a parade, a square dance and a basket dinner.

Although the 2002 Reunion of Old Settlers of the Cheyenne-Arapaho Country is scheduled for April 16-20, we pause and reflect on the celebrations of the past. The following are extracts from accounts published in the Cheyenne Star newspaper telling of the Reunions.