Last Sunday night, December 3, 1916, a team drawing a buggy came into the yard of Mr. Hiatt, east of this city. After investigation was made it was found that a dead man was in the vehicle. It proved to be John Ackley, a resident of Sandstone.
Mr. Ackley went to Strong City on Saturday and obtained some whiskey and spent the night with Jim Kimzey, east of that place. Mr. Kimzey hid his bottle and he came back to Strong City on Sunday, after he was in town a short time, he showed up with another bottle almost empty. When he was found dead at the Hiatt place, he had still another bottle together with a lot of “Old Abbott” whiskey, advertising $2.25 stuff.
It is thought that this poison labeled whiskey was the cause of his death, as he was in perfect health when he left home Saturday and no other cause can be attributed to his death.
Mr. Ackley was a good citizen and has many friends in this county, who regret to learn of his death.
This should be a lesson to those who practice drinking booze. There is any amount of bootleg stuff sold and ordered supposed to be whiskey that is nothing but poison, which produces a groggy effect and is liable to kill those who drink it. Every time a man drinks bootleg whiskey he hazards his life, for it is impossible to know what he is drinking.
Cheyenne Star, December 7, 1916