The first celebration in Cheyenne of the opening of the Cheyenne-Arapaho reservation occurred last Friday and old settlers were here from every section of the county and many from other counties to converse and mingle with their old time friends.

The celebration began with a band concert by the Cheyenne Band at about 10:30 a.m. on the streets, after which all went to the grounds. The old timers spent several hours conversing of the early days and relating incidents that were peculiar only to the early days.

Dinner was served to the multitude, consisting of barbequed beef, pickles, coffee and bread. Many of the crowd had never seen barbecued beef served before and the old time western s tyle of doing this interested such.

After dinner Senator Mitchell delivered the welcome address in a few well chosen words, and related some of the early day experiences up on the sandy South Canadian at the historic town of Grand. Mr. Mitchell then introduced Mrs. A.S. McKinney, one of the first women of Cheyenne who read a paper, “Early Days in Cheyenne”.

Mrs. Della Young’s address was entitled “Early Days in Roger Mills County” which was full of early day incidents of this county and was of interest both to the new and old settlers. Mrs. Isabella Fields addressed the old settlers on the subject, “The Future Cheyenne” and her address was pleasing and logical. She was frequently applauded during the address. Music was interspersed by the band.

The amusements consisted of ball games, races, bronco busting, etc. The ball game between the profession men and businessmen of the towns resulted in the score of 3 to 5 in favor of the businessmen.

At night the Old Fiddlers’ Contest took place at the school house auditorium and the music furnished was that of the old “fiddler”. Several participated in the contest. H.W. Carl and Willis Daniels were the winners. Special numbers were performed by the Waco Trio of Waco, Texas; Miss Myra Warren of this city rendered a piano solo; Miss Mamie Kendall a vocal solo and Master Robert Higgins a violin solo.